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Who's your Daddy!

interracial top_spin 2018-11-09

In an instant she moved and with determination pinned me against the wall, I was surprised and chuckled at her boldness, for I was much stronger than her, but with her hand squeezing and searching between my legs, she gently kissed my neck and my resistance slowly faded and I became quiet and allowed her to press me up against the wall. Sometime later under the luminescence of the moon, our bodies entwined like pretzels, her pale white skin contrasting with mine was just to much for me and I exploded like never before, cum was everywhere, her pussy was filled and leaking, inserting two fingers she brought one to her lips,sucked it clean and presented me with the other for me to do the same, then she turned around snuggled into my back and with her hands firmly grasping my cock, she kissed me goodnight.

A Midwest Wife's First BBC...

interracial afolabi70 2018-09-10

Bob, the owner, said that some couples, enjoyed playing with single men, but the club liked to keep the numbers low, so things didn't get out of hand. "Why don't we look for a private room," Hubby said.We left the living room, wandered in between couples who were making out in the corridor and found a private room, which featured a four poster bed bathed in red light. I heard Ron start to gasp and breathe heavily, he started to curse and finally I felt his dick twitch several times as he came in my pussy. Ron fucked me with my legs bent over his shoulders, he let me ride his cock like a bronco and he also ate my pussy for 30 minutes until I climaxed.

My BF's Friend

interracial myhotgirlfriend00 2018-03-18

First let me tell you something about my bf. But I was just trying to show that I am not liking it. And even you know he is always after you." I am all bored and watching tv. I will bring a blanket for you. We shared a blanket. And it was a boring night. And I broke the silence by asking him, ""Are you trying to turn me on?" with a short laugh. I know I shouldn't be. I was trying my level best not to allow him to do that. I had the best sex with my bf that night. I will tell you, how I had sex with my bf's roommate in the next story.

Old Black Man Fucks a Wife

interracial Nojustice2 2018-02-07

Katie then closed her eyes and started pushing the black dildo into her tight pussy. After several weeks of Katie and I role playing with black porn and dildos, I told her I had to ask her something. Now I looked at her and she told me that every time Clinton danced up behind her, she felt his cock getting hard. It looked hot seeing Katie's nice white legs up in the air, and Clinton's black body between them. Clinton sat up and told me that Katie's pussy was the best he has ever had. Clinton told me that there is no safe time when a black man unloads into pussy.

Big Sam's Big Slam

interracial Axeltheswede 2017-10-20

She looked down at his big hand resting gently below her one knee, then back into his eyes, “Are you going to make me beg for it, Sam?” Tammy was squirming on her lounger looking at the huge dick in front of her like she was being charmed by a snake. Tammy pulled back, still licking, when the big purple tip of his cock could no longer fit in her mouth. Tammy got on her hands and knees and looked back at her ready lover. He looked down at her naked white ass and lined up the huge purple tip of his cock with her waiting hole. The sight of Tammy getting her pussy reamed by that big black stud was too sweet.