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Velvet Crush Gone Wild

interracial ohgirl1 2018-11-26

Shove that cock deeper in my ass….I love it hard and deep Daddy!” I yelled out while I rested my head on my crossed arms, my ass up in the air and my legs spread as Anthony’s uncle sodomized me. He truly enjoyed watching me suck and fuck his friends and relatives and seeing his uncle in my ass or cumming on my face really got him hard. “Do you truly like to suck cock?” Ralph asked as he laid back on the pillows of our hotel bed and I gave him head. I stroked his hard cock and sucked it good for 5 or 6 minutes before he filled my mouth and I swallowed him down and then he just stood stupefied before pulling up his pants and staring at me in awe.

Doing More then the Job Description

interracial lovelyvampire 2018-11-02

I kind of doubt that.” He continued, “So go home, talk it over, and then just let me know.” He smiled at me, that smile that made my insides quiver, and then reached over and kissed my cheek. Right now, what I do know is that I want to be fucked.” My pussy was soaking wet, my clit had a gentle throb to it, and my nipples were hard as rocks, and sensitive as ever underneath the fabric of my bra. “Not completely, but he told me he’s above average, and if I may be blunt, he’s more than likely going to be large anyways, and he will fuck your ass like it’s actually his.

Doing more than the Job Description (Chapter 2)

interracial lovelyvampire 2018-10-30

When we fucked hard, I came quickly and my body usually didn’t have the time to process everything. “Yes daddy.” I said, my voice almost gone, surprised by his blunt words and the affect they had on my body. If you want to cum, you’re going to have to talk to me.” He said to me with a look that shot straight to my cunt. “Yes you are, baby.” He kissed the center of my chest, and then worked his way down my body. “Yes sir.” I said, and with almost a skip in my step, I walked to the changing room, not far from where we were. Cameron smiled just before placing his hands on my waist, and pulling me into a kiss.

Baby looks at Christmas lights

interracial SpankieDaddy 2018-10-02

When daddy sees a hunkie guy or hot couple checking baby out, he stops and starts a conversation with them… giving them more time to check out baby… to get a close up view of her kinky dirty outfit and her huge hot tits… he always offers that they should feel free to feel baby’s nice big udders… or to stroke baby’s wet horny cunt... The now satisfied black stud buttoned up his fashionable pants and thanked daddy for sharing his little whore slave babygirl with him and daddy said “No problem” as he lead babygirl out of the alley and down the street… babygirl could feel the man’s cum dribbling out of her well fucked cunt...

Your Son, My Daughter

interracial russelldingleberry 2018-09-14

Well we continued this flirtatious jogging and small talking for the next couple of months, me knowing Brad was in high school and had to wait until he was legal before I made my move. They returned home and Brad told them he was going for a jog as he didn't want to participate in all of that other crappy graduation traditions everyone went through. We drove on in silence to my place, the entire time I could feel both Brad's eyes, beautiful brown eyes on me and my growing ever hardening cock stiffen in my pants. “Oh Virginia, come sit on Daddy's lap, won't ya?” “Oh baby Daddy is going to come soon.” I warned her. “Daddy.......Daddy I want you to fuck me.” Virginia said as she smiled at me.

long saturday at the arcade

interracial robinlikesitrough 2018-09-08

the next thing I know, is you roughly and painfully gripped my shoulders and are forcing me to my knees with the pressure, and just as my knees hit the floor you unzip, pull out your semi erect large cock, and start slapping my face with it, demanding "suck my cock you fucking little cock teasing bitch!!","no daddy, please, no" I say, only to have you move your other hand to my neck, squeezing even painfully harder, while you tell me "this is what happens to bad girls like you", "now, open your fucking mouth, wrap those lips around it and suck it!!" your grip is hurting to the point of making me cry out and when I open my mouth to do that, you take the opportunity to shove your now fully erect 8" cock into my mouth, and begin to lustfully face fuck me, "i warned you, you little cock teaser, if you kept running around the house dressed only in your sexy underwear, stuff that is really too sexy for your age, shaking your tight little ass at me, laughing and thinking you were being cute, that someday something was going to happen to you" you breathed out hard, while making me gag and choke on your hard thrusting cock.

Flying to Indonesian

interracial carlwood24 2018-09-08

there she was wearing only her panties, bra and blindfold.She had cuffed her wrist over her head and my cock was hard so fast I just wanted to fuck this lil slut so bad but i was going to take my time and give this Asian virgin something she will remember the rest of her life. ' Yes Daddy I want to be daddy's naughty cum slut" was her reply.Blindfolded and it wouldnt matter what her answer was because she couldnt stop me with her hands cuffed.Getting up on the huge bed I sat on Rica with a knee on both side reaching down unclipped her bra from the front and pulled the cups away from her gorgeous set of young firm amazing boobs I took and place each one of my hands over her 34C and squeezed them hard.

Lovers Rock

interracial Aspen_Rein 2018-09-01

And, being the salivating cock slut that I am, I find it difficult to sit still and act like good girl, when I know how wet and hot my little aching pussy gets when he walks by my desk. Fantasizing about him fucking me, when I come home from the office, touching myself, stroking my dirty little cunt, closing my eyes and imagining what your cock feels like buried inside me. And I get to stare at that ass walk by my desk all day long, while everything stops inside of me, eyes following his ass and his body conformation, watching him walk. He allows me stroke his beautiful cock, while he primes my little pussy, fucking me with the tip of his finger.

Cuckolded By My Daughter

interracial 2018-08-30

Jamarco gave a short laugh and began to pull out of Katie, the enormous head of his giant cock finally coming free with a wet popping sound. Katie collapsed against the bed as Jamarco pulled out of her, managing to twist herself around to suckle on his giant, still-hard cock, making sure she'd milked every drop of cum out of it. "Hey daddy," Jamarco said, staring directly at me, "Get over her and suck your little girl's cunt clean unless you want a black grandk**." Between his commanding tone and the sight of my daughter's pussy oozing thick, sticky cum, my flaccid cock was instantly hard again.

"I'm too d***k to drive."

interracial 2018-08-14

You reach across me and slide your hand down my pants and start rubbing my ass and finger fucking me while I go to work blowing that beautiful, black cock of yours.... "Damn, you a good little nasty this nigga cock up that ass" I can only moan in pure pleasure as you continue to pound me HARD....your huge cock slamming my tight white ass furiously and you are holding my face down on the floor by having my arms up in the air behind me.... " nasty little bitch...." you say as I feel you explode and hot, hot cum begin to fill my ass plow all the way in and hold it there, and I slam my ass back against your cock and wiggle around on it, emptying your cock deep in my ass.......You fall on me and whisper in my ear...

stepdaughter loving 3

interracial 2018-07-17

She strolled out into the garden dressed in a tiny white bikini that barely covered any of her body and my cock twitched so hard in my trousers I thought I was going to spurt a load right then. I groaned as I felt her little hand touching my throbbing cock and then Kim opened her legs wide and pulled her bikini bottom to one side. Kim was soon crying out as my cock rammed her wet little pussy as hard as I could and it was long before I even found my self grunting and groaning in pleasure. I sighed in relief i couldn't believe i had just got away with it, Kim had been cowering beneath me and then started to giggle as my cock slipped out of her sticky cum filled pussy.

vacation lust

interracial shootthetube 2018-07-09

This turns you on and you quickly slide back on my legs to get my shorts off, hungrily taking my cock into your mouth you spend 5 minutes licking and caressing it, almost spoiling it with attention, making sure you trace each vein and crevice with your tongue. Once you’ve had your fill of sucking and playing with my cock, you look up at me with it in your hand, in front of part of your face and say “Daddy, I’ve been a real good girl and I’ve waited so long, I need you, I WANT you to fuck me now!!!!

Making New Friends pt.1

interracial naughtybicycle 2018-06-28

Matt reached up my skirt and slid his finger into my wet pussy. I gave him a sultry smile and looked to Daddy who gestured to me that it was time to go home. To overcome this feeling, I reached for his cock, giving him that same sultry look I learned from posing for Daddy. He reached over to me and I cocked my legs open for him spreading my pussy open with my other hand. Daddy would be proud of me if I showed him just what a slut I was so I unzipped his pants and stroked his thick cock. I gave him a sample of my skills by sliding his cock into mouth and sucking him deep the way Daddy showed me.

PAWG Breeding

interracial Jham22 2018-06-25

Josh: slapping your ass, making it nice and red as i ruin your pussy, shoving my cock balls deep with each thrust, pounding my cock against your cervix, yea you like that don't you bitch? *i slap your ass again leaving a red hand print as i grab your throat and start to squeeze, whispering into your ear* that little white pussy gonna cum all over this black cock as i fill you up with my black seed? Josh: *i keep spanking your ass, left cheek right cheek, again and again, watching that ass jiggle as i slap it and it bounces on my cock* looking up to see a crowd starting to form as they watch your slutty white pussy take my BBC* yea work that ass girl!

Stretched again!!!

interracial swtfreakxxx 2018-06-17

My body was starting to shake and I kept getting wetter and wetter and I kept pushing him out of me every time I would cum lol...believe me I didn't mean to I just couldn't help it. He fucked my ass so hard and so deep grabbing my ass so firmly and shoulders and pulling my hair so hard and making me get tighter and tighter around him and then finally I hear baby let out the deepest moan and then my favorite...he was so deep into me that every time he would cum inside of me I felt the inside of my pussy stretch with every throb of the head of his cock...

Jerome and Megan

interracial 2018-06-07

"Don't stop please, keep fucking that tight pussy harder!" I sped up inside her wet dripping goldmine. "I'm cumming!!" As if on command her wet pussy juices began to flood down my dick. "No daddy, I KNOW I'm in charge!" "Oh really?!" I began to tighten my grip on her small neck. I nibbled on her ear and explained, "Meg, do it for daddy." As an incentive I started to thrust harder. "Mmmmm feels so good!" I started fucking her soaking pussy harder. I grabbed her neck and started hammering her fat pussy harder. KEEP FUCKING ME FASTER!" I sped up my pace and slammed her wet pussy harder "I'M CUMMING BIG DADDY!!" she yelled. I could feel her floodgates open as cum started dripping down my legs.


interracial CatMcNasty 2018-06-02

Biting at my neck and nipping my lips as his hands roamed my body from my thighs to my face and finally fisting in my hair to pull me closer, his dick pushing and rubbing against my aching pussy. Finally he pulled back and pushed my legs up, but just when I thought he was going to fuck me, he didn't enter me. He was so hard and smooth between my legs and as he kissed me he pushed inside...slowly. As I pushed up onto my hands, he leaned forward and bit my shoulder, hard, leaving his mark as he pulled himself from deep inside me and said "Come here baby.

Asian cum slut wants to be shared

interracial carlwood24 2018-05-11

8:02 Frederica Ohh babe yesss fill ur cum in my mouth mmmhh 8:07 Frederica I wanna stroking ur long hard cock ohhh yesss 8:07 Frederica I'm gonna push ur cock deeper babe yesss 10:07 Frederica Ohhh yess I can feel how hard of his cock pressing against 10:15 Daddy Fucking both ur holes in n out pull mine back he thrust his big thick cock deep into your tiny asshole as much as possible deep 10:18 Frederica Oh I will say that I love that black big cock fucking my ass 10:19 Frederica Mmhh yesss just take it all of ur big black cock 10:29 Frederica Ohhh yesss I'm gonna sucking him so hard mmmhh yesss and stoke it faster 10:38 Frederica Ohhh I love sucking cock mmmhh

My First Job

interracial 2018-04-01

When I knew he was interested in me more than just checking me out was one day when he came up behind me to see how work was going and pressed his crotch tightly up against my ass. He slid his big cock between my pussy lips and went about half way. He pulled out and I thought he was ready to give me a money shot, but he pushed his huge cock head up to my asshole. He worked that fat dick up my ass and pushed my head down in the pillows. He pulled his huge cock out of me leaving with an empty feeling in my ass, and he came around to the front and stuffed his cock in my mouth.

African Men surrounded my nude body, Daddy smiled

interracial 2018-03-29

Mariel my darling daughter, he began, putting his arm around my broad shoulders, a typical trait for Scandinavian girls, tall gangly, small breasted, tomboyish bums and a huge capacity for things sexual, and back then I was showing signs of womanly urges. My heart was pounding, daddy and I had always joked and talked about my sexual fantasies, and this was one of them, having seen it on a porno one night, where a group of angry black men stormed into a white farmers house, took hold of the farmers white wife and held legs open, as they took their turns, her cries of help turning to cries of passion, as she humped their long cocks, as she was held in that position.

Heaven Help Her

interracial Aspen_Rein 2018-03-26

She takes her left hand to edge of her blouse and with the tips of her fingers, slowly rounds them around her full, B's, pulling back the edge of it to reveal more of her soft ivory skin, grazing her own breasts, touching herself. He reaches his left hand around her waist, drops it to palm her womb, pulls her toward him, and shoves her down hard, to grind harder against his cock. He takes his middle finger and dips the tip of it inside of her, he wants to feel how wet she is, how tight she is, see if she's ready for his cock to penetrate her, to slide inside of her.

Donna! You wait for me, here, outside the Men'

interracial SissyCharlie 2018-03-22

We arrived at the party and You whispered to me, in my ear, to wait for You, here, outside the Men's bathroom, with my bare arms folded behind my lower back, looking down at the carpet, with my legs close together, just like Your Friends Submissive Girlfriends have to do, till You got done in there. I kept looking down at Your Man Hands on my boobies and I wouldn't move, from the Pleasure from my stinging nipples, as You Rubbed Up on my back side, in front of Your Friends. I'll rub Your Wet Cream onto my white cotton Hi Cut Hanes, size 10, granny panties, till my skirt is clean and dry, but Your Man-Scent will still waft around my body, when Men smile and step up close to me, when You are away, Please?

For Ricky..." Your Little Nasty GIrl"

interracial 2018-03-14


Older Lover

interracial 2018-03-06

The look in her eyes as she gazes up at me as I lay my fat, heavy meat on her beautiful face, my big swollen cum-filled balls filling her mouth, her eyes on either side of my shaft as she sucks and swallows my nuts like they're melting in her mouth.. I want to fuck her face hard, smashing her throat until that thick saliva runs all over her tits, dripping from her rock solid nipples down to her anxiously waiting pussy lips.. Before she can moan in approval I spread her cheeks again and shove my big cock so deep inside her she screams out in shock "HOLY FUCK DADDY!!" Which makes me want to pound her even harder.