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How I Met Your Father

interracial Samuelx 2018-11-09

He was working as a security guard at the hospital's mental ward at the time. A lot of the guards are either eager brutes who love wrestling down patients whenever the nurses tell them to keep us in line, or they're terrified of us because we're mental patients and all. Christopher got assigned to the mental ward nearly every night, and sometimes we would talk. The exasperated head nurse called the security guards downstairs and asked that Christopher be replaced. Then his fellow security guards asked him to leave, and a chubby white guy in a security uniform replaced my good friend Christopher. Like a lot of guys, Christopher is no Emeril.

Jamal and Orla Ch. 03

interracial BusterGonad 2018-09-15

She turned back to Jamal, wicked grin painted on her face, "I promised Orla that I wouldn't try to talk you into joining the church, but perhaps you'd like to make a donation?" She placed a strange emphasis on the last word. "Fuck, Jamal, eat it, bury your face in me," she screamed, "I want to come on your face!" She wrapped her legs around his head and ground her dark bush into his nose as he began to flick his tongue over her distended clit. Oooh, suck it Jamal, ah oui!" Her back arched, she grabbed his hair and squeezed his head with her legs, so close to cumming she had stopped shouting at him.

La Belle et Le Bête

interracial BrittyB 2018-06-02

Belle sat at the creek just down hill from the cabin she lived in with her little sister Mel. She sat on a large rock near the waters edge while she let the constant stream of water flow across her feet. Then abruptly dark figures came out of nowhere and dragged the sisters in opposite directions. It took about three hours for them to reach Odenton where Belle and Melanie had been told they were going. "How could I lose my own sister?!" She said out loud. What's wrong?" He wondered if she knew how to read and got his answered when she grabbed a book she clearly recognized and her face lit up with a smile. Maybe he had the wrong information on her...

Caribbean Tales: Emma's Initiation Pt. 02

interracial AlwaysHungry 2018-03-04

Emma took to this right away, sucking me hungrily while rubbing her cunt against my lips and tongue, anointing my face with her juices. "Yes, Georges," Emma said earnestly, "Natalie is very experienced with sex. I said it must wait for a few days, because I needed to go out of town in order to do a favor for my friend Sebastian, who had been responsible for finding me this island hideaway with Mrs. Hewitt so that I might write my symphony. Natalie gave her an appraising look, and then, with a wicked smile, swung around and positioned her pussy in front of Emma's face.