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Repopulating the World

interracial alliet14 2018-11-20

Rich just watched as her body was enveloped by the warm water, for the first time in months, Allie smiled. Allie squeezed her legs together; she could feel her juices running down her legs as she looked at John’s huge cock. Then took it into his mouth, and slid it until it touched the back of his throat, then he began bobbing his head up and down until John’s 9 inch cock was ready. Rich placed his finger in Allies wet pussy while he lowered his mouth and began to suck on her clit. John walked over and sat on the sofa and began sucking on Allie’s firm tits. Rich was a good boy and cleaned the mixture of Allie and John from his cock.

Kathy's Sexual adventure

interracial floridaguy2001 2018-11-20

We both enjoy watching a big black cock entering my pussy. look at Ken and then I just spread my legs and Jerry's hand goes "Gulp HMMMMMMMM yes I love your cock, I want it inside me Jerry" Jerry starts to fuck me faster, I look over and I see Ken has awaken and is rubbing his crotch as he watches Jerry's cock enter my tight little I feel Jerry's cum exploding inside my body. I then feel Jerry crawl up my body and he puts his cock inside me. Tyrone has his big cock in me and is fucking me good while I play with "Honey I can feel Tyrone's cock about to enter my ass"

A Morning Fuck on our Last Day at Ron's

interracial ptretr 2018-11-20

Ronnie looked at me and said, “Come here, you should see this.” Ronnie positioned me with my head right by Nicole's stomach so I could see Bill's enormous cock stretch her pussy as he pushed it into her. With his cock pressed against her pussy, but the head not positioned to enter her, Bill leaned over Nicole's back and grabbed each nipple and pinched them, pulling them down. Nicole collapsed on top of me, her breasts pressing against my throbbing dick – I came again with Bill's still dripping cock in my mouth, his cum oozing out of my wife's pussy

Willing Fraternity Prostitute

interracial Stagman 2018-11-20

Harold was very persistent and told me it wasn’t really a party; it was more of a fundraiser to raise money to fix up his frat house. I didn’t know how I felt about this but I submitted and sucked his black dick like a whore. In the mean time I continued to fuck and suck any black frat boy that wanted a piece. I got him hard with my mouth and then he took me by the hair and shoved my head away from him, leaving my pantied ass exposed in the air. I screamed so that everyone in the house could hear me, “I want you to cum in my big slutty ass!”

The Black Rooster Resort Ch.04

interracial eeric_stories 2018-11-20

"Mr. Booker, would you mind meeting me backstage later, I would really like to thank you personally for of your hard work." Deborah leaned over, and her large floppy breasts almost fell out of her dress. “Oh…” Herbert found his wife Deborah on her knees, her huge breasts hanging out, sucking the black foreman’s thick cock. “Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean to barge in like this.” Herbert saw Deborah and Mr. Booker look over at him. Clay hungrily looked down at Deborah huge soft breasts as she sucked his fat black cock. “Oh yes, Clay, give me all that cum.” Deborah lustfully looked up at Clay’s grunting face as she felt his warm cum splash against her skin.

What Would You Have Said If You Were Me?

interracial misterblue588 2018-11-19

He lifted his leg and put his right foot onto the bench to steady himself and give Chrissie better access to his cock, and her head went further down and she started to lick his big, jet black balls. ‘Oh fuck, even though Chrissie’s baby making days are behind her the thought of gallons of black seed pumped into my wife’s pussy wasn’t something I had planned.’ But again at the same time, it crossed my mind that if he wasn’t wearing one then it must have been what she wanted, so that was a real turn on. He turned to me and smiled, and said, “Well Rick, that’s one hell of a woman you got there, look at this.” He pulled off his condom; there must have been a gallon of creamy white seed in it.

Quebecer MILF at the Library

interracial Samuelx 2018-11-19

"Shhh, no talking in the City of Montreal library," Head Librarian Marguerite Belanger said with a stern smile, adjusting her horn-rimmed glasses on the bridge of her nose, and she pursed her lips for effect. "Duly noted, ma'am," Mathieu Guillaume said, smiling as he rubbed his long, hard dick against Marguerite's lips. Nothing like a Haitian man, Marguerite thought naughtily as she resumed sucking Mathieu's dick with gusto... The City of Montreal Library System attracted its fair share of volunteers, and none of them attracted Marguerite like Mathieu, the tall, burly Haitian student with the cocky grin and fearless demeanor. Standing inches from Mathieu, with her hands on her hips, Marguerite looked at the smiling, seemingly impassive young man who sat there, too damn calm for her liking...

Unexpected Wedding Night

interracial BiggerBlacker 2018-11-19

I turned my head and immediately felt the warmth return to my body as I took in the sight of the woman sitting in the chair. Alice interrupted her husband as she came back into the living room holding a tray with cups of tea and an unopened bottle of whiskey and glasses. Alice stood up and took Martin by the hand. I took my rock hard cock in my hand and started slowly stroking the eleven- nch up and down. I imagined ripping her bathrobe open, putting her doggy style on the couch and slamming my big cock in her pussy. “God, those white hands look good around my cock.”

Midnight moments

interracial Butterflyhoney 2018-11-19

Now I feel it, his hand with the slightest pressures slowly finding its way up my bare thigh, around my curvaceous hip and up my torso. He places light kisses behind my ear, all the time tracing his fingers delicately from my chin, down my neck, to my collarbone and the tops of my breasts. Suddenly, the kisses stop, and he presses his hard on into the cushion of my round ass, making sure I feel the seriousness of his passion. His hand that was, oh so tantalizing just a moment ago is now holding my body to his with pressure on my chest. With my head thrown back on his muscular shoulder he is biting, kissing, and sucking my neck, driving me straight over the edge and I burst into my first orgasm.

American Husband Takes the Veil in Saudi

interracial edlangston 2018-11-19

After just that one experience, I knew that I loved the feeling of being sexually used by strong, dominant men that way, even though the idea of taking a man’s cock and cum into my mouth would have been disgusting to me only a short time earlier. I could only imagine what it looked like with my ass up in the air being pummeled by one big, Arab cock, as I was leaning down into another man’s lap, sucking his oozing fuck meat. Then Abdul grabbed Alan by the arm and said, “Come on now, Alana, you know that you want to suck that big Pakistani cock, and Rafat can work on your ass-cunt, while I show Karen my big cock.”

Wendy Learns About Culture

interracial Green_Man 2018-11-19

My business had booked a two-bedroom suite, but at the desk, while Wendy was wandering around the lovely courtyard, I had the clerk change it to just a room and bath with two large beds. I still had to find a good place for our phone-bank and Wendy had research to do on India. We thought Aashi might try to limp away and hide in the bathroom, but she surprised us both, happily. Wendy placed her freckled hand behind Aashi's head of black hair and pulled her face down. Wendy with her pale freckly skin and small perky tits, and Aashi with her dark exotic skin and long oiled hair. Daddy wants to fuck you while Wendy makes love to those huge tits."

Kelly: Tomboy Goddess of Nepean

interracial Samuelx 2018-11-19

"Blindsided by a booty shot, you sure know a Haitian brother's weakness," I replied, sighing deeply and Kelly looked at me, and flashed me that fearless smile that I liked, no, loved so damn much. "Ahem, Miss Coleman, we're short on cashiers, could you please go to cash fifteen?" said one of the store's seemingly endless list of managers, a stocky, bald-headed white dude named Rod. The bozo looked at Kelly and I, and I swear, disapproval rolled off of him in waves. As if on cue, a skinny white dude wearing an apron comes in, and walks behind the counter after giving Kelly and I a weird look.

Blackedmerica: A Love Story Ch. 04

interracial eeric_stories 2018-11-19

“Oh dios, Alejandra.” One of the topless women held a microphone up behind Miguel as he came, spurting cum in front of him on the stage, as he heard his wife moan and watched her grind up against Monroe. Erin felt so horny looking up at Monroe, that whilst she walked up the stairs to the stage, she reached down and pulled her top over her head, freeing her big firm tits. Thomas felt rather awkward looking out at the cheering and giggling crowd since his penis had started to stiffen because of the two gorgeous and topless women on stage. Monroe was in the middle, naked, on one leg Matthew’s wife Stefany, topless, holding onto Monroe’s leg whilst looking up at his huge black cock.

Hot Tub Hussy

interracial Master_Jonathan 2018-11-19

With a few more combined strokes like that one, Brad's entire cock was buried in her ass, to the point where his pubic hair was tickling the soft insides of her cheeks, while Tommy's equally long shaft was stuffed into her pussy. Brad placed his hands on Maria's shoulders and slowly drew his cock from her ass until just the head was still inside. Tommy had his hands on the lady's hips and, when he felt Brad's shaft surging back into her ass, he slowly pulled his cock most of the way out of her pussy. The boys took their cocks from her and jacked themselves the last few strokes while Maria knelt there mouth open, holding her tits out and waited impatiently for their cum.

Old Black Neighbor Breeds My White Wife - Part 1

interracial edlangston 2018-11-19

When we got home one night, after Ben’s comments had been especially rude, I told Jackie, “Damn honey, you couldn’t have missed those suggestive comments that Ben was making to Judy, and the way he treats Eric so dismissively. “Judy recognized my acquiescence and enjoyment in my submissiveness to her, and she began to exploit it by becoming verbally demeaning to me, teasing me about my little dick, and how much more of a man Ben was with his big cock stretching and pounding her pussy. He continued, “Judy said they just talked about mundane things, like the weather, for a couple of minutes, and then Ben, true to form, said, ‘Damn, Judy, your body looks even better in that bikini than I thought it would.

Interracial Gangbang in the Mountains

interracial edlangston 2018-11-19

Jason and I continued staring at those big, brown cocks, and their egg-sized, low-hanging balls, as Daniel grabbed his cock and began stroking it before saying, “Both of you seem to like what you’re seeing, and you can get a closer look if you want to. It took us another fifteen minutes to trudge back out to the meadow, and since that was our first time alone all night, I finally got a chance to question Jason about being willing for me to fuck those men, and for his obvious attraction to their cocks, balls and cum. It didn’t seem right to out Jason to his brother for being a cock sucker, so I told him a half truth about Jason’s experience in high school that planted the seeds for him wanting to watch other men fuck me.

Meeting Minako (Part 2)

interracial flytoomuch 2018-11-19

When we last left our two confused and aroused interracial wannabe lovers young twenty-one year old Minako was in a Lexus limousine heading to pick up her handsome older date John at his hotel. As Minako-san stood up in her new elegant black dress and heels, her hair a tumble of curls, her nails perfectly manicured, her lips Chanel-red, John almost fainted. Quickly remembering that Akiko had wanted a photo of John Minako-san commented on the beautiful concert hall. John moved closer to young Minako and slipped his arm possessively around her slender waist. John had stood on Minako’s bottom step looking up at her tall towering apartment building feeling like the biggest heel in the world.

The Lust is Hot

interracial Diabeticpower 2018-11-19

The girl walked in at 5 ft 2, 110 pounds, astonishingly shiny brown hair, she has bright, long lashes, mesmerizing the mind, full red lips which lets you know she took the time out to make her make up just right, her skin is cream-colored, it makes any guy want to lick up and down her body all night long and the perfume that she wore is strong enough to let a person know that she has arrived in the building. Madi slid out of the booth with her eyes closed and we walk to the door that has a sign that says 'Employees Only'.

Jacksonville Or Bust

interracial Shadowforce1 2018-11-19

"What part of fuck you, don't you understand?" Jessie said as he reached the bar. "Sorry Okay, things got a little out of hand," Jimmy said. "Okay, but this town is small, not like we wouldn't know what the other was doing," Jessie said. "Where the fuck do you think, you're going?" Jimmy said standing up from his chair. "Bye Jessie," Jimmy said his eyes were filled with tears. "Well look at you," the man behind the register said as Jessie put the two bottles of water down on the counter. "Well look what we got here," a truck skidded to a stop as she began to head for a motel off the interstate.

His Kid Sister

interracial Poppet 2018-11-18

I tried to love them, I cared for one or two, but it just isn't the same as what I feel for Madison. I let my tongue slowly part her lips, seeking out her clit, I flick it lightly, feeling it grow harder with each passing graze. Madison's fingers lock into my hair, she grinds her hips into the pace, moaning those sweet, delicate moans, knowing I'm giving her this pleasure. I suck harder on her clit, letting the tip of my tongue dart against it, my fingers the same rhythm inside her, she helps with the way she rotates her hips. I hold the woman I have been in love with for two years, in my arms the entire night, not wanting to let go.

From Israel with Love

interracial Samuelx 2018-11-18

"It's a good thing we're not in your country, you old creep," Amal said smartly, and she clasped Haika's hand in hers, and just like that, the two young women walked off the bus together. "You know what I like," Haika said with a smile, and she took out her RBC credit card to pay but Amal shot her a look. "I know you better than you know yourself," Amal said to Haika as they took the elevator to the library's fourth floor, and went into a private study room at the far end. "Now let's get some studying done, crazy woman, you've distracted me long enough," Amal said that in bossy tone Haika loved so much, and they resumed working on the take-home exam which was worth twenty percent of their grade.

A Saudi Woman's Confessions

interracial Samuelx 2018-11-18

"Easy, Mariam, I didn't mean to offend you, I just sense a kindred spirit in you, you see, I like studying business, for example, but my parents wanted me to become a doctor, sometimes, people who love us think they know best, but we must make our own choices," Omar said quietly, and I sighed and nodded thoughtfully. "Miss Mariam, you are a very beautiful and intelligent lady, I wish to apologize for offending you, I am sorry if my western ways offend you, I know very little of your beautiful Islamic faith, and would like to learn more, if that's okay with you," Omar wrote, and I looked at his message and shook my head.

The Neapolitan

interracial Buz 2018-11-18

As Naomi continued French kissing Logan Lee, Cai began kissing his chest and slowly running her soft wet tongue down his hard-muscled abdomen. Soon Logan Lee noticed Naomi’s thighs clench and her legs suddenly wrapped tightly around Cai. Naomi’s back arched upward and her hands grabbed Cai’s head as Naomi let out a loud moan and then loudly uttered,”Oh my God!” As Logan Lee felt Naomi’s warm juicy cunt tighten its grip around his engorged cock as she rode up and down and Cai rode his face, he realized that the two girls who were facing one another were deeply embraced and French kissing.

Black Wife's First White Cock

interracial ThickJohn 2018-11-18

Rick continues to kiss Evelyn as he takes her enormous rack in his hands, kneading each torpedo-shaped titty with a tight grip on the sides. He presses her tits together, causing the areola to mash besides each other, looking like two brown silver dollars. Rick leans over and begins sucking one chocolate disc, then gently pulls her nipple with his lips, stretching it out. She closes her eyes, lifts her hair on top of her head and purses her lips, thrusting her bouncing breasts forward for Rick to grab a hold of; he gets a good grip on her rack and uses it to leverage her whole body, slamming her even harder up and down on his cock.