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Candy Ch. 01

interracial Karenkay 2018-01-14

David built a nice little wooden patio right smack in the center of the back yard so Candy could sit and lay in privacy in her bikini on those hot summer sunshiny days. Candy learned of David's fetish while they discussed the men that drooled over her body during their intimate evenings. It seemed more lately that David would only obtain an erection when she started talking about her making love to black men. Candy turned over in the lounger pulling her bikini bottom down to expose her lovely little round ass to the sun. Ginger went on to explain on the site how her husband fantasized about seeing her make love to a black man.

Calling My Bluff

interracial EroticCop 2018-01-14

I don’t know how to start so I’m just going to lay it out and be honest--I’ve got to have you. “Yeah, prove it.” I drove out of the parking lot and headed back to my apartment by Midway Airport. As I tongued her finger clean, my free hand slipped down to her pussy and I pulled the moist panties aside. Her pussy was even more swollen and wet by the time we got to my place. I licked her neck and let my hands glide down her stomach, over her pussy, onto her thighs. Her lips parted and she licked the head of my cock. She worked my length with her hands and her lips.

Quick Flash - I May Need To Get Another Job Part 2

interracial AJQuick 2018-01-14

I then took a step back and grabbed the bottom of my shirt with both hands, I pulled it up slowly, and then I grabbed the bottom of my bra, and pulled it up over my breasts, letting them fall free, exposing them to Jamal. Jamal shook his head slowly and pulled the front of his jeans open with his left thumb, and with his right hand he pulled out his hard, black cock. I know because I reached between my legs with my left hand and slowly rubbed my pussy as I sucked on that massive cock. My orgasm quickly approached, but I ached so bad for Jamal’s cock that I pushed two fingers inside of my soaking wet pussy and started to fuck myself.

Biracial Prince of Coral Gables

interracial Samuelx 2018-01-14

Jayson identified as biracial while attending private school, but while at Florida A & M University, he fully embraced his identity as a black man. I live two blocks away, I used to babysit you way back when," said the curvy, blonde-haired, thirty-something woman who stood at the door, a bright smile on her lovely face. Jocelyn Stein, a statuesque five-foot-ten, curvy and sexy, with blonde hair and green eyes has always been known as the Temptress of South Coral Gables. As Jocelyn sucked his dick and fingered his ass, Jay thought of times not too long ago when he and Cecilia got kinky. Jocelyn smiled at him, and then got on all fours, shaking her thick white ass at him like a pendulum of temptation.


interracial luxerotica 2018-01-14

He only looks up the prices on the internet to determine how much its value is!” “That vintage of Pomerol goes at about $1000 us, if I’m not mistaken.” “How do you know so much about wine?” “I’ve spent a lot of time with Milos !” We both laughed and Helena touched my hand. “You hold the car and I will meet you there with the wine.” “Deal.” I opened the bottle of wine as Helena readied the glasses placing them on the coffee table in the living room area of the suite. “I want to see you stroke it Preston .” I stood up from the chair, peeled my Armani Exchange boxer-briefs off sat back down, legs spread, robe open and continued stroking my stiff nice inch dick.

My Big Black Cock Slut Adventure - Part 2

interracial Kee 2018-01-14

The sex was becoming even better, if that was possible, as we learned more about each others little likes, dislikes, kinks, special sensitive places and personal feelings. Come here and let me hold you.” He picked me up and spun me around, stopping and then standing behind me so he could get a good feel of my boobs and rub my nips a bit. I locked my legs around him and we held each other in tight and quiet appreciation of what we had found in each other; both giving little caresses on our cheeks until we worked around to a full mouth, long deep kiss. “As much as I want to stay right here, we need to go see how Sara is doing and if I can hold it, I am going to feed her our combined cum juice.”

Taking One For The Team

interracial Shadowforce1 2018-01-14

Slowly her mouth opened. I moaned deeply as she slid her mouth over and down my dick. Slowly her head went back and forth. Both of us were moaning. I was so glad the room was sound proof. She began to go faster. “You like sucking dick, don't you!” I said down to her. I watched my boss suck my dick, like it was the last one on the planet. She took it out of her mouth and began to give me a hand job, as she licked and sucked on my balls. Sucking your black dick?” she said looking up at me. I nodded and held the back of the chair as I began fucking her huge tits. She kept them clamped around my dick.

Friendship and infidelity, Part 1

interracial SirSpewalot 2018-01-14

Up to that time I preferred my women athletic, wiry, firm-breasted, and thin-hipped, but Sandra soon impressed on me the great virtues of a full figure offering rounded flesh to attract the eyes and padding to soften a lover’s vigorous thrusts. Dave and Phyllis usually took the opportunity to spend most of their time discussing the upcoming class they were to help teach, leaving Sandra and me to chatter like jay birds about whatever bright and shiny trinkets came to mind. I thrust hard to thoughts of Sandra smiling up at me and saying, “Yes, you’d be a very good match,” and the fantasy of her softly rounded brown body and knowing black eyes drove me to two orgasms in quick succession.

The Lust is Hot

interracial Diabeticpower 2018-01-13

The girl walked in at 5 ft 2, 110 pounds, astonishingly shiny brown hair, she has bright, long lashes, mesmerizing the mind, full red lips which lets you know she took the time out to make her make up just right, her skin is cream-colored, it makes any guy want to lick up and down her body all night long and the perfume that she wore is strong enough to let a person know that she has arrived in the building. Madi slid out of the booth with her eyes closed and we walk to the door that has a sign that says 'Employees Only'.

Big Cock Fantasy - Part 3

interracial JWren 2018-01-13

Her brown eyes stared straight at me as she said, “I’ll let you have my phone number, Jen. We don’t live very far from each other and we could meet up some time.” She paused. Gaynor reached out to grasp my left hand and said, “Just had a thought, come with me.” Then she looked up, her brown eyes staring directly into mine, and said, “I’ll take one shot and, if you don’t like it, if you’re not at all comfortable, I’ll delete it. We hugged, kissed lips briefly, and Gaynor said, “It’s great to see you, Jen. Everything okay?” “Right,” said Gaynor and looked at me, brown eyes sizing up my skirt and top, and then glancing at her naked friend.

Unlucky Number

interracial Tuppie 2018-01-13

Before Brian could respond and as if to disprove the point about Brian’s suggestion of money, Jarrett asked, “May I buy you another drink?” Ten minutes later they left the bar and began to make their way to Brian’s apartment. As Jarrett commenced with his work, Brian could feel a heavy long snake slithering over his butt cheeks and lower back. “Take it, baby, take it all,” Jarrett began to intone, as he unremittingly excavated Brian’s manhole. As if reading Brian’s mind, Jarrett began to tug his snake vigorously in order to quench Brian’s thirst. As far as Brian was concerned, given his new lucky number, he no longer had to suffer from horny frustration disorder or spend his evenings sitting at the bar, bored out of his mind.

The Boat Ride

interracial dave53 2018-01-13

“Baby, you look so good with his black cock deep in your mouth, suck him like a good whore.” Her body rocks and I can feel her pussy tighten on my cock as she moans on his cock. I press my lips to her mound, tongue sliding deep into her as I lick and suck her cum filled pussy. I want to feel him explode in my pussy as I cum,” she says as she pushes my head lower to lick his balls. I thrust into her, cock swells and explodes shooting ropes of cum deep into her open pussy, she holds me close, and legs locked around me as her body trembles in yet another orgasm.

The Mandingo Breeders Club

interracial edlangston 2018-01-13

We learned that while there may have been some white guilt involved, one of the main drivers for the white, small-dicked husbands was being aroused by the humiliation and feelings of submissiveness that they experienced while watching and participating in their wives being aggressively fucked and totally satisfied by superior black lovers with huge cocks. And I can see from the looks on their faces and the sight and smell of his cum running down her legs, that Ron has just fucked your pretty little wife and juiced up that tight, white pussy for her.” After Ron pulled his cock out of me, Lionel moved in close to record David there between my legs, noisily and lustfully sucking my just-fucked pussy and eating Ron’s cum.

Old Mandingo Bosses Impregnate My White Teen Wife - Part Two

interracial edlangston 2018-01-13

Before I could say anything, Wendell got up and Bessie sat next to me saying, “It looks like your wife is going to be busy for a while, taking my husband’s big cock, Ed. So why don’t you show me what Ben was talking about when he said you have a taste for black ass. It was hard to hear what was going on next to me, but I heard enough to know that Averee was receiving the fucking of her life from Ben. I periodically heard her scream for joy as he continued pounding my wife’s previously-tight, white pussy with his massive, black cock.

Weekend Away

interracial qwe987 2018-01-13

I moved over on the seat of his old truck and snuggled into his side; he rested his arm over my shoulders and began to fiddle with my long dark hair. He kissed the end of my nose and finally came to rest on my lips. They went lower and he wrapped his huge hands around my ass pulling my hips closer into him. His breath became more ragged as he deepened our kiss, his strong arms pulling me closer until my breasts were squashed up against his chest. I felt the bikini slip over my toes and then his fingers were pulling apart the lips of my wet and ready vagina.


interracial TracyAmes 2018-01-13

“Yes.” I leaned back, allowing my head to rest on his shoulder, and then slowly, like a man claiming what was rightfully his, he moved my candy striped satin panties to one side and traced his middle finger back and forth over my wet lip, taking care to avoid my clit. I could feel my panties getting wet—I moaned into his mouth—the need to have my pussy filled swelled when I felt his left hand drift up the inside of my thigh, simultaneously teasing my dress upward. You want to cum with my finger sliding in and out of your wet little kitty?” His mouth on my neck, his other hand massaged my breasts.

Thomas's Two Sides

interracial Tashtego 2018-01-13

Their reckless sex with him would someday be the video they replayed in their heads, he thought, when their pencil-dicked husbands fell asleep after a five minute screw. He got what he wanted from the arrangement and, so far as Tommy was concerned, fair’s fair. Tommy pressed his cock against the dimpled small of her back and cupped a breast with one hand, his fingers scissoring an electrified nipple. Tommy continued to manipulate Ms. Chapin’s rock-hard nipple when he dipped a hand beneath the panties and slipped into her slickened channel. She drenched the bursting head with her juices as Tommy slid his free hand up and down the soft skin of her inner thigh and tickled her lips.

Persian Ladies into Black Men

interracial Samuelx 2018-01-13

"It's my life, dammit, I'll drink if I want to, fuck the damn rules," Sadaf "Sassy" Rahmani said haughtily, and with that, she yanked the cup of Alexander Keith's beer out of Sheikh Abeid's hand and chugged down a big gulp. "I was thinking of my homeland, of Mauritania, where people who look like me are still enslaved, and I thought of my parents, who got me out of there, I send them money once in a while via western union but it's not enough," Sheikh said, and Sadaf saw a deep-seated fury flash in the young Mauritanian's eyes. "What are you saying, Sabrina?" Sheikh asked, and the tall, curvy, brown-skinned and curly-haired young woman looked at him like he had two heads.

Neighbors Play Ping Pong Strip

interracial Road_Runner 2018-01-13

Will slowly lowered his head to her panty-clad pussy, before finally touching her with a soft kiss on her panties, causing Terri to let out a moan at the touch. Will started applying kisses all over her panties causing Terri to moan in pleasure louder and push up towards Will’s mouth in urgent need of more. Finally able to stand no more, Terri clamped her legs around Will’s head, letting go with a long moan signaling her orgasm. Now that Will’s cock was nice and wet, Terri started taking him deeper and deeper into her mouth until he was at the opening of her throat.

Piper - Pt I - Frustration

interracial NVMii 2018-01-13

My pussy flooded, knowing I was going to fuck Aston's big cock. I had put my cell phone on the bed, now I opened up the camera app, I wanted to record my cunt being taken by Aston's black cock. I hooked up my laptop to my TV, I wanted to watch Aston stick his black cock in my pussy. I lowered my body down, Aston was intently watching as my pussy lips surrounded his cock. "Fuck me Aston, drive that big black cock of yours up my white cunt. I started screaming, it was my husband Tim. Aston took my screaming as a sign that I wanted him to fuck me again, his cock was pistoning in my now very sloppy wet cunt.

A Surprise at the Pool

interracial Navin 2018-01-12

This African American beauty was surveying the pool, but suddenly looked down at me, smiled and said, “Looks like you had quite a workout.” I’m really looking forward to meeting your friend there,” she said nodding to my noticeable bulge. As I started my car, she reached over and felt my cock through my shorts. I’m still not sure how I avoided wrecking my car and I sped to my place with the wonderful feeling of her delicate hand stroking my cock. I tried to kiss her beautiful breasts, but she quickly pushed me away. Shaking her head and said, “You need to fuck me now, baby. Finally, she looked back to me and smiled.”That was the best yet honey,” she said.

Sweet Temptation Final

interracial Linsee89 2018-01-12

"I am so glad the school district got out a week earlier than they used to." Luke said while watching Lacey eat ice cream. Don't fucking stop." Lacey said with her hands wrapped in Luke's hair. "It's almost six a.m. but I don't care my flight isn't until 7 p.m." Luke paused and pulled Lacey closer to him and kissed the top of her head. Lacey pulled away and looked into Luke's eyes. Luke pushed his warm hands under her sweater and tickled his hands up her sides, leaving fire everywhere he touched. He cupped her bra clad breasts in his hands, swirling her rock hard nipples with his thumbs. Lacey's knees threatened to buckle as he leaned his head down and nipped at her ear with his teeth.

Road To Ruin - Part Deux

interracial ljdoofus75 2018-01-12

I took the other one and left the skin on; put it in sun until it was good and hot, peeled it and tried that, but it still couldn't duplicate the sensation, and I knew that it would never shoot cum into my mouth like his dick. I tried every day by doing flexibility exercises, but the best I could do was to flick my dick's head with my tongue and forget about getting my cock into my mouth that wasn't going to happen, so I would jack off until I got real close and then I get into the position where I could lick my cock's head.

Hubby Surrenders His Lactating, Young White Wife to His Black Boss for a Promotion - Part 1

interracial edlangston 2018-01-12

Kate then turned my way and I could tell that she was feeling the alcohol even more when she slurred her words a little as she said, “That’s so nice of you to say, Ken, and it’s nice that at least one man thinks I look good. She knew that I was trying to finger her pussy, and she said, “You’ve done a good job draining my breasts, and now I need to get a closer look at your cock.” It only took me a couple of minutes to reach the point of no return, and I pulled my mouth away from her pussy for a moment to say, “Oh fuck, Kate, I’m going to fill your slutty, white mouth with a full load of Negro seed.