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A Black Girl's History Project

interracial americandemon 2018-07-19

Tina threw two pairs of handcuffs on the bed and then said, "I've been a bad slave and have not been picking enough cotton in the fields. Tina pulled away from me like a scared little girl and said, "Oh, no, master, I'm sorry!" But Tina looked back at me with tears welling up in her eyes and she said, "But I've been a very bad little girl. Tina fell out of character and replied, "God, I wish I did, Ben." She giggled and said, "Oh, I mean master." I looked into Tina's eyes, smiled and said, "It's dinner time for master." Tina kissed me and smiled and said, "Thank you for your help on my history project and for being the perfect master to me."

Fuck Me! Suck Me!

interracial LaoShi1000 2018-06-13

As I pull my rock hard dick from my pants, you kneel between my legs and begin to lick me, from my balls to the tip of my cock, like licking an ice-cream. As your hand continues to pump up and down the length of me, your mouth retreats only a few inches from the tip of my cock and you say, "Right now my pleasure is in making you come. I want to watch as your cock pumps out its juice into my hands, over my breasts and tummy and into my mouth." Come in my mouth." Your lips encircle my cock and you suck as your hand grips me.

Amy's Story Ch. 11

interracial venturer15 2018-04-30

He likes to know all the details about what a total slut for black cock his little white wife is. Its so intoxicating; there's nothing I'd rather do than have my pussy, ass, and/or mouth filled with black cock. He knew who I was since I had to give my name to his secretary, and he wasn't about to forget the white bitch who took on seven black horny studs. Kneeling before him on the bed I took his beautiful black cock in both hands and began licking and sucking it. I'm used to the great amount of cum black men produce, but Tashon's ejaculation was so huge that it was way more than I could manage to swallow.

Please Cowboy? Ch. 02

interracial ChynaMarie 2018-03-23

Lily never thought she would have anything to do with the club her adoptive brother, Kyle hunt, and Cade, owned together, but she was getting desperate and secretly this was her kink, but no one knew beside Cade, Kyle, and Brody because they got her drunk last Christmas and everything came out, even her love for Scott. Cade opened the door with a shit eating grin that caused her to roll her eyes as she got off of Scott's lap, somewhat composed. Darlin' you sure got off, I can smell it, but you left poor old Scott hanging, or actually I met standing." He gestured with his hand to the tent inside Scott's slacks.

Dominic Ch. 03

interracial Truth74 2018-01-12

I followed him into the receiving room and he looked through a stack of mail as I moved my hands over the decorative inlay along the edge of a table. I looked up at him and saw a flush to his face as his hand guided the towel between my thighs and then down each leg. When I finally got to sleep, I dreamed of Dom. He drove into me without mercy, and my body was slowly splitting in two. I opened a massive door to find Ryan stroking a girls hair as she sucked in his large prick. He looked at me and said, "I knew you weren't a lesbian, but pussy doesn't usually smell bad."

Jamaican Holiday Ch. 16

interracial jayewatcher 2018-01-12

When I first wrote it up based on her reports, it was a 4-day fuck and suck trip with 5 Black men that wound up with her being returned to me exhausted and with gold piercings in her labia, nipples and clit hood. We had planned a 4-day "Adventure" -- our term for an away trip where my wife would be publicly exposed and fucked by Black men -- with Robert, a Dominant play partner we had scened with several times over the previous two years and who has an uncanny understanding of the workings of my wife's psychological and physical "buttons." He is a large, imposing man with a 9" very thick uncut cock backed by large, seemingly inexhaustible balls and great staying power.

Black Alexis Dominates White Ch. 15

interracial TallBlondeGretchen 2017-11-30

The heeled feet of this beautiful black teenaged woman remained merely 3 or 4 inches from my face, crossed at her ankles. My hands shook as I "inked" in the appointment for Monday in Alexis Barron's book, her stockinged toes still flush on my face. Embarrassingly, every minute and every second of these three hours she had her well-worn nylon stockinged feet and toes in my face. She "wriggled" and "smeared" her pungeant smelling toes on and over my nose with such arrogance, and I was forced to write all her "notes" and "appointments" down with her feet in my face. This 18-year-old black woman expertly "pitched" the new and existing lines of perfume, and had agreements to meet and present to 14 different stores already.

A Familiar Stranger

interracial gattina2u 2017-11-16

With a light toss of her long dark hair, the curious young woman made her way towards the end of the bar stopping one seat over from the alluring stranger. Trent grunted a disapproving sound, his thumb stroking the smooth toffee colored skin of Savanna's inner thigh as he pulled the startled girl's chair closer, until her legs dangled between his own. Savanna sucked in her next breath, her teeth worrying the corner on her full lower lip as the vibrations of Trent's laughter sent jolts of sensation along her nerve endings where her taunt nipples brushed against his broad chest. Trent's right hand shifted gliding along her back as he pressed Savanna's soft warm body closer to his.

His Black Master

interracial NickJBella 2017-10-22

Kevin was on the phone with his head down as Ty walked in the office, closing the door behind him, his large frame darkening Kevin's desk. Kevin looked over at Ty admiring his large black frame and how Ty's big muscular arms stretched the arm of his polo shirt revealing the big wet sweat stains in his armpit but the best part of all was the huge bulge in Ty's pants. Ty laid his head back and closed his eyes; his hand drifted down and started to rub his hard cock through the fabric. Kevin slid his panties to the side and started to rub the head of Ty's massive black cock against his pink fuck hole.

Just Getting Started Ch. 05

interracial CaraJoy 2017-10-16

we've been through so much we couldn't admit we were going our separate ways." Tristan paused to look Jaden in the eyes, slowly he continued. "T, when I tell you this story you're going to think I'm ridiculous, but hopefully in a cute corky way and not weird and crazy." Jaden said with a faint smile. "Ahhh, that's my good girl." Jaden watched to see Tristan's eyes close, but within seconds his green orbs were once again trained on her. "That's my good girl, ride me baby, I need to feel you cum all over my hard dick." She was close to the edge, she was going to be a good girl and please Tristan, she forced herself down on his hard member as her orgasm overtook her.