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Sucking Mexican Cock in a Pickup Truck

interracial edlangston 2018-11-30

He is a 43 year old, married Mexican man and said that he wasn’t getting enough sex at home and would like a good blowjob from an older white cock sucker who would worship his cock and swallow his semen. He said that he just loved to fuck a white mouth, and watch a cock sucker suck and struggle to swallow when he filled their mouth with his big cum loads. I kept sucking his cock even after the flow of cum stopped and he started to soften, Angel looked back at Tony again and said, “Fuck man, this cock sucker can’t seem to get enough.

Cajeta y Chocolate (Caramel and Chocolate)

interracial missluv2write 2018-11-28

So, when Jason brought Naomi through the kitchen on her first day orientation, Marco was surprised that she wasn’t at all Jason’s usual type. Naomi hesitated, she didn’t know how much to say before his good mood faded and he was back to being the dark brooding chef, “It’s just that, sometimes, you can be a little difficult to work with,” she said rapidly, then flinched waiting for the recoil. I can’t work with you, when all I can think about is how delicious you taste,” Marco explained, then smiled, “Mi bella, I would end up chopping off all my fingers, and you wouldn’t want that.”

First Meeting

interracial Master_Jonathan 2018-11-26

Maria was in no hurry, though and, as she lowered her face closer to the tip of his massive tool, she reached out her tongue to begin licking the head of Sam's cock. Maria's moans grew louder and happier when Sam's tongue once again started to caress her drooling pussy, this time starting at her pink hole and licking between her inner and outer lips. As Maria started cumming, she clamped her legs onto Sam's temples and her hands went to the back of his head to press his face as firmly into her pussy as she could. Maria felt the head of Sam's hard cock squeeze between her fingers into the wet pink hole that hadn't experienced the real thing for much too long.

A Strange Place Called Florida

interracial Writingguy 2018-11-08

This time Dr. Jensen started to suck it more aggressively, and almost a minute later, Raul blew a massive load in her mouth. To make the ten minutes pass, the powerful Raul wrapped his hands tightly behind the blonde's back and started to kiss her around the neck area. Raul was showing a lot of improvement, he was finally able to last over ten minutes in all of the exercises and no matter how hard the blonde would try to make him cum he could hold it in. With Dr. Jensen laying down on the bed, the horny Raul grabbed both of her thighs and started eating her pussy, except this time it was a lot more intense.

Interracial Gangbang in the Mountains

interracial edlangston 2018-10-31

Jason and I continued staring at those big, brown cocks, and their egg-sized, low-hanging balls, as Daniel grabbed his cock and began stroking it before saying, “Both of you seem to like what you’re seeing, and you can get a closer look if you want to. It took us another fifteen minutes to trudge back out to the meadow, and since that was our first time alone all night, I finally got a chance to question Jason about being willing for me to fuck those men, and for his obvious attraction to their cocks, balls and cum. It didn’t seem right to out Jason to his brother for being a cock sucker, so I told him a half truth about Jason’s experience in high school that planted the seeds for him wanting to watch other men fuck me.

Rebellious Princess Ch. 02

interracial gracesnowpaw 2018-10-29

A drip of pre-cum glistened at the slit; with an open mouth, Beth kissed the head of his cock as she sucked it slowly in to her mouth. Beth's eyes flew open when Javier grabbed a handful of her hair in his fist as he stood, "Suck that cock Mami! Javier pulled his cock from her mouth; as Beth gasped for air, Javier tilted her face up to his by her hair and unleashed a second rope of cum in to her mouth. Javier pushed his cock in her mouth, "Empty it Mami!" His aggressive hold on her hair slowly released allowing Beth to focus again.

Black Cuckold Erotica - Reverse

interracial Samuelx 2018-10-29

The brother stroked his long and thick Black dick while watching his sexy, chocolate-hued, big-bottomed Jamaican girlfriend Stacey Jones get her freak on with their Mexican-American friend Eric Cortez. Indeed, Eric sat in his living room couch last week and watched as Kristen got on her knees before Stephen and sucked the ebony stud's long and thick dick. Eric masturbated, stroking his long and thick Latino dick as he watched the hunky Black man fuck the hell out of his blonde British girlfriend. Kristen fingered her own cunt as she watched her Latino boyfriend Eric suck Stephen's big Black dick. Stacey watched, stunned, as her masculine black stud Stephen sucked the Latino dude's dick as if the waters of the fountain of youth were contained within it.

Sucking the Mexican Construction Crew

interracial edlangston 2018-10-29

And after a while I really started to like the stories about cuckold husbands eating Latino cum from their white wives’ cunts, and that eventually led me to looking at thousands of pictures of thick, brown Latino cocks. Manny smiled and said, “That’s what I thought you had in mind Ed. You aren’t the first gringo to approach me like this, but I’ve never let a man suck my cock, at least not yet. Then he said, “Okay gringo, you wanted to try sucking a big Mexican cock, and mine is ripe for your cunt mouth. Manny held his hard cock out of the way as I moved down and sucked his hairy, pungent scrotum and one ball into my mouth.

Aimee Meets Diego

interracial sharethenight 2018-09-21

It didn't take her long to get to the club, and Aimee slipped her way inside as easily as a celebrity might have. Aimee made her way to the bar once inside, meeting a few eyes and granting a select few a grin. " As his hand grew more persistent, one finger slipped past the panties and she moaned, her head tilting back as he found her clit. Diego quickly took advantage of her building pleasure, both hands slipping upward to pull the panties down her legs. Aimee was past argument now, her hips arching to meet his fingers, her own hand curling in his shirt. Removing her hands only to allow him to pull the shirt over her head, Aimee moaned as his mouth found her nipple.

Chocolate and Caramel

interracial justboycrazy 2018-09-02

I never thought that a fine, hot Latino like Carlos would be very interested in me, a black BBW. After a night of dancing, we went to his place some dinner and dessert. Then, Carlos kissed my lips, tasting the caramel of the ice cream. It got more passionate when he wrapped his arms around my waist and, pulled me close to him, and lifted me after putting the ice cream back into the freezer. His caresses were sweet, soft, and slow as his kisses were passionate, hungry, and deep. Once my breasts were freed, Carlos lovingly began fondling and gently squeezing them with his hands while he was still kissing my neck. His hand went into my panties where his fingers found my soft, hot, wet woman lips.

High School Tutoring

interracial LatinBreeding 2018-07-18

I wasn't athletic at all and I was an absolute nerd. I finally let him have what he wanted and I moved my hand to his remarkable dick. I knew he wanted me to blow him but I wasn't too keen on taking orders. I instead I began to take my shirt off, then my shorts. He looked like he might blow his load at any second. I got comfortable and shifted my weight to my forearms instead of my hands. He pushed into me harder than ever before and his dick jerked multiple times inside me. Two months later I went to "tutor" him again, after we had sex I told him we were going to have a baby.

On-the-Side Pleasure

interracial X-Factor 2018-07-10

Wait for me." Jamie nodded, trying to stop the hard-on from pushing his pants out too far as he walked past Nita's husband. Nita's pussy was tingling like crazy, and when she felt his tongue again leave it to slowly lick towards her ass the tingling nearly overwhelmed her. He placed a finger at the asshole that was right before his eyes as he ran his tongue back and forth across her trapped pussy lips. Jamie licked at Nita's pussy lips that he held in his mouth as he watched the top half of his index finger sliding in and out of that tight little asshole. Jamie slid his penis all the way inside Nita's vagina and held it there as they kissed.

Dark Jeans, Dark Eyes Ch. 08

interracial IlizaDanil 2018-06-20

I tried not to think all the way home as I went to the store and then got takeout. I grabbed my rolling suitcase, threw in some clothes, trying to remember to grab the stuff I liked, and started to pull things out of the bathroom. I had a list on my phone of stuff to pack for a trip, and I went through it quickly, grabbing my phone charger, the small jewelry roll (I had been robbed of my jewelry box, and had had to start all over), even my MacBook. We'll start to figure things out," I told him, kissing my little boy on the head as I walked out the door.

Old Sand and Broken Branches

interracial ChokoLitStixxx332 2018-06-13

"Si...buen cono'" Tiermo wildly licked his lips around her clit, fluttering the tip, before sticking his tongue out and shoving it so deep into her pussy that his nose sat directly on her asshole. "Fuck," Tiermo stopped licking Laura's pussy, so he could wiggle his tongue at Tina. In the excitement of things, Tina stopped licking her sisters ass and crawled under Tiermo so she could jam her tongue deep inside of his ass. Tina tired of licking her sisters clit, so she wrestled free from Tiermos grasp and stood between the two so that Tiermo could eat her pussy while Laura leaned back and tongue fucked her asshole. Finally, Roger layed on his back and 69'd Laura, as Tiermo stood over them fucking Tina, with her legs kicked wide into the air.

Dark Jeans, Dark Eyes Ch. 03

interracial IlizaDanil 2018-05-17

I'm not in amazing shape, but I'm still feeling pretty good about my body, having finally shed the baby weight and making myself exercise to keep my sanity through everything. He's nodding, still thrusting, and I'm still so turned on by him that I'm pretty sure I'm going to climax again – and I hardly ever come, just from fucking, even though it still feels good. And I'm still married, I still have a child, a whole real life full of troubles, and I'm feeling some remorse even while my spirit is singing with the pleasure of seeing Juan again. He's at physical therapy the next morning, and two AA meetings, one that's a weekly meditation, one that's being helmed by his close friend, so he feels like he has to be there.

Lawn Service

interracial throatj0b 2018-05-13

I finally turn my head around to look at Hector, still bent over, I asked "Can you give me a hand here Hector?" I heard him say "I can do better than that" and the next thing I knew I was experiencing sensations I had never felt before. Hector finally came up for air and his face literally looked like a glazed donut and rightfully so, because I had had several orgasms from his tongue-lashing. It wasn't long until Hector had my head in his hands and was driving his cock down my throat. We ate, took a shower together and Hector spent the rest of the day giving my pussy the thorough fuckin that it so badly needed and introducing me to the joys of cocksucking and the pleasures of anal sex.

Aye, Papi!

interracial isthisdesire 2018-03-18

After Chris, the man I was meeting, saw pictures of my breasts, he insisted I come up to visit him and let him "taste those." I had green eyes and long, brown hair - the other features that got the most attention. "Oh, baby, that's so fucking good..." I moaned and pressed my wet pussy into his face. He licked my nipple gently then sucked it hard into his mouth, then nibbled on it nearly pushing me over the edge. "Yes, cum on my big fucking dick." He was thrusting hard and I was dizzy from the overwhelming orgasm. "Yes, baby, I'll ride you." I climbed up on top of him and guided his dick into my pussy with my hand.

A Latin Distraction

interracial Milf_N_Cookiez 2018-03-14

"Fuck he's got moves like a Chippendale," Paige mused, her eyes locked on the screen as he gyrated to the music, grinning as he threw in a few well-placed pelvic thrusts. "Oh my God he has GOT to be a Chippendale," Paige breathed, reaching under her robe to stroke a finger over her aroused slit, gaze glued to the man on the other side of the camera as he jostled his hips, the large shaft swinging in all its barely concealed glory. "Fuck, you are so beautiful Paige," Alfonso grunted, the sight of a gorgeous woman pleasuring herself in front of him nearly driving him over the edge. Paige moaned, "Oh fuck, Alfonso I'm going to cum!" her breath coming in gasps as she frigged her pussy, circling her clit with her thumb.

Dark Jeans, Dark Eyes Ch. 02

interracial IlizaDanil 2018-03-09

But my body was literally singing with want, a burning need that felt like hot chills running up and down the insides of my legs. He found the top button of my jeans, and slowly opened them with one hand, then pushed them off of me. Slowly, like he had been slow, I began to kiss my way down his body, starting at the middle of his chest. I carefully unfastened those jeans (button fly, of course), then slowly moved them off of his body. Juan was gasping for air, and he didn't pull away, but he wanted me to stop. But I knew, at that moment, that I needed his cock inside me, and I wasn't considering the consequences.

My Mexican Carpenter

interracial qualitywheat 2018-03-03

So, this Monday morning saw the arrival of Emile, as he was introduced to me by my husband, I hadn't seen him up until now, he was a very swarthy Mexican type of man, maybe even Cuban or some where that way, I wasn't sure. It was now Thursday, I was wearing nothing really special, a white loose fitting one piece cotton dress that buttoned all the way down, fitted at the waist, it finished well above my knees, a bit like a shawl really, my hair was loose too, and flowing about me as I turned, high heels, I always wore those. It looked hard, partially erect, bigger than Dan's by a good bit, or it looked like it was, I was rooted to the spot, I couldn't tear my gaze away, he had heard me, because he bent down and said.

Mexican Delight

interracial Loansum 2018-02-19

Naked, dark Mexican men hang over your totally exposed and helpless body and use their tongues and hands on every sensitive erotic place you have. Your ass moves up to force the Mexican's tongue deeper into you, while the other dark man rolls his mouth and tongue so gently over your swollen clit. The other two men are now pulling your hard nipples and rolling the swollen sensitive tips against their tongues as they pull and release with a loud popping sound. Desperately pulling your hands free, you reach down and grab onto the Mexican who is buried deep between your legs, crushing your inflamed cunt with his savage attack. Your pleasure is non-stop as the Mexican begins to cum deep inside you.

Huerto de Manzanas

interracial ChokoLitStixxx332 2018-02-05

Which is why Elsee dived head first and plunged her tongue as deep down his throat as humanly possible, as his massive hands snaked into her panties and along her smooth ass. Elsee couldn't explain the joy she felt as she fellated the Mexican papito, but every time her throat bottomed out to the point of tearing, another drop of moisture dripped from her over sensitive pussy. "Good, girl," Valderamos held one hand behind her head, as he knelt and squatted so that he could rub his middle finger in her undies and over her red hot clit. With Valderamos in charge of the face fucking, Elsee wiggled out of her panties and began to catch her own throat slime.

On-the-Side Pleasure Ch. 05

interracial X-Factor 2018-01-24

Her legs were wrapped around him and her tongue was far inside his mouth at all times as he pushed his fat member in and out of her twat using small strokes. Jamie's nose was right in her ass as he ran his tongue up and down the pussy lips that he held trapped in his mouth. If Eldora's husband were to walk into his bedroom, he would see his wife's lips wrapped tightly around a white cock, eagerly sliding up and down it. He grabbed the back of her head and pressed his mouth against hers, kissing her firmly as he began to slide his cock in and out of her quickly. Eldora moaned with pleasure into his mouth, rubbing her pussy against his groin as his penis continued jerking inside her.

Dark Jeans, Dark Eyes Ch. 06

interracial IlizaDanil 2018-01-16

He was asking me if he should leave before my husband came home, and I told him to do what he wanted to do. "You look totally familiar," my husband said, taking a long drink from his water as he took his vitamins and pills. My husband responded enthusiastically, was asking Juan what he was working on lately. Then Juan started asking my husband about his baseball career, which took up a good twenty minutes. "You leaving the house today?" my husband asked me. "Juan and I were planning on having crazy-hot sex, right here on the couch," I replied. "Okay, good," my husband replied, turning on the TV, immediately searching the listings for his baseball game.