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The Librarian: Part 1

interracial Handydandy14 2018-12-04

I'd wanted to get back out there and find love or, these days, just have a man touch me. I had about an hour until I needed to be at work, but I wanted to enjoy a nice breakfast along with a nice cup of coffee. I usually work our libraries reference desk, and what that really means is I sit in a somewhat comfy chair for eight hours and help people find books. If I had a genie and he or she could grant me one wish for my birthday, it would be to have a hung black man fuck my brains out all night long while I scream his name and have him cum on my naughty face and tits.

Online Satisfaction

interracial eros_desade 2018-12-02

Rhonda had been married for years and her husband simply stopped paying any sort of attention to her, especially sexually. I knew that Rhonda wanted, no needed my cock as no one had satisfied her urges in some time. It was one of those occassions where I didn't use oral as foreplay, Rhonda laid on her back to take my 9.5" cock in her hands, stroke its length and admire it before I sheathed it in a condom to tease her outer pussy lips open. Rhonda had a look of relief and satisfaction, that her pussy wasn't only going to get attention from my cock but my tongue as well.

I Seduced My Black Next Door Neighbor

interracial floridaguy2001 2018-12-01

Oh my god he was massaging my butt as we danced, He put his head back looked at me and gave brought his lips to mine and he kissed me, I willingly opened my mouth and let his tongue slip in, for such a young boy he was a hell of a kisser. Gary grunted as he spewed the last of his cum inside me, he pulled out and laid on the bed, his massive cock dangling on his stomach, I looked down and I could see the gaping hole he left behind, my pussy was so wide open you could have fit a bat I there.

Kate's Enlightenment Part 2

interracial SpinDoctor 2018-12-01

Watch as I lovingly sucked James’ tongue as he serviced me in front of my husband safe in the knowledge of his superiority over another man whose wife was coming and creaming and moaning wildly as he stretched parts of her untouched insides for the first time. “I am so horny, I need taken care of,” I told him, “but I suppose I just have to wait,” I lied, seeing that at that very moment James had stood up between my spread legs and was openly stroking his semi-hard cock and smiling down at me. James, who had come inside my writhing body was slowly and quietly sliding his softening, cum-drenched cock out of my ravished cunt; a huge smile on his face as he watched me his married conquest, wrestle with the dilemma unfolding before him.

Stuck in heaven between two mature angels

interracial Sailingrich 2018-11-29

Behind me was Frau Rach, aggressive as always, pushing her bubbling breasts against my back, her pubic hair bush tickling my ass with her knee between my legs and her hand moving my cock up and down between Karla’s butt cheeks, teasing her ass hole while both were moaning and giggling like teenage girls. When we relaxed, Karla turned around, moved down, licking my belly until her hungry mouth reached my limp dick, sucked it with her hot lips, teased it with her strong tongue and swallowed my juices. I chewed her hard clit, stuck my tongue into the wet, hot pussy, kissed and teased it, licked and sucked the juices out of it.

Mrs. Crane's Fountain of Youth (4)

interracial DonAbdul 2018-11-28

Shirley smiled as she reread the message a second time; they had discussed their fantasies during one of their post coital spooning sessions, and one of his was taking a sexy mature woman from behind while she’s wearing nothing but an apron and a pair of fuck-me heels. She smiled and blushed as she turned the word over in her mind; ‘Yes… that’s exactly what he does, he fucks me like some cheap slut… and I absolutely love it too.’ A rush of excitement coursed through her as she tightened her thighs and squeezed her pussy until she felt her panties soak through with her juices.

Mrs. Crane's Fountain of Youth (5)

interracial DonAbdul 2018-11-26

As Shirley worked on her hands and knees, she couldn’t help but look up towards her bedroom window, the thought of her young black lover still asleep in her bed was already potentiating the fading effect of the previous night’s alcohol on her system. Meanwhile Jamal was seized by the sweet sensation of her pussy walls which was spasming and kneading his shaft even as he carried on thrusting, and grunting as he fucked her like a cheap slut, his lean strong frame pinning her face to the ground as she gasped, and then moaned and finally screamed as she exploded in her second orgasm of the morning.

Taking Mike's Wife

interracial BlkGreg 2018-11-26

Everyone was drinking heavily and by around 1:00 am, after celebrating the new year, all but Lisa, Mike, me and 1 other couple had gone home or to bed. Lisa, Mike and I were all in the hot tub late that night. Mike was nodding off in the hot tub but Lisa seemed still wide awake. When I got back to the hot tub Mike said he was going to pee and to get another drink. As we did our shots in the hot tub waiting for Mike to return I suggested we skinny dip in their pool. When I returned, I slipped my underwear off right in front of her and got in the hot tub naked.

Asma the Libyan Hijabi MILF

interracial Samuelx 2018-11-25

Thusly, Asma started her own restaurant, and hired a couple of young men to help her out with cooking and making deliveries, and just like that, her business got off the ground. Samuel Baxter, a big and tall, handsome young Jamaican guy working at the mini-mall near Asma's restaurant began to show up regularly during his lunch break, and thusly they got to know each other a bit. "Come here, sexy mama," Samuel said, and Asma feasted her eyes on the big and tall, handsome brother's dark-skinned, virile and masculine physique. "Fuck my pussy, give me that Jamaican dick," Asma squealed, and Samuel slapped her ass, loving the way it jiggled as he fucked her.

Awakening of Alexis - part 4

interracial dr4510 2018-11-24

She wiped her hands off on the towels and picked it up, then started filming the action up-close, and I mean VERY close, his black cock pistoning in and out of my wife's white vagina, her knees held together while she stood straight. My wife's orgasm set the guy off again, he handed the camera to his wife, and soon his black cock was again thrusting in and out of Alexis, his bottom doing an amazingly rapid back and forth motion which had his cock all the way in, then out so that only the tip was inside, then in, then out, and so like that for several minutes.

Awakening of Alexis - part 5

interracial dr4510 2018-11-20

He pulled his massive black cock out of my wife and asked her if it was ok if he came on her again, but this time on her breasts and face. The black man fucked my wife hard and fast, controlling his own orgasm unti she came again, then he let himself go, each ejaculation deep in her womb. They were all fucked magnificently while the husbands watched, and almost on cue the black men ejaculated into the white women. But the brunettes held the blonde's thighs apart whle she was being hard-fucked by these various black men, and the women continued kissing and sucking at her, etc., as well as hurriedly licking at the blonde's semen-saturated vagina before the next black cock entered her.

Awakening of Alexis - part 3

interracial dr4510 2018-11-19

After a minute or two of this, Jackie told my wife to insert the man's cock into the blonde woman on the bed. Alexis sat right there with them, very close and with her eyes only a foot or two away from their privates, watching his black dick slide in and out of the blonde's vagina, gradually increasing to a fairly fast tempo. My wife's eyes moved back and forth from the black cocks near her face, to the one pistoning in and out of the blonde woman on the bed next to her. Jackie applied more lubricant to me and began gently stroking me while I watched my wife being hard-fucked by yet another black cock.

MIL goes black Pt2

interracial SIL50 2018-11-17

  After a few more minutes they said they needed a break so they wouldn't cum too soon   and told my Mil to play with her pussy so it would stay wet, but she had better not have an orgasm.   He told my Mil to clean up that the youngest one was still a virgin and   his first pussy didn't need to come from an old whore with cum on her face and tits. He was fucking her like crazy, and I guess they thought he would cum too soon so they made her change positions and he mounted her doggie style.

The nurse

interracial Ronnie 2018-11-16

She the woman, I was horny about, was jerking my friend in his drunken sleep, the penis got bigger and then she looked at me and said, " he will not know will he?" I was past caring, I felt my own getting bigger and then she took him in her mouth, and I was past caring I came from behind and touched those ass, I squeezed them thorough her skirt, lovely ass, as I imagined them to be, then those breasts, “ mmmm” soft too and large, my hands could hardly contain them, but she was busy with my friends penis.

Exploring neighbor Annie’s outstanding booty

interracial Sailingrich 2018-11-15

She slowly lowered her ass onto my long teenage cock, caught it between her thighs and let me guide it into her warm, wet and hairy pussy while she slightly spread her legs. First groaning, she started screaming again “Oh boy, I love this way of fucking, you are so big, fuck this old pussy, fuck it, faster, harder, oh my god.” Her hands on the credenza in front of her, she stuck the mountainous ass against me, making me crazy of lust. She bent over forward lying on the marble slab, her hands between her legs pulled my cock out and started teasing it in the crack between her cheeks, distributing our love juices all the way to her other hole, squeezing my dick which quickly started growing again awaiting a new adventure.


interracial luxerotica 2018-11-15

He only looks up the prices on the internet to determine how much its value is!” “That vintage of Pomerol goes at about $1000 us, if I’m not mistaken.” “How do you know so much about wine?” “I’ve spent a lot of time with Milos !” We both laughed and Helena touched my hand. “You hold the car and I will meet you there with the wine.” “Deal.” I opened the bottle of wine as Helena readied the glasses placing them on the coffee table in the living room area of the suite. “I want to see you stroke it Preston .” I stood up from the chair, peeled my Armani Exchange boxer-briefs off sat back down, legs spread, robe open and continued stroking my stiff nice inch dick.

N's Weekend Adventure

interracial ZandMe 2018-11-12

  On the way to our first adventure, I fondled N’s knee and unbuttoned the top buttons of her dress.   The only other patron was a tall, well built blond guy sitting a few rows down, rubbing his crotch while watching the movie.   Our new friend moved a seat closer, unzipped his pants and started stroking his large white cock. I whispered to N, “To get to climax you’ll have to get those panties off.”   She nodded, stood up and said to “Cutie”, “Will you take my panties off?”   He wasted no time reaching under her short dress and dragging her now wet thong off her gorgeous ass.

Awakening of Alexis - part 6

interracial dr4510 2018-11-10

Their wives too - with that one exception - are happy that you've taken on their responsibility for a while.' Just thinking about all those black men ejaculating into my wife after so many erotic fuckings, started to get me hard. 'Jackie said that one of the most erotic things to see - and experience - is for a white wife to receive a black man's ejaculate in her mouth and on her face, and at the same time or soon after to receive more ejaculate from a second black man in her vagina. One of the black men started unexpectedly ejaculating into my wife's mouth while I sat there watching, and she pulled her head back.

Awakening of Alexis - part 1

interracial dr4510 2018-11-09

She hasn't been interested in adult films, or 'devices' like dildos or vibrators, or much of anything else, but some hints about her past (before we married) gave me some ideas for trying to spice things up. Most of my sexual thoughts involve interracial sex, mainly black men with white women, and a lot of the time I transpose Alexis for the women in these thoughts. As I described black men with white women in various sexual activities, she listened to this in a 'tolerant' kind of way like it was the most normal thing in the world. The 'other things' usually involved my fantasies of taking her to a motel or a sex club and watching her by made love to by various well-hung black men.

Lending A Hand

interracial KingFrank 2018-11-09

As I was walking to my front door I noticed my neighbor, Mrs. Lewis, looking under the hood of her car. I approached Mrs. Lewis from behind and I couldn’t help but notice how great her ass looked. Like I said earlier, I didn’t know much about cars but I noticed the cable connecting to her battery was loose. “That lazy husband of mines can’t do anything but sit on his ass and drink beer!” She looked me up and down and offered me a shower because my face and chest were covered in dirt. I filled up her pussy with cum and we just laid there letting the hot water run over our bodies for what seemed like forever.

Kate's Enlightenment

interracial SpinDoctor 2018-11-09

I couldn’t help feeling just a little sorry for Simon, whose life had been turned on its head when she had informed him that she was leaving him for her new “boyfriend”. His indiscretion had been before marriage, her revenge had been almost calculated in its intensity and also the choice of the black and powerful Philip had only rubbed salt in Simon’s considerable wounds. Especially when Kirsten had informed him that “Philip had touched her in places Simon couldn’t reach with his arm”. When James asked if it had hurt I couldn’t tell him the jolt was not from pain but from seeing his large black hand on my pale skin.

The sexual awakenings of teenage private schoolgirls part 10

interracial justalilfun 2018-11-09

You are a student staying at my camp, it would not be right for me to do anything like that.” John said, trying to send Becky back to her classes. Your cock likes me, and I want it.” Becky said as she walked over to John. I love eating pussy while I get my cock sucked.” John said as he lay on the bench in the middle of the room. Becky had barely knelt on the bench, when John put his hands on Becky’s sweet ass and pulled her to his eager tongue. Becky reveled in the awesome feeling of his large cock inside her and caressing John's muscular arms. As John thrust into Becky's sweet young pussy, he could feel his scrotum tighten around his balls.

Iranian MILF into Haitian Men

interracial Samuelx 2018-11-08

"I've felt attracted to black men for years and years, especially the ones from the island of Haiti, but I've always felt ashamed of what people would think of me," Karen Mazandarani said to Toussaint "T-Man" Vincent, as the two of them sat down at a quiet corner on the main floor of the Carleton University library. "What I should have done a long time ago," Karen said, and then she leaned closer, grabbed Toussaint's face in her hands and kissed him. "Damn, you've got some soft lips," Toussaint said, smiling faintly, and Karen grinned, pleased by his words. Laughing, Toussaint slapped Karen's thick Iranian derriere and gripped her long dark hair in his fist, yanking her lovely head back as he rammed his dick into her.

Mrs. Crane's Fountain of Youth (11)

interracial DonAbdul 2018-11-01

Jack Crane laid in bed covered only by a quarter of the smooth satin covers , exhausted from the rigorous round of lovemaking he had shared with Adora, his so-called Princess of the Niger. He had called his wife, Shirley back in the states just right after he returned from his meeting the previous night and got the answering machine. When she hadn’t called him by noon he had started to get worried; Shirley didn’t socialize that much and hardly at all since both he and their son had left home. Shirley felt so guilty and ashamed that she hadn’t spared a thought for her poor husband who was working so hard and far away from home too.