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Doing More then the Job Description

interracial lovelyvampire 2018-11-02

I kind of doubt that.” He continued, “So go home, talk it over, and then just let me know.” He smiled at me, that smile that made my insides quiver, and then reached over and kissed my cheek. Right now, what I do know is that I want to be fucked.” My pussy was soaking wet, my clit had a gentle throb to it, and my nipples were hard as rocks, and sensitive as ever underneath the fabric of my bra. “Not completely, but he told me he’s above average, and if I may be blunt, he’s more than likely going to be large anyways, and he will fuck your ass like it’s actually his.

Black Superiority....

interracial manofether 2018-08-18

He picked me up by my collar and pulled my face right up to his face and whispered in my ear and told me that he was going to fuck my nice little faggot ass today. I lowered my face to this god like cock and placed my lips on the head and gave it a little kiss. As soon as I had the tip in he shoved my head down hard and told me gag on it like a good little slut. He slapped his man meat on my ass a few times and I could feel his dick was hard again. He slapped my ass hard and told me to get pleasure from being fucked by a true superior black man.