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Sucking Mexican Cock in a Pickup Truck

interracial edlangston 2018-11-30

He is a 43 year old, married Mexican man and said that he wasn’t getting enough sex at home and would like a good blowjob from an older white cock sucker who would worship his cock and swallow his semen. He said that he just loved to fuck a white mouth, and watch a cock sucker suck and struggle to swallow when he filled their mouth with his big cum loads. I kept sucking his cock even after the flow of cum stopped and he started to soften, Angel looked back at Tony again and said, “Fuck man, this cock sucker can’t seem to get enough.

Doing Favors for the Black Foremen

interracial edlangston 2018-11-19

Luther smiled because he probably figured that if I wanted to see his cock, then he would likely have a chance to get me to suck it so he said, “No problem Ed. A few of the other white guys started out by just looking at my cock. Luther was just getting into a rhythm fucking my face, and he laughed a little and said, “I just knew you’d make a good cock sucker once you got a look at my cock. Bill and Luther got dressed and then Bill said, “Look Ed, the foremen and I will want you and another white guy to suck us off every day, and that will keep you pretty busy.

Sucking the Mexican Construction Crew

interracial edlangston 2018-10-29

And after a while I really started to like the stories about cuckold husbands eating Latino cum from their white wives’ cunts, and that eventually led me to looking at thousands of pictures of thick, brown Latino cocks. Manny smiled and said, “That’s what I thought you had in mind Ed. You aren’t the first gringo to approach me like this, but I’ve never let a man suck my cock, at least not yet. Then he said, “Okay gringo, you wanted to try sucking a big Mexican cock, and mine is ripe for your cunt mouth. Manny held his hard cock out of the way as I moved down and sucked his hairy, pungent scrotum and one ball into my mouth.