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Life Gets Better Part Two: The New Roommate

interracial Shadowforce1 2018-10-31

As Brian fucked her tits, he remembered the time Stacy had come to his workplace. Brian had all but forgotten the conversation he had with Stacy about the friend moving in, so when he came home and got up to his floor he saw to his surprise that the door to his apartment wide open. You're fucking useless!" she shouted as two men came to the door, they pushed stuff out the way, then ran past Brian and were down the stairs, before he could say hi. "Oh shit!" she said, walking backward allowing Brian to step all the way into his apartment finally. "Sorry, I didn't know you were coming," Brian said looking in the fridge.

My Roommate’s Endorsement

interracial patdown 2018-07-08

Marcia was tight against my right side and said, "Lester tells me you're one big boy Jeremy and I know how fine you look so how about we get busy?" And as much as I was enjoying banging against that fine big fat black ass Marcia was getting off on it every bit as much moaning, "That's the sweet spot Jeremy pound that ass like you know I want it, let me hear your sweet body smacking it hard and give me all of that big dick." I pulled back and figured we could pause and see about continuing but got a shock, and disappointment, when Marcia rolled over and off the bed and said, "That was one damn sweet treat Jeremy, fuck you know how to pound a pussy good.


My first non internet hookup

interracial MIKEBBCBULL 2018-04-08

My roommate and I decided to make it a weekend and to get a room in the city. She got the message and then grabbed her s****r and walked out of our room. After a few seconds, she stopped me and said, "I'm sorry, I want you really bad but I am not ok with having sex with other people in the room". After a few minutes, I could hear some moaning coming out of the cracked door of my hotel room. I grabbed my girl tightly and asked, "so, what do we do now?" "Find another hotel room!" She said. Once we got to the room, she immediately said she wanted to take a shower first.