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interracial CorinneDevereau 2018-08-28

"Did you love the slave girl you were with?" Jacques peered deep into his father's eyes, forcing Claude to shift his weight on his other foot. "My sweetest Celeste, I wish to awaken in a warm bed to you in la petit matin, The early morning." Jacques quickened his pace as his engorged cock sought freedom from his trousers. Slowly, Jacques ran his hands lovingly up Celeste's thighs, eliciting soft moans from her lips. "Du matin au soir From morning till night, I need you in my arms." Jacques breathed against Celeste's silken thigh, claiming her fragrant arousal with his tongue. "Ah, you are so sweet, Celeste." Without further ado, Jacques' hands disappeared beneath the firm, plump rear of his love, pulling her wet mound against his face.

Loving My Master Pt. 02

interracial TasteslikeIniquity 2018-08-23

Phoebe had been of the Cunning Plantation for weeks now, slowly getting to know the place whilst the family was away. But she spent the time she wasn't working in the slave town on the grounds, which was hidden by a stand of trees so that the family should never have to see it's ugliness. All turned at her entrance and although she kept her head low, she knew the fabled burning eyes of the Cunning family would be fixing her with the dread glare. The master was always trying to forge new alliances, or so the other house slaves said, courting rich and powerful plantation owners and lords with influence in the West India Company, even adopting a more genteel accent in their presence.

Making Her Mine Ch. 03

interracial ebonimaster 2018-08-12

"Makes me wanna flatten you into the floor, rub my dick on your hot little ass, 'til I'm real hard, then spread your legs and take that virgin ass." As soon as my girl's pretty ass started moving in hot little circles, I took her hips in my hands real light, and rubbed my cock up against her ass. Letting go, I went around in front of her, grabbed a handful of her soft hair and pulled her head up a little so her face was in my crotch. "You wanna cum with my cock inside that hot bitch pussy, baby?" "I'm gonna fuck you like my bitch today, baby, on all fours, and make you cum real hard."

Meet Your Master Ch. 01

interracial caramelz 2018-07-30

They were mostly rough looking men, and the thought of going home with any of them nearly frightened her to death. She had been nervous walking alone in the dark but was getting closer to her house and began to relax. Because she was light skinned for her race, she was sure to work in the house, but he knew that this only brought her closer to the filthy men's bedrooms. Raven focused back on the present and looked in front of her to see a small white house, a barn, several animals out front and many acres of land. Raven shivered as she felt the man's strong hands around her waist, feeling his warm breath on her neck.

A Black Girl's History Project

interracial americandemon 2018-07-19

Tina threw two pairs of handcuffs on the bed and then said, "I've been a bad slave and have not been picking enough cotton in the fields. Tina pulled away from me like a scared little girl and said, "Oh, no, master, I'm sorry!" But Tina looked back at me with tears welling up in her eyes and she said, "But I've been a very bad little girl. Tina fell out of character and replied, "God, I wish I did, Ben." She giggled and said, "Oh, I mean master." I looked into Tina's eyes, smiled and said, "It's dinner time for master." Tina kissed me and smiled and said, "Thank you for your help on my history project and for being the perfect master to me."

La Belle et Le Bête

interracial BrittyB 2018-06-02

Belle sat at the creek just down hill from the cabin she lived in with her little sister Mel. She sat on a large rock near the waters edge while she let the constant stream of water flow across her feet. Then abruptly dark figures came out of nowhere and dragged the sisters in opposite directions. It took about three hours for them to reach Odenton where Belle and Melanie had been told they were going. "How could I lose my own sister?!" She said out loud. What's wrong?" He wondered if she knew how to read and got his answered when she grabbed a book she clearly recognized and her face lit up with a smile. Maybe he had the wrong information on her...

Making Her Mine Ch. 05

interracial ebonimaster 2018-05-13

"And next time I see you, I ain't letting you come 'til my black cock is buried deep in that little virgin ass I own." I got up and took her in my arms, running my hands over her tight little ass under the dress, grinding my hard cock into her, kissing her, sliding my tongue into her mouth. You get up on my lap, and act like a real desperate slut, and tell me how you're gonna take my cock real good up your ass, I'll let you cum." I fucked her like that, slow and easy, letting her ride my cock while I sucked on her nipples, kissed her, ran my fingers through her hair.

Mrs. Cheng Pays the Debt Ch. 06

interracial Wifetheif 2018-05-11

Anne took a moment to catch her breath and then said, "Thank you boys. As they sat around the table, feasting on Jacob's excellent lunch, under the table Anne placed her foot on Bobby's crotch and began to tenderly massage his penis with her foot. In fact, Anne wished that Bobby had a bit of a edge to him, like Jacob. Bobby asked for a blow job and a session of anal sex but Anne found herself bemused with requests like giving her "Master" a full body massage ending with jerking him off. She was amused nearly to the point of laughter when Bobby said, "Anne tonight I can pretend that I am sleeping all alone with a woman like a husband or a steady boyfriend."

Marlee - The Making Of A Slut Ch. 03

interracial MrDeep 2018-04-09

A hot blonde woman was on her knees sucking a black man's cock on the dance floor. Felicity felt two hands holding her butt as he pushed his cock in her womanhood. When I took Felicity home that night, it was after 3 a.m. I can only guess what her husband said. "Will Felicity come to live here," Marlee asked. I began calculating a business model for Felicity that included Marlee and Sindi. It was a busy week between texting Marlee and Felicity at work and keeping their cunts in the business model and delivering them to their appointed revenue market areas. "I want you to come live with Marlee, Sindi, and me," I said.

Black Cock Era 00

interracial PurpleMonkeyDishwash 2018-04-08

Black Cock Era is a tongue-in-cheek interracial epic story about a potential but unlikely future in which white women are enslaved by the superior black males. With no fear of needing to be reelected, President Horn and her secret white elite backers repealed almost all racial progress in the last era, bringing America legally back to something like the 1950s. There was the prosperous black male society of culture and patriarchy, with white mostly women slaves drugged to be obedient, horny, and docile, and then small communities of fearful whites, mostly males, raising their race's children knowing that if a girl grew up to be pretty, someone would soon come to take her away.

Meet Your Master Ch. 05

interracial caramelz 2018-03-24

Walking through the woods, Raven soon heard moving water. Jacob's eyes finally moved upward to come into contact with Raven's. He would open-mouth kiss her, bend down to lick her wet pussy, and then lift her up, allowing her legs to lock around his waist so they could both leisurely fuck for the rest of the night. With two of Jacob's fingers deep in her cunt, another slowly moving within her ass and his tongue on her clit, Raven came hard. It's just not safe for you and the baby back home and I didn't want you staying by yourself up here." Jacob looked back up at her, taking her chin in his hands, "I want you to know this is really hard for me.

Making Her Mine Ch. 06

interracial ebonimaster 2018-01-02

"My little bitch wants her Master's fat black cock pumping her virgin ass?" Moving my hips real slow, I pushed my swollen cock head into her ass, and at the same time, I grabbed her tits, caught her nipples between my fingers, and squeezed. Oh my fucking God. For a second, I came real close to grabbing to her hips, and ramming my cock into her so hard, the goddamn neighbors would hear her scream. I was close, but I wanted to feel my bitch come hard with my cock deep in her ass. I laid back and relaxed, my eyes closed, stroking her ass, feeling her hot little tongue licking, lapping up my come.

Meet Your Master Ch. 04

interracial caramelz 2017-11-30

Raven would always get ready for the night in her own room, awaiting Jacob who would knock on the door, telling her he was ready for bed. But sweetheart...I've never seen any woman in my life who's sexier than you." With her head in Jacob's lap, Raven turned to see his throbbing dick mere centimeters from her standing at full salute, begging for her mouth. I didn't want to have any other man have his hands on this lovely brown body." Getting more and more turned on by his words, Raven opened her mouth and took his dick inside of it. Jacob relaxed, enjoying the feeling of her mouth on his hard dick and the taste of her chocolate colored tit against his tongue.

Meet Your New Master Ch. 03

interracial caramelz 2017-11-27

When John saw Nora standing before his table at the saloon when she came to fetch her master, he knew he had to have her. "How are you so sure?" Nora closed her eyes and relaxed as the woman's hands messaged her aching skull. Being a slave in the first place as you know Nora is a horrible existence. "Did he put you up to this?" Nora sat up and turned around to face Margaret, wanting to see the look in her eyes. Nora nodded her head in agreement and looked at John as he sat beside her, his hand still cupping her cheek still as he stared back into her eyes. It wouldn't be Master Harris and his slave, but rather John and Nora.

Loving My Master Pt. 01

interracial TasteslikeIniquity 2017-10-25

Chancing a glance at the group to catch a glimpse at what surely must be an angel, she saw the auctioneer lead off a tall, cruel looking man, his white hair bright against his darkened skin. This one here is a right bargain if that's the case, know's everything you might need and the nigger bitch can even birth a babe,' he said, jabbing his finger to an older slave at the front. She was not like to push her luck again and move out of range but luckily, she didn't need to, for Richard Cunning's crop was now in hand and he laid it lightly across her aggressor's chest.