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Dirty Dog

interracial Burquette 2018-12-04

When Sally let herself into the house, her mother pushed open the door to the bookkeeping room. For a moment, he looked like he wanted to say something but, instead, his eyes fell back to the floor. Dante didn't look up as Sally approached, even though she wasn't exactly quiet. Dante sat there, his hands clasped in his lap, a fine sheen of sweat making him look polished. "Yes, Miss Sally," he said, hurriedly tucking himself away and pulling his pants up. His flannel shirt was pulled up over his head, but Sally could tell from the short stature and the dark complexion that it was Dante. Sally saw Dante's lips twitch, like he wanted to smile.

Indian Volleyballers Part II

interracial Luckymann 2018-12-03

With Jay's arm around Ritu's waist, they walked down the beach until the curvature of the island took them out of the sight of Rick and Naina. With the arm under her neck, Rick rolled Naina to his chest and began slowly pulling on the two strings that held her swimsuit’s top to her body. While Rick and Naina were bouncing their way through an orgasmic shower, Jay silently guided Ritu to the end of the large couch in a bedroom off the living room. Rick pulled Naina up tight to his body, gently kissed her, and said, “Honey, you have already given me much more than I deserved.” As he spoke, he stroked her hair and fondled her ample breasts.

Interracial Lovin: Ebony

interracial cmsouza729 2018-12-03

“God damn, you ate my pussy like it was you last meal,” Chandice moaned as Brent started kissing his way up her back.  “You liked my pussy that much?” “Me and Bree stopped having sex two months before we broke it off,” Brent said grabbing his shaft and placing the head off his cock at Chandice’s opening.  “It’s been a while, so I’m a little hungry.” “Oh god, then take your fill baby,” Chandice said, moaning as he pushed the head of his cock inside her.  “Oh god, give it to me Brent!  Fill my pussy with that cock!  Fuck I need it so bad!” Brent and Chandice both groaned as his cock inched inside her until his balls were resting against her clit.  He pussy muscles squeezed his dick tightly, her juices coating his shaft mingling with the saliva still on it.  He gave her ass cheeks a hard squeeze before starting to fuck her tight sex, slowly at first and gradually speeding up.


interracial avrgblkgrl 2018-12-03

With closed eyes, leaning that perfectly shaped bald head back against the wall, he takes a long drag from his cigar and then slowly releases it, as if deep in thought. I want to give him the one thing I know he craves, that which allows him to be mine for just a moment, to see that look on his face and in his eyes. Each time the sex is over, when he slips from within me or his lips leave my skin and the cool air drifts in with a chill, when his eyes lose that wildness and that teasing easiness resumes its place, I feel a little part of myself dissipate.

Madison Dares to Stretch her Boundaries

interracial studley4Lush 2018-11-30

Deciding it was time to really take control, Daryl turned his body to hers, looked right in to her big blue eyes, and reached out towards her shoulder, pulling her towards him. He leaned down and kissed her on the lips, then pulled back, reaching his hands down to the bottom of her pink top, and said, “Madison, you are over dressed, I think we need to do something about that." Without waiting for a response, he began to pull the top up her body, exposing her bra-covered breasts. But at that moment, Daryl said, “Seeing you like that, I didn’t even get soft, you are so hot.” He grabbed her hips, aimed his still hard black cock right at her opening, and slowly pushed into her warm, inviting tight pussy.

Suki, Chapter 2

interracial Master_Jonathan 2018-11-29

My tongue traced the edge of her love hole, hoping to catch any stray juices that had escaped earlier, but also because Suki's pussy had so many sensitive spots that I wanted to hit them all. As much as I would have liked to stay right there, feeling the heat of her warm, soft, wonderful mouth, and watching her lips wrapped around me as they slid up and down my shaft, the time finally came when I knew I wouldn't be able to resist any longer. Suki said hello to my Mom, but when she turned to my stepfather, her face went pale and she looked like she had just seen a ghost!

Jessica - Weekend in Las Vegas - Story Five - Part 4

interracial NVMii 2018-11-29

I heard a wet sloshy pussy noise and sure enough Chelsea was on top of Derek banging him like a cowgirl. I know he was watching Derek and Chelsea fuck so maybe he pumped some extra blood into that big schlong of his. Derek was shoving his cock deeper into my ass and Curtis was pumping cum deep in my cunt. Curtis went wild, I don't know how a man with such a long cock can move his ass so far back and then forward driving that pole deep into my pussy and doing it so fast. I became very horny and we agreed to have Carl fuck me one more time so Derek could see, up close, how Carl's huge cock fit into my cunt.

My Daughter's Best Friend and I

interracial NuDude49 2018-11-29

I opened the sliding glass door and saw Xiu, my daughter's best friend, and Emily swimming in my pool. Xiu has been to my old house a few times to visit my daughter KC. Xiu kissed her on the cheek, gave her a reassuring smile and pried herself out of Emily's embrace. As Xiu came towards the ladder Emily moved to bury herself into the edge of the pool. Xiu was rubbing her tiny titties on my chest, she gave a grunt and with a slight downward push of her hips my cock went inside her. She pulled my head down and kissed me full on the lips and pressed my cock further into her vise-like pussy.

The sexual awakenings of teenage private schoolgirls part 9

interracial justalilfun 2018-11-29

As he savored Sandra’s juices, Steven looked up her beautiful body to her sweet face. Steven was working his rod in and out of Sandra at an angle, the veins on top of his shaft were stimulating Sandra’s love button with each and every stroke. Sandra also had her feet on Steven’s ass and she applied pressure to let him know to stay inside; not that Steven had intended to pull out in a hurry. This time Steven could taste a little of his cum, mixed with Sandra’s delicious love juices. The exchange continued Sandra’s breathing became rapid again as Steven sucked their cum from her pussy. Without a word being spoken, Steven began to lick and suck the mixture of their love juices from Sandra’s pussy and inner thigh.

South Pacific - Pt 1 - Susan

interracial NVMii 2018-11-28

"Hello Mike, come in and set down," Jerry said as he handed some papers to his secretary. The day before we were to leave, Jerry invited my team and Susan out for a bon voyage dinner. I was going to get my first black cock from the man that my dead husband said, "Wanted a piece of my ass". They knew Jerry was going to fuck a fine piece of white ass tonight. Jerry moved into position, his black cock poised to enter my white pussy. I set it up to record and Jerry moved his cock to my pussy and did the slit rub again. It felt so good, Jerry's cock tightly held in my constricted pussy.

Jacksonville Or Bust

interracial Shadowforce1 2018-11-28

"What part of fuck you, don't you understand?" Jessie said as he reached the bar. "Sorry Okay, things got a little out of hand," Jimmy said. "Okay, but this town is small, not like we wouldn't know what the other was doing," Jessie said. "Where the fuck do you think, you're going?" Jimmy said standing up from his chair. "Bye Jessie," Jimmy said his eyes were filled with tears. "Well look at you," the man behind the register said as Jessie put the two bottles of water down on the counter. "Well look what we got here," a truck skidded to a stop as she began to head for a motel off the interstate.

Maid to Serve Part II

interracial Luckymann 2018-11-28

Master John insists that all his female staff be clean and freshly shaved at all times.” Abby instructed the teen. “Naina, Master John wants you to put on your white nightie and come to his quarters,” Abby informed the teen. Master John told his servant, “As you were Naina, and continue with your discussion.” He then raised his hand to her shoulder blades and gently pushed until she bent over again. “Oh thank you, Master Jooohn.” Naina gasped as Master John slid his hand low on her ass and rubbed a finger over her thong covered pussy. “Very well, Naina.” Master John began to slowly take small strokes in and out of Naina’s stretched and tender pussy.

A Portrait From Life

interracial Green_Man 2018-11-27

I was gentle, at first, but soon I needed to jam my prick roughly into her hot, drooling mouth, I started fucking it, as one of her hands was stroking her clit, faster and faster, while I fed her all of my cock. "Suck it all down, Gwen, suck my cock, ah shit, come for me Lady." I adjusted her a bit and then I began, touching up the drawing I had made last week, and then starting to put some colors onto the canvas, looking at her as she smiled with her secretive lips. I wanted to come for my Lady, if it pleased her. Lady Gwen straddled me, and lowered her hairless pussy down, taking in my cock.

When In Florence...

interracial Lauradj 2018-11-27

“That was a nightmare to get through customs,” Florence said, laughing as she came into the living room with the vase of flowers, which she placed in the centre of the small round dining table. They were both eighteen years old at the time and madly in love.” Florence smiled warmly and with longing, her brown eyes lit up when she spoke of her family. This became faster as she built up to an orgasm, and as it washed over her she opened her mouth and moaned audibly, clenching her muscles as I felt them spasm around me, but I stayed in the same position, hitting the same spots, moving inside Florence slowly and deeply.

Tenth Year Anniversary Fantasy Present

interracial Mysteria27 2018-11-27

We wrote a classified listing. We sent the classified listing into the paper. We agreed to meet at a hotel to do the screenings. Joe wore tan Bermuda shorts, blue golf shirt, and brown dockside shoes. Here's a note from our doctor giving us a good bill of health. I also have an eight and a half inch cock.” We agreed we would meet up with them over the weekend here at our house. I guess about an hour had passed. I was moaning. She was moaning and groaning. After about a half an hour we switched. She was moving up and down over Joe’s cock, while Carl took her tight anus.

Maid to Serve

interracial Luckymann 2018-11-27

This year, like the last, was going to be a disaster for all the local rice farmers, including the Nalwali family. With a glint in his eyes, he said to her, “It is indeed a pleasure to meet you, Naina.” When Mr. Price released her hand, she bowed her Price responded, “You owe me nothing more than a fine crop of rice next year, Mr. Nalwali.” Naina smiled but kept her head bowed as she and Mr. Price shook hands. With a few seconds further thought, Mr. Price bowed to Mr. Nalwali and agreed to take Naina with him. Like Abby, and now Naina, Margaretta had come to be in Master Price’s service when her father had become indebted to Price.

Orange Moon

interracial Tashtego 2018-11-26

Brady felt the need to give Tiya an awkward peck on the cheek, wondering if that was the accepted etiquette after one gropes and nearly undresses a woman in front of her husband. Patrick’s eyes moved over Jane when she sat on the bed and crossed her lightly muscled legs, his fingers absently caressing the skin above his wife’s knee. Tiya watched Brady take Jane’s lower lip gently into his mouth and lift her hands. Brady looked directly into Tiya’s eyes while he continued Jane’s sweet torture, her head thrown back against his chest. Whenever Brady gripped her head and withdrew his cock, Jane quickly caught her breath and opened her mouth for more. Brady looked from Tiya, to Patrick, and then to Jane.

First Meeting

interracial Master_Jonathan 2018-11-26

Maria was in no hurry, though and, as she lowered her face closer to the tip of his massive tool, she reached out her tongue to begin licking the head of Sam's cock. Maria's moans grew louder and happier when Sam's tongue once again started to caress her drooling pussy, this time starting at her pink hole and licking between her inner and outer lips. As Maria started cumming, she clamped her legs onto Sam's temples and her hands went to the back of his head to press his face as firmly into her pussy as she could. Maria felt the head of Sam's hard cock squeeze between her fingers into the wet pink hole that hadn't experienced the real thing for much too long.

He, She and Him

interracial avrgblkgrl 2018-11-24

Adam placed his strong hand at the small of her back and half shielded her with his long body, so that they made their way through the crowd without anyone touching her. With Adam dancing so close, the music being just right too, Cara felt good. When she raised her hands in the air and moved her head to the side, feeling the music, Cara revealed the deliciously chocolate column of her neck. Cara craned her neck to look up at Gabriel, refusing to close her eyes and let go. When Gabriel let Adam’s arms fall to his side, Adam immediately bent forward and placed the palm of his hands against the tall dark wood headboard.

Who Wants Hot Cocoa

interracial Master_Jonathan 2018-11-23

Jenny was wearing her skintight gold microshorts and her tiny gold bikini top and she could feel Paul's dick getting harder as she sat on his lap, letting him caress her leg while they talked and laughed. "I want more time" Paul said in a desperate tone, "I'll pay you for another 15 minutes and the same deal." He pulled a bundle of cash out of his pocket and handed her 250 for the lap dance she had just gave him. "Oh my god, that feels so good, keep going," he pleaded, "Ohhh fuuuuuuuuuck." Paul's cock was still in her mouth as he let out an explosion of hot cum.

The Dance

interracial BethanyFrasier 2018-11-23

I went through the parts of the routine that I didn't need Jon on the boards with me, and Jon, along with several other dancers watched me try performing the piece practically nude for the first time, to see how well I moved with the long, beaded strings of hair whipping around my head. While I got what I thought was the better end of our bargain, Jon did get caught up in his history courses by the end of the quarter, and the professors in Dulles Hall never found out the reference room in their offices had been used for not only dance-practice, but fire-hot, interracial student sex as well!

Best Friends Girl Part 2

interracial Shadowforce1 2018-11-22

I realized I had spent more time getting dressed than any guy should. Looking over at my bed there were clothes everywhere. I didn't like how they looked spread all over it. I quickly scooped them all up in both hands opened the walk in closet then threw them in. The both of them looked at me as they were washing their hands. I smiled and shook my head then walked out of the bathroom. I am sure they said more after I left. "Thanks," she said "But you will be cold too," she pulled me close and wrapped her arms around me, placing her head on my chest.

Mr Woods, are you okay?

interracial Bob_6 2018-11-22

She walked to my left hand, took hold and raised it above my head towards a post and said, “You see new things always scare people. After her orgasm subsided, she opened her eyes and looked at me and said, “Thank you Mr Woods, I’m definitely going to cum again.” She took hold of my cock with one hand and held it upright and ran a finger up and down the side of it with the other hand, she said, “I’m amazed that it’s still as hard now as it was…what…an hour ago, at least.” She let my cock go and rubbed both my thighs and said, “What would you like me to untie, a hand, a leg?”

Lady in Black, Black in Lady

interracial mitchawa 2018-11-21

Zane was pounding his big black cock into the pussy of the wife of the CEO of the Georgia Power Company when his phone rang. So this is the home of Serlene Alexis Van Heusen, Zane thought as he drove through a secured gate on a circular driveway to the front of the house. “Mr. Zane, I’m Peter Parker Mrs. Van Heusen’s Executive Secretary.” He extended his hand which was small compared to Zane’s. “I’m not entirely sure, but that is his history,” Zane said, staring at the face and breasts of the shocked Mrs. Van Heusen. I’ll have another team look further into your husband's death, I believe they will find a connection between Charles’ death and one Saul Bellington.” Zane stood, moved to toward the door.