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Old Black Neighbor Breeds My White Wife - Part 1

interracial edlangston 2018-12-04

When we got home one night, after Ben’s comments had been especially rude, I told Jackie, “Damn honey, you couldn’t have missed those suggestive comments that Ben was making to Judy, and the way he treats Eric so dismissively. “Judy recognized my acquiescence and enjoyment in my submissiveness to her, and she began to exploit it by becoming verbally demeaning to me, teasing me about my little dick, and how much more of a man Ben was with his big cock stretching and pounding her pussy. He continued, “Judy said they just talked about mundane things, like the weather, for a couple of minutes, and then Ben, true to form, said, ‘Damn, Judy, your body looks even better in that bikini than I thought it would.

Black Stable Club

interracial Karenkay 2018-11-30

We kept digging that afternoon until Rick and Julie finally sat down with us in the living room and told us all about the club they belonged to. After Rick and Julie went home that night, Erin and I laid up half the night thinking about the things Julie said took place at their private club. Erin came home telling me she had stopped off at Julies' club to leave off some party supplies and she met a couple of the black men that ran the club. Rick was more open this time telling me how exciting it was to watch the other wives getting laid by these dominating black men.

Black Owned Couple

interracial Karenkay 2018-11-30

I can't tell you how hard Harry worked on getting things fixed around the place. I knew what she wanted so I moved around on the bed and buried my face between her creamy white thighs and began to like. Yes sir, I could do a lot of things." Harry was still moving the shovel in his hands as he spoke but stopped cold and gave me a stare I'll never forget. The night Molly was screaming for you to fuck her hard and she kept taunting you about how she was going to find out how big my black cock was!" Molly loved to talk nasty when we were having sex and she mentioned Harry that night.

Hubby Surrenders His Lactating, Young White Wife to His Black Boss for a Promotion - Part 1

interracial edlangston 2018-11-29

Kate then turned my way and I could tell that she was feeling the alcohol even more when she slurred her words a little as she said, “That’s so nice of you to say, Ken, and it’s nice that at least one man thinks I look good. She knew that I was trying to finger her pussy, and she said, “You’ve done a good job draining my breasts, and now I need to get a closer look at your cock.” It only took me a couple of minutes to reach the point of no return, and I pulled my mouth away from her pussy for a moment to say, “Oh fuck, Kate, I’m going to fill your slutty, white mouth with a full load of Negro seed.

Yes Daddy

interracial Caitlynsweets 2018-11-28

The thought of your tight boxer briefs over your hard erection makes my pussy get even wetter, You slide them off and let them fall to the floor as I feel you put one hand on each ass cheek and squeeze. You lean forward and kiss and bite me all the way down my back, making me get goose bumps all over, and I shiver and arch my ass hoping that a little more of that big cock will slide deeper in, I look back at you and beg you, "Please Daddy fuck my pussy. You start to finger it slow at first, it is hard to think about the dick that is fucking my pussy now, and then me touching the clit it is to much.

Old Mandingo Bosses Impregnate My White Teen Wife - Part Two

interracial edlangston 2018-11-28

Before I could say anything, Wendell got up and Bessie sat next to me saying, “It looks like your wife is going to be busy for a while, taking my husband’s big cock, Ed. So why don’t you show me what Ben was talking about when he said you have a taste for black ass. It was hard to hear what was going on next to me, but I heard enough to know that Averee was receiving the fucking of her life from Ben. I periodically heard her scream for joy as he continued pounding my wife’s previously-tight, white pussy with his massive, black cock.

Old Mandingo Bosses Impregnate My White Teen Wife - Part One

interracial edlangston 2018-11-28

One day Ben called me into his office with a serious look on his face and said, “Come on in and have a seat, Ed. I wanted to be upfront and let you know that we’ve lost a little work, and I might have to let a few of you men go. It seemed only natural for a smaller, little-dicked, twenty year old white guy like me to be subservient to this big, older, mature black man with such a huge cock. I opened my mouth and began to ask him a question about Kendra and whether they used any kind of birth control when they fucked, but Ben cut me off and said, “We’ll have more time to discuss things in a few minutes.

Dee’s Naughty Descent Chapter 05

interracial MrDeep 2018-11-25

She’s a hoe,” Dee and Lisa said in unison. “You one of the hottest white bitches I have ever fucked,” Jalen said as he pulled out of Dee ass. “I love the taste of hot cunt and cum,” Mel said and giggled. “Being submissive is the ultimate experience with a black cock,” Dee said, almost blushing. I find that cheating with a black man while I was a fertile and unprotected is the most sensual sexual act one can make,” Dee said, almost blushing. Fucking a black man has always been an act of pleasure mixed with love,” Dee said. Dee brushed her teeth and smiled listening to her hoe daughter and Lisa getting it on in a hot lesbian scene in the shower.

Dee's Naughty Descent: Chapter 03

interracial MrDeep 2018-11-18

Dee knew her firm breasts and hard nipples would have an effect on Ro. She reached down to feel his semi-erect cock. The light touch of a man lighting her cigarette was always a sexual, sensual turn on for Dee. Dee looked into his dark eyes and took a deep draw. Dee reached down and grasped his cock through his clothing while still looking into his eyes. "Let me," Dee said as she knelt down and grasped his cock. Dee went to her knees and began sucking Ro's cock. Dee melted to her knees and looked up at Ro. Keeping her eyes on Ro, she took his cock. Dee opened her mouth and felt the cock slide against her tongue stud.

Dee's Naughty Descent: Chapter 04

interracial MrDeep 2018-11-16

Dee always let Marcus – Mr. Huge was his stage name because his cock as 12-inches long – cum in her. Aspin’s tits were wider than her body, making her look ever so sensuous to Dee. Marcus always invited a friend over and put Aspin in a sensual Oreo. Dee felt her cervix open and Mr. Huge's cock enter her momma womb. Kobe slowly dressed Dee in a short, black wraparound skirt, filmy top that showed the inside of her ample tits. Dee noticed, too, that Lisa has the black ace of spaces circled by a chain on the inside of her left thigh.

The Mystery Solved

interracial benawriter 2018-11-15

“Why would a guy your age want to go out with a young girl like me?” she asked directly. “Oh, wait, I get it now; you want to know what it’s like to fuck a black girl, right?” You mean you want a black girl to fuck you, so you don’t have to do the work?” she asked, crossing her arms across her chest. The St. Regis Hotel across the street was not an inexpensive hotel, but Terry wanted to impress Cassie so he got a small suite, with a huge bathroom, a double shower and oversized sunken tub. Beside Cassie was Vera, a petite white girl who also worked at The Crust. Terry saw Vera staring right at his cock as Cassie introduced her.

Alysin's Black Affairs: Chapter 02

interracial MrDeep 2018-11-15

They helped tighten her already tight vagina for her man, Del. Her man considered Syndee and her mom, Alysin, part of his stable of fine women. A black man, thirtyish and well-built, noticed her body, especially her cunt and tits, which stood up rather than flatten out like other white girls. Looking up into his face with her wide, blue eyes, Syndee opened her mouth and extended her golden studded, split tongue. Alysin continued to fuck the black man while Syndee and Malik chatted. Alysin stepped up and begin kissing Jamal as he twerk-fucked Syndee. She wanted a black cock in her hand, in her mouth, and deep in her cunt or ass.

Dee's Naughty Descent: Chapter 06

interracial MrDeep 2018-11-08

Melissa was Dee’s 18-year-old daughter by her husband, Pat. Dee had no idea that Mel as she called her was fucking black men until she saw her working as a stripper and turning tricks at a club. Dee looked up at him and stood up against Pat. With her tongue, she pushed some cum into his waiting mouth. “You are showing, mom!” It was Mel who had come to live with Dee, Lisa, Vic, and Nate in Vic’s apartment. After Dee went inside delivery, Nate, Marcus, Kobe, Mel, Vic, and Lisa arrived in the waiting room. She let his tongue enter her mouth as Mel positioned Nate’s cock at her hot, wet cunt.


interracial avrgblkgrl 2018-11-07

So, I lower my head, loving the feel of your hands cradling my skull through my thick mane of black curls. My tongue encircles your head, enjoying the distinct feel of the firm flesh. As I take you deep within the warm, sucking cavern of my mouth, you moan and place your hands behind your head. The clipped hairs at the base of your cock tickle my lips and I giggle, the feel of which you react to. Down I go and pull on your cock with my mouth as I come back up; my tongue always swirls around your head. I feel the muscle beneath my hands quiver and your cock jerk.

Hubby Surrenders His Lactating, Young White Wife to His Black Boss for a Promotion - Part 2

interracial edlangston 2018-11-05

We went to dinner, and towards the end, Ken told David, with Lewis and Mitchell sitting there, “David, your Kate and I had a great time on the ATVs today, and I’m inviting her to my room tonight. Lewis fucked me for about ten minutes before he buried his cock to the balls, and I felt it jerking and pulsing as I received yet another load of potent black cum deep inside my pussy. That weekend was the beginning of a new and exciting lifestyle for David and me, and I continued fucking Ken and his black friends for another ten years until he decided that he needed some younger, married white pussy.

Hedonist White Wife Impregnated by Blacks

interracial edlangston 2018-11-05

I thought that I was going to be able to take a little break, but after the men pulled away from me, Mitchell moved up onto his knees by my head so I could suck his cock clean, while Chloe got between my legs and sucked my pussy clean. AJ liked for me to suck and fuck by the pool or hot tub, so he could watch, but I also went to the rooms of several couples, some of the white, but mostly blacks. I knew that would be a good arrangement, after my short time knowing them, and we sat and talked for another hour, as they casually took turns sucking my breasts, as I fondled his soft cock.

Old Black Neighbor Breeds My White Wife - Part 2

interracial edlangston 2018-10-31

Then, just as he began to fuck her again, Ben looked back at me and said, ‘I can tell that you really have a taste for man meat, and enjoyed sucking my cock and balls. I reached over to rub her breasts as I replied, “I told him that his cock really did look big, and then asked what would make him think that you, Jackie, would want to fuck and old guy like him. Then Ben rolled off to the side as Jackie looked down at me with her beautiful face and pleading eyes and said, “Clean me up, honey, I want to share this experience with you by having you clean Ben’s cum from my pussy.”

My Master - Part 1

interracial MankoZ28 2018-10-30

You touch your nipple anyway, and then cup your breast, you really wanted Master to use you last night, and you wanted to feel his hard leather paddle stinging your ass and then his soft tongue taking the pain away. Master lifts your head and looks into your eyes and gently says, “Your body is for my pleasure not your own, your are my pet, your holes are for my cock to use as I see fit and your breasts belong to me. Master releases your clit and slides his tongue back into your pussy sucking your inner lips.  He works his finger deeper into your asshole, sliding it in and out of you, finger fucking your ass.

My Naughty Ebony

interracial Whitechocolatier 2018-08-25

I stop suddenly, my fingers still inside your wetness, I can feel your pussy muscles squeeze around my fingers, nice and tight, as you will me, want me, to continue, gripping me, not wanting my fingers to leave. I groan as your expert mouth explores, then, slowly, you move your mouth down the long shaft, your tongue massaging the bottom as it moves, back and forward, slow and steady you suck me, drinking my juices in, wanting my cock to shoot its salty contents into your mouth. I release my balls from the trousers, then thrust my cock into your waiting pussy, hands grabbing your hips, and start to thrust my cock hard inside you, the shaft stretching, forcing its way deep inside your tightness.

Loving My Master Pt. 02

interracial TasteslikeIniquity 2018-08-23

Phoebe had been of the Cunning Plantation for weeks now, slowly getting to know the place whilst the family was away. But she spent the time she wasn't working in the slave town on the grounds, which was hidden by a stand of trees so that the family should never have to see it's ugliness. All turned at her entrance and although she kept her head low, she knew the fabled burning eyes of the Cunning family would be fixing her with the dread glare. The master was always trying to forge new alliances, or so the other house slaves said, courting rich and powerful plantation owners and lords with influence in the West India Company, even adopting a more genteel accent in their presence.

In Her Place

interracial InnocentDaddiesPrincess 2018-08-15

My mind wanders to those images you sent me, the black stallion stood posing assuredly whilst lifting that slim feminine creature who's in the foetal position in his arms. Cleverly posed for the viewer to soak in every opposing contrast - soft against hard, black on white, adult versus child, ying and yang. You're roughly fucking my polite rosy mouth and panic floods through my mind, perishing every thought as you make me take all ten inches deep, to your ball-sack, cutting off the supply of my oxygen. I cant see or feel them, but I know they're there and we're sharing the same thoughts: how romantic and sensual the earth scene below is.

Making Her Mine Ch. 03

interracial ebonimaster 2018-08-12

"Makes me wanna flatten you into the floor, rub my dick on your hot little ass, 'til I'm real hard, then spread your legs and take that virgin ass." As soon as my girl's pretty ass started moving in hot little circles, I took her hips in my hands real light, and rubbed my cock up against her ass. Letting go, I went around in front of her, grabbed a handful of her soft hair and pulled her head up a little so her face was in my crotch. "You wanna cum with my cock inside that hot bitch pussy, baby?" "I'm gonna fuck you like my bitch today, baby, on all fours, and make you cum real hard."

A Cheating Asian Wife

interracial LB00 2018-07-03

I found Alfred at the bar where he made sure I got started with a drink, then he introduced me to several of his business associates and his wife, Lydia. Alfred and his associates left momentarily to greet other newly arriving guests, leaving Lydia and me alone. Without saying a word, Lydia slid my pants and boxer briefs down to my mid-thigh before locking onto my cock with her painted pink lips slowly enveloping my cock and taking as much into her mouth as possible. I grabbed my cock with one hand, brought the tip to her vaginal opening, and parted her pussy lips slowly, from top to bottom and back again, about four times. I prefer to cum on a woman's face or in her mouth but his time I felt like burying my seed deep inside her.

Jamaican Beauty

interracial writer8648 2018-06-05

Frank moves his mouth down to Opal's black bud of a nipple and sucks and flicks his tongue on the hardened protuberance. "Now I'm going to fuck that sweet black ass of yours," Frank stated, as he set Opal back down on the bed, positioning her on all fours. Now that he felt opal's ass was ready, Frank positioned his huge white glistening cock right at the tiny black opening. Opal opened her mouth and stuck out her little purple-pink tongue and positioned it right at the tip of Frank's cock. The sight of Opal's little black fingers jacking-off Frank's huge white cock was a turn on for both of them, and more than Frank could take as his cum exploded into Opals open mouth.