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Sucking Mexican Cock in a Pickup Truck

interracial edlangston 2018-06-27

He is a 43 year old, married Mexican man and said that he wasn’t getting enough sex at home and would like a good blowjob from an older white cock sucker who would worship his cock and swallow his semen. He said that he just loved to fuck a white mouth, and watch a cock sucker suck and struggle to swallow when he filled their mouth with his big cum loads. I kept sucking his cock even after the flow of cum stopped and he started to soften, Angel looked back at Tony again and said, “Fuck man, this cock sucker can’t seem to get enough.

Shanghai, a Camera, and a Blow Job

interracial laoshi1000 2018-06-27

Chinese men won’t go into a shop like this!” “They don’t know what they’re missing!” “Do you really want to go in?” “Why not?” I ask. “I want to give you pleasure too.” As your hand continues to pump up and down the length of me, your mouth retreats only a few inches from the tip of my cock. I want to watch as your cock pumps out its juice into my hands, over my breasts and tummy and into my mouth.” I pull you away and look into your eyes. I wanna watch you come.” My cock continues to pulse and another hot burst of cum streams through the air splattering your sweet breasts.

My Introduction to Interracial Sex

interracial SexyTnMama 2018-06-21

As I slipped my lips up and down over his hard black cock, I began to bob my head up and down on it, feeling the softness of his dark skin covering the hardness of his penis as I explored and sucked with increasing passion, now trying to take as much of his thick, hardness into my mouth as I possibly could. Laying there, under his powerful frame, I smiled up at Devon, slightly nodding my head in approval as I slipped my right leg over the back of his left leg and gently pulled him to me, feeling his hard cock slipping deep up inside me as I held Devon tightly in my arms.

Going Black

interracial TommyTudor 2018-06-05

Upon arrival at the villa, the driver who had introduced himself as Abraham helped us with our luggage.  I couldn’t help notice that he brushed up against Gloria as he placed luggage in the main bedroom. As the black cock began to enter her mouth, I continued to pound her pussy, as my orgasm approached. Abraham began fucking Gloria’s mouth going deeper with each thrust until he entered her throat. On the fifth day Abraham showed up with four of his mates and informed me they were all going to fuck Gloria for my viewing pleasure. I first began to protest but finally relented and let the black cock enter my mouth. I returned to Minneapolis where I began seeking out big black cocks to suck and fuck me.

Ana coming back after a girl's night out

interracial Anitaslut44 2018-06-03

Still in the hallway and with the beige coat now strewn on the floor, she dropped to her knees, undid my pijamas and before taking my cock in her mouth asked me if was going to record her performance…handing me my cell phone from the table. "Which hole are you fucking there?" Leroy asked me, as my sweet Ana deep throated his cock as passionately as she had sucked mine earlier. Ana took my dick in her mouth, but seconds later I felt her stop sucking momentarily as she came, her eyes closing as she enjoyed the moment. He pulled out his cock and asked me to swap positions again; so, he could have his way back to Ana’s mouth and she could suck the last of the cum from his dick…

Megan’s Transformation Into A Hotwife - Part 5

interracial Kee 2018-06-02

“It is hard right now, just thinking about Saturday”; “I am so looking forward to the night with you”; “You are SO hot babe, I wish I was in you right now!”; “Is that cooch and ass ready?? “I’m your man,” he said as he took Derrecks place and wasted no time rubbing his shaft between my lips to lube it and then in he went. You need to put at least ten different words together to begin to describe fully the extreme pleasure of having a guy between your legs, pounding away, kissing you, holding you tight, feeling an orgasm building in you and then its release running through you, taking over your mind and body.

Licentious Conduct

interracial NancyAllbright 2018-06-02

Two hours later, I’m still chatting to Ali and surprisingly for me and my past track record, he seems to possess a higher level of intelligence than most guys who I have picked up online. I suddenly start to feel a little self conscious and absent mindedly pull at my skirt that has ridden up my thigh without me noticing, however, the excitement is definitely the main emotion dominating my mind right now. My mind moves into blank out horny mode that always gets me in trouble as I drag my finger nail down the restrained shaft of his cock, knowing this is a sure fire way of making him feel my touch despite the thick denim material that’s encasing him.

Victor and I in a booth at the adult theater

interracial Anitaslut44 2018-06-01

As my husband stood up to drop his pants I glanced into the hole to see that my new friend was still in the booth to watch me and I was going to give him a hell of a show… I opened my mouth as wide as I could and got my husband’s cock inside my throat. Here I was in an adult video booth naked on my knees sucking my husband's cock through a glory hole while a stranger with a huge cock was behind me fucking me and another guy sitting on a bench with his huge black dick out jacking off.

Jingle Balls Deep

interracial emersonbosworth 2018-05-31

I sat there for awhile and when Jingle had left the table, got up and went over and asked Ralph if he would like to stop for a night cap, before he went to his room. He unbuckled his belt and his pants slid down and he stepped out of them, as he wasn't wearing any underwear, just a nice looking cock about the size of mine, which was about eight inches long, maybe his was a little fatter than mine, but it knew where it wanted to go, as Maggie pulled him down on top of her and spread her legs, his cock slid into her cunt, as if it had a mind of it's own. He had about eight inches into her cunt and she was having a wonderful time, when he pulled back a couple inches and then pushed all of his huge cock into her pussy, right up to his balls.

Jill Steps Out; A Cuck is Conceived - Part 6

interracial Kee 2018-05-30

As Ken was getting out and paying, Jill told her that they had had a wonderful flight and she looked forward to a longer, more intimate meeting soon. Jill, besides wanting her and Cathy to trade Colby and Terrence back and forth, thought it would be good to insist that Greg and Brett give each other BJ’s. Jill pushed Terrence to the bed and began sucking his imposing member as Cathy did the same with Colby. Looking Terrence in the eyes as his cock was already beginning to enter her she said, “You know I want it. Terrence and Cathy took a shower together; Greg removed the soggy protective towels from the bed; Jill and Colby followed into the shower; Brett put on his street clothes over his lingerie.

My Tia Maria Girl

interracial silverseeker 2018-05-30

“All right, don’t get touchy,” Lizzie said, patting my hand. She was wearing a black t-shirt and black jeans, with a bright home-made shell necklace like the guy made who sat outside the other bar every night. “What if I want to lick you first?” I asked, trying to manipulate her waistband to get her unzipped. “You going to fuck my ass?” she asked routinely. “No, I’m going to lick it,” I said. “I have always wanted to lick your ass,” I said. “What I really like about you,” she said, “is you didn’t expect it. “No, you’re a big glass but you’re dark and sweet and succulent.” A little tear appeared in the corner of her eye and she gripped my hand.

A Matter of Love Ch. 02

interracial Karenkay 2018-05-27

Lisa's body trembled and heaved up against Jeb's face but he didn't stop his movement of his thick tongue as he continued licking and sucking on her pussy until she had a second orgasm which caused her to kick out her legs as he tried to hold her ass from escaping his grip. Lisa rocked her hips and felt Jeb raise his until the large head popped inside her pussy causing her body to stiffen until she got accustomed to his size and slowly began to rock her hips allowing the massive shaft to probe inside her pussy until she was fully impaled and stretched.

Karen Meets Master Jay Ch. 02

interracial Karenkay 2018-05-27 Mark was going through the motions of fucking her, Karen's mind was off in 'pleasure land,' imagining "Master Jay" standing in front of her, with his big cock dangling in front of her, waiting to be serviced. As she was on all fours on the bed, stroking and sucking his cock, 'Master Jay' positioned her around, moved her panties aside and began to finger fuck her pussy. He always made her use her left hand when stroking and sucking his cock (Karen later said it was because 'Master Jay' loved the fact that this married white lady was submissive to him). As Mark began feeling her tits, and her ass, Karen had her eyes closed, imaging 'Master Jay' was the one.

Sucking Cock in Saudi

interracial edlangston 2018-05-22

Tim got a concerned look on his face and said, “Well, our company executives have advised me not to talk about my specific reasons for coming home early, and I don’t really want to comment on how they handled things after the women left, but it was sure a big change for all of us.” I knew that he was hinting about whether Chakir and Majid had made a move on me to suck their cocks, and I tried to give him an answer that would leave him guessing a little by saying, “Well Tim, I’m not exactly sure what you’re talking about, but I was never make to feel uncomfortable and I definitely took care of business and made friends while I was over there.”

Bath House Fun

interracial 2018-05-18

Then I felt something warm and wet against my hole and realized this guy was licking my ass while I continued to suck the black mans cock. The licking went on for a while when the guy behind me stopped and a couple of seconds later started rubbing my ass and hole again but this time I felt something wet being rubbed around and figured it was lube of some kind, assuming he was going to start fingering me. I tried to continue to suck that black dick in front of me but the fucking I was getting felt so good, I concentrated more on the cock in my ass then in my mouth, rocking my hips back and forth, thrusting back with each of his thrusts.

My Neighbor-Chapter 4

interracial dig420 2018-05-15

I had a hard time trying to not look as Seth washed his cock and balls. Seth must have noticed I was looking because he said, "You really like this thing don't ya?" as he waved his cock at me. "Come here a minute." Seth said as he walked into the sauna room. We don't have a lot of time." Seth said as he continued to look out the little window. When I walked out of the sauna Seth was quickly getting dressed and I noticed two other guys there drying off from their showers. I couldn't help but look at his cock as he continued to dry himself off as I got dressed.

A singe wife's Glory Hole BBC awakening

interracial oddtastes 2018-05-15

I looked over at Jill and found that a man had sat down next to her also and she now had her tits out and the guy sucking them. Another man who must have been watching came up to the seat I was holding on to, unbuckled his belt and pulled his pants and shorts down showing me his cock which was already hard. The guys I was sucking was pushing his cock into my telling me to suck harder and it only took about a minute before he unloaded his cum in my mouth. My black guy asked me if I liked getting fucked and sucking a cock at the same time.

The Office XXX Christmas Party

interracial trumptight85 2018-05-11

As he got closer he smiled and said “I’m not in the habit, no, but I was on a call myself.” I started heading out towards the party but Martin said “So you never answered my question?” “I played dumb and asked “What question was that?” He got very close to me and placed his arms around my waist. You like that don’t you?” He said “Just do what you want and you will feel so nice baby.” I loved the way a cock grew in my hand and the way it pulsated. The second guy started rubbing my head as if he was guiding my mouth over the cock I was sucking.

Indian guy sucks a BBC on Miami Beach

interracial indiansub99 2018-05-03

I slowly moved it up to his crotch and could feel his BIG cock getting hard. I slowly moved it up to his crotch and could feel his BIG cock getting hard. Then I put his cock in my mouth and started sucking on his head gently. Then I put his cock in my mouth and started sucking on his head gently. As soon as I took his cock out of my mouth, I said, sorry this is my first time I can't really do it this way. As soon as I took his cock out of my mouth, I said, sorry this is my first time I can't really do it this way.

Bonnie's Birthday

interracial maxslack 2018-05-02

"Oh yeah," I answered, "told him how you're desperate to see if he has a big dick as you imagined, that you're insatiable for sucking it, that you want me to watch you being fucked from behind and that you want him to squirt his load all over your fat tits." I had made the last bit up but Bonnie didn't bat an eyelid, I couldn't believe it, this was going to happen. He turned her round and began wanking his dick over her tits, Bonnie was moaning like I've never heard before and as Steve shot his first load all over her chest, she quickly pulled his dick into her mouth and greedily sucked the rest from him.

Mr Boss

interracial suckmyjuices 2018-04-30

mmm feel the strength behind this huge power lips getting wet...i need it in my tongue needs to caress every single vein on that dick..i can start to see the precum on this dick... i stand to meet his gaze...I kiss him first..deep passionate kiss....tongue dancing with each others fire..I hold his cock in my hands ..feeling the pulsing throbbing harden thick dick as I begin to caress it.. I begin to lick your man sacs..slowly at first ..then a bit more wetter more licking..more sucking..I put your balls in my mouth... i continue touching your with my tongue...i enter your hole gently...kissing the entrance then i begin sucking you..I’m still holding and stroking your long rod.

Moving to a Retirement Community

interracial eprise01 2018-04-27

He continued to use his mouth on me until I was finished and then he pulled back, licking up and down my shaft and gently sucking my cock head, like he was sucking on a straw to get the last bit of drink at the bottom of the glass, and then let my now limp cock fall back onto my belly. Rob was now moaning with pleasure, so I applied a little pressure with my tongue, pushing his balls against the base of his cock and worked around them while sucking as well. Since I couldn't get it in my hand and use my mouth at the same time, I worked at it with my tongue, probing into his skin, which wasn't as loose as mine, and licked around his head and cupped my tongue under his crown and worked there for a while.

a nasty white bitch first bbc she takes all of me!

interracial blackiecs 2018-04-07

big black cocks sliding into my white wet pussy? He turns me around and shoves my face on his cock and tells me to suck on his big black machine. ?So you want my big black cock in your pussy??he asks, and shoves his cock back in my mouth demanding me to keep sucking. As he is smacking me on my ass he asks me if I like his big black cock being shoved in to my white pussy. He is standing next to the bed and spreads my legs apart, puts my legs on his shoulders and shoves his big black cock back into my wet pussy.

My First Ass Fucking

interracial Inmyh0le 2018-04-06

I’ve always been curious about taking it up my ass, but I’ve always been picky and didn’t want any regrets for my first time. I knew to make sure my ass was cleaned out, which I did, but I knew nothing about sucking a cock other than what I’ve seen in porn films. We chatted for a bit then he stood up, dropped his sweats, and said “I’m going to need you to suck this”. I got up, kneeled, and began to suck his cock. He fucked me slowly, then made me get into the doggie position, head down and told me this might hurt, but your ass is tight and I can’t help it. During the drive home, I was shocked that I got fucked for the first time.