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Jenny and Rachel

lesbian Ms_Marvelous 2018-11-30

“I don’t mind,” I said and started to take the covers off and put them on the other bed. When I told her I was going to bed she said she would too. “Well look now and tell me what you think,” she said and swung her right leg over my head and resting it on the back of the loveseat. Neither one of us had classes until that afternoon so we stayed in bed and made love until it was time to get ready. This time when we went to bed she didn’t even bother getting into hers. I knew what she wanted, what she needed so I licked her pussy until she came in my mouth.

Chance Meeting

lesbian samuelle 2018-11-29

By the way, I sleep on the right side of the bed so make sure you get in on the left.” She said giggling as she stood, turned on the toe of her red heel and walked out of the restaurant. So I guessed; I thought I remembered the side she didn’t sleep on was the side I always slept on at home with Mike, so while tracing my hand along the edge of the bed for guidance I moved to the right side and without checking pulled back the covers and slid in. Now with our naked, spent bodies next to each other, our hands just running over each other with slow loving movements we chatted, about nothing at all until I turned my head and whispered “That was the most amazing orgasm and sex of my life.

Business and Pleasure

lesbian leahharvey1821 2018-11-26

“Name one woman that you really wanted to sleep with that your charms didn’t work on,” Denise said as Blake placed a bandage over her cut and started wrapping her arm. When Denise dribbled and took a step back, Blake was right on her with her arms straight up in the air, which put her breasts right in front of Denise’s face. If you took a shower, I’d have to work twice as hard just to get you right back to this point, ready and on top of me.” Blake wrapped her hands around Denise’s breasts and squeezed. When Blake finally lowered her lips and started suckling, a sigh escaped Denise and she wrapped her arms around Blake’s head.

My new neighbors

lesbian Dking541 2018-11-25

She's always working so she can pay the bills." Tracy sips on her drink, "I take it you have your boyfriend coming over soon to help you 'settle in' better" she winks at me when she says "settle in". My roommate will be home very soon." Tracy begins kissing me gently, our tongues caressing each other's as she slides her hand over my own erect nipples. "Looks like the party started without me" Kiki smiles as she takes off her trenchcoat to reveal only a bra covering her D-cup breasts. Kiki turns to me and unsnaps my bra with one hand, while the other plays with my nipples, making them even harder. I pull off Tracy's shorts while Kiki puts my nipple into her mouth.

The Sleepover

lesbian SeanR83 2018-11-23

I felt Kelly leave my breast, then her hand was on my head. I could feel Kelly's hand sliding into my panties, but instead of teasing like I was doing to her, she slid her hand right over my crotch. Kelly pulled her fingers from my pussy, placing them on my lips. She was great, sliding her tongue inside me and over me, sucking my pussy lips into her mouth and then letting them go. I giggled as she went back to licking me, this time slipping her second finger inside me. I licked my finger, inserted it into her wet hole along with my tongue and her body started to quiver some more. I pushed my fingers into her mouth, feeling her suck gently on them.

Liquid Courage

lesbian Bigbreasts22 2018-11-22

As Ronnie was swaying around I could not help but stare at the way her tight blue dress was clinging to the curves on her body and how her high heels made her legs look like they were a mile long. I pushed Ronnie up against the door; we just stared into each other’s eyes, breathing deeply. Her hands gripped my hair, my hands running all over her body, feeling her breasts and tight stomach. When I opened the door and was about to walk out of the bathroom Ronnie pulled me back slightly and whispered in my ear, “Just so you know, when we get the club, it’s your turn.”

A Birthday Surprise

lesbian EmmaRussell 2018-11-19

“I’m so glad closing time is at eight now instead of nine,” I said as I leaned over Candy to lock the front door. When Candy stopped rubbing my breasts, I opened my eyes. Just as I thought that, Candy started rubbing her naked pussy against mine. She grabbed my hands and pushed them into her breasts then slid them down her stomach to her wet shaven pussy. Candy rubbed the oil over my ass and then up my thighs. Because I want you to watch what I’m going to do to you,” she said as she slapped my ass again. I leaned my head forward and watched as Candy rubbed the cucumber along my pussy.

My Girl's Night Out

lesbian mare24 2018-11-12

  Emily mixed a strong drink and I was quickly becoming buzzed and enjoyed the rare feeling.   I hoped she didn’t catch me looking as we grabbed our drinks and went back outside and got into the hot tub.   I was also feeling very horny and felt my nipples pointing as the cool air hit my breasts and Emily was laughing and said “you had better cover up”.   Emily must have heard my quick intake and began fucking me fast and furious with her fingers and I was so horny I quickly came hard, and could feel my juices flowing out of my pussy as a shudder racked my body.

First Time Licked by a Girl

lesbian Monimoniii 2018-11-12

At one point I had to use the bathroom, and she came with me.  When I exited the stall, she was standing there, and I noticed her top was somewhat see-through, and I could see her breasts through the material.  Her nipples appeared to be hard, and I found myself staring at them.  She asked me if I liked them, and I couldn't help myself but to say yes.  She took my hand and slid it inside her top.  I was completely in awe as I had never touched another woman's breasts before.  I found it hard to catch my breath.  She pulled me close and kissed me on the mouth.  I was completely turned on, and I felt my pussy start to throb.   She asked me if I liked the kiss, and again I said yes.  She kissed me again, and slipped her hand under my skirt.  She rubbed my pussy through my panties which I knew by now were soaking wet.  I really liked what she was doing, but I was getting worried someone would catch us.  When I said something about being caught, she walked over and locked the bathroom door saying there was another women'sroom on the other side of the bar.

The Snow Bunny

lesbian Nicole_Larson 2018-11-12

When she saw me, her face lit up, and she squealed just as loud as Teri had when she opened the door for me, “Oh, my god,” she said, “you came!” When she came downstairs and handed me a zebra print bikini, it only took a moment for me to realize that it was too small, but the idea of a hot tub sounded pretty good, and I was too drunk to really care at that point. “I want to see them kiss again," Greg said, looking at me and Bree. I knew this evening would end with my purple dildo, but I hoped that I would be thinking more about the half-naked boys in the hot tub, or Teri jacking off Greg right in front of us, not kissing Bree.

Lost in Lesbian Lust

lesbian leann511 2018-11-11

I looked up into her eyes and said, "please Jan, can I just smell your pussy through your white panties, please." I looked up into her eyes and she said to me, "oh, Ginny please take my panties down and suck it for me; let me cum in your mouth, please don't make me wait any longer, sweetie!" This was music to my ears and I slid my fingers into the waistband of her white panties as she lifted her ass to accommodate me and I slid them down her smooth legs. Jan, your pussy tastes so good." I started to take her clit between my lips and suck like a little baby at her mother's tit.

Young and Wild

lesbian myfantasy 2018-11-08

The light mist, dark blanket of the night, and glow of the street signs added an air of excitement and lust everywhere in sight. The man looked down at me, his eyes hovering over the alcohol and then my face. You know how I felt, walking out of that liquor store at only 19 with two bottles of alcohol? Walking fast across the street, I noticed Abby staring at me with a look of nervousness. Abby's eyes opened, her eyelashes flickering up. I felt her soft lips press a kiss on the back of my head, on my shoulders, on my lower back. I felt her hands pull my hair from the back and press her body up against mine.

The sexual awakenings of teenage private schoolgirls part 1

lesbian justalilfun 2018-11-07

The girls had left before Kelly returned from their room; she knew Sally had gone for the pizzas, but did not know that Sarah had also gone. Dave put his big hands on her head and pulled her onto his cock; as he did he said, “Take a bit more into your hot little mouth. Kelly started to suck more of Dave’s cock into her hot little mouth. Kelly did as she was told and when Dave started to cum; his cock began to spasm in her hands, shooting his warm sticky cum all over her tits. Kelly played with her tits with one hand and Dave’s cock with the other as Dave fingered her two little virgin holes. Until Kelly came on Dave’s hand, and Dave came on Kelly’s sweet little ass.

Lexi's Perfect Mouth

lesbian jimyzgrl 2018-11-05

I know what this feels like, but to have my fingers inside your pussy, I'm nervous, and again, a first time lover. "We can go as slow as you want." You say softly, looking at me with your beautiful ice blue eyes. Your body.." You suck my nipple into your mouth hard, "is so beautiful." My head falls back. "You want this Meirce?" You run you hand down your stomach, and part your pussy lips. "I want to eat your pussy." Your fingering your clit. "Yes." I can feel my hips grinding watching every thrust of your finger on your clit. I pinch my nipples, looking down at your beautiful mouth on my bare pussy. I want to feel your soft pussy lips on my mouth.


My First Lesbian Experience

lesbian AriaLove 2018-11-05

"Do as I did to you, lick along my labia, slowly making your way inwards as you go all the way around, You'll want to tease my body, it makes the orgasm that much more intense." I nodded and she moved her finger and I did as she said, slowly circling along her cunt until I had moved my tongue inside of her. You're a quick learner!" We smiled and she pulled me on top of her and we began kissing, She wrapped her arms around me, pressing my body firmly to hers and when we broke the kiss, she pulled the covers over us and I laid there, my head on her chest, her right breast just across from my face.

Element's Surprise

lesbian boudica 2018-11-04

She longed for Boudica to touch her, to fuck her but Boudica was still teasing her, stroking her thighs stopping right before she reached her cunt, sucking her nipples, licking her stomach, it gave Element shivers every time Boudica’s tongue got lower than her navel but she kept coming back up. Element was practically hyperventilating at this stage and Boudica started gently sucking on her clit and then circling it, She then slid her hand down to Elements dripping cunt and lubricated her fingers in Elements juices.

A Year From Hell

lesbian leahharvey1821 2018-11-04

"I am going to sit here with a new friend so she doesn't end up falling off of the roof in a drunken haze." Andrea pulled her wine out of her bag and sat it between her legs. When Andrea pulled her hand away, with her eyes locked onto Lexie's, Lexie knowingly slid her fingers all the way around the bottle, barely grazing against the sweats that Andrea was wearing. So many people have lied to me in my life, and I like the fact that you say what needs to be said." Lexie ran her hand on Andrea's lower leg until she looked up and smiled. I really don't want you falling off the roof." Andrea gave Lexie's arm a soft, gentle rub before lowering her hand back down to her leg.

Lesbian Lovers at Last

lesbian Mister_E 2018-11-02

When Sophie calmed a bit more and took a couple of large gulps of wine, she said she’d screamed at them both; called them all the names under the sun and ran out of their apartment and over to me. I kept my face there as she came then eased off on the licking as I used my fingers to rub her and then slide gently into her wetness. And so I sit here writing this as I wait for my perfect, adorable, beautiful Sophie – the one and only love of my life – to come back to me and our bed.

Valentine's Lingerie Gift - part 1

lesbian Cherism 2018-10-31

I tried on several more bras, and each time Amber’s hands touched my breasts, I was in agony, wanting her to touch more of me. Her hand slid over my ass again as she said, “Look at how great your ass looks in this.” I wanted her to just continue stroking me. When I didn’t begin to remove them, Amber stuck her hands into the waistband and slid them down my legs. Your legs look fabulous, your tits are lifted up, your brown nipples show through, this little thong covers your pussy, but it still shows through, your ass is amazing. It didn’t take long for me to want to come again, but I held back as much as I could, enjoying every moment of Amber’s tongue rasping across my clit.

Flight 19 - The Prequel

lesbian Edward36 2018-10-31

Sam loved her iPod and had already plugged her earphones in, no doubt listening to her favourite Beyonce tunes. As she lay there, I couldn’t take my eyes of her bikini clad pussy. As our lips met, I felt her press against my hand as her own hand came around and squeezed my bottom, pulling me close to her. I don’t know whether it was instinct but I automatically just started rubbing Sam’s pussy over her panties. Her pussy gripped my fingers and she exploded under me, letting out a guttural moan as her orgasm ripped through. I slid up her body, kissing as I went, savouring her skin before stopping above her face and kissing her softly on her mouth.

The Awakening Part 1

lesbian _O2_ 2018-10-30

She could tell the young woman enjoyed her touch by Julie's reaction, especially when Julie closed her eyes and leaned over a bit to allow Susan a better look. Susan’s hands felt so good on Julie’s legs, she slowly and gently massaged the young woman from the outside of her thighs inward and down to her knees then back to the bottom of her shorts. Laura stood and walked behind Julie; her hands massaging the young woman’s shoulders as Susan took Laura’s position between Julie’s legs kneeling in front of her. Susan slowly separated their lips and began kissing Julie’s neck, the young woman giggled and delighted in Susan’s playful nibbling.

A Night In

lesbian sgp 2018-10-30

The thought of her sitting at her desk, reaching a hand down to spread her lovely folds open, started the fire down between my thighs. She kissed over the top of the material of my shirt on my breasts and nipples, and I let out a small whimper. Noelle got a look of lust in her eyes and grabbed one breast in her hand, and suckled the other into her mouth. I went back up and started lightly licking her clit, and I let two fingers slide inside her. “I’ve only just started with you Noelle, don’t relax yet.” A small grin came across her face, and with that, I climbed on top of her and kissed her.

My Breast Friend

lesbian SeanR83 2018-09-09

She held both breasts firmly in each hand and wrapped her lips around one nipple, sucking it hard, and then the other. I kissed her neck like she did to me, taking my time till I reached her soft breasts. Her nipples jutted out like two bullets and when I slid my tongue over them, they felt hard and soft at the same time. I gently fingered her tight pussy as my tongue swirled around the hard nipple. I knew she was close to orgasm, so I pushed two fingers into her cunt and sucked hard on her clit. I was looking right into Jayden’s eyes as I fingered myself, my spare hand squeezed and caressed my breasts, playing and tweaking at my nipples.