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Filling Her Holes in the Closet

lesbian KatPissinger 2018-12-04

"Looks like you need to use your tongue to mop the floor," I said, "since my friend has grown very attached to your cleaning tools." She showed no reaction and so I got up on my feet, my wet dress clinging tightly to my tits as I stepped right in front of her. "Then Novella will give you what you need." I turned the girl over until she sat in the puddle on the floor, her legs spread wide towards the librarian, who knelt down on her knees, carefully moving the mop behind her so it would stay up her butt, but not get pushed in any further. I reached for the broom and handed it over to Novella, who looked at me puzzled, but soon understood and carefully tried to push the stick into the girl's hungry cunt, licking her all the way.

Training Cassiopeia - Chapter 5

lesbian elspeth 2018-12-04

“We’re going shopping and then we’ll find a salon and get you a mani-pedi and a wax… I think a full-Brazilian will do nicely. When I confronted her, she just laughed and said, ‘A girl’s got to look out for Numero Uno, Bree. I laughed, almost spilling my coffee, when I heard a shriek and then another that sounded a lot like Cassiopeia and I imagined just what had prompted those lovely sounds. I didn’t look up from my lists but said, coldly, “I don’t think Emily would appreciate you soliciting business on her time, Larissa. Doc walked up, still a little sensitive in the groin area, and asked shyly, “What do you think, Bree?

A Chance Meeting

lesbian Miriam1982f 2018-12-04

They were kissing softly by the third floor and by the tenth , Rose had both hands under the sweater and on the shorter woman’s breasts, rolling her nipples between thumb and forefinger and Natalie’s tongue was halfway down her throat and her fingers were combing though Rose’s closely cropped pubic hair, occasionally slipping deep between her moistened lips. When Natalie’s fingertips combed through her trimmed pussy hair, Rose bucked her hips up and Natalie laughed and then began slowly stroking her, enjoying the control she felt over the larger woman. Natalie collapsed against the girl, still between her thighs and Rose pushed her hair away from her face and covered it with soft kisses, enjoying how Natalie’s trembling made her clit tingle.

Nympho Club, Chapter 1 - A Very Anal Customer

lesbian SapphicWriter 2018-12-03

"You know how big this last toy was?" Jasmine asked with a sly smile, gently caressing the outside of Amanda's anus with one hand while she fondled her right breast with the other. Finally, Jasmine yanked the toy out fully, and Amanda's beautiful, ivory brown asshole slowly contracted back to its original position. "Mmmhhmmhmm," groaned Amanda through the ball gag, as Jasmine slowly inserted the rubbery toy up her ass. Amanda's gorgeous eyes, now a little bloodshot due to all the painful (yet ultimately extremely pleasurable) anal insertions, grew wide in shock as she felt the toy continue expanding inside her rectum. However, the tears had stopped flowing; Amanda was now used to the present size of the toy, although she could certainly continue to feel it pressing hard against the walls of her rectum.

What happens at the cabin stays at the cabin

lesbian SweetKitty 2018-12-02

I kiss your shaved mound, you buck, you are so horny.  I lick your slit.  hmmmm.  I find your clit and lick it, hmmm.  Then I stick my tongue deep in your pussy.  You jump, "oh, oh, hun"  I fuck your pussy with my tongue, you are so wet. But your not finished with me.  You massage my ass.  You get some lube for my ass.  You stick your finger in my hole very slowly.  You leave your finger there until you feel my ass start to relax.  You slowly move your finger around, you stretch my hole.  You get the vibe, you want it in my ass.  "oh babe, that's tight"  You say "just relax, hun, this is going to feel good."

The Choker Club Chronicles: Chap. 2 Skyler...

lesbian RobinMaxwell760 2018-12-01

Leah was standing behind me and to my left with her body slightly covered by mine as she talked with my parents, no damage was being done until I felt her right hand start down the inside of my pants to caress my left cheek. I don't really know if it was the restraints, the fact that I can't stop her from doing anything she wanted to me, the plug in my ass getting bumped by her actions in my pussy and sending a now very wonderful feeling through me, the submissive character that was suddenly coming out of my mouth or a mix of all of the above but I was enjoying this even if I didn't want to.

Training Cassiopeia Chapter 7

lesbian elspeth 2018-12-01

Doc picked her half of the fruit up and then shoved the seeds off onto the table top in one fast pass of her tongue. She pushed the flat of her tongue against the gooey seeds and closed her eyes, imagining what, I didn’t want to know. Exasperated and impatient, I grabbed the bottom of her chin and leaned in and let my tongue clean off her cheek as if it were a vulva glistening with fluids instead of cantaloupe juices and seeds. My mouth went dry long before she lapped at the hollow of the cantaloupe, a few seeds stuck to her cheeks and chin.

Saturday Night and Sunday Morning

lesbian monica3 2018-11-30

‘Do you know each other?’ Emma was asking Lauren and patting the Minister’s hand. Sandra leant back and watched as Emma took a feeldoe from her bag and slowly worked it into herself, the phallic end pointing directly at Sandra’s face. She came to stand before me again and this time she stroked herself before my eyes, her fingers opening her lips so I could see the shining that was her moisture, the physical manifestation of her arousal. And then she was in front of me again and this time she kissed my mouth and licked my tears from my cheeks and, her hand moving at her core, she came. Lauren’s naked body moved back a little and she took my hands and carefully unbuttoned the cuffs of my open blouse.

The Princess Chronicles - Playtime in the Guest House

lesbian TxPrincess 2018-11-30

She thinks I am going to wax her, and she starts begging me to stop and promises to go with me next time. She is so worked up I don’t think she could stop me if she wanted to. With the way her eyes are rolling back in her head, I am positive she doesn’t want me to stop. The honey she is giving my tongue is amazing, I don’t want to stop. I feel her tense and begin to pause, Sweets grinds her hips towards me so I don’t stop. my finger teasing Sweets clit, it wants me to rub it. My answer is to plow my fingers into her pussy harder and harder, my tongue enjoying her ass, pussy honey from my Sweets coating my tongue.

M.Felix/Sprite present: Whores, Lies, and Sinker

lesbian sprite 2018-11-30

“Oh, god, fuck me you bitch!” Meggie cried out, her head rolling to one side, meeting Jack’s gaze with a wicked smile that left her face as quickly as it came, her eyes rolling back as Kate’s tongue delved into her wide open pussy.  Jack wondered if it was possible to cum without actually touching himself… he quickly decided that yes, it was possible, and that if they’d kept up their show too much longer, he would have been in danger of shooting his load inside of his jeans, a thought he almost voiced when Meggie wobbled over to him, her thighs slick, the lips of her swollen pussy parted like an obscene invitation, her swollen nipples looking angry in contrast to her fair skin, a dazed look on her face. 

Last Wives Club -- 10 -- A New Toy

lesbian LastWife 2018-11-30

We had met Yasmina, a special negotiator who would run the meeting, in time to go over the details and let her know what to expect from Mick. As she entered me with her cock, there were so many differences; having my hands bound above my head, the feeling of the plug in my ass, her kissing me as her breasts rubbed against mine, and the way that she ground her mound into mine as she slowly rolled the cock in and out of me. I immediately called Margo and that lead to Claire being diverted to Indianapolis Airport, where an airport security car, driven by a sister, had whisked them away from her car in the long term parking lot, just before Mick had caught up with them.

Mistress in the Sex Dungeon Part 1

lesbian thebigbeast 2018-11-30

Ashley pushed Olivia's head into the pool of pee and cum and forced her to lick it up. Ashley was now in control, so she placed a black rubber mask over Olivia's head, which had small zip holed for the eyes, as well as a zip over the mouth. "Do you love your mistress slave?" Ashley looked Olivia in the eyes through her mask. Ashley zipped up Olivia's eyes, but left the mouth open and then got off the bed. Pushing the tartan skirt up, Ashley found Olivia's tight red ass, ready for more punishment. Once finished, Ashley got down and licked the slave's pussy, which brought the feeling back and eventually a nice warm gush of cum.


lesbian Lizzielezzie 2018-11-28

“Miss Borden,” said Victoria giving me her gorgeous smile, “Can I ask you a favour?” “My boyfriend wants to fuck me and I don’t know what to do about it,” she said with a serious look on her face. “Well, Victoria,” I said in my motherly tone, “If you don’t feel ready for it, don’t let him push you into it. Every now and then I would take it out and lick and kiss her pussy to make sure it was good and wet and then insert the dildo again. Using some of her pussy juices I lubricated her asshole good and proper and then gently began to insert the anal balls.

Rachel Fucking in the Lesbian Threesome

lesbian Scorpio2015 2018-11-26

As forced Amber to suck my plastic cock, Erica started to eat Amber’s pussy agai,n making her cum two more times in just a few seconds. “Turn around and please Erica while I fuck your pussy until you can’t stop cumming!” She turned around and started to lick and put the vibrating dildo in Erica’s pussy on high speed, as I put my plastic cock into her tight pussy making her moan loudly. After a half hour of small chat, I rolled Amber over and said, “Get ready, I’m going to make you cum again,” and I put my plastic cock back in her tight pussy, once again making her let out a loud moan.

Sophie and Jenny's Saturday Night Part 2

lesbian thebigbeast 2018-11-25

Jenny had agreed to be Sophie's slave, so she tied her to the bed with her legs wide open. Chloe's panties were making their way down her legs and she kicked them off to expose her smooth shaven pussy, which dripped onto Sophie. The juice slowly dripped streaks down Sophie's legs, making her want to taste Chloe's sweet liquid. Jenny moaned in delight whilst Chloe and Sophie began to kiss and thrust. Chloe bent over the bed and began to lick Sophie's clit whilst Jenny began to pulse into Chloe's pink pussy until she could get the whole dildo in. Once Chloe had taken enough and had blasted her juices all over the floor, Sophie helped her up and led her and Jenny over to a clear part of her room.

A New Master

lesbian violettespruce 2018-11-23

Alex opens her desk drawer and withdraws a black tube which Kelly thinks is a vibrator, but when she glances over her shoulder she sees it’s only a tube of deep red lipstick, and for a moment, she feels relieved. Alex licks and kisses Kelly’s star, and Kelly imagines the red kiss from earlier smearing around, coating the inside of her ass even as Alex’s fingers slowly circle her clit. Kelly begins to shake, but she barely has time to worry because Alex retrieves it and, holding the leash firm so that Kelly must arch her back to breath, slides the vibrator mercilessly into Kelly’s throbbing wet pussy.

A Lesbian Love Story...of Sorts Chapter 1

lesbian silkstockingslover 2018-11-22

I definitely thought I was in love on a few occasions, but that faded away over time. Will you think it is a true love story? It wasn’t until I was 26 and my best friend for many years announced she was engaged and getting married that I realized I was in love; pure, unconditional love. For me, love equals Gwen. Gwen was psychologically shy, yet when a dare was given the shy facade always seemed to fade away as she also hated to lose. That night I went to bed alone thinking of the few times we experimented with each other. The more I considered Gwen and me, the more revelations exploded inside my head. 1. I loved Gwen. 1. I loved Gwen.

Daylight Comes, I'll Have To Go 3

lesbian lanne 2018-11-22

“If you want her, why don’t you fucking grow some balls and tell her you still love her? “You get down here or I’ll pound on this horn ‘til everybody in your fucking neighborhood is awake, Ina,” I said calmly, no slur despite the whiskey. 'If you want her, why don’t you fucking grow some balls and tell her you still love her?' Warren’s voice rang clear in my mind. “Did you...did you have a good time with Warren?” I looked at her, pulling at the hem of my shirt unconsciously. My hands felt separated from my body as they didn’t stop caressing Ina’s body, pinching her nipple until it became hard, pressing down on her clit and tracing slow circles as her hips moved in rhythm with my fingers.

In the Dressing Room with Dr. Laura

lesbian Kariswitch 2018-11-22

As I walked out of the changing room, Dr. Laura eyes opened wide and she said, “You’ll have to wear that dress every day. Dr. Laura came back over to me and informed the sales lady that she would work on the zipper if she’d be so kind as to get me a nude color bra to try on with the clothes. And she says, “Oh, by the way I like to match my color of bra and panties as well.” I wasn’t sure, but I figured that when she pulled the zipper of my skirt down she saw my red thong as well.

The Pale Lady, Part 1

lesbian grayfoxxxy 2018-11-21

I never saw Her before, and yet I know exactly how She will look like, long before I put my eyes on Her. She is beautiful. I can't see Her, but I know how She looks like, Her legs spread apart, Her strap-on hanging between them. My entire body is shaking, I feel my anus convulsing around Her cock, my juices are squirting from my pussy, and She keeps going, keeps fucking me like crazy. She lets out single deep moan of pleasure, as I feel Her pussy pulsating around my tongue and Her juices flowing into my mouth. Her entire body is shaking, and She has a look of pure ecstasy on Her face, Her eyes are closed and She is smiling.

Taking Penny Home

lesbian naughtyannie 2018-11-21

I just kept going, her dress starting to slide up over her bare thigh until suddenly I felt the edge of her knickers. As she stopped coming, she reached up and pulled me down on top of her, kissing me hard on the lips, my firm little tits flattening themselves against her big ones. I felt my anus expand slightly to accept the next one, then another, and I began to feel the beads touching the inside of my anal passage. Then I let out a little squeal, as Penny pulled the probe part of the way out, and I felt my passage close up for a moment. Penny began to bum-fuck me properly with the beads, shoving them in, then pulling them out.

Kelly's Passion ch 4

lesbian Milik_the_Red 2018-11-20

Kari wanted to know everything about Kelly’s modeling career, and Kelly began to see just how hard it was going to be to keep the truth from her. Daniel watched as they moved in each other’s arms and his cock grew hard as Kelly rubbed May’s moistening mound through her dress. He was right on the edge and Kelly only needed to let his hardness slip all the way down her throat a few times before she felt his body quiver in response. “Oh you’re going to get it all right, but not the way you think.” Kelly squeezed a line of lube down the cocks’ length then stroked it into the shaft until it glistened with wetness.

Alisha, Chapter 2

lesbian Kim 2018-11-20

I was startled, as I felt her warm hand slid around my chest to cup my breast. I closed my eyes, as I felt her bubblegum pink tongue flick both nipples at the same time. Leaning in really close, she whispered, "You look good enough to eat." She slid her hand down my belly to my crotch. I felt her hands wrap around my thighs, and she dived into my pussy, like a starved person. I felt 2 fingers enter my sopping pussy. She grabbed my hip with one hand, and preceded to guide the head into my wet, waiting pussy. Positioning myself between her legs, I slipped 2 fingers into her hot pussy.

A day at the office

lesbian Min_Farrjones 2018-11-20

Giving her a view of my ass, as I know it looks good in the jeans that I decided to wear today along with a flowing cream cashmere top. As we get up, I’m thinking either this lady is out of her mind, or something is going on here, but I don’t want to assume anything. She turns around and sees my juices running down my legs, suddenly she pulls away and tells me, “Wait here, and don’t play with yourself just sit here on all fours until I return.” I begin to kiss her soft sexy lips, whispering into her ear, “I don’t think we should use this vault.”