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The Stripper and Me

lesbian LouiseWet 2018-06-26

I immediately told Hubby I wanted HER. Hubby kissed me, then looking me in the eyes he put his hand up my skirt and slid his finger right into my slippery pussy. My body began to roll, my pussy arched against their hands in desire for more, they pushed deeper together, and I came, squirting on their hands. I straddled her sexy body and began grinding my slippery cunt on her bare thighs, She looked up at me with beautiful brown eyes, stroking my exposed breasts. Then her fingers went hard into my pussy. Gasping, I fell back against her, my hands became tangled in her long dark hair. Hubby got my attention and told me I needed to put my dress back on.

Girlfriends With Benefits

lesbian Sweetdreemz 2018-06-26

No matter how hard she tried, Tina couldn’t be around Kerri very long before she started criticizing her like she was her mother or something, questioning her choices, her clothes and everything. Breaking her kiss long enough to grab some lotion, she put some on her fingers and rubbed them up and down the length of Kerri’s slit, gradually working deeper and deeper into her pussy as her lips became aroused from the attention and began to open. Coming to her senses, Tina said, “Paul, would you excuse us for just a moment?” She closed the door, leaving Paul outside, and pulled Kerri away from the door. Kerri looked at Tina, who said, “I’ll give her a ride home tomorrow.” The girls had a lot to talk about.

Coed Vacation

lesbian Stoneypoint 2018-06-25

Jenna and Katie appeared to heat up as they pressed their lips against one another as these two could not and would not stop kissing. As they kissed Jenna rubbed her leg up and down against Katie’s crotch as if to arouse her a little while these two young ladies made love to each other. “Oh God yeah…I need a really, really good fuck right now,” Katie said. Katie loved that as Jenna’s lips, and even her tongue, moved over Katie’s boobs doing the same exact thing to each one of them. It felt soooo damn good to get fucked like that even if there was no cock inside either of them but regardless both Katie and Jenna knew what was about to happen.

Shannon, Part 1

lesbian naughtiestmommy 2018-06-24

With wide bluish eyes, a cute, thin nose and adorably cherub-like lips, she had a look of innocence and openness that took my breath away. I turned off the car and turned to look at her and, before I knew it, she reached over and placed her hand behind my head, pulled me to her, and kissed me as passionately as I’d ever been kissed. I turned my face, from watching in disbelief the fluttering of her anxious hands at my top, to witness an even more seductive sight: she was biting her lip, her eyes wide and hungry, and she was breathing as if she’d just finished a runner’s race. I’ve NEVER come that hard!” she exclaimed, and as I looked up at her, she gently put her finger to my lower lip and brushed across it.

Meeting Greta

lesbian Torquatus 2018-06-23

The water felt just right, so warm, and Greta's hands were gentle and firm at the same time. I bent my head forward and took her left nipple into my mouth, at first just lightly, feeling its sheer size against my lips. Greta put both her hands on my shoulders caressingly. I sucked the nipple into my mouth and at the same time flicked my tongue against the tip. My left hand was on Greta's right breast, and my right hand went down between my own legs, pushing against my swelling clit. When we got down to just our panties I knelt and pressed my whole face against the wet cotton, rubbing myself crazily against her sex, even masturbating her with my nose against her big, hard clit!

The beginning of my life as a fuck slut

lesbian prettygirl 2018-06-21

When Emily got up to turn off the DVD I definitely saw a dark sport on her G-string when she bent down. When I asked Emily; would you rather fuck an old man or lick another girls pussy, she took a moments hesitation before answering “the girl”. As we kissed Emily climbed next to me on the bed and began caressing my face and shoulders. She knelt on the bed and grabbed my ass cheeks with both hands and raised my pussy to her waiting mouth. I let out a long moan of satisfaction and she sucked harder and jabbed at my defenceless clit with her tongue.

The Road Trip

lesbian mattg_ 2018-06-20

After about fifteen minutes they'd reached their destination, the girls knew where they needed to go and the ramblers could shelter in a pub until the rain stopped, just like that Jenny was driving again. The image of a black lacy bra was still fixed firmly in Lauren's head and she felt a new feeling which made her bring up boobs in the conversation. Both girls pulled their tops over their heads, Lauren revealed a cute pink bra but Jenny's bear boobs hung loose. But Jenny convinced her that if she wasn't wearing one then neither should Lauren, within five minutes both girls were topless and their curiosity had got the better of them; they were fondling each other's boobs.

Our First Lesbian Experience

lesbian xxsolidmetalxx 2018-06-19

After we both down a margarita and a bit of wine, we decide it's time to watch the movie. "Fuck, you have great tits, Marina," Lexi says as I remove my bra. I feel Lexi shift next to me, and I can feel my pussy getting wet. Not five minutes later, Lexi says, "Marina, do you wan-" I take two fingers and slowly side them into her wet pussy, looking for her g-spot. Parting my lips with her hands, she begins licking my clit with slow, steady motions. A few minutes later, just as I'm about to cum, she removes her mouth from my pussy. "I'm going to cum!" Lexi yells suddenly.


lesbian UnXpected 2018-06-17

I know this is true when her tongue enters my mouth, rubbing seductively against mine. I can feel my pussy juicing, at the anticipating thought of placing my tongue against her clit, and the very tip into her hole. When I release my hold on her breast, she continues her climb, hands still in my hair, and rests her “treat” at my lips. She moves them to the side then takes her index and middle finger and rubs down and through my wet pussy lips. My feet flat on her bedspread, legs cocked open, pussy glistening with cum. Her riding me like a trooper, head thrown back in the throes of passion, her size B Titties in each of her hands, fingertips pulling at her nipples.

Neon light

lesbian Nina9 2018-06-15

You smiled lightly, your hand deftly sneaking up over her barely clad tummy, the silky material slipping over her brown skin with ease, her muscles rippling as she lowered her body to the floor in time with the beat, gracefully rising. You strode forward, and clasped your hands possessively around her waist, your bodies moving together, your crotch thrusting frantically at the curve of her ass as it bumped against you, her head craning back to meet your impassioned kiss, your tongues meeting. I simply stepped forward and kissed her again, hissing slightly as I felt her hands creep over my skin, surrounding my breasts, her thumbs working my nipples over, her fingers caressing lightly.

Her First Time

lesbian NaughtyLibrarian 2018-06-15

She stood there smiling at me with her breasts, small, perky, almost playfully pressing against the fabric of her thin dress with short straight brunette pixie like hair tasseled on top of her head. My fingers grab at her hair, pulling her hand down into me as I whimper from the feeling of pleasure and pain shooting from my nipples though out my body. My juices covering her tongue, lips, face, as I imagine kissing her again to taste my juices from her sweet mouth. She turns the attention of her mouth to suck, nibble, and tease my sensitive clit again, this time in perfect rhythm to her fingers pounding in and out.

When in need, seduce your willing neighbour

lesbian YoungBabe 2018-06-14

I slowly looked up and saw Penny staring down, her tongue practically hanging out of her mouth. Penny slowly removed her bra, out came her boobs, they weren’t like the topless models in the magazines, but for me they looked perfect. They were amazing, she had to taste her own cum, so I lifted my hand up to her mouth and she started to lick the length of my fingers, which were previously deep inside her. “Now it is my turn baby” I couldn’t wait to teach her how to finger fuck my pussy and lick my cum that was already spilling out into my thong. Penny didn’t need to be told twice, she got to work at my pussy, and for a beginner she was pretty damn good.

Coffee and secrets

lesbian MissVienna 2018-06-13

So with equal sarcasm, I responded "World peace, isn't that what everybody wants?" I saw surprise flutter across his eyes before the corners of those beautiful lips turned up in the briefest flicker of a smile. I finally wrenched my gaze away from his piercing green stare before I actually burst into flame but as my eyes travelled down they caught on his beautiful mouth. I ran my hands up her stomach over her chest and her head dropped back, exposing the milk white skin of her neck to which I pressed my lips and tongue. Robin ran her hand over my tensed stomach and breasts as the flames ripped through my body drawing great moans of ecstasy.

Comfort Food for Mindy

lesbian ddsymms 2018-06-10

Mindy parted her lips and Jules slipped her tongue inside, moving slowly against the ridges of the lower teeth and then against the upper ones. The tiny shot of pain also produced an amazing amount of pleasure and Mindy closed her eyes, opened them for a reflexive glance upward and lowered her face to catch Jules’ satisfied look. Jules stopped, patted Mindy’s ass, and stretched alongside her friend and kissed Mindy on the lips. Mindy rolled over and welcomed Jules’ butt moving closer to her face and soon she was engulfed in the lovely ass and pussy. She raised her hips and began writhing on the bed and Jules in a catlike fashion, turned and held her roommate and straddled her thigh so her clit pressed against Mindy’s knee.

That's What Friends are For

lesbian VanityBaby 2018-06-10

“Oh yeah Baby let’s get this ride moving,” he said as he joined the others. They seemed to all moan in time with Denise’s suprisingly smooth movements. Jenn laughed, “I want You at my house as soon as you can get there,” she said as she handed Denise a card with her address on it. Denise smiled as she approached, “Hey Baby, sorry I’m late,” she said as the other woman eyed her suspiciously like she owned Jenn. Jenn took control then kissing Denise’s lips, neck, tits, stomach while her hand teased her pussy stroking her clit then moving her fingers in then out slowly. “Oh you are something else,” she said before Denise spread Denise’s legs open then went to town licking her dripping pussy why she alternately sucked then stroked her.

Girls Play Too

lesbian Boston31 2018-06-10

Kayla looked directly at me and gave me this devilish smile. “So what are us girls going to do this weekend?” she asked in a playful but naughty way. When Kayla and I were in our twenties she would always say that and nine out of ten times the night ended with an interesting story. As the night went on, we decided to get a couple more drinks and go outside for some fresh air. Kayla asked me how I was feeling as I didn't look good. I reached for the side of Kayla’s head, pulling her hair back from her face as I lifted her from my lips. “I want to fuck you Kayla,” I groaned, passionately. I always wondered what Kayla would taste like... I closed my eyes and placed my tongue on the lips of Kayla’s pussy, repeating what she had done to me.

The Babydoll

lesbian Stoneypoint 2018-06-09

It was a soft but energetic like kiss which in one fell swoop swallowed up all of Maggie’s desires in one yielding splash and as Amanda kissed her new lover on the lips Maggie felt Amanda’s womanly arms wrap around her. In other words, Maggie found that she was pushing up into Amanda’s body, and Amanda found that even she was aroused by that as she needed and wanted to reach underneath Maggie’s top so that she would feel Maggie’s tits. “Ohhhhhhh oh ohhhhhh oh wow…wow…oh God yes,” and Maggie took a deep breath as Amanda rubbed the babydoll she had along the tightest lines around Maggie’s pussy.

Beatrice Takes Pictures Of Bianca

lesbian crazylesbian36 2018-06-08

I pulled out a sexy little slave outfit with no bra and a little black pair of panties.I walked out and she had a shy expression on her face. I had her take a few normal pictures of me sitting and laying on my bed, nothing too seductive, that is, until my breast fell out of the top of my shirt. She was wearing a skirt so my naked wet pussy rubbed against her bare leg. Her tongue circled my clit and licked all over my wet pussy. I fucked her right in her tight pussy, tilting up to reach her spot while licking away at her clit. I got the clit vibrator and started to rub her while I fingered her.

More Than a Massage

lesbian Sophie21 2018-06-08

She momentarily held Sara’s hard nipples between her index and middle finger, rolling them slowly, and then her hands slipped away back to Sara’s back so fast that Sara wondered if she’d imagined it. Ally inched her head closer as she began rolling Sara’s nipples between her fingers, and as Sara let out a moan Ally kissed her lips softly. Sara felt Ally’s bare legs beside her in awe as Ally began kissing her neck and her hands moved back to her breasts. Sara’s hands cupped Ally’s breasts and she began brushing her nipples with her tongue whilst Ally let out a loan moan.

A Road Trip With Sheila

lesbian SexyTnMama 2018-06-07

“You know I love the taste of your pussy, Sheila,” I said as I slipped a finger under the elastic of her thong and felt her already moist pussy dampening the thin material. Tasting her pussy juice beginning to soak Sheila’s panties, I smiled up at my lovely friend. My face buried between her lovely thighs, I slipped my tongue deep up inside Sheila’s gushing pussy, while teasing her delicate rosebud with the tip of my finger. Tasting her streaming juices coating my face and tongue, I relished the sweetness of her spasming pussy. As my loving friend’s final juices coated my tongue and face, I felt Sheila’s fingers running through my long, auburn hair.

Maddie - Part 3

lesbian jhmik_88 2018-06-07

Her pussy slowly began to leak as she thought back to the way Shane fucked her hard on the living room floor. “Oh my God, this is so amazing!” Madelyn moaned out as she felt Mia’s fingers exploring her wet depths while her mouth alternated between nipples, only further driving her crazy. Madelyn arched her back, her hands tugging at her nipples, Mia’s mouth and fingers increasing their intensity with her cunt, and yet, the only thing she could do was let it all happen until she couldn’t take anymore. “That makes me feel really good,” she began before pulling her in for another kiss, “cause I’m pretty sure this is gonna happen again.”

How I Became a Hotwife Ch. 06 [Lesbian Babysitter]

lesbian JENnRASP 2018-06-06

Both of us did not break away as I felt that she wanted or needed the touch of a human body badly. We were both still kissing passionately without breaking off and I felt her hands from my back, pulling aside my thongs and rubbing her fingers against my asshole down to my pussy. I knew my hubby wanted to watch the whole scene and so we planned to make it happened again soon. "Not to worry, he won't be back so fast." Without waiting for her reply, I grabbed her hand and pulled her into the bathroom and told her, "We will clean each other!" We both stripped each other and went for our shower.

Cary and Crystal: College Roommates

lesbian crazylesbian36 2018-06-06

I made eye contact with her when I started to remove her bra in case she didn't want me to. I lay back on the bed and she traced around my wet hole with two fingers. I fucked her deep. I threw the dildo on the bed and replaced it with my finger. I pulled out of her and she went over to her nightstand and grabbed out a purple g-spot vibrator. "Use this," she demanded. I licked her pussy juices clean for her and stuck my tongue inside her hole. I continued to tongue fuck her until she took her hands off of me. I fingered her g-spot whole I sucked on her clit, massaging it with my tongue.

dont get caught

lesbian dirtydreamer 2018-06-05

As we sat on the sofa talking in hushed voices so as not to wake my boyfriend who was only a few feet away in the next room, I could see T looking at me with a glint in her eye. As i bent over she started caressing my tattoo on my lower back with her soft finger tips. i slowly took her swollen clit into my mouth flicking it with my tongue while probing her with my middle finger. i could feel myself starting to twitch and as i forced her head deeper into me i shot a steady stream of cum into her face. i kissed her gently once more before going to bed to sleep beside my none the wiser boyfriend.