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Student Nurse, Part 1: Kate's Heartbreak

lesbian Paddler 2018-11-29

She watched Brad take a few last licks, then he rose, grinning, his mouth and chin wet from her juices and surged up to kiss her, his hands massaging her breasts once again as he thrust deep into her. Licking her lips, Aline gently held Kate’s breasts, ran her hands over their expanse, and gently squeezed. With a smile and a flip of her eyebrows, Kate moved between Aline’s long, shapely legs to get her first close look at another girl’s lips and slit. “I made love to Suzy lots of times, and some other girls, but I definitely didn’t want a rep as a dyke, so I made sure to hang with guys even though my parents wouldn’t let me date until I was nearly 17.

Rachel Fucking in the Lesbian Threesome

lesbian Scorpio2015 2018-11-26

As forced Amber to suck my plastic cock, Erica started to eat Amber’s pussy agai,n making her cum two more times in just a few seconds. “Turn around and please Erica while I fuck your pussy until you can’t stop cumming!” She turned around and started to lick and put the vibrating dildo in Erica’s pussy on high speed, as I put my plastic cock into her tight pussy making her moan loudly. After a half hour of small chat, I rolled Amber over and said, “Get ready, I’m going to make you cum again,” and I put my plastic cock back in her tight pussy, once again making her let out a loud moan.

Fateful Meeting - Part 5

lesbian katlover1975 2018-11-13

I told Tom that Kat was my closest friend (I didn’t tell him yet that she is my lover), and that Dave is her boyfriend (I also omitted that Dave had fucked the living hell out of me about twenty-four hours earlier). I looked Dave in the eye, and I replied, “No, Tom. Last night, I discovered what a truly skilled cock can do to me. At this same time, Dave’s thick eight inches fucked the hell out of Kat on the table, and she was purring like a happy little kitty. My breakup with Tom still hurt like hell, even after all that wonderful oral sex and hot fucking with Kat and Dave.

Rachel Fucking the Neighbor

lesbian Scorpio2015 2018-11-05

But that didn’t last long, After a minute of Erica’s licking I unleashed the most powerful orgasm I have ever had covering her entire face in my cum and juices and leaving some on the bed. A few intense seconds later, I couldn’t hold it any longer, and unleashed an extremely powerful orgasm twice as powerful as my last one, covering Erica’s face in cum and juices for the third time tonight, but I didn’t hear her complaining. Soon I was fucking her as fast as I possibly could, making her cum again, this time her orgasm was extremely intense flooding the bed with her cum and juices flowing out of her pussy like a dam had burst.

A Chance Encounter?

lesbian laffalot 2018-11-01

Anne moved up so her lips were at Katie's ear and she whispered, "Mmm, I want to lick every inch of your sexy body." She felt the older woman shudder, and she grinned as she moved down, licking her neck with her thick tongue. Her whole body felt like it was melting when Anne was nibbling below her ear, and when she whispered that she wanted to lick every inch of her body, Katie nearly came without touching herself. Katie desperately wanted to cum and when she saw Anne's tongue moving right up to her pussy, she sighed loudly and dropped her head back to the mattress in anticipation of the blissful feeling, but it didn't come yet.

Girls on the Side

lesbian casey_13 2018-09-20

Before I knew it, my hands were tangled in her hair and she was kissing my mouth, her hands sliding up under my shirt to my breasts, making my nipples hard. Wet and hot and slick and hard under my touch, I began stroking her clit lightly until her hips were thrusting against my hand. My mind began to scream at me then, telling me to make her stop before things went too far...then I felt her tongue part my swollen lips and slide along my sensitive clit and all reason escaped me. "I knew you wouldn't leave me," she said, then her body relaxed and she began breathing deeply, probably as emotionally drained as I was.

Sparrow Takes Flight

lesbian Giselle_Renarde 2017-11-24

Warm rain pelted Parveen's scalp as she dug two firm tits from Joliette's bra, sucking eagerly at those hard pink nipples. Tearing her lace thong like a predator, Parveen threw the ruined garment into the grass and opened wide Joliette's legs. When Joliette cried out in the rain, Parveen planted her face against that screaming wet pussy, wrapping her mouth around those moist lips. Shrieking against the sheet lightening, Joliette's cunt was a vice on Parveen's fingers as the sparrow of a girl gripped the park bench like it was trying to escape. "Do you know what I love about you?" Joliette asked rhetorically, tucking those perky tits back into her rain-soaked bra.