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A Lush Lesbian Afternoon

lesbian DanielleX 2018-06-20

When we had kissed for what seemed like forever we sat holding hands just looking at each other. “OK, I’ll come from work and shower and then pop round,” said Sarah, enthusiastically. I know I was going to have a shower but I don’t think Sarah would appreciate me getting soil all over her body. I cupped her bum in my hands again and our lips met in a passionate kiss. I kissed her neck as her hands worked their way down my spine and then between my bum crack. She took my hand and pulled me towards her until our pussies kissed. Our gaping wet pussy lips met and I wriggled my bum on the duvet as Sarah began to gyrate her hips.

Mistress in the Sex Dungeon Part 1

lesbian thebigbeast 2018-06-18

Ashley pushed Olivia's head into the pool of pee and cum and forced her to lick it up. Ashley was now in control, so she placed a black rubber mask over Olivia's head, which had small zip holed for the eyes, as well as a zip over the mouth. "Do you love your mistress slave?" Ashley looked Olivia in the eyes through her mask. Ashley zipped up Olivia's eyes, but left the mouth open and then got off the bed. Pushing the tartan skirt up, Ashley found Olivia's tight red ass, ready for more punishment. Once finished, Ashley got down and licked the slave's pussy, which brought the feeling back and eventually a nice warm gush of cum.

Renee's Internship Part 3

lesbian _O2_ 2018-06-15

What she saw pleased her, Renee was busy working, talking with the staff and fitting in like Lauren had hoped. After her hug and a kiss on Lauren's lips, she turned to Renee with a gleam in her eye sizing up the lovely young woman. Renee was enjoying Devina's undivided attention; her hands seemed to spend a lot more time on her since Lauren had left for the restaurant. She knew Lauren wouldn't be back for a couple of hours and the vibes she'd felt from Renee during their time alone were now being explored to their fullest. Devina shifted her weight placing Renee against the shower wall, her hands exploring the girl’s firm curves as they breathed into each other’s mouth.

The Awakening Part 1

lesbian _O2_ 2018-06-03

She could tell the young woman enjoyed her touch by Julie's reaction, especially when Julie closed her eyes and leaned over a bit to allow Susan a better look. Susan’s hands felt so good on Julie’s legs, she slowly and gently massaged the young woman from the outside of her thighs inward and down to her knees then back to the bottom of her shorts. Laura stood and walked behind Julie; her hands massaging the young woman’s shoulders as Susan took Laura’s position between Julie’s legs kneeling in front of her. Susan slowly separated their lips and began kissing Julie’s neck, the young woman giggled and delighted in Susan’s playful nibbling.

Breast friends

lesbian lovelife25 2018-06-03

Feeling like the expert in the group, Lizzie excitedly told her friends how she had experienced the same feelings and that she had found a way to relieve herself by gently rubbing her own nipples. about the silly things they used to do, Sue who was quite tipsy felt bold enough to bring up the nipple rubbing incident and told Lizzie how she had never forgotten it. Sue stared at Lizzie’s heaving chest for a few seconds and then tentatively raised both her hands to Lizzie’s nipples, rubbing them simultaneously just as she had seen Lizzie do years ago. After having children, Sue's breasts had by now grown to 36Cs. Lizzie circled her fingers around Sue’ s breasts through the soft fabric, and flicked at Sue’ s nipple with her tongue.

Two days with Sarah

lesbian DanielleX 2018-05-28

When I wasn’t walking and making a nuisance of myself on boats I was waltzing around the shops in the nearby village and that’s where my little trip suddenly went from one of teenage whimsy to a tale of passion. “Ah that’s beautiful!” I said, looking at the brightly-coloured blouse that Sarah was flattening against her body. I let out a plaintive little cry as she kissed, sucked and licked my boobs in such a way that my pussy had soaked my panties in just a few seconds. My pussy went into spasm and I just remember Sarah biting my neck as we both came together, as her fingers went round and round my swollen little clit.

My Favorite Fantasy

lesbian Laina057 2018-05-21

She holds my face with both hands and leans further into me, crushing her bare chest against my body. She cups a breast in each hand, as she squeezes, I can feel it all the way to my sex. I push her down flat while licking and kissing and sucking her neck, her chest, and each breast. Still kissing her, I bring my hand up between our lips and slide that finger into her mouth. I can feel her walls tighten around my hand, she's about to cum. I lick her cum off of my face and pull my fingers out of her to give her a taste of her own juices. That is my favorite fantasy of me and my best friend, the stripper.


lesbian missyumyum14 2018-05-21

When I discovered masturbation it suddenly opened a whole new world of imagination as these women became characters in my fantasies that I could manipulate like a puppeteer guided a marionette, but my knowledge was still poor and all I could see use doing was being in bed kissing passionately, naked, touching one another. When I began dating a few boys my parents gave a sigh of relief, but they never knew I 'd sneak them into my bedroom and we'd fuck countless times before he slipped off into the night.As appalling as I found oral sex with a man in my younger days I became quite skilled at and often got away from getting screwed by a guy I wasn't really attracted to by just sucking him off.

My First Lovers, Mother, Daughter - part th

lesbian 2018-05-18

"Oh, God, yes, I loved it when she slipped her tongue in to my pussy, and licked my clit. I cried out as her tongue slid between my pussy lips parting them and continued upward to my clit to lick it. She pulled her hips back to give my hand room I cupped her pussy and, slid a finger into her wet slit. I kept licking her clit and finger fucked her until she grasped my hand and pulled my fingers out of her pussy. While she was kissing my pussy a couple of times, I thought of Lori and wondered if I should make love with her again.

While She Sleeps Ch. 02

lesbian AngieGS 2018-05-16

I think back to my dream, to Iris playing with my clit, her fingers slipping inside of me. Rolling onto my stomach I place my clit against my palm and slide a second finger into myself, I push against my palm. I don't want to cause too much movement on the bed so I start slowly, sliding myself up and don on the shaft, moving quietly as I push it further into me. Pushing against her slightly harder, I feel the tip of the dildo hit her entrance, but it doesn't slide in. I push the dildo into her harder and harder until I feel her pussy touch my thigh.

Shadow Dancer Vs Super Michelle 010

lesbian Shadow_Dancer 2018-05-15

Super Michelle The heroine arches her back, moving her pelvis back and fort, too excited to resist against the fingers and the tongue tormenting her, lapping, rubbing her nether lips. Super Michelle : "Ohhhhhhhhhhh.....Ahhhhh ...Shadow....you are killing me....with pleasure....AHHHHHHH....please stop....Ohhhhh" - the girl of steel screams in lust feeling her breasts and cunt being assaulted at the same time. Super Michelle "Ohhhhh....ohhhhhh.....ohhhhh....ohhhhhh" - she moans, her body squirming in the bed, while orgasm after orgasm trash through the heroine, while Shadow Dancer prolong her orgasms . Super Michelle The heroine endure the pumping inside her for some time, her breasts, her pussy, sending pleasure waves toward her brain, overloading her mind with desire.

The Sauna

lesbian CaitlinTheCutey 2018-05-12

Her flesh tightened, and her bikini top felt suddenly loose around her taught breasts, her nipples hard and painfully cold. The girl breathed heavily, and ran a hand over Amy’s hard left nipple. They moved closer, and felt their wet breasts rub together, their hands massaging and tugging at each other’s nipples. Gently and slowly, Andrea ran her hand down Amy’s body, over her toned tummy, stopping at her pussy. Andrea bucked against Amy’s hand, and Amy pushed her forth finger inside her. Pushing Amy’s breasts apart, Andrea kissed her way down her hot body, until she found Amy’s hard pulsing clit with her mouth. Amy moaned loudly on the edge of orgasm, and toppled over the edge as Andrea began to suck her swollen clit hard, knocking it with her perfect teeth.

A Night with Ling

lesbian maverick3489 2018-05-09

With my eyes closed and covered, I thought about the beautiful woman whose hands roamed freely over my body. I held my breath as I felt her kisses and her tongue darting into my secret place. She walked to the end of the table that I was still tied to and climbed onto me, letting the tips of her perky round nipples brush against the length of my body as she made her way across me to rest her breasts against mine. She slid her vibrator down into my pussy and licked my rosebud furiously and slipped a finger inside my other place and I went over the edge.


lesbian MairiBrun 2018-05-07

Amy pressed closer and I felt her hands glide over my breasts, her hips rubbing against my ass. I reached around, unclasped my bra, pulled it away from my screaming breasts and Amy buried her mouth over them, her tongue sliding over my flesh, exciting me beyond control. Amy arched her hips against me and began a rhythmic motion on my thigh as I reached down and ran my fingers between her breasts. Amy took the hint and I felt her legs spreading wider, her mouth now sucking my nipple with passion. “Oh baby.” I turned my hand and began rubbing Amy’s pussy with all my fingers, probing deeper and faster.

my life part 1

lesbian s_n_a_k_e_w_o_m_a_n 2018-05-07

i peered around the corner of the hallway i was around and that's when i saw miss with a female student she had her hand wrapped around the girl's throat very tight. all of a sudden i saw the miss reenter the room from a different door she was wearing her same outfit which was hardly anything to speak of, she approached the girl and told her that she should have kept her hands to herself that way she wouldn't have them tied up. she started to squeeze my breasts very hard and suck on my neck which made my pussy flow like it never had before i was starting to enjoy being used by her, in moments she slid her hand down my skirt to my pussy and started to rub it slowly my legs closed but then quickly opened up again.

Knitting Mania

lesbian 2018-05-04

a beautiful plum colored yarn that was so luxurious and soft she wanted to Mollie stood frozen with her hands in mid-air. yarn off Mollies head and neck. Joyce stood now very close to Mollie, too close. I came up looking for some books, but have found Mollie caressed Joyces breasts, Joyce took Mollie by the arm and kissed her tenderly. Mollie answered her by unbuttoning Joyces Joyce reached over, and pulled Mollies elastic Joyce reached over and cradled Mollie in her arms as she slid to the her clit with her other hand and watched Mollie release, tense and release. started slow and worked up to a frothy passion on Joyces clit. maam, Mollie said, and grabbed her yarn and her clothes and, still naked,

The Morning After The Night Before

lesbian 2018-05-03

With a sudden movement Anya sat up and without a word we both moved to position our pussies so that they were directly rubbing against each other, the bald wet lips of my shaved pussy disappearing into the fiery red bush of hers I felt the hot wetness of her as we first joined then I was only aware of intense pleasure as we ground our groins against each other with increasing speed and f***e it was only seconds until the fire in my pussy exploded and the hot fluid of my gushing orgasm seeped onto Anya’s her orgasm coming with a grunt and a cry of “Laura” which made me well up in happiness and brought renewed heat and tension to my pussy and a second orgasm gripped my still shaking body.

Touching Her

lesbian JacobGoody 2018-05-03

My entire body open and raw to the eyes of the birdy girl in bed. Momentum had gathered and pushed me into the bed, I stalked over her legs and eyed those pale pink gingham panties, lowering my face to take in her scent. I put my mouth on her mons, tasting the fabric with my tongue, then softly took the sides of her panties in my hands and drug them off her legs. I look at my pruny fingertips before wiping my hand on the sheet and moving to touch her leg. Ours lips connect, our mouths open, and our tongues wrestle as feel her breasts mash against my own. My bird-like little lover in the pale pink gingham panties with the tiny scalloped edge.

My first time

lesbian helenayton 2018-05-03

We continued to shower side by side and when the other girls left the She began touching various parts of my body – face, lips, breasts, tummy, pubic bone and she she’d been aware of me gazing at her body for weeks and that she’d loved the attention she got from passionately pushing her tongue into my mouth and I marvelled at the pleasure I felt as our two I felt her hand sliding under my bra and gently squeezing my nipple which made me breasts and told me how much she liked my nipples. Laura gently pushed me onto my back and began to kiss down from my breasts over my tummy on to


lesbian infructescence 2018-05-01

With all the bare-shouldered women with their long glittery dresses and high luscious cleavage out on display, it felt as though the girl in the worn shoes was inappropriate although I could not keep my eyes from the smooth pampered skin and smooth shiny perfect curls of the women around me that was so erotic. Slowly pulling the plush restroom door open, I softly walked into the powder room. Her hands held my arms back against the wall so I could not move and she moved down to kiss my neck, her lips feeling so good on my skin. My dress buttoned down the side and I started to undo the buttons, but she walked up and moved my hands away and helped unbutton them for me.

First Time....

lesbian sexygirlparts 2018-04-30

I poured a small amount into the palm of my hand and gently began massaging it onto her left breast using my entire wet palm. I kissed down her stomach moving down and parting her open wide with my entire mouth holding her lips with my jaw, while licking from her ass to her clit, massaging her nipples with both my hands. Pouring more wine onto my right hand I rub the inside of her thigh, sliding up to kiss her nipples neck and ears. Gently parting her open with my left hand I slowly slide my right fist into her up, first fingers, then my large large knuckles right up to my wrist.


lesbian Wilbywon 2018-04-30

I had only fooled around with 2 other girls at that time: April (my best and c***dhood friend: read my previous story if you want details) and Nicole (a tall slim blonde with short hair from another school who I met and seduced at a party). Chelsea got so frustrated that I had so much control over her body, she pushed me on my back with her leg, laid on top of me so her breasts were right in my face because she was considering taller than me), got between my legs, and proceeded to grind her pussy against mine while I sucked on her tits.

For honor part 1

lesbian sasha_762 2018-04-29

My dane axe cut a path and soon i was fighting on all sides as their numbers fell by the dozen and i raised my axe as i saw our troops charging then i fell.My name is Sasha a little about myself im a 6'2 black haired beauty with striking blue eyes and a taught d cup chest and toned body, iwas well known for my lust and taking of other women and as a raider my presence on a longship or in a jarls hall was a thing of note.

Four Seasons: Summer Lover

lesbian Melissa_A 2018-04-29

Her one-piece of pale blue is well suited to her gracefully tanned skin, her blond hair falling around her face, only half dried by the sun on our walk home. My body twists and turns under her tapping licks that dance around my nipples, curve along the underside of my breasts, and swirls circles around my areoles. Her face vanishes from my view, screened in draping golden hair, and then I forget everything as her lips and tongue begin to trace my sex. As I take the other into my mouth, I slide one hand down her belly, and let my fingers play through the soft hair there. I climb down her body, reversing myself above her, and begin to dab licks across the silken strands that lie pressed around her outer lips.