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A Lush Lesbian Afternoon

lesbian DanielleX 2018-02-23

When we had kissed for what seemed like forever we sat holding hands just looking at each other. “OK, I’ll come from work and shower and then pop round,” said Sarah, enthusiastically. I know I was going to have a shower but I don’t think Sarah would appreciate me getting soil all over her body. I cupped her bum in my hands again and our lips met in a passionate kiss. I kissed her neck as her hands worked their way down my spine and then between my bum crack. She took my hand and pulled me towards her until our pussies kissed. Our gaping wet pussy lips met and I wriggled my bum on the duvet as Sarah began to gyrate her hips.

The Awakening Part 1

lesbian _O2_ 2018-02-07

She could tell the young woman enjoyed her touch by Julie's reaction, especially when Julie closed her eyes and leaned over a bit to allow Susan a better look. Susan’s hands felt so good on Julie’s legs, she slowly and gently massaged the young woman from the outside of her thighs inward and down to her knees then back to the bottom of her shorts. Laura stood and walked behind Julie; her hands massaging the young woman’s shoulders as Susan took Laura’s position between Julie’s legs kneeling in front of her. Susan slowly separated their lips and began kissing Julie’s neck, the young woman giggled and delighted in Susan’s playful nibbling.

Two days with Sarah

lesbian DanielleX 2018-02-05

When I wasn’t walking and making a nuisance of myself on boats I was waltzing around the shops in the nearby village and that’s where my little trip suddenly went from one of teenage whimsy to a tale of passion. “Ah that’s beautiful!” I said, looking at the brightly-coloured blouse that Sarah was flattening against her body. I let out a plaintive little cry as she kissed, sucked and licked my boobs in such a way that my pussy had soaked my panties in just a few seconds. My pussy went into spasm and I just remember Sarah biting my neck as we both came together, as her fingers went round and round my swollen little clit.

Mistress in the Sex Dungeon Part 1

lesbian thebigbeast 2018-01-31

Ashley pushed Olivia's head into the pool of pee and cum and forced her to lick it up. Ashley was now in control, so she placed a black rubber mask over Olivia's head, which had small zip holed for the eyes, as well as a zip over the mouth. "Do you love your mistress slave?" Ashley looked Olivia in the eyes through her mask. Ashley zipped up Olivia's eyes, but left the mouth open and then got off the bed. Pushing the tartan skirt up, Ashley found Olivia's tight red ass, ready for more punishment. Once finished, Ashley got down and licked the slave's pussy, which brought the feeling back and eventually a nice warm gush of cum.

Breast friends

lesbian lovelife25 2018-01-29

Feeling like the expert in the group, Lizzie excitedly told her friends how she had experienced the same feelings and that she had found a way to relieve herself by gently rubbing her own nipples. about the silly things they used to do, Sue who was quite tipsy felt bold enough to bring up the nipple rubbing incident and told Lizzie how she had never forgotten it. Sue stared at Lizzie’s heaving chest for a few seconds and then tentatively raised both her hands to Lizzie’s nipples, rubbing them simultaneously just as she had seen Lizzie do years ago. After having children, Sue's breasts had by now grown to 36Cs. Lizzie circled her fingers around Sue’ s breasts through the soft fabric, and flicked at Sue’ s nipple with her tongue.

Renee's Internship Part 3

lesbian _O2_ 2018-01-29

What she saw pleased her, Renee was busy working, talking with the staff and fitting in like Lauren had hoped. After her hug and a kiss on Lauren's lips, she turned to Renee with a gleam in her eye sizing up the lovely young woman. Renee was enjoying Devina's undivided attention; her hands seemed to spend a lot more time on her since Lauren had left for the restaurant. She knew Lauren wouldn't be back for a couple of hours and the vibes she'd felt from Renee during their time alone were now being explored to their fullest. Devina shifted her weight placing Renee against the shower wall, her hands exploring the girl’s firm curves as they breathed into each other’s mouth.

Andrea And Monique

lesbian KDG 2018-01-26

‘Oh, look,’ Monique said as she admired a statue of a That’s my lovely Monique, always making heads turn ‘It’ll look wonderful against your skin,’ Monique wanted to hold her, to kiss those lovely lips and make her Monique quickly sat up, a confused look on her face. ‘I think you’ll like this better?’ the other girl said as she the open blinds and saw Monique, her tanned body even hear Rene gasp as Monique ran her tongue all over closed my eyes as my hands went at it again, travelling all said, a look of satisfaction on her face that didn’t come All making love to each mouth of her body. oil on her breasts and ran those sexy, hard nipples all over

Fun at the beach pt4

lesbian motherof2 2018-01-21

She stared at Angel's breasts, as they gently lifted and fell, and thought of how easily she could put her lips over each of the almost exposed nipples and suckle the girl. All Elizabeth had to do was simply lower her hands and she could gather the girls breasts and guide them to her mouth. Seeing that Angel was enjoying this, Elizabeth began to stroke the brush straight up and down, directly over the top of the girl's rapidly heating pussy. Elizabeth looked up at the girl's face, but Angel still had her eyes closed and a definite smile was on her lips. Very slowly, Elizabeth's tongue snaked out of her mouth until just the very tip of it touched the soft lips of the girl's sex.

An Unplanned Event Act 02

lesbian colonolangus 2018-01-19

The music changed to a reggae dancehall groove and Lynn saw Mona melt into the crowd, her body glued to smartly dressed guy with short dreads and a cleanly trimmed goatee, grooving in a sensual wind. The deejay must have mixed reggae dancehall for a good hour and Lynn enjoyed every single minute of it pressed against her mystery dancer, never turning, never allowing him to turn, keeping him a faceless stranger, nothing more than a grinding, undulating body with a nice, hard dick for her to manipulate at her discretion. Soon enough, the bar was quiet and Lynn was sitting alone chair dancing to the music and sipping on bottled Poland Spring when Mandy came over.

Michele's Mistake - 2

lesbian THIRDCOAST 2018-01-09

She asks me to remove my clothing and start trying on some of the things that have been set out. I think about what I would like done and start to spread her lips and lick her clit. He tells me to have Jim, the man helping me, to bag up everything and to hold my other things for safe keeping. His text comes and tells me to pick up my bags and that there is a car waiting to take me home. My looks are disheveled and my lips are red and swollen, jsut like the lady who helped me earlier. I’m back in my tight corset, and my breasts are swaying with every thrust of his magnificent cock.

It All Starts With A Kiss

lesbian livwir70 2018-01-09

As my hand touches the bare skin of her stomach she grabs me, pulling me close and kissing me ferociously. As we move in a tangled mess of hands, fingers, lips and tongues her moans of pleasure increase, her voice turning to an urgent whisper. I want to devour her, to put my mouth where my hand is, but I know that for her, the pleasure she is getting cannot be matched by my tongue. I kiss and suck her breasts now and her moans are timed with the thrusts of my fingers. Soon I feel her muscles start to tighten around my fingers and I know she is close.

My first time

lesbian helenayton 2018-01-07

We continued to shower side by side and when the other girls left the She began touching various parts of my body – face, lips, breasts, tummy, pubic bone and she she’d been aware of me gazing at her body for weeks and that she’d loved the attention she got from passionately pushing her tongue into my mouth and I marvelled at the pleasure I felt as our two I felt her hand sliding under my bra and gently squeezing my nipple which made me breasts and told me how much she liked my nipples. Laura gently pushed me onto my back and began to kiss down from my breasts over my tummy on to

A CRACK ON THE BEACH PART 3 -- all about the bum c

lesbian hamba001 2018-01-04

The next day as we lounged on the beach and as Shy took a swim nearby, I looked over at Cee. “I hate saying this, “I began, “but I don’t know if we can carry on getting her d***k like this every night.” “Oh,” said Shy and reached out for her glass of wine, BUT her eyes had not wavered and Cee knew this because I saw that glimmer, that shadow of victory pass over her face. Cee leant forward a little to reach for her own glass and this allowed her breasts to swing pale against her tan lines, the nipples half-erect and wanting attention: a need I’m sure my wife was aware of.

The Lingerie PArty

lesbian 2018-01-02

Jan said that these parties were professionally co-ordinated by women for women and asked me to invite some other girl's because so far there would only be four of us attending -- the two of us and Michelle and Rona who as it turned out were the wives of the other two guys that had gone off fishing with Mark and Andrew. After an exquisite eternity, Jan lifted her head, looked me in the eye, and moved her hands up and slowly started to undo the fasteners on my corset. I moved my fingers up to Jan's bullet like nipples and a little moan escaped her lips as soon as I touched them. "Oh Penny you lick pussy like a dream." said Jan in a breathless tone.

Emily wants More of Gina

lesbian lesbian_luvr 2018-01-02

She kissed down Gina's breasts and stomach, then stood on the floor and bent forward to go down on her and hold her hips as Gina shut her eyes, moaned and arched her back. I zoomed from medium shot to close-up, then my camera battery died as I tried to get a close-up of Gina's buttocks, upsetting me, as I wanted to film more, but Emily said we completed the scene. Emily said she had another scene to be in her restroom the next day and asked if Gina and I wanted to stay overnight, saying she would pay for it and her bed could fit all three of us.

Four Seasons: Summer Lover

lesbian Melissa_A 2018-01-02

Her one-piece of pale blue is well suited to her gracefully tanned skin, her blond hair falling around her face, only half dried by the sun on our walk home. My body twists and turns under her tapping licks that dance around my nipples, curve along the underside of my breasts, and swirls circles around my areoles. Her face vanishes from my view, screened in draping golden hair, and then I forget everything as her lips and tongue begin to trace my sex. As I take the other into my mouth, I slide one hand down her belly, and let my fingers play through the soft hair there. I climb down her body, reversing myself above her, and begin to dab licks across the silken strands that lie pressed around her outer lips.

Holiday Booking

lesbian sexilulu 2018-01-01

‘Hi you should have two tickets reserved for Miss June Smith’ I ask the travel consultant who looks up at me, ‘Of course, my name is Mel, I spoke to Miss Smith and she arranged it all with me’ she says, ‘But the we deal with the VIP holidays upstairs, would you like to follow me?’ You two are forward!’ I gasp as Mel’s tongue finds my slick hard clit and Lizzie sucks on my tits, I get a glimpse of what they are doing to me in a security mirror and think how dirty this looks, two girls identically dressed with another with her blouse undone, skirt pushed up, bra pushed up, knickers now somewhere down round her ankles in a bright red sandwich!.

Mistress Vera and her slave part 1

lesbian veramann0223 2017-12-31

Then Mistress Vera attached chains to rings in the ceiling and lifting her legs one at a time locked her slave’s ankles to them. Restraint by restraint, Mistress Vera unlocked the slave’s ties from the table and after attaching a lead to the ring in the front of her steel collar she pulled her slave upright and led her to the centre of the dungeon where she tied the lead to a ring in the ceiling. The slave was too weak to resist when Mistress Vera pulled her arms up and locked her wrist restraints to two rings close together in the top bar of the frame. Mistress Vera took up the crop again and began to pat its hard leather tip on her slave’s wide open pussy.

My Favorite Fantasy

lesbian Laina057 2017-12-30

She holds my face with both hands and leans further into me, crushing her bare chest against my body. She cups a breast in each hand, as she squeezes, I can feel it all the way to my sex. I push her down flat while licking and kissing and sucking her neck, her chest, and each breast. Still kissing her, I bring my hand up between our lips and slide that finger into her mouth. I can feel her walls tighten around my hand, she's about to cum. I lick her cum off of my face and pull my fingers out of her to give her a taste of her own juices. That is my favorite fantasy of me and my best friend, the stripper.

Lesbian Sex With My Mature Boss.

lesbian 2017-12-28

She put the vibrator on her clit and started rubbing it there.i saw her expressions changing and soon she lay on the bed with her hand moving vibrator in between her thighs.she was like …mmm…ummm.then she pressed dildo in her pussy.my heartbeat was increasing and I started enjoying the view.the clit part of vibrator was on her clit and vibrator penis part was completely inside her pussy.both parts were giving her sensation.she started rubbing her hands at inner thighs near pussy side.then after sometime she rotated the knob to increase vibration.her clit muscles were shaking and she was rubbing and moving her legs on bed.now she left the vibrator and started rubbing her love-handles.after sometimes her hands were on her breasts and started pressing and squeezing her boobs.as she feel more she put her nipples between her fingers and started pressing them.she was really horny and so do i.now my pussy was also wet.after few seconds kusum started going tight and sooner she released her juice and moaned high.uummmm….aahhhh….i knew that she got her orgasm

My First Lovers, Mother, Daughter - part th

lesbian 2017-12-27

"Oh, God, yes, I loved it when she slipped her tongue in to my pussy, and licked my clit. I cried out as her tongue slid between my pussy lips parting them and continued upward to my clit to lick it. She pulled her hips back to give my hand room I cupped her pussy and, slid a finger into her wet slit. I kept licking her clit and finger fucked her until she grasped my hand and pulled my fingers out of her pussy. While she was kissing my pussy a couple of times, I thought of Lori and wondered if I should make love with her again.

Fun at the beach pt2

lesbian motherof2 2017-12-24

The 2 door girls led Angel to a woman who was standing to one side of the store and appeared to be watching all that went on. "Oh it was totally to my liking," she said as she ran her fingers lightly over her lips, gently touching where the door girls had kissed her. Please allow me to show you the VIP section of our store," Lita said as she began to lead the darling girl to a curtain in the corner. And it looks wonderful on you my dear," Lita said as her hand cupped the luscious model's breast. The big woman brought her one arm from around Angel's breasts and placed on the girl's back.

Math Teacher

lesbian 2017-12-23

I noticed one particularly striking tall brunette, with long straight hair falling from the sides of her head, and led your eyes pointing to her ample chest. I noticed Olivia had waited a few minutes, but then got up to leave, her books hugged to her chest, accentuating her breasts even more. I'm sure everyone will miss you.", I didn't really think there was much more to say, but Olivia looked like she had more on her mind. I see one icon picturing a woman spread eagle and a buxom breasted brunette with her face buried in the other woman's beaver, hands holding her head in place.

How I helped my daughter learn

lesbian Martinehotred 2017-12-21

“Oh wow” was all she said as she began to softly squeeze and mould my breasts, first one then the other, taking my nipples between her fingers and rolling them back and forth. Her hands and fingers were soft and arm against my breasts as she unknowingly started a fire in my pussy by her touching. I closed my eyes as I felt her finger push between my pussy lips, sliding in my juice before she pressed it all the way into me. I arched upward as a tremendous wave of orgasm shot through me and then he head was between my legs, her tongue pressed deep between my soaked pussy lips, driving into me like a snake’s.