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Somali Lesbian Pussy Is Amazing

lesbian Samuelx 2018-11-24

I met this cute young Black woman named Yasmine Osman a few weeks ago. The five-foot-eight, slim and sexy, dark-skinned young Black woman clad in the somber brown robe and dark gray hijab is a real freak underneath it all. I was getting bored and restless that weekend without Jericho Guillaume's sexy Haitian tool to satisfy me and a piece of Somali pussy turned out to be exactly what I needed. Anyhow, I had lots of fun with Yasmine Osman, the sexy Somali chick. When I see these Somali women walking around the Capital of Canada, with their long overflowing robes and hijabs, I assume they're dull, boring and religious, like most people do. Besides Yasmine Osman, I bedded a Djibouti-born Black woman named Fatima Muhammad the other week.


A Somali Lesbian Couple In Love

lesbian Samuelx 2018-11-03

Alia Osman, a young Somali woman I knew when I studied at Saint Catherine Academy, a private school located in the opulent west end of Ottawa. Alia Osman, the short, round little Somali chick who was my best friend back at Saint Catherine Academy, where I swear we were the only Black students. We shouldn't judge others, because judging others makes us feel superior and pride is a sin in the eyes of Allah the Beneficent, God and Creator of All. By judging Alia for her way of life, I broke one of the most sacred rules of my faith.


Miss Fix-it

lesbian pacifist91w 2018-04-17

Most of my work is done in the repair shop, but I occasionally make "house calls" when the machine gets a lot of use and the fix sounds simple. I made sure it would be after business hours when I arrived to work my magic, because I don't like dealing with angry customers (and most customers are angry when a machine has taken their money. I thought you would have heard me coming--I mean, with the tile floor." She gave me a meek little smile. She'd fucked me so good; I wanted to prove that I had some skill in love-making too. "And I'd like to fuck you again, hon," she said.