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Fighting temptation

lesbian Amber_Sweetheart 2018-03-02

Right away I started to fantasize about running my hands through Annie’s hair and I could feel a tingle in my crotch. I covered the few feet between us and just about tackled her onto the couch as I started kissing her and running my fingers through her hair. With my fresh clothes draped over my arms I headed into the bathroom Mindy was standing there looking in the full body mirror running her hand over her baby bump again. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back on the edge of the tub as she started working her way up my other leg. Annie broke the kiss and started kissing my neck as she plunged her fingers inside of my pussy.

My Best Friend

lesbian tasha4girls 2018-03-01

She pushed me on the hood of the car, lifting my dress and I let out a moan, expecting her to finger me, but instead she bent down and started kissing my thigh until she got right where she wanted. I pulled my nipples moaning, "oh yes, fuck me harder" as she sucked and flicked my clit , feeling the cool metal of her tongue ring grinding against me, as she used my wet pussy for her own personal amusement park. I walked her to her car and we kissed again which quickly turned to passion again and I dragged her to my SUV and laid her in the back, happy she couldn't find her panties and pulled off her skirt.

Notes to a Cuckold

lesbian chesh78 2018-02-28

And before long, those damp panties are eased down your wife’s slender legs to lie discarded on the floor.  The mouth that isn’t your mouth follows the same journey southwards as the fingers before it, kissing its way down your wife’s perfectly flat stomach, tracing a path through the tight ring of curls above her sex and down, finding her opening.  The skin here is as smooth and soft as velvet, and lips that aren’t yours slowly kiss around the inside of her thighs and nuzzle her labia, sucking it, teasing and drawing out the pleasure.

A Very Naughty Workplace: Part 2

lesbian InfiniteLush22 2018-02-28

I couldn't help but stare at him in shock, mainly due to the fact I was kissing his wife just before he came into the room. I'm standing in front of you half naked, are we gonna keep talking about my husband or are we gonna have some fun,” she said with a seductive smile on her face as she began undressing me. I began to kiss down her body as I slowly made my way to her sweet spot. Her body began to tense up and I knew she was close to an orgasm, so I started to suck her clit and finger her ass more and more vigorously. She took the finger that was in her ass and slowly began to suck it while staring into my eyes.

The Set-Up

lesbian AlexForemen 2018-02-27

It was when I envisioned that Ginger was sitting on my face with my tongue buried deep inside of her pussy, and April and Patti were sucking and gently biting my nipples, and Bobbie was penetrating my ass with her strap-on, pumping it in and out of me, that my orgasm let loose like a dam that just opened. Bobbie looked at me, and then held her huge tits in her hands and said, “Kristin, I've only got a couple of minutes, give my girls some loving.” After I kissed Ginger, she took it a step further and said, “Girl, you look so fucking hot I want to eat you right here!” After I came, Ginger, Patti, and Bobbie each got down and took turns licking, tonguing, lapping, and loving my pussy.

Montana to L.A. Chapter 1

lesbian _O2_ 2018-02-24

Janelle’s visits seemed like Christmas to Jordan and Kelsey, complete with presents and stories of her life in L.A. Diane in turn sent pictures of the girls’ birthdays, parties and their vacations to keep their “aunt” updated. Janelle told Dave that the girls both thought a trip to Los Angeles would be fun; something their mother had wanted them to do but never had the chance. Jordan felt a bit guilty buying the clothes also but rationalized to Kelsey that Janelle had the money and if she didn't want to spend it, she would have said something. After dinner when they were relaxing by the pool, Jordan waited until Kelsey went to bed before asking Janelle about the night before.

Being a Good Neighbor - Part II

lesbian CommunicationDirectr 2018-02-24

Donna’s husband was gone on an extended business trip and Donna was wanting more than her shower knob fixed. Donna didn’t have a clue as to what I was talking about, so I did my best to explain to her what a set screw was and how it held the shower knob in place. “No, “ Becca responded, “I don’t mind obliging the fantasy, but I want to know make sure it is on my terms.” Becca lie back on our bed as Donna began to slowly cover her body with kisses. My erection quickly returned, as Donna wrapped her fingers around the shaft of my cock, while Becca lapped at the pussy juices flowing from our neighbor’s pussy.

Rachel Fucking the Experienced Lesbian

lesbian Scorpio2015 2018-02-23

Julia then got up, grabbed my hand and led me to her bedroom, where she took off my jacket and shirt and started to suck on my nipples, making me moan loudly. Just then, Julia started to tongue my pussy faster, making me cum into her mouth in a powerful orgasm. Julia pulled my head deeper into her pussy and told me to eat her faster. Julia told me to stop playing with my pussy and to start sucking her cock. Julia put her cock into my tight wet pussy and started to fuck me. Julia put her hands around my waist and started to make me fuck her harder and faster making me cum in the most powerful orgasm I’ve had yet.

Andee Goes Away With Lauren

lesbian Andee 2018-02-22

As I watched her ass make its way through the drink line-up, this man’s voice came from behind me, “I thought I might see a couple of sexy women here tonight.” I turned around to see Bryan, the sales rep that comes into our pharmacy a fair bit. I'm not sure if it was the several drinks I had already had, or maybe that I was enjoying finally being included in Lauren's flirtation, but instead of pulling my skirt back down in embarrassment, I remained bent over, and looked back at Bryan. "I think she's hoping for a little action now that she's been paroled from her husband and kids," Lauren said, with a mischievous tone in her voice. Bryan seemed to enjoy watching as Lauren's hand continued to lightly caress my ass.

Cheat On Me, Cheat On You

lesbian ChrissieLecker 2018-02-21

Nell’s eyes closed and, like staring at the movie of train wreck I knew was about to happen, I watched the woman’s mouth descend for a hungry, sloppy kiss. Yes, just like that, little slut!" The way she said it, the gloating undertone, told me that she was quite aware that the girl kneeling between her legs was my girlfriend. "Amy, I’m so sorry," I said in most regretful voice and took the hand of Nell’s ex-girlfriend, "I wasn’t watching where I was going. "Listen, Amy," I started, and my voice betrayed the panic I was feeling, "I think we should stop right now, this is all going too fast for me."

The Cruise Singer Part Deux

lesbian _O2_ 2018-02-20

Monique walked over to her, placing her hands lightly on Amanda's cheeks she tilted the woman's face to look at her own. Amanda's anticipation grew, licking her lips as she watched Monique tease her she patted the bed wanting her lover to hurry and join her. Looking up and down her naked body Amanda smiled to herself debating whether to wait until Monique woke or to gently bring her back by starting another love making session. They talked about quite a few things including Jay. Monique was slowly convincing Amanda that including him in their love making would actually smooth over any rough edges or bad feelings on his part.

A Complete Lack Of Resistance

lesbian DarkSide 2018-02-19

I instinctively knew they were going to get off with each other as soon as they left the Black Cap. If it was a man and woman misbehaving openly like that, in any other place, they would be asked to leave, but it seemed to be acceptable for two women to act that way, in this bar at least. I felt her hand on my chest, directly over my left breast as she pushed me backwards into the loo, turning me at the same time so that my back was against the cold stone wall. I slowly turned to walk back inside the Black Cap, I made my way through the crowded bar and saw that Melissa and Sandra were sitting side-by-side, they looked pensive as they hugged one another.

A Very Special Hen Night

lesbian asrosie 2018-02-19

Jane felt the warmth in her breast as Jenny played with her hair and she swallowed hard as a strange sensation moved through her body, Jenny’s other hand slid over her pubic mound, just lightly touching it and no more as she tested her resolve. Jenny slid her hands down behind her panties and inched them over her buttocks and worked them over her legs and feet while Jane rubbed herself, feeling the engorged lips and the pleasurable sensation as she explored herself. The words were yanked from her throat and suddenly it seemed to pick up in intensity, Jenny’s tongue slapped against her and two fingers slid inside and began turning back and forth, she writhed and twitched as Jenny switched to her clitoris.

The Fight

lesbian AylaJ 2018-02-17

Looking down at her, I grip it again holding her head in place as I grind my cunt along her lips coating my juices all over face, then go back to fucking that filthy little mouth.  Holding the table to steady myself I close eyes, not noticing her reach over and grab the toy, but I feel it when she shoves the one end inside me. "You don't get the privilege of making me cum just yet, bitch."  Then I push her over the kitchen table so her ass is presented to me and grab hold of her leggings, ripping them down as I drop to my knees.  “Fucking cunt,“ she moans as her forehead hits the table, gripping the edge as I start to drive the toy in and out.

Power Transfer

lesbian BigTitSgt 2018-02-17

She demanded that I beg her to cum, that I admit I was nothing but her slave, her worthless ass licking pussy eating white whore. Grabbing me by my hair, she pulled me across my own desk, and working a fourth finger in my pussy, she spanked my ass left and right. That was right, white sluts get fists shoved up them, black mistress get tongues. My fingers snaked underneath to begin to work her clit as her hands came back to hold her ass open for me. Two fingers in her pussy, one hand on her clit, and my face pressed flush against her black ass, I drove my tongue to the limit to open her ass.

My First Encounter (Ch 02)

lesbian TheKatsMeow 2018-02-13

When I came out armed with a mix of vodka and orange juice, I spied my boyfriend eyeing some girl across the crowded living room. “Is there a reason you have a bunch of naked women on your desk?” In her hand was a picture of three nude Asian women sitting on a couch lazily with their legs spread open and a fourth nude girl sitting with her back to the viewer, her face inches from the middle girl’s vagina. You’ve been doing that all night and biting your lip and moving your damn beautiful hips!” I suddenly exclaimed pointing at her breasts. My eyes rolled back with pleasure and my fingers tangled into her hair, pulling her face tighter against me.

Perception is reality

lesbian CaptainRon75 2018-02-13

I told her, “If I hurry I could get to Jim and salvage the evening with good sex.” I was ready to fuck all night long. I moved down and picked up the shot with my mouth and drank it quick, pulling the shot glass away I realized I had one task left so I moved up to grab the lime which she cleverly dropped into her mouth so I had to kiss her to get it. She took a long breath in as if smelling a bouquet of flowers and said, “Your pussy smells like cotton candy.” My tongue turned into a little cock and started to fuck her like she had done to me not too long prior.

A Very Naughty Workplace: Part 1

lesbian InfiniteLush22 2018-02-12

The thought of me slowly licking her wet pussy to the sound of her moans and groans. She smiled at me and said, “Why thank you Alexandra, but call me Thalia. The way she looked at me when she said the word alluring instantly made my pussy soaking wet. “Well we should get going shouldn't we,” she said leading the way to her car. There was a extremely awkward feeling between the both of us; I mean I just kissed her and to add on top of that she's married. She looked up at me and smiled before she started to slowly suck on my clit. The way she flicked her tongue along the lips of my pussy sent shudders through my body.

Beatrice Takes Pictures Of Bianca

lesbian crazylesbian36 2018-02-11

I pulled out a sexy little slave outfit with no bra and a little black pair of panties.I walked out and she had a shy expression on her face. I had her take a few normal pictures of me sitting and laying on my bed, nothing too seductive, that is, until my breast fell out of the top of my shirt. She was wearing a skirt so my naked wet pussy rubbed against her bare leg. Her tongue circled my clit and licked all over my wet pussy. I fucked her right in her tight pussy, tilting up to reach her spot while licking away at her clit. I got the clit vibrator and started to rub her while I fingered her.

Fever Dream

lesbian MadMartigan 2018-02-10

She moves up my body, hot mouth alternating kisses with long sweeps of a cat-like tongue. So when a loud, husky giggle pierces the silence, I let loose a strangled yelp, my heart feeling like it wants to jump out of my mouth and run through the snow until it escapes into the night. She shimmies down my body with cat-like graze until her breath is warm on my cunt, her hands pushing apart my now unbound legs. I can feel the cold band of metal on her left ring finger as her hands clench tightly over my thighs, the only place on her body that isn’t superheated. That image puffs away like smoke when her tongue starts to trace lazy circles around my vulva before any second thoughts can solidify.

Truth Is Better Than Fiction- Part IV

lesbian CommunicationDirectr 2018-02-10

I jammed my hands down my pants and stroked my cock as Rosy and Maddie locked lips. Maddie sat back on the love-seat, pulling Rosy down on top of her, both girls erotically and slowly teasing each other with passionate kisses. I opened my eyes and Rosy was on all fours, my cock stuffed into her mouth, her long black hair pulled back over one shoulder on one side and hanging loose on the other side of her head. Rosie cupped my balls, gently in her hands as Maddie worked my cock in and out of her mouth. “Oh hell no!” Maddie exclaimed as she jumped totally naked on to the bed, along with her friend Rosy.

Payback pt2

lesbian Eager 2018-02-09

I realized that the maid was waiting for me to give her permission to talk, and as I nodded in uncertainty of what to really do, she asked me if I would like a tea break with something to eat, since the dinner was planned later in the evening, around nine o’clock, when the Mistress would be back home from her trip. Kelly rang a little bell and a tall maid, dressed and jeweled exactly as Daisy, with long blonde hair and amazing green eyes, came in with a cart full of brioches, sandwiches, snacks, cups, plates and drinks. Daisy sat on a stuffed chair in a corner, where she could check me constantly, Kelly pecked my forehead and told me to rest a little, telling me not to worry, Daisy was there in case of need or would call her if I asked.

The Awakening Part 1

lesbian _O2_ 2018-02-07

She could tell the young woman enjoyed her touch by Julie's reaction, especially when Julie closed her eyes and leaned over a bit to allow Susan a better look. Susan’s hands felt so good on Julie’s legs, she slowly and gently massaged the young woman from the outside of her thighs inward and down to her knees then back to the bottom of her shorts. Laura stood and walked behind Julie; her hands massaging the young woman’s shoulders as Susan took Laura’s position between Julie’s legs kneeling in front of her. Susan slowly separated their lips and began kissing Julie’s neck, the young woman giggled and delighted in Susan’s playful nibbling.

Spying on my boyfriend's sister

lesbian kornslayer1 2018-02-06

Her seemingly twenty-something-year-old body was naked with Colleen's face buried right between her legs. Moans escaped the mystery woman's mouth as my hand made the door open a little more. My eyes locked on Colleen as she stuck her entire tongue into the woman's pussy. Colleen's hands were pushed away, as her body began twitching. Colleen immediately jumped off the bed and headed right to her dresser. There was no lock on the door, so Colleen just came right in and let me see all of her naked goodness. A minute later, Carrie slowly killed the gap between us and brought my right hand to her left breast. Colleen found her way to my lips on my face and Carrie's tongue entered between my other pair of lips.