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The College Retreat

lesbian HotnJuicy 2018-12-03

I started to walk towards the bathroom, then stopped and considered waiting until Claire was finished but then I got a peak of her by the shower. "Uhhhhhhhhhh, Jasmine please please, please!" she sighed, "ohhhhhh don't stop fuck meee, fuuuuck meeeeeeeeee!" Her cries turned me on so much I decided against making her wait and I started slowly rubbing up and down her hot slit, finding her clit in seconds and hovering there for a long time before I stroked my way down to her entry, and thrust two fingers inside of her.

Served Just Right

lesbian RumpleForeskin 2018-12-03

"That's when he began working his way down my body, kissing and licking things like, you know, my neck and shoulders, not just the boobs. As Ann mixed the drinks, Gwen stretched and without protest or alarm, found herself sliding effortlessly down the wall until coming to rest sprawled on her back, hips at the edge of the bed, feet touching the floor. The next time Gwen was racing toward a climax, her fingers weren't pushed away and Ann's tongue continued its tantalizing work. After licking Ann's face clean, Gwen began kissing her lips, eyes, ears, and neck, while slowly pulling her friend’s nightgown up, and then, off. Moments later, Ann gurgled something, her hips heaved upwards, and Gwen felt her face being bathed in warm pussy juice.

Indian Summer

lesbian leggielibby 2018-12-03

Amy groaned aloud at this, a deep groan of animal pleasure and I could see her nipples hard against the soft material of her tee shirt, her panties now soaked and clinging to her lips. I released her foot to change legs, but she slid her foot back to my breast and used it to caress me, catching my nipple between her big and second toes, gently catching and squeezing my nipple, sending shockwaves of pleasure through my body. I gently drew her hood back, her clit like her labia was an outie, constantly poised to aid her pleasure, I’ve known her to cum just from wearing tight shorts.

A Genny Story... Carol, Beguining and End

lesbian Gfire 2018-12-03

things like hold my hands up above my head while she kissed me or tell he Carol let out a deep sigh as I heard her pee hit We started kissing and her pee covered fingers played in and around My tongue came out and I started to lick her fingers Her  hands went to my hair and she pulled me in Carol started moaning and pressing my face harder into her. her pussy I was discovering new little pee tastes that I had missed I felt her fingers in my hair and she pulled me hard to her. my hair I thought she was going to pull it out by the hands full.

We'll See, Part 1

lesbian RogueAugust 2018-12-03

Spencer felt a little smile come to her face but she didn't say anything, since she saw Allison blush when she caught her. She heard voices and saw faces but couldn't quite make out what was going on.”Spencer!” She turned her head looking straight into Allison's eyes smiling weakly. Allison couldn't believe how fucking scared she felt when she saw Spencer going down and not moving anymore. "Alright, the bathroom is up the stairs second door on the right," Allison said as she watched Spencer walk away. "I told you I want to make you come until you can't no more - I meant it," Allison whispered as she slowly started to rub Spencer's oversensitive clit again, "god you feel so good, I want to be so deep inside of you."

First Day Of University - Part 2

lesbian makingumoist 2018-12-02

With Jen’s toy in hand, I moved quickly over to the main door and turned the deadlock twice anticlockwise. At the same time I began to slide Jen’s toy between my engorged labia and, as the stimulator hit my clit, a massive uncontrollable wave exploded in my pussy as my second orgasm of the day washed over me. I started once more easing Jen’s vibrator in and out of my aching pussy, I deftly flicked the controls, setting the toy to a higher speed. Not wanting to wait any longer I moved my mouth toward her soaking wet pussy and lightly ran my tongue along each of her lips in turn.

The Model: Part 2

lesbian CherryRedGirl 2018-12-01

She looked very sweet, the kind of girl that you wanted to hold in your arms like a child. She started shaking her ass and running her hands up and down her body, keeping her eyes on me the whole time. Our bodies writhed together, my ass grinding against her pussy. She put her hands on my hips as I lifted my arms over my head and draped them around her neck. She ran her hands up my body slowly, stopping to fondle my tits, and came back down to my hips again. I gasped in the middle of our kiss when her hand found my sweet spot. She pushed the straps of my dress down where she first got a glimpse at my tits.

Jenny and Rachel

lesbian Ms_Marvelous 2018-11-30

“I don’t mind,” I said and started to take the covers off and put them on the other bed. When I told her I was going to bed she said she would too. “Well look now and tell me what you think,” she said and swung her right leg over my head and resting it on the back of the loveseat. Neither one of us had classes until that afternoon so we stayed in bed and made love until it was time to get ready. This time when we went to bed she didn’t even bother getting into hers. I knew what she wanted, what she needed so I licked her pussy until she came in my mouth.

Scarlet passion

lesbian seductivebeast76 2018-11-30

While in line one day getting things, I needed for theater, I heard some girls talking: “That little country girl needs to watch herself or Miss Stevenson is going to eat her up.” They walked away giggling, and left me confused by their comment. I promise you this, if you do this right for me and I will give you a starring role in our first class production.” The way she said, “Do this right for me” sound like she was hinting at a double meaning but I was not sure if that was just my imagination. I’ve gotten the same look from guys that wanted to sleep with me and felt like prey.

Kelly's First Time

lesbian naughtykellypreston 2018-11-29

I knew all about Jessica, she was one of the wealthy girls in college; apparently, she didn't want any help from her parents when it came to education and that's why she ended up in our college instead of going to a high class university. Jessica's hand slowly slid over my leg and up over my belly. We made out like we were in heat and I could feel Jessica's hands on my back and butt pulling me close to her. Jessica smiled up at me as she put her hands on my one piece and gently peeled them off me. I kissed down her neck till I got to her perfect breasts and gently suck and licked on first one then the other nipple.


lesbian pjonkml 2018-11-28

"I'm good," I said, "Listen, I noticed you the other day, and I wanted to get to know you a little better." The next week, I saw her coming out of her class, but this time, when she saw me, I thought I detected a little more of a smile on her lips. "Oh, I am, but I can think of more entertaining ways to spend some time." she said, and I could feel her breath on my neck; her voice much huskier. "That's what I plan to do," I said, sitting up, trying to kiss her, but she sat back a little further, pressing me back onto the bed. "You are so beautiful," I said, kissing her eyelids as a lazy smile played across her lips.

Horny Experimentation

lesbian Goldeniangel 2018-11-28

it's so unfair..." moaned Rosanna, "I'm so horny and there wasn't a single guy at those parties that I wanted to fuck! Running her hands down Rosanna's soft back, Mia clutched at the other girl's ass, squeezing the soft flesh and making Rosanna moan. Leaning forward, Rosanna found that Mia's pussy smell sweet and musky, tentatively, she flicked out her tongue and enjoyed feeling Mia's body react beneath her. Both of them started slowly, learning what to do, feeling out what they were comfortable with, and then Rosanna plunged two fingers inside Mia, licking at the pussy folds around them as she finger fucked her roommate. Moaning, Mia wriggled beneath her, using her own fingers, and the two girls writhed with enjoyment as they fingered and licked each other.

My Freshman Year Ch. 04

lesbian pjonkml 2018-11-27

This time, I got to class a little late and couldn't sit with Nat like I normally did. The way it was situated, it looked as if they had added the bathroom after building the place. When she got the shirt off of me, she looked at me like I was a feast for her to devour. We were standing there, in the middle of the bathroom, holding and kissing each other, I could stay like that forever. Her had pressed against the front of my pants, I gave a little cry, my eyes closed, biting my lip. I started to slowly tease her and try to draw it out, but when Natalya wants something, she wants it right then.


An unplanned seduction

lesbian seductivebeast76 2018-11-27

It was a little scary to walk around like this but also felt kind of good. The heat from the shower felt good on my body and I stayed a little longer than usual. I could feel my body starting to freeze and my nipples harden from the cold. Karen Put the box down and started taking things out, placing a jar of popcorn, a movie, couple of plastic cups, and a bottle of vodka on the table. Every time I took another drink of vodka or grabbed some popcorn my blanket would open exposing my left breast to her. You know just how to make a girl feel good, but next time do not be so subtle when seducing me.

Roomies Ch. 01

lesbian Goldeniangel 2018-11-27

Flirting subtly with Erin, Shannon had tried to make her new roomie feel at home with her sexuality, but Erin was still having some reservations. Some mean-spirited girl had claimed that Erin had been eyeing her in the locker room and it spread like wild-fire that Erin Zanes was a hardcore lesbian. From that moment on only her best friend Georgia had stuck by her, the rest of the girls in school avoided her - although a lot of the guys seemed to like talking to her. Their first weekend their Shannon came by the room with another girl; her name was Robin and she was very sweet, but Erin was surprised to feel a little flash of jealousy. Sometime after she got into bed, Robin and Shannon went off to the showers...

Freshmen Dorm Room: Sara and Angie (Part Three)

lesbian SensualDesires83 2018-11-26

As Sara felt Angie’s finger slide inside her, she moaned, “Oh God yes!” and leaned her head back to enjoy the feeling of being consumed by a girl. In a final effort to help bring Sara over the edge, Angie began to wiggle her finger inside Sara’s pussy as she moved it in and out. Sara felt the warm flow of her orgasmic juices form, her clit contract in rhythmic beats, and finally felt her pussy pulse around Angie’s finger and in a long tone that came out almost muffled, Sara, in a great surprise to herself let her orgasm go, forcing, literally pushing, Angie’s finger out of her pink cunt, and gushing her cum all over not just Angie, but all over the shower floor.

College A's-chapter 2

lesbian clonjon 2018-11-25

I’m not going to ask them to let my best friend into a club so she can get fucked by guys and girls like a whore.” Shelly sat up on her bed and looked at Megan and said, “The real reason I don’t want you to join the club is because I’m going to be in it again this year.” Shelly wanted to see if Megan was telling the truth or just trying to get into the club, “Really, you fucked yourself every night thinking about that?” FUCK MY CUNT WITH YOUR TONGUE!!!!!” Shelly was now bucking her hips forward trying to force her best friend’s tongue deeper inside her wanting cunt, “OH GOD!!!!, YES YES YES, don’t stop you pussy licking fucking bitch, AH!!!”

My Education

lesbian Audrey_X 2018-11-24

For a brief moment I felt the impulse to leave the classroom, but the sound of her voice and her bodies insouciant movements as she prowled around her desk speaking to us about god knows what suggested such gentle goodness and soft femininity that I wished she would go on speaking like that to us forever. It was like looking at some great painting that touches you, from which you cannot walk away as it keeps offering you level upon level of sublime beauty. Our bodies lying together, our arms wrapped around each other, her sweet feminine scent and the hint of a look of devotion on her face perhaps told me so.

Twist of Fate Part 3

lesbian aerowfn 2018-11-23

Julie’s ass was practically hanging out the bottom, while Jessi’s cleavage was going to turn every head that she passed, guy or girl. Jessi got up and didn’t even bother getting dressed before she ran out into the hallway and turned towards the shower rooms. By the time Julie had reached the shower room, one stall was already on so she walked over and pulled the curtain back to reveal Jessi on the floor fingering herself with one hand and playing with her beautiful tits with the other. A guy came out of the door right next to Julie’s and turned to see the girls sprinting at him naked with their boobs bouncing all over the place.

Liquid Courage

lesbian Bigbreasts22 2018-11-22

As Ronnie was swaying around I could not help but stare at the way her tight blue dress was clinging to the curves on her body and how her high heels made her legs look like they were a mile long. I pushed Ronnie up against the door; we just stared into each other’s eyes, breathing deeply. Her hands gripped my hair, my hands running all over her body, feeling her breasts and tight stomach. When I opened the door and was about to walk out of the bathroom Ronnie pulled me back slightly and whispered in my ear, “Just so you know, when we get the club, it’s your turn.”

College for Krista: Part 3

lesbian SensualDesires83 2018-11-22

  Summer’s eyes saw the slight part of Krista’s legs and she glanced at the pink fold that hid them.  Summer saw how moist it was and how it glistened from the wet desire that was beginning to pour from it.  Slowly, Summer ran her hand over Krista’s thigh higher, then took her finger and found the crease of her leg that led to the sodden area between both of them.  She took her finger, felt the crease slightly, then ran it over the top of Krista’s bare mound and circled just above where it started and where her clit was hiding.  Summer heard the heavy sigh of joy elude Krista’s lips.  And then it happened.  The moment hit Krista.  The moment where Summer knew she had hit the right movement.

Student Days: More than friends

lesbian llkop 2018-11-21

I had no shame in Lucy seeing my body as she had already seen it before the night that we met, plus I didn’t want to get make-up on my new dress. The hair dryer shut off; immediately, my eyes snapped away from Lucy’s body to looking at myself in the mirror. Lucy kissed a path down my body, stopping to engorge my hard pink nipples on the way. I felt my juices burst from me, causing the sticky warm liquid to cascade down my legs and over Lucy’s lips. My sexual juices shot out from me and covered Lucy belly it the hot and sticky liquid and that is what pushed her over the edge.

The woman who changed my world

lesbian jacobport 2018-11-20

However, it wasn't until the weekend before Halloween that things took a great turn. As Katie was approached by one good looking fella, they spoke for a few minutes, knowing each other from a class, he asked her if he could take her out some night. With that, Katie took my hand, and asked if I wanted to leave. Her hand pulling my hair to one side so she can place gentle kisses on my neck. I looked into the mirror, watched as she moved her hands across my body. Katie's own hard nipples pressed against my back and my panties began getting wet from the excitement. Her hands moved like silk across my body. My body trembled as she kissed my lips, neck, and body.

The Study Break

lesbian pjonkml 2018-11-20

"Touch yourself." she said, looking at me with lust in her eyes. "You're making me wet just looking at you." she said, "You want me to lick that little pussy for you?" Because you look so beautiful, I don't want to interrupt." she said, painfully close without touching me. "Mmm...your fingers look so good going in and out, baby." I could feel the words against my slick skin. "You had your turn to touch," she said, "Now don't move your hands again." "You wanna cum while I fuck you like this baby?" She whispered "That feels good baby." I couldn't see her anymore. "Just lie down baby." She said, pulling a blanket from the couch and laying it over me.