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Horseplay 2

lesbian monica3 2018-12-04

‘Get down there and inspect the damage.’ She pushed the top of my head and I went down under the duvet and pulled her pyjama trousers down and licked her, cleaned her, loved her. It was also later that I discovered Victoria knew and she, for some reason, got in touch about a month after the inevitable heartbreak, took me out to dinner and told me to ‘forget the bitch.’ She took my mind of it by fucking me rather energetically in my flat after dinner. I didn’t know there were tears on my cheeks until she wiped them away, turning my face to hers.

Morning Person

lesbian storyspinner70 2018-12-04

But then you stop and take that second, debating...do you wake her up before or let her come to moaning, two fingers in her twat and your strap up her ass...maybe you start off easy and let her wake slow and sweet before you bend her in half and inhale her. You settle for a sharp nip to her thigh at the same time you slide your fingers into her pussy, being sure to scrape across that rough little patch that sets her on fire – every single time. You want to see it, feel it and taste it so you slide two fingers inside her pussy as she comes, pressing against that spot she loves so much just like you press your tongue to her clit.

Leading Lady - The Book

lesbian monica3 2018-12-03

‘I’d like our relationship to develop but I need you to understand. I think you have worked that out and that you’re wearing a dress tonight because you know I like that?’ The question was in her intonation. I had felt that when she told to me to wear a dress and, looking back, I do know it was telling me not asking. In my email I had said how it had touched me, how deeply it resonated with me and that, although I did not understand myself or the book completely, I had sensed something almost spiritual. I took my time, enjoying her little noises and other indications of pleasure, like her hands in my hair. She undid the last of the buttons holding her dress together and like me she opened her thighs.

Wednesday to Saturday

lesbian monica3 2018-12-02

In the morning I showered and dressed for work, went down to the kitchen not knowing if I should take her tea as normal or wait. The decision was taken from me when she appeared in the doorway, she was wearing a long, black silk nightdress and looked utterly gorgeous although I thought her eyes looked a little puffy as I knew mine were. The dildo slipped out of me and I thought she was leaving but then I felt her mouth on me and her tongue lashed at me until I came for the first time since the morning of that awful Wednesday and my heart soared as I slumped, exhausted.

My First Pet (My Naughty Pet)

lesbian MistressS 2018-12-02

Her face was buried into the bed, her ass up in the air with her left hand fingering herself, I knew she was close from her moans, so I quickly moved to her side and grabbed her arms, quickly cuffing them behind her back. I gave each cheek another spank, this time as instead of a loud gasp, I got a deep moan from my pet as she arched her ass up further in anticipation of the next spank. I quickly pulled my fingers from her, she moaned at the loss of feeling as soon as they left her, but quickly gasped and shot up as I brought my hand down on her ass again.

Her New Master part 2

lesbian Susan 2018-12-01

Ms. Jones feels her slave’s tongue against her clit and moans a little her, hand pushing her slave’s head closer to her as she starts to grind against her face. “Yes that’s it whore make me cum,” Ms. Jones moans as she continues to grind her pussy against Amy’s face. Amy feels the hands on her head tighten as her face is getting wetter and wetter from her Master’s now constant grind against her. Amy takes her hands and runs them around her Master’s waist towards her ass so as to better hold on as her Master bucks against her. Amy on her knees eagerly laps up the wetness wanting to taste every bit of her Master’s cum moaning with pleasure and getting wet herself.

Gym Bunny

lesbian BradLee 2018-11-30

Hmmm, Samantha thought, Kathy would thrash around when she put her best silver nipple clamps on those long hard nipples, and perhaps tears of humiliation would grow in her blue eyes, but the wetness gushing from her pussy would give away her lust and desire. Slowly but surely she would fuck the dildo in and out of the blonde, rubbing her own thighs against hers, her pussy against hers, her breasts against hers, until Kathy was groaning through the ball gag, saliva dripping from the corners of her mouth, her eyes wide with desire. Samantha would pull Kathy’s head from between her thighs and turn her face to the man, guiding his hard cock between her lips and into her hot mouth.

Horseplay 3

lesbian monica3 2018-11-26

Her dress was a mix of spring flower colours, almost knee length and revealing long, well shaped legs in what looked to me like stockings and heels designed to make her dwarf everyone. I barely noticed that Polly was already kneeling, her face close to Vicky between her parted knees. ‘Enjoy, darling,’ said Debra as she began to fuck Polly really hard. Later, much later, we four lay on that huge bed, Vicky holding me felt so good, so rewarding. I looked in other rooms on that floor but did not find Vicky but then I heard a loud Debra laugh from downstairs and followed the noise down the stairs and to the kitchen.

Horseplay 4

lesbian monica3 2018-11-26

The centre of the room is dominated by a long oak table and my bum was against as Vicky was fucking me, her hands on m shoulders. I put my arms around her neck and kissed her fervently, wanting her to know that I was loving her and her new friend. The other guests were a dowdy woman of about 50, Lisa, with a small Asian companion called Mei who had long black hair to her arse over a red, mandarin collared dress that was slit up to her naked thigh. Vick’s was OK until the lovely Mei showed her charms but, well, it rather set one’s juices flowing.’ Her hand lifted my dress and she stroked between my lips.

Never Cheat at Truth or Dare - Chapter 2

lesbian ChrissieLecker 2018-11-24

Liz was taking her time now, rubbing and kneading my cheeks between swats, and her hands roamed quite freely, brushing my pussy lips and making the torture all the much sweeter. With no time for the pain to spread, it remained in hot, angry spots, burning deep into my bum cheeks, the first few already driving tears into my eyes. Jen’s slaps fell close to my pussy, and the pain mixed with the heat between my legs into a heated mess of sensations while I sucked the tangy taste from the panties in my mouth, now drenched with saliva. “Oh silly,” Mandy smiled and brushed her hand over my hair, “you’ll be my best friend, my little pussy licker and the guinea pig for all the wicked ideas I have racing through my mind.”

Nameless Mistress Pt. 2

lesbian xGinger 2018-11-20

You've been a bad girl, disobeying me like that!" The whip landed a bit harder on my pussy, making me groan in pain instead. Soon, I heard buzzing, and two vibrators appeared in my eyesight, close to the pussy I wanted to eat out. I could hear the wet sounds coming from it, I could practically feel the vibrator in my pussy and the other on my clit as I watched. My Mistress built up the speed, keeping one vibrator pressed firmly against her clit as the other moved in and out of her cunt quicker and quicker. Her body convulsed on top of mine, her head pressing against my pussy and finally giving me some friction, making me moan.

Cards Part 1

lesbian BradLee 2018-11-19

Belinda pulled her tight black dress up over her thighs to reveal lace stocking tops, and she straddled Claire, sitting on her lap facing her. At first Claire was stiff to her touch as if shocked by what was happening, but as Belinda continued to kiss her, her body relaxed, and she became more compliant to the caress she was receiving. Before Claire could answer, Belinda reached forward and took a card from the deck. “Well, my pet,” she laughed, “You are a dark horse!” She reached her hands back and slipped her fingers through her brunette hair, leaving her body exposed and vulnerable to Claire. Claire took a sip of her wine and reached forward to turn a card quickly.

Alexandra - 2

lesbian monica3 2018-11-18

Maxine, whom I knew although we did not acknowledge the fact, was accompanied by two naked women, both tall, and slender, one blonde, the other brunette. I handed the cane to the blonde woman, removed my dress and sat again beside Alexandra, who pulled me so that I was astride her waist, the brunette woman’s head beneath me. Alexandra stood and took the blonde aside, her mouth close to her ear and she whispered something to her. Maxine de Vraie entered dressed much as I was in jeans, white shirt and dark glasses, her blonde hair concealed under a knitted cap. He married a French woman and I had found Maxine running her fetish brothel for the wealthy women like Alexandra who craved more than simple sexual gratification.


lesbian monica3 2018-11-17

Her cornflower eyes had that wicked smile and her blonde, short cut hair, flicked around her ears beneath her tweed cap, the one she preferred to a riding hat like the one I was wearing. To my left sat a statuesque forty-five year old woman with a cap of dark brown hair and to my right a much older man, her husband who gave the impression that this might be his last Burns Night. Vicky was careful not to do me any harm and after a couple of dances she led me past the table and out of the hall into a side room, where she kissed me. I felt Debra’s hand on my arse and went to move but Vicky held me tightly.

Cards Part 3

lesbian BradLee 2018-11-17

Each nerve ending in her body was on fire as she felt Belinda’s wet tongue pushing inside her, wriggling, opening her ring of muscle which gradually slackened as it was massaged and lubricated. Belinda worked the orbs of flesh which she gripped in her rubber clad fingers, pulling and kneading them as she wriggled her tongue in Claire’s backside. “Don’t you think we should stop now?” Claire pleaded, but Belinda rolled from the bed and stood before her with her hands on her hips and her legs wide apart. Claire was still too shy to take the lead, so Belinda reached behind her head and wound her fingers deep into Claire’s long blonde hair.

Just An Ordinary Night

lesbian Susan 2018-11-14

She feels her Mistress’ hand on the back of her head as her Mistress starts to grind her pussy on her face. She hears her Mistress walking closer towards her and then she can see her feet in the black shoes that she loves so, she smiles slightly at the sight looking up slowly her smile wavers when she sees the size of the dildo she knows she is going to be fucked with at some point tonight and yet at the same time she is excited at the thought. “Is that what you want you little whore?” she ask as she starts thrusting the cock in and out of the slave’s pussy.

Dinner at the Athelstan part 4

lesbian monica3 2018-11-12

Her clit, nothing like Judith’s in terms of size was nonetheless apparent and I stroked it as I knew she loved and she licked drool and tears from my face. Sam whispered in my ear, ‘No matter what happens, concentrate on her and do not, under any circumstances, stop.’ I got to work, using my tongue to pleasure Judith and loving the sounds which were drawn from her by my dexterity. Respite followed as Sam’s hand caressed me, her fingers invaded me and my cries of pain were reduced to whimpers into Judith,.whose clit was now big enough for me to suck really well which I did for what seemed like a long, long time. Sam was straddling Judith’s thigh and kissing her and, with a wonderful groan of pleasure, she brought herself off.

My First Pet (After Dinner)

lesbian MistressS 2018-11-08

Your a mistress now, you can't have your pet seeing you embarrassed because of that, you need to be in control all off the time.” “So your going to train me like your pet then?” I said, laughing half heartedly. I began stroking her hair as we sat there, until I felt her hand rubbing up my legs and thigh.“Were you wanting something my pet?” I said, grinning down at her. “Yes my pet, now cum for your mistress.” As I say it I push our fingers as deep as I can and grind her palm into her clit. I put my left hand on the back of her head, pulling her face close into me, as I played with my nipples with my right.

Lise's Bar - The Dark Night

lesbian monica3 2018-11-07

Her hands left my back and returned to my cheeks and she lifted me slowly to kiss me again then pushed me away and pulled the blouse down my arms until it came off and I was exposed. It was small but heavy and she pressed gently and worked it slowly until the widest part gave me a little fire and then I closed around it I felt it settle in me. She let me work my tongue for her pleasure for a while then pulled me up to like beside her and she kissed me again and slipped her hand between my legs and began to finger my now wet pussy.

Nameless Mistress

lesbian xGinger 2018-11-06

Regardless, I reached for my nightstand to turn the damn thing off, only to find that there wasn't a night stand? Images from last night started protruding my mind, making me blush, and turning me on. Part of me was incredibly turned on by the memories of last night, and the fact that this gorgeous woman was standing in front of me with a whip. Then I started circling her clitoris again, with my fingers this time, slowly building up the speed as I kept moving my tongue around in her. There's going to be lots of that this weekend." With those words, she pushed the dildo deep inside me, making me scream in pain and pleasure.

My First Pet

lesbian MistressS 2018-11-06

I reached around and gently grabbed the back of her head, looking into her eyes for any signs of what she was thinking, and I slowly pulled her head back and leaned into her kissing her deeply and forcefully. I took her chin in my hand raising her head up smiling at her warmly, “That's ok my pet, you didn't know, and I forgive you,” I give her another forceful kiss before continuing. “No my pet, that was for being such a good girl, there will be plenty of time for you to make me cum later,” I kiss her deeply again, continuing to stroke the side of her head.

My First Pet (A Gentle Nudge)

lesbian MistressS 2018-11-06

I was very nervous as well, not sure what to expect from Sally and Steven, but they were my friends and I knew everything would be fine, and I was having fun teasing my pet a bit. yeah, what did you have in mind.” I said nervously, unsure I wanted to really know some things, I still didn't like the idea of causing my pet any pain. We spent an hour or so, him teaching me a few different ways to tie up my pet, before he began talking about what to do after she was tied, from fairly basic things to spanking and whips, I cringed at the thought of using those though.

Never Cheat at Truth or Dare

lesbian ChrissieLecker 2018-11-05

Thus I was stuck with spending the evening with her, that stuck-up bitch Jen, a strange goth called Liz whom I didn’t know at all and had only gotten some glimpses of at school, and to round up things in the worst possible way, Naomi. Jen and Naomi giggled, and Liz whispered something under her voice that sounded suspiciously like “horny slut”, but I couldn’t be sure. She seemed unwilling to follow the order, and I didn’t think she would really do it, but then Liz growled her name, and what I thought was a flicker of fear danced across Jen’s face. But I didn’t want to pick a dare either, I’d probably end up naked like Jen. Or worse.

Lise's Bar - the Development

lesbian monica3 2018-10-30

Let us go into the dark night.’ She took my hand and led me out to the car where Eva stood holding firt Greta’s door and then mine. She placed cuffs at each wrist and ankle then slowly turned the girl so she faced the chair and, with her chains, secured her to it, legs wide apart. The cane was handed to Lise who stroked it over the back of the girl chained to the chair. ‘So, my English woman,’ Greta said eventually, her face a little flushed, ‘does Lise not perform well?’ ‘You were amazing, Miss Lise.’ She smiled and kissed Greta before leaving us to go and wantonly kiss and touch the girl still sitting on that hard wooden chair.