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My brithday

lesbian darkangel8844 2018-02-23

So me and my best friend were gonna go out and party for my brithday...but seeing as I was only 16 we had to be sneaky about it...So me and my friend decided that we were going to say that we were spending the night at my other friends house. My mom  said that was fine until my brother was stupid enough to tell her that he was going to get me drunk...after that my mom said I had to be home at 11:30...that gave me no time to get drunk so me and my friend Brianna took a  bottle full of Ginn I think it was to my room...after a while my mom went to bed and we started drinking....


Blog 2

lesbian CumGirl 2018-02-19

Pippa has this little thing that she does with her mouth when she isn't entirely happy ... a small pursing of her lips that makes her nose twitch ever so slightly, and I've never told her about it because I've always enjoyed knowing a bit more about what she's thinking than she wants to let on. Well, I don't know what I expected from Pippa, but a huge grin cracks we sit at separate ends of her sofa, a wine glass in one hand and the Pippa cracks a grin, dips ‘her' head into her wine and watching Pippa, slightly flushed, eyes closed, hair falling forward to Carefully, Pippa crawled back to her end of the sofa cradling her dildo

Twist of Fate Part 3

lesbian aerowfn 2018-02-14

Julie’s ass was practically hanging out the bottom, while Jessi’s cleavage was going to turn every head that she passed, guy or girl. Jessi got up and didn’t even bother getting dressed before she ran out into the hallway and turned towards the shower rooms. By the time Julie had reached the shower room, one stall was already on so she walked over and pulled the curtain back to reveal Jessi on the floor fingering herself with one hand and playing with her beautiful tits with the other. A guy came out of the door right next to Julie’s and turned to see the girls sprinting at him naked with their boobs bouncing all over the place.

Young and Wild

lesbian myfantasy 2018-02-07

The light mist, dark blanket of the night, and glow of the street signs added an air of excitement and lust everywhere in sight. The man looked down at me, his eyes hovering over the alcohol and then my face. You know how I felt, walking out of that liquor store at only 19 with two bottles of alcohol? Walking fast across the street, I noticed Abby staring at me with a look of nervousness. Abby's eyes opened, her eyelashes flickering up. I felt her soft lips press a kiss on the back of my head, on my shoulders, on my lower back. I felt her hands pull my hair from the back and press her body up against mine.

Her Sexual Escapade - Part 2

lesbian bewitched 2018-02-04

I know, I should not say this about my best friend but this is what I felt at that time. Sam and Amber have been regularly having sex but she, till now, has never been able to make her come. Yes, she does come once they use toys and once Amber too puts her fingers to use. But Sam, working alone has never been able to make Amber come. For a second, I forgot this was my best friend or weather she was a guy or a girl. As I guided her to the proper pace and position, she inserted one more finger in my pussy. The orgasmic waves throughout my body went on for minutes and when Sam looked up, her face was drenching in my cum.


lesbian LesbianMuses 2018-01-22

Watching to see what Lauren looked like, Ellie realized she did know her, at least from Shannon's photo albums of archery, camping and racing. Crooning, Shannon and Lauren herded Ellie to the shower, an astounding glass room with a drain in the middle. Lauren's hands clasped their mouths together; and, Shannon dropped to anal-tongue penetration, erupting a series of chirp-chortling gurgles from Ellie's throat. I don't remember how the sex was last night, but if it was like this, I probably lost some brain cells in the blackout." Ellie said, the moan and groan of disappointment echoed in her chest. Shannon and Lauren giggled gratefully and pecked Ellie's cheeks as a serendipitous smile commandeered her lips.

Sweet Texas Ch. 01

lesbian Ncallfetish 2018-01-07

"I was thinking about going the Red Room, and I was just thinking that we haven't ever hung out outside of work and how much fun it would be to..." Allison blabbed on continuously as Vicki began to daydream about the last time she had been the Red Room. "I'm not so sure about that hun, why don't you just ride home with me and we'll come get your car tomorrow" Vicki said as she lifted Allison into the front seat of the cab and buckled her in. Allison then began to kiss down her neck and pull her top over her head, kissing down her collarbone slowly before detaching the clasp in Vicki's bra with one hand and taking one of her rock hard nipples into her mouth.

My Best Friend's Boss

lesbian angelandaddict 2017-12-23

Amanda pulled off the thin cotton dress, exposing her panty-less body. Samantha ignored us as Amanda and I began dancing together. She moaned loudly, her hands gripping the sheets as the orgasm started around my fingers and exploded throughout her body. I pulled at the sheets, loving the way her tongue was working at my hot spot. I loved watching her as she worked her fingers inside me, making me moan loudly. I loved the way she was running her hand over my body, keeping me stimulated. I moaned her name as I grabbed a handful of her hair, letting my body tense up beneath her motions. I vaguely remember Amanda getting up and mentioning that Samantha was going to sleep in here.

Do You Trust Me?

lesbian ElysiaLyn 2017-12-08

Letting my hands become more daring, I swept them under my friend's shirt, exploring her tight stomach and sliding up her back as I kissed down Kris's jawline and neck, making her moan in pleasure. I began playing with Kris's nipples making Kris groan into my mouth which only made me start to kiss down her neck, teasing all around the hardening nipples with my tongue before sucking one into her mouth. Circling Kris' clit with my tongue, I slowly inserted a finger and then a second, curling them to stroke her g-spot, making Kris gasp in pleasure. Finally, I let one hand trail down to her pussy and I spread her lips easily, feeling how wet she was.

Fourloko Makes Chicks Go Loko

lesbian BisexualVampireMistress 2017-11-24

"Kyle I-" I was cut off by Camille when she took my hand and said "Kyle it's a party, everyone's going to do stupid drunk stuff and you cheated on my best friend so its fucking done just walk the fuck away Heidi doesn't want to talk to you!" "Yes that's the spot ooh yea mmm fuck me like they do in the porn movies!" I screamed when she lowered her head and looked me right in the eyes as she flicked her tongue just on the outside of my clit to tease me. "Mmm do you like my pussy does it taste good you slut?" I said as I grabbed her hair and she looked up at me and nodded when she flicked her tongue all around inside me.

The Truth in Goon

lesbian Flyck 2017-11-19

So instead, I tentatively pressed my tongue into the dark patch on her grey lace, until I felt my mouth-muscle go between her labia. I moaned again just as she said that, putting on a purr, a little bass, feeling my vocal cords vibrate through my lips as I tongue her clit. She suddenly gave a little whimper, "Stop teasing me, babe...slip 'em off..." So drunk, that it got to the point I was basically fucking her with my tongue, sticking it in her like an anteater. She seemed like she was a little disappointed, but I quickly corrected that as I started paying attention to her clit again.

Curious Lust

lesbian candyflossbaby 2017-11-07

I feel her weight push over my body as we sink into the sofa; her moist lips are pressed against mine, moving and fitting my mouth perfectly. As my fingers push under her waist band her kiss becomes more passionate; she moves her mouth on mine with a delicate lust; needing and wanting as her breathing becomes heavy. I push her off me for a moment before pulling her lips to mine for a passionate kiss; my hands keeping her there as they entwine into her long blonde hair. I watch her face, her eyes closing at the touch, her own hand cupping mine before she runs her lips over it to leave a trail of kisses.

Is He Really a 10+ in Bed?

lesbian manyquestions 2017-10-05

Then, looking at the warm, smiling face, the name Alice came into her head, and other buried thoughts began to emerge from Nancy's cocoon of sleep. But guys usually would just kiss and suck them for a few minutes before moving to her pussy, so Nancy had never come close to cuming from nipple play before. Nancy stared at Alice the Angel's friendly face, and thought frantically to herself, "Tribbing!" She had read about it, of course. Until the tribbing Alice had made love to Nancy like so many guys had tried to - only better. Even though at this point Nancy thought that having Alice's hot wet pussy fucking hers was the sexiest lovemaking imaginable, things then got even hotter.

Drunken Night with Her Friend

lesbian loveyou18 2017-09-28

My drunk mind started to wonder and I wondered what those lips would feel like elsewhere. She kissed down my neck to my chest, and began to suck on my nipples softly. That's so good!' I moaned loudly, and she moved her fingers even faster and she licked her tongue up my slit then began to suck my clit even harder now. I started to kiss her again over her panties and I could feel her wetness against my lips now. 'Okay.' I said, and I again pressed my tongue to her clit and softly started to suck on it, drawing it into my mouth then letting go of it. Your fingers and tongue feel so good...' She moaned.


lesbian ThickerThanASnicker 2017-09-08

Let me start by saying that things like this do not happen to me. Now I can't blame her for choosing only certain days to give notable energy towards looking her best -I mean, there was no one to impress- but on the days that she took a careful hand to her make-up my stomach did flips. Hey I know we just became friends recently but I kinda have a crush on you just not an emotional one so basically I just want you physically even though I'm dating a guy I really like... I don't know what was going through my mind, but I decide to reach a hand down to her leg and draw my way back up to that one special place.

Boys Aren’t Everything

lesbian locodriver8776 2017-08-18

It seemed a good idea at the time but no taxi's were available so Zoe like me went for a walk in the gardens and found the outhouse; with nobody about she turned on the lights had a good look around then decided to have a swim; so as not to be disturbed Zoe turned off all the lights, retraced her way back to the pool, stripped off and plunged in. Unseen and lost in the waters of the hot-tub my juices were leaking like never before as Zoe's hand stroked and teased me to orgasm with expert precision. My fingers snatched at the long strands covering Zoe's head, pulling her face deep into my thrusting pussy ensuring that every drop of my honey entered her mouth when I exploded in a milky white flood.


How Beth and Tracey Met

lesbian Brookell 2017-08-09

Gary, the team lead, went out of his way to make sure Phillip and I were assigned either the same task or related tasks so we would have to work close on a regular basis. I had a couple of marks on my breasts and had that 'feeling' in my pussy that told me I had sex the night before and pretty hard sex because I felt a little bruised. So here I sit all hornied up from pulling a great fast one on a guy, with a gorgeous girl who owes me big time, and she sits on my bed in my hotel robe looking so wonderfully innocent. Face it girls, some pussies look like little old men, all wrinkled up until the blood really swells up the labia, but hers was mouthwatering.

It Happened Again Ch. 01

lesbian mollyisme2 2017-08-06

Carrie is on a never-ending quest to make me watch the series of movies. Carrie had said she would not like that, though that didn't stop her from asking questions. I could tell Carrie was getting turned on by all this talk, as was I. I told her how I love giving a guy a blow job, and feeling him cum in my mouth. As we talked like this Carrie's breathing was getting heavier, and I was getting even wetter. I pushed two of my fingers deep inside her, as she arched closer to my body riding my hand. She grasped my handing pulling it off of her pussy, and right into my mouth.

Late Hour Romance

lesbian HugMeLover 2017-07-13

"Please, you love me." I started to break away to find Brie, but turned back to Krista. The second time got a better response, light pressure meeting mine when we kissed again, and only a soft moan from her broke our lips' touch. I rubbed and grabbed at her cheeks for a few minutes, then I pushed my hands farther south and grazed her lips through her pants. Brie broke my hold and climbed on top of my lap, giving me easier access to rub her lips from the front while I worked her breasts with my free hand and mouth. When I started to snake my hand closer to her pants zipper, she pushed it away and broke our kiss again.

Back When We Were Young

lesbian onetimething 2017-07-05

She was around 5 foot 5 inches, built from years of playing multiple sports, with long pale blonde hair that reached just the top of her perky little breasts. Kristy took my hand after we finished our first glasses of wine and led me to her basement, where her big screen TV was set up for a marathon. Before I could react, Kristy turned her body fully to me and cupped my breasts in her palms. In no time, Kristy was straddling me, her wet pussy grinding against my lower stomach. It ran through me like a tidal wave, rippling and tightening and blinding me that I barely noticed that Kristy had begun licking my pussy again.

Nina's Night Out

lesbian Nina21 2017-06-29

I stifled a moan and moved my hands to roughly pull her dress up to her waist, exposing her lower half. As my nipples stiffened under her touch, I slipped my hand back down to her bald pussy and used my index and middle finger in a left-to-right motion over her clit. I slowed my fingers and began a steady rhythm of pumping them inside her and she sighed, leaning heavily against the cubicle wall as she slowly stepped out of her heels for better balance and spread her legs wider apart for me. I pinched her firmly and tugged as I began to thrust my fingers more quickly in and out of her, sucking her clit between my lips and rapidly flicking it with my tongue inside my warm, wet mouth.

Evening Up The Score

lesbian Blue_shoes1980 2017-06-27

I thought she was looking at me, at first; but, as soon as she got closer, I knew better." He leaned in to me and whispered, "Tori, if you get together, promise to tell me about it?" When I slid into the passenger seat, she checked out my short skirt and sheer cotton blouse with obvious approval, then leaned over and gave me an open-mouthed kiss that took my breath away. She wore a long red silk dress that absolutely embraced her body, and I let my hands roam over the smooth fabric as we kissed. My hands went to the edge of the counter again, and I closed my eyes and leaned my head back, urging my hips forward.

A Happy End To A Fight

lesbian graham keddie 2017-05-23

This continued for a good few enjoyable minutes I felt a hand start to stroke my stomach gently. After a few more minutes of this I felt Sally roll me over onto my stomach while she started to massage my chest and to nuzzle the nape of my neck in between chewing my earlobe. Having my back clawed with her long nails, nipples chewed and neck kissed, my feelings were all over the place. After I thought she could do no more to please me, she started working her way down from my chest to my taught stomach, licking and blowing a chilling and tantalisingly cool breath on me. Then I asked Sally to bend over the edge of the bed and started to soap her backside and pussy.

Sylvia Does Sleeping Beth

lesbian birch0402 2017-05-06

And now while Beth lay on her stomach, there was Sylvia actually leaning over with one hand holding Beth's skirt up as she peered underneath looking at that butt! After waiting a moment, Sylvia leaned in and put her head underneath Beth's skirt as Beth lay there passed out drunk. Then I realized the sound I heard was of Sylvia sniffing Beth's pussy. She was doing it very quietly, occasionally sniffing and licking her fingers from her right hand after they got saturated by Beth's wetness, thinking no one would know. Beth's skirt was back down and Sylvia was lying down on the rug as if sleeping, probably happy she didn't get caught.