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The Swinger Confessions: Angela's Hunger

lesbian Coco 2018-11-22

Angie pulled my body to the edge of the bed and aiming the phallus at my sex she asked again, "Coco, I asked you if you were ready? Yeah, you want this pussy bad, so fuck me." My Shirley girl plunged into me sharply with the strap on cock. She bit my lip, licked it and whispered, "You drive me fucking nuts girl..mmm." I knew that look, she was on edge and I couldn't wait until I saw her explode. Damn girl, how long you been wanting to fuck me like this?" My breathing was raspy, my breasts jiggled, and my pussy gushed as she pulled out of my chocolate center.

Salon Visit

lesbian ricinatl 2018-11-05

I took a minute to think and I decided if any of those ladies were that hot for a show, then I would give them one as I spread my legs just a little further apart, giving a nice view to any of the shoes I could hear clicking and slapping on the floor passing by my chair. As she continued massaging my breast and lightly toying with each nipple I felt Shelly's hands press against my knees, separating my legs as far as they would go. It was then that I felt the warmth of many hands pulling at my calves and thighs and then the bulb a massive cock-head pressing against my opening.

S.S Erotic

lesbian Fiction_Addictions 2018-08-26

"Hey Nikki want to go on a cruise," Ash said with a mischievous look on her face. Your free to explore the cruise or head to your state rooms, have a great night!" she said as she pinched her right nipple seductively and walked off the stage. Nikki was beyond aroused and very excited, she looked over at Ash who was massaging her tits and rubbing her clit right there in the chair earning glances from the guys around her. Ashely's gorgeous figure aroused her more than anything and she wanted to feel another woman's boobs in her hands but she just couldn't bring herself to do it. She opened the glass door and got in and Nikki just stood wide eyed looking at her with the shower head still on her pussy.

Patty & Jo Fulfill a Fantasy

lesbian jodt 2018-08-21

I kept my concentration on our talk as Jo seemed to know what she was doing to me as she moved her body around giving me a good view of her nipples and mound. Knowing I was getting flustered I finally got up and said I was sleepy and we would talk more in the morning. Then one hand moves to her crotch, the fingers separate her swelling pink lips and slide up and down lingering at her clit. my mind screamed each time she stood there close to me in only her panties and bra. "Well, which one looked the best on me?" JO softly asked as she stood there before me wearing only the last bra she tried on from the waist up.

A Holiday Adventure Ch. 03

lesbian jenny4her 2018-06-16

Jenny couldn't take it anymore and started to run her fingers up her stockings, then further up onto the bare skin of her upper thigh, before finally her fingers brushed along her rapidly dampening slit, all the time watching Claire almost making love to the pole. Her own hands now teasing her own hot body, she had screwed up the stockings, that she had sliding between her wet lips, into tight ball, and with one hand rubbed the material up and down her dripping pussy, her other hand, tugging and pulling at her hard nipples. Jenny felt Cassie's fingers probing deeper and deeper into her wet hole, every few thrusts she pulled her fingers out and rubbed her clit hard, spreading her juice around her mound.

The Shoe Sales Girl

lesbian maxxmann81 2018-05-12

The young girls hands slid over her foot as Cindy worked the sizing machine. Cindy finished measuring, looked up and said, "Seven and ..." there was a pause as Cindy stared at the exposed pussy of her older customer. Brenda could hear the vacuum only a few aisles away and moaned slightly as Cindy's hand moved above her knee and began working on her thigh. Tammy stopped dead in her tracks as she watched Cindy lean forward and replaced her fingers with her tongue on Brenda's love button. Tammy lifted Brenda's skirt and her hands massaged Brenda's exposed ass. Brenda took Cindy by the hand and looked sweetly at her young lover's face.

Afternoon Delight

lesbian Mmmsweet 2018-04-15

Before she could protest though, Alana released one of her wrists and used her free hand to yank Sophie's bra and halter down; freeing her hard brown nipples into the cool air of the pantry. "I'm going to make the pussy spurt." Alana whispered "And then you're going to lick your cream right off my fingers, you hear me?" Without warning she jammed her thumb into Sophie's sopping wet pussy and began to finger fuck her hard and fast. Alana pushed Sophie's head downward towards the bench with her free hand, forcing her to kneel with her ass in the air. She felt Alana grab the back of her neck to hold her still while she fucked the rest of the cock into Sophie with long hard strokes.

Humbling Ch. 10: Housewarming, an Epilogue

lesbian pacifist91w 2018-03-31

My voice faltered and not just because Hei Sook's talented hand had slid beneath the waist of my pajama pants and begun to softly stroke my lips. Yelena had hardly turned toward her other guests when Hei Sook stood on her tiptoes and whispered to me, "Do you remember where the bathroom is?" But as she nursed, Hei Sook slid her hands to my thighs and lifted my skirt. As soon as I started coming down from the peak, Hei Sook moved her hands and painfully tweaked my erect nipples. Hei Sook stood with her back against the door of the little room and switched on the light. "I'm a little surprised that you wrote about that time," Hei Sook told me.

Watching the Midnight Romp

lesbian AmberBlack 2018-02-25

The girl cupped her breasts gently, kissing down my roommates chest, moving her way down to lovingly suck on each perfect little nipple. She needed them gently as she sucked softly, my roommate stroking her hair, eyes closed as she enjoyed the warmth and pleasure of this girl's mouth. But before she reached it, she moved down between her legs, and starting at the knee, and slowly began kissing up my roommates beautiful tan thigh. I gently began to finger myself as I continued watching my roommate being pleasured in the mirror. As I came down from the greatest orgasm I'd ever experienced, I watched the girl come up, her face glistening with my roommate's juices, and kiss her gently.

Fun in the Garden

lesbian crazysexychica 2018-02-02

I slowly walked over to her and slid my hand under her bikini as my fingers went straight to her wet slit, sliding between her lips easily to rub her clit and push a finger inside her tight pussy. I stood up, leaned forward and grabbed her long hair, wrapped it around my hand and pulled her head back as I continued to fuck her ass and cunt harder. With four fingers fucking her tight little asshole and her hair still wrapped around my other hand, I buried my face in her cunt and sucked her clit as hard as I could.

Annie and Sam

lesbian sunofessex 2017-11-07

She was just settling back to her book when the phone went again, it was the mystery number and it was a message saying " I am bored and thought I would text a random number and see if anyone replied!" it was signed Sam xx She reached over and put the phone back in her bag and lay down again feeling the heat on her body, knowing that her book was calling her and she was eager to find out what was going to happen next and whether the woman in the book would be found out. She lay, her breathing hurried, her heart beating and began to slowly come down from the high that she had just felt whilst taking her fingers into her mouth once more and tasting the sweet juice from her pussy.

Meet Me in the Dressing Room

lesbian Mmmsweet 2017-11-01

Sophie turned from the display she'd been looking at to see Alana Andrews standing there with an incredulous but wide grin on her face. The door wasn't shut all the way and I figured it would easier if I was in here instead of you shouting over the wall." Sophie watched Alana's eyes take in her state of undress. I was just surprised when I heard the door open." She turned to face the hooks on the wall of the fitting room while Alana walked to the mirror. Sophie peeked out the corner of her eye again and saw that now Alana was looking over her shoulder at her own ass in the mirror.