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My College Friends

lesbian Jennyxxx 2018-11-19

Ginny stood in the doorway; she was still wet from her shower, a hand gently stroking her mound, her pussy lips, red and swollen, were parted slightly I could see her wet slit glistening from her juice. Ginny lifted her head from my stiff nipples, she then pulled her fingers out of my wet hole and brought them up to her mouth and licked them clean. Ginny used both hands to open my sex, giving her tongue better access to my wanting hole, she started to dart her tongue quickly in and out of my throbbing, tight pussy hole. Ginny rubbed at my hard clit, her fingers sliding easily over my cum soaked pussy, I could feel my orgasm approaching, I held her head forcing her deeper and deeper into me.

Poolside Romp - Part 2

lesbian itsasecret22 2018-11-19

I wanted her tit in my mouth and to suckle away at her nipple.  I’d started out the evening swimming naked, then fingering myself and fucking the spa jet. Her hands slid down under the water and squeezed my ass, pulling my hips towards hers. ”I want more though.” I pushed her towards the top step and down so she sat in the water. I pushed her back and pashed her again, still rubbing and playing with her tits. “You want to titty fuck me Callie?” she asked, breaking for a breath. She pulled my nipples and slapped my tits. “You like that?” I pulled her hand away and our cunts mashed together, our clits rubbing.

Paula, My Little Scottish Playmate - Chapter Three

lesbian Poppet 2018-11-18

She rolls a bit, giving me better access, and I suck hard on her wonderful nipple. She giggles, knowing which toy I picked, and begins a nice pace with me. I feel just how wet her panties are and know she’s telling the truth. My fingers never stop with her though and she joins in not a moment later, and comes just as hard for me. My world spins faster, between the alcohol pumping through me, the heady feeling for Paula, and my need to orgasm consumes me. I want to come hard for her and she begins to demand it. I can’t help but love it, she knows my trigger points, my weak spots, and uses them against me at the perfect times.

Wildgirl Comes To College

lesbian kirawildgirl 2018-11-18

A half hour later I looked up to see both Sophia and Masuko peeking over their covers, mouths open as they watched my hand slurping around inside my panties. “I’d love to taste each of you.” My hand kept pleasuring my pussy, turning me into supercharged bundle of tingling excitement. Across from us, Masuko was sitting on edge of her upper bunk, mouth open and watching. Sophia backed down my chest, sitting on my hips as Masuko climbed onto my face. Masuko ground herself onto my mouth and tongue more urgently as Sophie began nibbling on my clit. It didn’t stop until Masuko came, a jiggling and jerking mass of emptying pussy juice all over my mouth.

Mirror, Mirror

lesbian coranglais 2018-11-18

Maia worked her way down Halsey’s torso, planting brief kisses at random places. Maia looked up from her pleasure, “I know.” She smiled, “I was counting on it.” She went back to her activities, moving down from from Halsey’s navel to her mons, and its sparse covering of blond pubic hair. By this, time between Halsey’s previous efforts on Maia and Maia’s attentions to Halsey, the room was redolent of sexual arousal. Halsey wrapped her arms around Maia, and kissed her. Halsey broke the kiss, saying, “Maia, I’d love to go again, but it’s late and we’ve got the faculty meeting tomorrow,” she glanced over at the clock, “no, this morning. “I didn’t bring anything like that,” Halsey said, nodding at Maia.

Fantastic Photo Session Part 2

lesbian der_adler09 2018-11-17

The video camera captures Nat’s head moving back and forth on Heather’s chest, her nipples tight and swollen, needing constant attention. After giving Nat a taste of her own medicine Heather slides her hand slowly up and down Natalie’s inner thighs, gently stroking her twat as she goes from one to the other. As Heather begins to coo and wiggle to meet Nat’s lips, Natalie continues holding Heather’s hands with one of her own, but takes the other and places it between Heather’s legs. Nat rotates around to Heather’s side and places Heather’s hand firmly on her own neglected breast, squeezing her nipple so Heather knows what she wants. Natalie releases Heather’s nipple and reaches between her own legs and starts to play with her own clit as Heather continues to fuck her from below.

A Getaway to Remember - Part Three

lesbian elude 2018-11-17

I could see Jessica out of the corner of my eye, squirming in her seat, biting her deep red lips so hard she was nearly drawing blood while her hand gripped the edge of her chair as she tried to control her breath. Without any encouragement, Jessica slipped down between my legs, clamped her lips around my clit, sucking greedily on my little bud, while licking it in circles and flicking it with her tongue. Her eyes closed as her right hand moved down to her pussy and she began to rub her clit, sighing and moaning with every movement. Damn, my own pussy was getting wetter and wetter from listening to her moans, throbbing fiercely and needing to cum badly, but Jessica just fucked my face harder and harder.

Room 769

lesbian TeilaWolfe 2018-11-17

She does as she’s told and takes one of Marcy’s nipples into her mouth and starts to suck on it making the woman moan. Bianca writhes and moans at the sexy woman’s expert touch, feeling Marcy’s tongue flick against her clit over and over drawing her to intense heights of pleasure. Bianca withdraws her hand and looking Marcy in the eyes, brings her fingers to her lips and sucks them, tasting Marcy’s juices. Bianca is about to orgasm again when Marcy stops and turns her body around, pressing her extremely wet pussy into Bianca’s face. They 69 for ages, both enjoying eating the other out when finally Marcy cums all over Bianca’s face with a gigantic moan as Bianca also feels herself travel over the edge into her own orgasm.

The Club Ch. 03

lesbian celticbtrfly 2018-11-15

I groaned as I felt her mouth move from my neck to my breast as her hand slid down my body and gently pulled my legs apart a little. After several minutes like this (which felt like an eternity), Ana began sliding three fingers in and out of my dripping pussy, twisting and curving so that she was rubbing against my g-spot as she wrapped her lips around my clit, sucking and thrashing my clit with her tongue. I heard Ana's breathing changed as her hips started bucking back against my mouth and fingers, and moved the hand fucking her faster, twisting to rub against her g spot.

One Night Stand

lesbian captnjac 2018-11-15

A couple of minutes later she came out and again turning her back to the window, spread her legs wide, bent down and placed the ice bucket full of water next to the shaving gear. A sense of frustration came over her face and she brought her free hand up to the phone and tapped it and then holding it horizontally leaned over and said something in it and then she placed it on the towel in between her legs. Small breasts with large nipples and a strip of red hair above an otherwise shaved pussy, she straddled the brunette and started to rub her clit. Just like the brunette, she thrust fingers in her pussy and grabbed hold of her clit and pulled left and right.

Her Neighbor’s Games Ch. 2

lesbian ChrissieLecker 2018-11-15

"Know what, I’ll just come over in the afternoon and we can talk more." Helen felt a bit knocked over by the girl’s enthusiasm, but then Lisa’s eyes took on a strange gleam. "You know," the girl said slowly, "what I like most in this shop?" And without waiting for an answer, she snatched a huge cucumber from the shelve and pressed it against Helens body, leaving her no choice but to clutch it to herself. "Nobody knows the details, but the husband of Erica’s friend knows someone from the national supervisory board, and he said that each time she was expelled, a teacher was also dismissed." Miranda paused, and her eyes narrowed, telling Helen that she had saved the punch line for last.

Humiliated - Part 1

lesbian Vita 2018-11-14

I had been so embarrassed that I wanted to die, but like lightning with a straight line bolt from my brain to my pussy, I’d come right there in front of her, so hard that for the first time in my life my juices had squirted out of my pussy. “Now tell me what you want or I will make you cum in front of the whole restaurant.” I can’t even begin to think what to say as her fingers rub briskly back and forth over my clit and my quickly dampening panties. Nikki grasps the back of my head and pulls me in towards her, burying my tongue deep in her pussy and pressing my nose hard against the soft hair of her mons.

Open 3: Open Eyes

lesbian Verbal 2018-11-13

And then some tiny change in the air, an errant breeze from the open window perhaps, or a hint of music spilling from the adjoining room, maybe a ray of moonlight glancing onto the bed at the exact correct angle: whatever the cause this delicate balance between them gently tipped on its honeyed fulcrum, the woman opened her mouth to form a large silent O, crying out mutely, her back arching and twisting like a fish as her legs scissored around her hand.  The sight of her bliss vaulted the girl into the same orgasmic heavens, feeling the tunnel of mirrors in the eyes of the woman shatter into a kaleidoscope, a passage of pure color and changing shape.  Her body rocked and shuddered.  The tremendous churn of her muscles and spark of her nerves were belied by the outward reaction of her body, as she silently shivered, once, twice, three times.  She let out a tiny feline cry and was still.    

Lonely Wives Find Love

lesbian IRonMan78 2018-11-13

Just to tease Brenda, Kari reached down to her pussy with her right hand and began running her index finger along her wet slit, then bringing her finger up to her mouth and licking it off. Brenda could see that Kari’s pussy was extremely wet, and Kari was running her right index finger up the length of her slit pausing to rub her clit a few times. Brenda inserted her index and middle fingers into Kari’s steaming pussy and began fucking Kari with her hand, using her thumb to stimulate Kari’s clit. “I wanted to bury my face in your pussy and eat you.” Brenda responded as she looked Kari’s eyes and licked Kari juices from her fingers and hand.

Sil, my roommate

lesbian fetishdoll 2018-11-12

She had me locked to her and then, suddenly, she pulled away from my mouth and started to lick my face, running her wet tongue all across my nose and eyes! Desire and I watched each other as Sil worked her tongue back between my slick little pink pussy lips. I started to grind my pussy into her face and Sil pressed hard against my clit with her tongue. I lay on my stomach beside Sil, my legs open so Desire could see my swollen and juicy little pussy. Sil was slowly moving her hand over the soft skin of my exposed and wanting ass.

Lactating Hot Wife - Chapter 6 - Lori's Seduction

lesbian submissivemom72 2018-11-11

Slowly, Lori moved her hands lower, down past my navel and placed the very tips of her fingers inside the waistband of my bikini panties, teasing my sensitive skin with her touch. I looked over at Chris and Glenn, and mouthed "I love you to" both of them as Lori continued to touch me, moving her fingers lower at an agonizingly slow rate. I could feel my face, neck and shoulders burning from the embarrassment of becoming so aroused at her touch in front of my male audience. I felt like a little girl who was being very naughty, but simply could not stop herself from continuing to do it despite being exposed in front of a room full of men.

Thank You Heels

lesbian Audrey_X 2018-11-11

I was good at my job and thought the time had come to try to move up the ladder. You’re looking very cute today by the way, I love your hair.” Her voice was like a rich velvet fabric caressing my naked skin. Some parts of me had died living that way but then again a little of me died every day in that office, staring at that screen, doing my menial work while trembling lest this haughty queen become displeased with me. I heard two more chattering ladies come in, my face pressed to the cold metal door. She looked just like a whore now with pink and blue panties in her mouth.

Homecoming meal

lesbian Jennyxxx 2018-11-11

Cassie, had her eyes closed, she was grinding herself onto Jenny's toes and then she slowly slid her hand down between her spread thighs, feeling her wetness that had been spread over her smooth mound by Jenny's toes, she moved her finger along her wet slit and then up to her throbbing clit. Jenny came hard, she was pinching her own nipples as one of Cassie's fingers fucked her hot wet pussy and her mouth gently biting her clit, her juices started to flow, she could feel the wetness soaking her thighs, she was finding it hard to stand her legs becoming weak, she had to steady herself against the wall as her orgasm finally subsided.

Girls on the Nudist Beach

lesbian naughtyannie 2018-11-10

It’s a Thursday, and by rights we should all be studying like the good girls we aren’t; Kate at her History lectures; Jess at a Geography seminar; Lizzie swotting for a Chemistry practical; and me researching for my essay on the Lake Poets (yawn). Her nipples suddenly go hard, and she lets out a little gasp, thrusting her body back against mine, pushing her bum into my crotch against my naked pussy.  I raise my arms so she can pull my shirt off over my head; we’re both topless; we kiss hard, our bare breasts crushing against each other; her nipples against mine; our bodies rubbing together roughly. I’m thrashing about, grinding my pussy into her hand, as she comes too, releasing streams of cum juices that splash out over my face, dribbling over me.

There Is Always Another Train. Part 2

lesbian DoctorBlue 2018-11-09

“See how wet she makes me Marco,” she said as she fingered herself and brought it up for him to look at. “Deborah loves to eat my pussy…Marco do you like to eat pussy?” she asked him as she licked her finger clean. She turned to me and said “Take off your robe and show him your pussy my love.” “Stay exactly where you are Marco, hold her head and legs, lean forward and enjoy her sweetness,” she said, “Watch, like this.” As well as him licking my pussy hole, Chantel had her finger in my ass, gently thrusting it in and out. As he pulled his trousers up Chantel laughed and buried her head into my pussy.

All Play and No Work

lesbian Candles 2018-11-08

Feeling an abnormal gush between her legs as Taeria bit her bottom lip sexily and swayed easily around the desk to reach Tiffany, she quickly stepped into the black harness that was connected to the rubber cock. "Oh no, you don't," Taeria spat after breaking the kiss, and Tiffany reflexively wrapped her legs around her girlfriend's waist, cock pushing deeper inside of her hot, dripping pussy, and her head was thrown back with an impossibly loud groan. Tiffany's body shuddered hard, toes curling against the carpet and hands pressing hard against the window, head dipping down and to the side to give Taeria more room to lick and suck on her neck.

One Suite Cruise Pt. 2

lesbian Belthazor 2018-11-08

She turned to me and, removing the cigarette from my lips, took a drag on it and kissed me deeply, slowly exhaling the smoke into my mouth as her tongue found mine, her hand gliding up the inside of my thigh. I moaned into her mouth and exhaled the smoke as she pulled away, looking around and realizing that -as her hand travelled up my leg, already completely under the hem of my sundress -we were out in the open and in a very public location. We kissed deeply and as soon as my head stopped spinning, I pulled my mouth away from her's and kissed my way down her body to her wet pussy, licking and kissing at her soft lips.

Seducing Cindy

lesbian submissivemom72 2018-11-07

"Let's get you ready for the hot tub, Cindy," I said as I took the plastic cup of wine from her hand and set it on the dresser. I turned her toward the mirror and standing behind her reached up and unzipped her dress.  Robert and Gary watched in amazement as I humped against the strong, pulsating stream of water as Cindy pushed behind me, holding me in place, bracing me and forcing my vagina into the pulsating stream. The sensuality of my orgasm, my moans and cries of pleasure, and the contortions I made arching my ass backward to force Gary's hand deeper inside my cunt was too much for Cindy to witness.  I removed her nipple from my mouth and gently pushed Cindy onto her back. I kissed her again, kissed and sucked on her neck, biting it slightly. I worked my way back down to her breasts as she massaged my head and shoulders.

Rekindling Lesbian Love

lesbian JodiStarr 2018-11-07

It’s been a long time and we didn’t exactly part on the best of terms. "I like the couch, it's really soft and rich, the color and material." Maybe it's homesickness but I long for the good old days when things seemed less complicated. Almost like old times. I always think you ignited something in me that day that lingered like a drug whether I tried to ignore it or not. It’s tough but let’s try and keep it light and friendly this time." Wow, and your breasts; I always loved their soft and full feel.” “Oh my God, Sandra, your slit is so stiff and swollen and sopping wet, I can barely get my fingers in.