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Fisting Tessa at the Burlesque

lesbian KatPissinger 2018-03-05

The spectators all stared captivated at the stage where she now lay with her legs spread while her hand was rubbing across her pussy. At first I became nervous and embarrassed, but then the light headed feeling came back and the arousal, and so I reached between my legs with one hand and spread my pussy with my fingers. Suddenly I felt her fingers against my pubic hair, looking for my clit and starting to rub. Fuck yourself, you lesbian cows!" It was a glorious moment, watching her stand in the limelight like that, from below, with my hand in her twat as she proudly spread her legs and jerked off her clit.

Girls' Night Out

lesbian 82tigress 2018-03-05

All I could think about, as I waited for Jessica to show up, was her sweet little pussy. Just thinking about her sweet pussy made my mouth water and clit swell. “Mmm … my friends … there you are.” She pulled me close and, cupping my breasts, she teased each of my nipples with her tongue. “You want what?” She slapped my face and stuffed her hand down my jeans. As she probed my depths, she said, “Mmm … we’re a little wet, are we?” I nodded emphatically, as she rubbed my clit between her fingers. “Mmm so wet.” She said, as she masterfully massaged my wanton clit. I’m about to cum!” Jessica said, as she rewarded me with her pleasure.

Humiliated - Part 1

lesbian Vita 2018-03-04

I had been so embarrassed that I wanted to die, but like lightning with a straight line bolt from my brain to my pussy, I’d come right there in front of her, so hard that for the first time in my life my juices had squirted out of my pussy. “Now tell me what you want or I will make you cum in front of the whole restaurant.” I can’t even begin to think what to say as her fingers rub briskly back and forth over my clit and my quickly dampening panties. Nikki grasps the back of my head and pulls me in towards her, burying my tongue deep in her pussy and pressing my nose hard against the soft hair of her mons.

Her Neighbor's Games Ch. 3

lesbian ChrissieLecker 2018-03-02

“I’ll allow you to rub your dirty pussy against my toes,” Lisa said softly, “but before I do that for you, you have to do something for me.” She stared intensely into the older woman’s eyes and licked her lips, almost giggling as she noticed the small tremors rippling across Helen’s neck and shoulders. At first, Lisa had to coax each answer from her older neighbor, who was all too aware of the strange situation with her breasts still bare, but after some time, Helen managed to relax, and they spent the next few hours talking animatedly. “Let me see,” Lisa tilted her head back and thought hard, biting her lower lip, the image one of absolute cuteness, “I might tell you to let Jen stick her fingers in your pussy.” Helen gasped.

The Pond

lesbian sassys 2018-03-02

Brad continues watching the scene before him as Britt turns around and, still sitting on the Tina’s back, she starts rubbing lotion up and down her legs, paying special attention to her ass cheeks hanging out the bottom of her bikini. Meanwhile, Britt starts panting and whimpering as Tina kisses her way down Britt’s body stopping to let her tongue swirl in and out of her navel, toying with her piercing. Chelsea grabs Annie’s face and kisses Annie; she grins down at Britt and says, “Mmmmmm, you do taste yummy.” Tina’s lets out a moan, followed by a high pitch squeal as she starts coming on her and Chelsea’s entwined fingers, still moving in and out of her pussy making squishy sounds.

Paint and Pictures

lesbian Rembacher 2018-03-02

Hannah’s back arched with May’s subtle use of teeth on her breast causing Dave to switch his focus to capture the pleasure in her face before zooming out and taking a picture of the entire scene once again. Looking at his pictures after the fact Dave swore that Hannah’s ass had lifted almost a foot off the bed, during some of her thrusts, and yet May’s mouth stayed right over Hannah’s clit, her tongue swirling over the little nub. Dave wanted to take a picture of her facial expressions as well, but decided to wait, as the sight of Hannah’s tongue extending to circle May’s nipple was too much to resist.

Wrist-Deep In The Cunt Hole - My Shy Friend Maria

lesbian Kathrin 2018-03-02

I forgot the crowd around us and only felt the beat, Maria's hands and her lips, as they started kissing my pubic hair. Surprised, I wanted to turn around to see, when Maria inserted a finger into my pussy and began fucking. I reached for Maria's hand and pulled it out while I grabbed her hair and pressed her face into my bush. Maria continued to rub and finally spread her legs to give me a good look at her pussy. Then she pulled her butt cheeks and labia apart with both hands and I looked deep into her twat. Look at my cunt how she comes!" Hastily I made some more pictures when she reared up, rubbing her clit as the knob slid out of her.

My College Friends

lesbian Jennyxxx 2018-03-01

Ginny stood in the doorway; she was still wet from her shower, a hand gently stroking her mound, her pussy lips, red and swollen, were parted slightly I could see her wet slit glistening from her juice. Ginny lifted her head from my stiff nipples, she then pulled her fingers out of my wet hole and brought them up to her mouth and licked them clean. Ginny used both hands to open my sex, giving her tongue better access to my wanting hole, she started to dart her tongue quickly in and out of my throbbing, tight pussy hole. Ginny rubbed at my hard clit, her fingers sliding easily over my cum soaked pussy, I could feel my orgasm approaching, I held her head forcing her deeper and deeper into me.

SLUTS 3: Games and Art

lesbian marie5555 2018-03-01

As Kath lay her back on the floor, it was Lynn who was first between her legs, tongue working on her as Kath rubbed harder to make Karen come more strongly, then Kath switched her grip to Karen's wrists as Ginger took over rubbing Karen's clit and she was coming again for them, and still they carried on and on until she had a helpless third climax, before they decided she had done. By the time Karen had recovered, the others had gone over to Jenny and were taking turns letting Jenny use her mouth on their hungry pussies, while one of them teased her sensitive slit with the vibe until each had come. 

Rekindling Lesbian Love

lesbian JodiStarr 2018-03-01

It’s been a long time and we didn’t exactly part on the best of terms. "I like the couch, it's really soft and rich, the color and material." Maybe it's homesickness but I long for the good old days when things seemed less complicated. Almost like old times. I always think you ignited something in me that day that lingered like a drug whether I tried to ignore it or not. It’s tough but let’s try and keep it light and friendly this time." Wow, and your breasts; I always loved their soft and full feel.” “Oh my God, Sandra, your slit is so stiff and swollen and sopping wet, I can barely get my fingers in.

The Bus Ride and Meeting My New Client

lesbian Joanna86 2018-02-27

I continued pulling and pinching my left nipple as hard as I could as her fingers slipped effortlessly into my pussy and started to move in and out slowly. I felt Alex fumbling with her left hand at the fabric of my skirt until her fingers were teasing my pussy again. I knew she’d cum in seconds if I continued teasing her but just as I started to move my fingertips harder and faster, she pulled away, turning to open the door to her office. I tried as hard as I could to focus on making Alex cum, teasing her clit as fast as possible with my tongue but the sensations radiating through my body were making it almost impossible.

The Set-Up

lesbian AlexForemen 2018-02-27

It was when I envisioned that Ginger was sitting on my face with my tongue buried deep inside of her pussy, and April and Patti were sucking and gently biting my nipples, and Bobbie was penetrating my ass with her strap-on, pumping it in and out of me, that my orgasm let loose like a dam that just opened. Bobbie looked at me, and then held her huge tits in her hands and said, “Kristin, I've only got a couple of minutes, give my girls some loving.” After I kissed Ginger, she took it a step further and said, “Girl, you look so fucking hot I want to eat you right here!” After I came, Ginger, Patti, and Bobbie each got down and took turns licking, tonguing, lapping, and loving my pussy.

Paris Trip Part Four

lesbian Portia2366 2018-02-27

I even thought that I saw a sudden suspicion come over her face and was as relieved as she seemed to be when we both spotted that right behind us, in our section of the floor, was a row of cubicles with wooden doors - no room for me to pull back a curtain at an embarrassing moment or anything. Instead, her yelp assured her of everyone’s attention before she bent over to pull and struggle with the scrap of skirt she could get hold of, giving the fitting room congregation (and right the way across to some in the furniture department on the other side of the floor) a full view of her perfectly round ass, covered by a tightly stretched web of purple lace with tiny purple silk flowers stitched all over.

Poolside Romp - Part 2

lesbian itsasecret22 2018-02-26

I wanted her tit in my mouth and to suckle away at her nipple.  I’d started out the evening swimming naked, then fingering myself and fucking the spa jet. Her hands slid down under the water and squeezed my ass, pulling my hips towards hers. ”I want more though.” I pushed her towards the top step and down so she sat in the water. I pushed her back and pashed her again, still rubbing and playing with her tits. “You want to titty fuck me Callie?” she asked, breaking for a breath. She pulled my nipples and slapped my tits. “You like that?” I pulled her hand away and our cunts mashed together, our clits rubbing.

A Late Night Call

lesbian BradLee 2018-02-24

“I dream of sinking my fingers deep into your wet pussy in a crowded lift as we travel upward, and feeling you shudder in silent climax as you try desperately not to cry out.” “I dream of making you paint my toenails while a roomful of men watch, wondering if we’re lovers, dreaming of us naked, grinding our pussies together. I make you kneel down with your legs so wide that your pussy lips almost touch the white tiled floor. “No. I pull my short skirt up around my hips, and fuck myself with a big pink dildo while I watch you soak. “I’m wearing a tight rubber dress which shows each of my curves perfectly and I’m holding a lighted candle.

Paris Trip - Part Six

lesbian Portia2366 2018-02-22

Then she walked over and sat on the side of her bed and asked me if pulling down her pants had turned me on. I don’t know how it came about but, I was lying face down on a bed with my trousers round my ankles, my pale pink cotton panties with white lace edges and white flowers and white lacy transparent front panel rolled down my thighs, having my bottom spanked firmly. She had taken her shirt off altogether and was sitting on the bed in her black trousers and purple lacy bra with satin side panels. I was standing in my tight short white T-shirt with my pink panties pulled and rolled down my thighs at the back and my trousers around my ankles.

Andee Goes Away With Lauren

lesbian Andee 2018-02-22

As I watched her ass make its way through the drink line-up, this man’s voice came from behind me, “I thought I might see a couple of sexy women here tonight.” I turned around to see Bryan, the sales rep that comes into our pharmacy a fair bit. I'm not sure if it was the several drinks I had already had, or maybe that I was enjoying finally being included in Lauren's flirtation, but instead of pulling my skirt back down in embarrassment, I remained bent over, and looked back at Bryan. "I think she's hoping for a little action now that she's been paroled from her husband and kids," Lauren said, with a mischievous tone in her voice. Bryan seemed to enjoy watching as Lauren's hand continued to lightly caress my ass.

All Play and No Work

lesbian Candles 2018-02-22

Feeling an abnormal gush between her legs as Taeria bit her bottom lip sexily and swayed easily around the desk to reach Tiffany, she quickly stepped into the black harness that was connected to the rubber cock. "Oh no, you don't," Taeria spat after breaking the kiss, and Tiffany reflexively wrapped her legs around her girlfriend's waist, cock pushing deeper inside of her hot, dripping pussy, and her head was thrown back with an impossibly loud groan. Tiffany's body shuddered hard, toes curling against the carpet and hands pressing hard against the window, head dipping down and to the side to give Taeria more room to lick and suck on her neck.

The Club Ch. 03

lesbian celticbtrfly 2018-02-21

I groaned as I felt her mouth move from my neck to my breast as her hand slid down my body and gently pulled my legs apart a little. After several minutes like this (which felt like an eternity), Ana began sliding three fingers in and out of my dripping pussy, twisting and curving so that she was rubbing against my g-spot as she wrapped her lips around my clit, sucking and thrashing my clit with her tongue. I heard Ana's breathing changed as her hips started bucking back against my mouth and fingers, and moved the hand fucking her faster, twisting to rub against her g spot.

Going Down

lesbian Saucymh 2018-02-21

“Ah-ha!” Marsha twirled a finger and pointed it at Amy. “You know who I am.” Amy’s cries stuck in her throat as Marsha’s soft, ruby lips squashed against her mouth, kissing her hard. When Marsha broke the kiss and pulled away, Amy stared at her, unblinking. In fact,” she inched closer, plump lips brushing Amy’s cheek, “I’d like to kiss you again… maybe touch that sweet little body of yours.” Marsha rolled her eyes, “Amy, beautiful Amy, seize the moment, live life dangerously. Heart pounding, Amy lifted Marsha’s chin and kissed her again. “They got it going then turned the power off again.” Marsha shot Amy a sideways glance.

Smile for the Camera Ch2

lesbian ShadyLadyJulie 2018-02-21

"Get your toy like you showed Helga," Pete instructed, his excitement growing as Sophie's hands moved away, giving him a wonderful view of his wife's open pussy. To his surprise Pete found himself getting hard again, and started to work his cum coated cock as Helga moved her hand in and out of his wife's pussy. Helga laughed and said as she stroked Sophie hair, "Your husband is masturbating while watching you lick my pussy, does that excite you?"  Sophie's reply was muffled but from the way Helga moaned Pete knew that she had renewed her efforts on Helga's pussy. Helga's face screwed up and contorted as her orgasm overtook her body.

There Is Always Another Train. Part 2

lesbian DoctorBlue 2018-02-20

“See how wet she makes me Marco,” she said as she fingered herself and brought it up for him to look at. “Deborah loves to eat my pussy…Marco do you like to eat pussy?” she asked him as she licked her finger clean. She turned to me and said “Take off your robe and show him your pussy my love.” “Stay exactly where you are Marco, hold her head and legs, lean forward and enjoy her sweetness,” she said, “Watch, like this.” As well as him licking my pussy hole, Chantel had her finger in my ass, gently thrusting it in and out. As he pulled his trousers up Chantel laughed and buried her head into my pussy.

One Suite Cruise Pt. 2

lesbian Belthazor 2018-02-20

She turned to me and, removing the cigarette from my lips, took a drag on it and kissed me deeply, slowly exhaling the smoke into my mouth as her tongue found mine, her hand gliding up the inside of my thigh. I moaned into her mouth and exhaled the smoke as she pulled away, looking around and realizing that -as her hand travelled up my leg, already completely under the hem of my sundress -we were out in the open and in a very public location. We kissed deeply and as soon as my head stopped spinning, I pulled my mouth away from her's and kissed my way down her body to her wet pussy, licking and kissing at her soft lips.

Her Neighbor’s Games Ch. 4

lesbian ChrissieLecker 2018-02-20

A muffled cry filled the room when two hands pushed down hard on her shoulders and the cucumber was shoved roughly even deeper into Helen’s pussy, the tip touching something deep inside her. She couldn’t understand what the girl was doing to her, how she was doing it, but looking up at Lisa’s angelic face, seeing the hopeful smile playing over her sweet lips and the flush of arousal on her cheeks, any leftover resistance crumbled to dust. "Miranda," Jen cut her off and put emphasis of her mother’s name, "thinks that I’m with another girl from my class from outside of town." She gripped Helens chin and made her look directly into her narrowed eyes.