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Going Down

lesbian Saucymh 2018-12-04

“Ah-ha!” Marsha twirled a finger and pointed it at Amy. “You know who I am.” Amy’s cries stuck in her throat as Marsha’s soft, ruby lips squashed against her mouth, kissing her hard. When Marsha broke the kiss and pulled away, Amy stared at her, unblinking. In fact,” she inched closer, plump lips brushing Amy’s cheek, “I’d like to kiss you again… maybe touch that sweet little body of yours.” Marsha rolled her eyes, “Amy, beautiful Amy, seize the moment, live life dangerously. Heart pounding, Amy lifted Marsha’s chin and kissed her again. “They got it going then turned the power off again.” Marsha shot Amy a sideways glance.

Paris Trip Part Four

lesbian Portia2366 2018-12-03

I even thought that I saw a sudden suspicion come over her face and was as relieved as she seemed to be when we both spotted that right behind us, in our section of the floor, was a row of cubicles with wooden doors - no room for me to pull back a curtain at an embarrassing moment or anything. Instead, her yelp assured her of everyone’s attention before she bent over to pull and struggle with the scrap of skirt she could get hold of, giving the fitting room congregation (and right the way across to some in the furniture department on the other side of the floor) a full view of her perfectly round ass, covered by a tightly stretched web of purple lace with tiny purple silk flowers stitched all over.

Fantastic Photo Session Part 2

lesbian der_adler09 2018-12-03

The video camera captures Nat’s head moving back and forth on Heather’s chest, her nipples tight and swollen, needing constant attention. After giving Nat a taste of her own medicine Heather slides her hand slowly up and down Natalie’s inner thighs, gently stroking her twat as she goes from one to the other. As Heather begins to coo and wiggle to meet Nat’s lips, Natalie continues holding Heather’s hands with one of her own, but takes the other and places it between Heather’s legs. Nat rotates around to Heather’s side and places Heather’s hand firmly on her own neglected breast, squeezing her nipple so Heather knows what she wants. Natalie releases Heather’s nipple and reaches between her own legs and starts to play with her own clit as Heather continues to fuck her from below.

Ellis the Warrior Girl - Chapter Three

lesbian Katalyst 2018-12-02

A bubble slime.” He waves a hand, and suddenly a small, pink vial appears in his palm. He keeps going, palm pressing against my clit and I’m already so close, the water in the fountain looks close to boiling over. Two mournful blue eyes appear, forming around a gloomy-looking face that’s as transparent as the water. She lets out a choked moan and melts, and I assume that’s what a slime girl looks like when she has an orgasm. “Now, you don’t need to know that, do you?” He places the tiny vial in his pocket and begins to leave, looking at me from over his shoulder again.

Her Neighbor's Games Ch. 3

lesbian ChrissieLecker 2018-12-02

“I’ll allow you to rub your dirty pussy against my toes,” Lisa said softly, “but before I do that for you, you have to do something for me.” She stared intensely into the older woman’s eyes and licked her lips, almost giggling as she noticed the small tremors rippling across Helen’s neck and shoulders. At first, Lisa had to coax each answer from her older neighbor, who was all too aware of the strange situation with her breasts still bare, but after some time, Helen managed to relax, and they spent the next few hours talking animatedly. “Let me see,” Lisa tilted her head back and thought hard, biting her lower lip, the image one of absolute cuteness, “I might tell you to let Jen stick her fingers in your pussy.” Helen gasped.

Smile for the Camera Ch2

lesbian ShadyLadyJulie 2018-11-29

"Get your toy like you showed Helga," Pete instructed, his excitement growing as Sophie's hands moved away, giving him a wonderful view of his wife's open pussy. To his surprise Pete found himself getting hard again, and started to work his cum coated cock as Helga moved her hand in and out of his wife's pussy. Helga laughed and said as she stroked Sophie hair, "Your husband is masturbating while watching you lick my pussy, does that excite you?"  Sophie's reply was muffled but from the way Helga moaned Pete knew that she had renewed her efforts on Helga's pussy. Helga's face screwed up and contorted as her orgasm overtook her body.

Humiliated - Part 1

lesbian Vita 2018-11-28

I had been so embarrassed that I wanted to die, but like lightning with a straight line bolt from my brain to my pussy, I’d come right there in front of her, so hard that for the first time in my life my juices had squirted out of my pussy. “Now tell me what you want or I will make you cum in front of the whole restaurant.” I can’t even begin to think what to say as her fingers rub briskly back and forth over my clit and my quickly dampening panties. Nikki grasps the back of my head and pulls me in towards her, burying my tongue deep in her pussy and pressing my nose hard against the soft hair of her mons.

Irene's story - Chapter 6: Canary Isle vacation at Spice resort

lesbian submissivemom72 2018-11-28

Moments later, I did allow Oscar to fuck me, but not before I commanded him to kiss and suck my erect clitoris as Johan's sperm continued to seep from my pussy. As she massaged the very top of my inner thighs, Doris thumbs contacted my shaven vulva momentarily, making me aware of the intimate nature of her touch, but she did not attempt to penetrate me. Then she worked her way down my legs finishing with a short massage of my feet, including my soles. I looked at Oscar, Richard, Bob and Dan as Dori continue to tease my vulva and clitoris. My expectations for my week at Spice resort were to be fucked by young attractive men while Oscar watched. Dori smiled at Oscar, nodded at is rigid little boner and said, "It looks like you are all ready to go.

Lonely Wives Find Love

lesbian IRonMan78 2018-11-27

Just to tease Brenda, Kari reached down to her pussy with her right hand and began running her index finger along her wet slit, then bringing her finger up to her mouth and licking it off. Brenda could see that Kari’s pussy was extremely wet, and Kari was running her right index finger up the length of her slit pausing to rub her clit a few times. Brenda inserted her index and middle fingers into Kari’s steaming pussy and began fucking Kari with her hand, using her thumb to stimulate Kari’s clit. “I wanted to bury my face in your pussy and eat you.” Brenda responded as she looked Kari’s eyes and licked Kari juices from her fingers and hand.

Fisting Tessa at the Burlesque

lesbian KatPissinger 2018-11-26

The spectators all stared captivated at the stage where she now lay with her legs spread while her hand was rubbing across her pussy. At first I became nervous and embarrassed, but then the light headed feeling came back and the arousal, and so I reached between my legs with one hand and spread my pussy with my fingers. Suddenly I felt her fingers against my pubic hair, looking for my clit and starting to rub. Fuck yourself, you lesbian cows!" It was a glorious moment, watching her stand in the limelight like that, from below, with my hand in her twat as she proudly spread her legs and jerked off her clit.

The Shopping Trip - Rachael’s Story Chapter Two

lesbian bluetattoo 2018-11-26

Alex drove her Mini Cooper to the Underground station at Newbury Park where we caught the tube to Oxford Circus and hit the shops. “Alex look, a vibrating love egg with a wireless remote control.” I said with excitement in my voice. "I’ll bet we can’t get home before I make you orgasm with the egg, or we get found out.” Alex suggested mischievously. We hadn’t gone far when Alex flicked the remote control and the egg sent ultra light vibrations inside me. Alex flicked the remote stopping the ultra light vibrations and the egg fell silent. As the train pulled into Gants Hill station Alex switched the egg off for the last time.

Smile for the Camera

lesbian ShadyLadyJulie 2018-11-24

"Just tell them the truth," Pete laughed, "that you fantasize about having your pussy licked by another woman and that you get turned on by the thought of licking another woman to a climax." Sophie swallowed nervously as he went on, "and if you really them, click and put on a show for her" as he nodded to the array of various sized dildos and vibrators lined up next to the screen. Gently rub that clit imagining it was my tongue licking softly." Pete watched his wife in silence switching his gaze between her open pussy on screen and looking at the monitors so he could see the total rapture that was etched on her face.


lesbian ChrissieLecker 2018-11-23

Somehow I had developed a fixation on what I couldn’t have, and lonely days of trying to make time go by at the mall had turned into regular excursions into clothes shops and lingerie stores where I would eye and touch the garments and dream of being just as womanly as the other customers. When the fingers were right in front of my mouth, my lips parted on their own volition and - for the first time in my life - I tasted my own juices. Her other hand extended towards my pulsing pussy, and then two fingers slowly pushed their way inside me. Her movements grew in intensity and speed, and every time her fingers buried themselves so deep inside me, ripples of pleasure traveled up my tummy.

Perfect Club, No.1

lesbian kirawildgirl 2018-11-23

“Well, I know a place where it’s all the sex you can handle, provided you don’t mind some men around.” Donny grimaced. Donny arrived a bit early in black tights, pull-over sweater and boots. “Your drink, ma’am.” The bartender smiled and handed what looked like a martini to the woman beside me. When the drinks came, Rachel peeled off her shirt to reveal a demi-bra that held her breasts like a platform, above which the nipples projected proud and hard. One woman on her hands and knees had her head buried in a black girl’s cunt while a tiny Asian girl in panties was fist-fucking her. Another girl dripping juices crawled over to the Asian, pulled her panties down her hips and began playing with her pussy.

Mirror, Mirror

lesbian coranglais 2018-11-23

Maia worked her way down Halsey’s torso, planting brief kisses at random places. Maia looked up from her pleasure, “I know.” She smiled, “I was counting on it.” She went back to her activities, moving down from from Halsey’s navel to her mons, and its sparse covering of blond pubic hair. By this, time between Halsey’s previous efforts on Maia and Maia’s attentions to Halsey, the room was redolent of sexual arousal. Halsey wrapped her arms around Maia, and kissed her. Halsey broke the kiss, saying, “Maia, I’d love to go again, but it’s late and we’ve got the faculty meeting tomorrow,” she glanced over at the clock, “no, this morning. “I didn’t bring anything like that,” Halsey said, nodding at Maia.

Wrist-Deep in the Cunt Hole - Fisting Tessa at the Burlesque

lesbian Kathrin 2018-11-23

At the high point of the show she was completely naked and was squirming on the stage, clearly making masturbatory gestures, while on opposite sides of the stage two other actresses stood and sang "won't nobody come to help?" The spotlights turned from the stage to the audience and back again. The spectators all stared captivated at the stage where she now lay with her legs spread while her hand was rubbing across her pussy. At first I became nervous and embarrassed, but then the light-headed feeling came back and the arousal, and so I reached between my legs with one hand and spread my pussy with my fingers. Suddenly I felt her fingers against my pubic hair, looking for my clit and starting to rub.

A Late Night Call

lesbian BradLee 2018-11-21

“I dream of sinking my fingers deep into your wet pussy in a crowded lift as we travel upward, and feeling you shudder in silent climax as you try desperately not to cry out.” “I dream of making you paint my toenails while a roomful of men watch, wondering if we’re lovers, dreaming of us naked, grinding our pussies together. I make you kneel down with your legs so wide that your pussy lips almost touch the white tiled floor. “No. I pull my short skirt up around my hips, and fuck myself with a big pink dildo while I watch you soak. “I’m wearing a tight rubber dress which shows each of my curves perfectly and I’m holding a lighted candle.

Open 3: Open Eyes

lesbian Verbal 2018-11-19

And then some tiny change in the air, an errant breeze from the open window perhaps, or a hint of music spilling from the adjoining room, maybe a ray of moonlight glancing onto the bed at the exact correct angle: whatever the cause this delicate balance between them gently tipped on its honeyed fulcrum, the woman opened her mouth to form a large silent O, crying out mutely, her back arching and twisting like a fish as her legs scissored around her hand.  The sight of her bliss vaulted the girl into the same orgasmic heavens, feeling the tunnel of mirrors in the eyes of the woman shatter into a kaleidoscope, a passage of pure color and changing shape.  Her body rocked and shuddered.  The tremendous churn of her muscles and spark of her nerves were belied by the outward reaction of her body, as she silently shivered, once, twice, three times.  She let out a tiny feline cry and was still.    

Andee Goes Away With Lauren

lesbian Andee 2018-11-19

As I watched her ass make its way through the drink line-up, this man’s voice came from behind me, “I thought I might see a couple of sexy women here tonight.” I turned around to see Bryan, the sales rep that comes into our pharmacy a fair bit. I'm not sure if it was the several drinks I had already had, or maybe that I was enjoying finally being included in Lauren's flirtation, but instead of pulling my skirt back down in embarrassment, I remained bent over, and looked back at Bryan. "I think she's hoping for a little action now that she's been paroled from her husband and kids," Lauren said, with a mischievous tone in her voice. Bryan seemed to enjoy watching as Lauren's hand continued to lightly caress my ass.

Girls on the Nudist Beach

lesbian naughtyannie 2018-11-18

It’s a Thursday, and by rights we should all be studying like the good girls we aren’t; Kate at her History lectures; Jess at a Geography seminar; Lizzie swotting for a Chemistry practical; and me researching for my essay on the Lake Poets (yawn). Her nipples suddenly go hard, and she lets out a little gasp, thrusting her body back against mine, pushing her bum into my crotch against my naked pussy.  I raise my arms so she can pull my shirt off over my head; we’re both topless; we kiss hard, our bare breasts crushing against each other; her nipples against mine; our bodies rubbing together roughly. I’m thrashing about, grinding my pussy into her hand, as she comes too, releasing streams of cum juices that splash out over my face, dribbling over me.

Alicia's Sin

lesbian fetishdoll 2018-11-18

Desire snuck up behind me and before I knew what was going on she said, "Aren't you hot in this thing!?" and she unzipped me all the way down to just above my crotch. The cat suit was almost completely unzipped now and this guy I was dancing with had his cock glued to my ass crack and his hands working my tiny little breasts. "But, it looks like you are having fun." She said her eyes locked on my exposed breasts. I sat there and let them look but guys don’t know how to let a good thing be so the started crowding in and trying to push Alicia out of the way.

My College Friends

lesbian Jennyxxx 2018-11-16

Ginny stood in the doorway; she was still wet from her shower, a hand gently stroking her mound, her pussy lips, red and swollen, were parted slightly I could see her wet slit glistening from her juice. Ginny lifted her head from my stiff nipples, she then pulled her fingers out of my wet hole and brought them up to her mouth and licked them clean. Ginny used both hands to open my sex, giving her tongue better access to my wanting hole, she started to dart her tongue quickly in and out of my throbbing, tight pussy hole. Ginny rubbed at my hard clit, her fingers sliding easily over my cum soaked pussy, I could feel my orgasm approaching, I held her head forcing her deeper and deeper into me.

SLUTS 3: Games and Art

lesbian marie5555 2018-11-16

As Kath lay her back on the floor, it was Lynn who was first between her legs, tongue working on her as Kath rubbed harder to make Karen come more strongly, then Kath switched her grip to Karen's wrists as Ginger took over rubbing Karen's clit and she was coming again for them, and still they carried on and on until she had a helpless third climax, before they decided she had done. By the time Karen had recovered, the others had gone over to Jenny and were taking turns letting Jenny use her mouth on their hungry pussies, while one of them teased her sensitive slit with the vibe until each had come. 

My Lesbian Slave Martina - Drinking The Receptionist's Pee With My Hand Up Her Ass

lesbian Kathrin 2018-11-16

She nodded, then pulled herself up, one hand resting on my pelvis as she slowly rubbed my clit while her head wandered up my body, kissing and licking my skin wherever it was exposed. I looked up again and saw Giulia still standing by the door, but now with a hand down the front of her pants while the other was playing with her breast under her jacket. As I pulled my dress under my breasts, letting them fall out full and heavy, playing with my nipples as Martina went back to sucking my clit, she opened her pants and her hand went back inside. Giulia's face grew bright red as she looked down, where Martina had opened her mouth wide right at the base of her pussy, waiting patiently.