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The Pearl Of The Pacific

lesbian KatieElizabeth 2018-12-03

"Now, open my risqué one and read it to me," I added, handing Sally my second bit of paper. As much as the ties allowed, I started rotating my hips in little circles, rubbing my sex over Sally's face. The pleasure heightened even more when Sally pulled my knickers over my hips and off, then started pushing the flimsy lace material into my backside with her finger. When I reached her breasts, I started rubbing my clit over her hard nipples, with each forward push stopping teasingly short of her expectant tongue. Although it was the naughtiest desire she wanted to explore, Sally contemplated me with a look of pure disbelief which slowly turned into a brilliant smile that radiated across her face.

Go Ahead and Look

lesbian Dreamtimekittens 2018-12-02

Staring at the line between her breasts and thinking of the rest of her body had my eyes dip down to her belly button and then they continue to fall to the space between her thighs. Maybe as Pamela felt this hot squirming ache throughout her body, she would want to stop this and go back to studying. Pamela cupped her right breast in her hand while still fondling mine with her left. "Let's see if we can get you to cum a little more." I pulled away from her hand, set up on my knees and shimmied down even with her hips. Pamela's hand touch between my breast slid down my belly and she grabbed my crotch firmly.

Fresh Bedding

lesbian KatieElizabeth 2018-12-02

"Get undressed Amy and come to bed," I said softly, smiling all the time while caressing my breasts with one hand and inner thighs with the other. Amy's arms were wrapped underneath my legs with her hands reaching to my breasts, squeezing and stroking my very hard nipples as her tongue circled ever more quickly and deeply inside me. I was so turned on, my hands gripped Amy's hips, pulling her hard onto my face, wanting her to ride my tongue until she climaxed. Amy was soon in a rhythm, pushing hard onto my face while my tongue caressed and circled inside her.

A Monumental Affair

lesbian KatieElizabeth 2018-11-26

I could feel Ajei's hands slide over my hips, briefly cup the cheeks of my bum, before sliding down my thighs as she gave me the extra shove I needed to finally clamber over the horse and steady myself in the saddle. Again, Ajei's hands quickly followed, caressing and stroking over the top curve of my hips with her thumbs gently pushing below the waistline of my jeans. I couldn't help but shuffle my legs slightly apart on the blanket as Ajei spread her fingers across the backs of my legs so that her thumbs were rubbing up and down the insides of my thighs.

Festival Girls

lesbian JacobGoody 2018-09-11

Maybe she could smell my pussy, which was starting to leak and tingle as we sat in the tent - but Irina leaned forward and planted a kiss on my lips. She reached out to the back of my neck once more, but this time, pushed my face in between her breasts, shaking her shoulders while I licked her skin and inhaled her scent. I was a whimpering, shivering mess when she pulled away, and I barely had time to recover before I opened my eyes and saw her own sopping pussy moving towards my face. I watched as this beautiful blonde girl accepted my efforts, bouncing softly on my tongue while grabbing her tits in handfuls, pulling at her nipples.

Dana Answers an Ad

lesbian Naughty_McGee 2018-09-10

Dana's mind was racing, one minute thinking Erin was just planting fantasies in her head and Sheryl would never do any such thing, the next wondering if maybe she actually had received instructions and would be slipping a hand under the towel any second now. Face burning, spine writhing, completely exposed, Dana's eyes rolled up to stare through the ceiling as the feeling of slow, warm, wet nibbles on her thighs and ass produced quiet little whimpers. When this started producing low moans, Erin slid up to lay beside her, one hand reaching down, palm on clit, two fingers inside pounding the G-spot, while lips and tongue alternated between nipples and mouth, until Dana started to writhe once again.

Professor Kale

lesbian grrlongrrrl 2018-08-27

I caught her squeal with my lips, and she dissolved into a moan, draping her warm arms around me, pressing those big, soft sexy titties against my little hard ones, wrapping her legs around my ass, drawing me in. She couldn't do much with me sitting on her face, but she kept trying until I smacked her pussy and said "Hold still!" Then I kept teasing her clit, driving her batshit just cause I could and I liked it. I pulled her face against my box and shoved two fingers in her twat, curling them up inside the way I know I like and rubbing just so...ladies, it helps to have the same equipment as what you're working on.

Teaching Summer Ch. 03

lesbian FantasyRed 2018-08-18

"You know, Andrea," Summer pondered aloud after she took a pull straight from the bottle of wine and passed it to me, "I think I like your Aunt Molly." I turned to face Summer, cupping handfuls of water over her arms and shoulders. I stood from the water and led Summer by the hand into Aunt Molly's bedroom. For the next several minutes, Summer pumped her fingers in and out of me, following my lead every time I raised and lowered my hips, or adjusted my position. As the movements became jerkier, I felt more of Summer's wetness slide into my mouth as she came for a second time.

Paid Into Lesbian Facesitting

lesbian Kily 2018-07-22

I struggled for a moment when the black thong moved over my mouth and nose, but a quick squeeze of her thighs reminded me to lie down and let it happen. Whenever she moved forward she'd close her legs against my cheeks, squeezing my face between her thighs and rubbing her clit against my nose. Her taste was stronger than my own and I couldn't deny the tingling in my own pussy as I pressed my tongue against Miri's and felt the dampness on her thong increase. The taste of her was overwhelming and I swallowed her juices constantly, losing myself in her dripping cunt, not caring that I couldn't breathe with my nose pressed firmly against her clit.

Innocent Ananya Ch. 02

lesbian Babli5 2018-06-27

Her tentative pulls felt like a small child was trying to get his first taste of a breast. Eventually I moved my hands down to her small breasts and started playing with them. As I took one soft pink nipple in my hand and squeezed, Ananya suddenly stopped sucking and cried out in a soft voice. When I turned to Ananya, I could see my juices coating the entire lower side of her face -- her mouth, nose, cheeks and chin were covered by my cum. And like the last time, Ananya's strong current flowed through my fingers as I rubbed her cunt while she peed. "I want this to be in you through dinner today, Ananya," I said, looking into her eyes.

Dutch Dominance Denied

lesbian Rivals_Rapture 2018-05-21

"That's right, bitch, you're stuck here all alone with me." In response to the blonde's cruel words and tone, the brunette merely averted her eyes, and said nothing, instead trying to at least appear like she was focusing on work. Be my good little girl" With each stroke of the blonde's tongue, Eris began to lose focus on her surroundings, so much so that she actually closed her eyes, intent on just enjoying the feeling of the woman who destroyed her in their catfight, now using her tongue as a slave. Finally, their pleasure became too great to continue their tangling of tongues, and so each girl tried to pull away from their kiss, so that they could scream out, but found that like the rest of their bodies, their lips were now fully stuck together with the fluids in which they rolled.

Enslaved Roommate

lesbian LeashedSub 2018-04-26

"Sorry," she said turning towards me in my chair, "I needed to check my email in a hurry and yours was already on." She cocked her head sideways and pouted a little with a look that I'm sure would get her anything she wanted from men. Women on women flogging, foot-worshipping, strapon-fucking, cunt-licking; picture after picture before coming to rest on one of busty brunette smothering a redhead beneat her ass. "I want my Tina-bitch to get as close as you can, then grope your tits and beg 'Please, Mistress Diana, fuck my cunt with your foot."

Shy Kora Ch. 02

lesbian MissKickass 2018-04-23

"Well Kora, I think you are going to make me a very happy woman." Stacy says. You turn me on so much Kora." Stacy says. Kora puts her hands on Stacy's waist. Stacy has one hand on Kora's jaw and the other on her leg. Stacy is so turned on by Kora's long legs. And if you weren't willing to do what I wanted, I couldn't let you get away." Stacy says. She takes Kora's face in her hands and kisses her. Stacy puts one leg on either side of Kora, sitting on her chest. "Yeah, that's it baby." Stacy says and then moans. Kora moves her tongue along Stacy's pussy lips. Stacy grabs the back of Kora's head and pulls it into her center.

Softball Slaves

lesbian lesbian_luvr 2018-04-22

Tamara kissed Victoria's lips and neck and rubbed her breasts as Monica went underwater to lick her vagina. Tamara about-faced to let Victoria kiss her buttocks and lay down to form the 69 position to lick her vagina with Monica (they lip-locked at a point) as Victoria licked hers. Victoria lay next to Monica, both girls bent their knees and kissed and talked and Tamara felt their legs, vaginas and buttocks. Victoria and Tamara lay on a long table head-to-head and bent their knees as Monica sat on Victoria's face to let her lick her vagina while she bent over to Tamara so the two can kiss each other's breasts.

Change Room Ch. 02

lesbian JacobGoody 2018-02-10

I looked at Kelly's sweet, pale, cherubic face - those freckles and long eyelashes behind her glasses, and knew I didn't want to disappoint her. "Do you ever feel like any time you go out with another girl, its like, law that you have to have the talk?" I shifted to look at the side of Kelly's face. We awkwardly shuffled to the music, too shy to make eye contact at first - but by the time she looked up at me, and I caught her teary eyes behind those glasses, a passion took over and I kissed her deeply. Momentarily caught off guard and lost in a kiss, Kelly took the opportunity to drag me onto the bed and place me on my back.

Weed Slave Ch. 03

lesbian Horati0Baccus 2018-02-09

The trio soon after found a depraved rhythm: Crystal humped her ass on the pretty face using Vanessa's tongue to keep herself riding a euphoric edge, Lauren pumped the housewife turned slave's asshole with the cruel probe, just slowly enough to keep Vanessa from finding her own release, and the slave herself bobbing her head and rocking her hips to try and meet the needs of her Mistress and her own. Crystal did not drop and soon Vanessa felt the odd sensation of her Mistress's asshole tightening and the long ridged dildo, that Lauren was using to fill her wife's pussy, pressing against her tongue.

Brittany's Unusual Facial

lesbian cravingitalways 2018-01-26

Isabel let me know she's going to work on you herself, she'll be right out, go ahead and have a seat." Brittany grabbed a Cosmo magazine and checked out the salon, she realized that she was the only white girl in the whole place, actually the only non-Latina. Don't be dumb bitch, you know you want to suck on these tit's you look at them every time you see me!" Marisol lifted her breast to hear Brittany's reply on why she wasn't doing anything and Brittany said "Oh my gosh Marisol I'm not gay, please, stop! Especially Monica, she tells us all the time, ahhh fuck yes, how she wants to watch you squirm in between her legs while she presses her pussy down on your face.

Sara Learns

lesbian alirk 2018-01-25

She was looking forward to making the little married woman, Sara, her slut. Lisa knew Sara would fold, eventually. What Lisa didn't know was how, over time, Sara's will, spirit, resistance would break and how Sara would end up doing anything and everything Lisa ever desired or dreamt of having another women do. When Lisa had made her rude comment about Sara just being an "uptight, naive, little girl" right to her face, Sara knew she had to confront her. She also never knew that Lisa would enjoy....love....thrive...on her discomfort and disgust. She let her hygiene go purposely all day because she knew she was going to initiate a confrontation with Sara. Then she went through the hour long exercise class and again, it was very hot and sticky in the studio.

Submitting to Her

lesbian Kily 2018-01-22

She let go of the dress, which came to rest over my face, trapping me in a warm darkness, and took hold of my head with both hands. I still licked at her and tried to plunge my tongue inside her but after a short time I gave up and resorted to kissing her pussy as it slid over my face. She pressed downwards whenever my nose neared her clit, painfully using my nose as a little toy, but I took the opportunity to worm my tongue inside her and take her delicious juices in my mouth. It took her a good minute to come down from her orgasm, giggling softly while I gently continued to kiss and lick her lips.

Ali's Juices

lesbian erinluvsjay04 2017-12-16

The keys drop and I turn my attention to her, my hands cupping her face, pulling her towards me, lips slightly parted, before being pressed against hers. My hands press her hips back to the bed, my tongue now darting in and out of her cunt, sopping up every ounce of juice dripping from inside. As my tongue makes its way to her throbbing clit, I slide two fingers inside her, eagerly searching for her g spot. My hand presses against her mound, massing it firmly, before my fingers plummet inside her tight little hole, my tongue sucking her clit. With one final thrust against my face, I feel her body tense up, then her pussy gush a river of cum against my tongue.

Lilo vs. Nadine

lesbian JasonJHonz 2017-12-15

Hands secured on either side of Nadine's head, Lilo breathed a giggle as her opponent's legs kicked, unable to find the pool's floor in her horizontal position. She kicked off it the moment she could, propelling herself out of Lilo's grip, and prying her cock from the beginnings of her throat while knocking Lilo back into the water, her legs' positions in front of her shoulders causing her to trip backwards. Shoving Nadine's head down further until her shoulders painfully touched the pool's wall between the ladder to prevent it from popping back up for a while, Lilo started going to work. Jerking her body back against her dominator, Nadine finally poked her head free, allowing her to gasp and wheeze and moan and scream as she was pegged to Lilo's liking.

Breath Training

lesbian harleytheboss 2017-11-04

I've always wanted to try, but Ellie would never let me, so when she mentioned my singing talent, I thought she was going to insult it. "Hey, I think I may have found someone who might be able to help you with your singing." Ellie said. Don't get yourself into too much trouble." Ellie said, resting her hand on my panties "And have fun!" You need to stay under my ass and pussy all day." Kat said. She hovered over my face with her black lace panties for ten seconds, letting me take in the sight. Kat started screaming in orgasm, and pussy juice was squirted all over my face. "This is what you get for what you've done to me and Ellie!" I said to Kat.

Smooth n' Shiny

lesbian LadyDaisy 2017-10-26

It's always nice to see long hair on a woman, true- but a bald woman is hard to find, and that's what makes them all the more attractive. I wished for a female lover with a smooth and shiny head, and for it to stay that way! Her fingers pulled back her hair a little bit to reveal totally nude skin on her head. She was utterly and completely bald- smooth and shiny, just the way I liked it! Her bald head sinking into the pillow, she stared at my ass like it was a diamond, and yes, I eventually set it down! She slid a little like she was going to tongue-fuck my pussy, and yes, that's exactly what she did!