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Three Days Before Christmas

lesbian leggielibby 2018-12-02

With that Jill turns and takes hold of my upper arms, then leans forward to kiss me again, firmly this time, her tongue parting my lips, running over my teeth, probing my mouth, which is still fizzy with champagne. Cupping my face Jill lifts my head from her breast and leans back on the couch before lifting and parting those long red legs, “You like?” She asks, her voice deep and husky with lust. Jill’s finger fucks me, hard and fast, I’m screaming, thrashing on the floor, as my orgasm takes my breath away, I can hear her shouting, “CUM Lucy, CUM for me.” I’m naked, the stocking has gone and Jill is holding my face to her breast, stroking my hair, planting little kisses on my forehead, “Hi Hun,” she smiles at me.

Hannah's Lap

lesbian Dreamtimekittens 2018-11-30

My hips were turned toward the tv set and Hanna's right hand was quietly resting on my left thigh. I felt Hannah grip my ankle with her left hand and grip my thigh with her right. If June woke up now she would find me naked on her sisters lap with Hannah's hand between my legs. If Hannah wasn't going to touch me for real I would finger myself right there on her lap. She moved her right hand along my trembling belly and then up my body over my fingers which were holding my breast tight. At one point I felt my body start to relax, but Hannah fluttered her slick fingers over my clit like a butterfly flapping its Wings.

Roomies Ch. 05

lesbian Goldeniangel 2018-11-24

Erin didn't know how to make things better, she wasn't brave enough to just step forward and kiss Shannon, and she wasn't even sure if that was what Shannon wanted. Pulling it away, Erin sucked on her finger, tasting a slightly different taste than her own pussy... Shannon's back arched and she cried out as Erin sucked her pussy lips into her mouth, nibbling on them gently and pulling slightly with her teeth. Erin was new to this, but she managed to find her way around Shannon's pussy, making new discoveries constantly with her tongue and lips. Horny little girl..." A third finger pushed its way into Erin's hole, slightly painful and stretching...

Roomies Ch. 03

lesbian Goldeniangel 2018-11-24

Shannon never knew that Erin had heard her that night, having sex with the other girl - whose name turned out to be Christie. As she came down from her pleasure high she suddenly realized that she was standing in the middle of the room with one hand down her pants and the other up her shirt, lesbian porn blazing on the TV and the door wasn't even locked. Before turning on the water though, she looked at her fingers, glistening with juices, and wondered what it tasted like. She always made sure to do it when Shannon had classes, that way she could watch uninterrupted and take the time afterwards to lick the juices from her fingers.

Straight MILFs: Flight Attendant

lesbian silkstockingslover 2018-11-20

Kathryn walked to the bed, while I sat there paralyzed with humiliation, as she continued, her anger fading, "Erin, you know I love you, but this is the second time you've left your keys in the door. Her fingers went directly to my very wet pantyhose-clad pussy causing me to involuntarily moan again as I again froze. "Good, it's always nice to have an obedient white pussy slut available for those long flights or those overnight stays," she revealed her intentions, shocking me, as she grabbed my head and pulled me back into her wetness. When she finally let go of my head, she smiled at me and said, "You look very good in pussy juice."

Rachel And Sami Go Camping

lesbian leggielibby 2018-11-20

“This is going to be an awesome week,” chorused the Aimee and Lisa from the back seat as they locked lips in a long deep kiss, their bare breasts mashed together. I looked at Sami, she was staring trance-like at Charlie whose tee largely transparent from the being wet had tented over her firm full breasts. Now naked she paused to run a hand between her thighs, letting her fingers trail through her slick lips before raising both hands to cup her breasts, and then grip her swollen nipples between thumb and forefinger. Lisa had pushed her covers clear and was already naked, she was tracing the outline of her pussy lips, lightly, while she watched Charlie and Sami.

Roomies Ch. 04

lesbian Goldeniangel 2018-11-17

So Erin started watching the porn again, masturbating furiously as she also remembered the way Shannon and Christie had been set up in the room. Erin's fingers thrummed faster on her clit as she pictured herself in Christie's place, licking at Shannon's slit, hearing Shannon moan for her. Although walking in on Shannon and Christie like that had been extremely embarrassing, it definitely had some benefits, in the way of better realized sexual fantasies. Closing the door Erin dropped her bag and went over to undress and grab her robe; she needed a shower after that pilates class! Erin's breath caught in her throat as Shannon's lips came down on hers, she didn't know what to do.

A or B ? Part two

lesbian leggielibby 2018-11-17

“Fuck yes, please make me cum,” that’s all the invitation a good girl needs, so I started scissoring her pussy, stretching her wide, then filling her deep, curling my fingers to catch her every inner surface before pulling my fingers clear and leaving her wet hole gaping. Isabelle took another sip of her wine before leaning forward to kiss me softly on the lips, her full wet mouth met mine, and we twirled tongues. “It takes a little getting used to, but I love the feeling this gives.” Isabelle had moved to look me in the eyes and gently kiss my face as she ensured I was okay.

Montana to L.A. Chapter 3

lesbian _O2_ 2018-11-16

“So, what you're saying is we're all to blame for this little love triangle?” Janelle stopped crying as she looked at each of the girls in turn. “I want to spend time with Emma,” Jordan said taking a stand to see if Janelle would fudge on her position. Jordan closed her eyes, waiting to be taken; the softness of Emma's kisses soothed and excited her at the same time. Jordan caught her breath, turned to face Emma, “I think I love you.” When Emma had calmed enough to talk in complete sentences Jordan guided her love back to the stable and an anxious Maggie. Jordan took the lead, turning Emma's face to hers outside the shower's flow.

Renee's Internship Part 3

lesbian _O2_ 2018-11-14

What she saw pleased her, Renee was busy working, talking with the staff and fitting in like Lauren had hoped. After her hug and a kiss on Lauren's lips, she turned to Renee with a gleam in her eye sizing up the lovely young woman. Renee was enjoying Devina's undivided attention; her hands seemed to spend a lot more time on her since Lauren had left for the restaurant. She knew Lauren wouldn't be back for a couple of hours and the vibes she'd felt from Renee during their time alone were now being explored to their fullest. Devina shifted her weight placing Renee against the shower wall, her hands exploring the girl’s firm curves as they breathed into each other’s mouth.

Gina Continues

lesbian Goldeniangel 2018-11-09

"Girls feel so much softer than guys," Clara commented as she slid Gina's underwear down her long legs, letting her fingers drag along the smooth skin; she gaped at her friend's completely bare mound. The thought made her smile and as a reward she let one hand drift down to her friend's pussy, and she began stirring her fingers in the sweet juices that were pooling there. Carefully, Gina maneuvered her body around so that she looked down at the extremely wet pussy of her friend; at her other end Clara stared up in wonder as she watched her fingers pump in and out of Gina's slick hole.

Carla's Party

lesbian leggielibby 2018-11-07

Nurses, policewomen, angels, fairies and me as an elf in a tight green tee shirt with maroon shorts cut high on the cheeks, heavy knit green thigh socks with black knee boots and a silly little elf hat. I turned to reveal myself to Christine, bare except for my long socks and the red pearl thong. She turned her head and inhaled deeply before running her tongue along my pussy lips, the tip applying pressure to each pearl and I shaked with lust, my knees weakening. Then her strong fingers were in my pussy, stretching me and tapping my clit. “Oh fuck yes!” Then she pushed the plug in, cold hard and solid, just shoved in hard and I’m gone, I lost it, my body was on fire.

Two city girls visit the country (2)

lesbian EvelynLi 2018-10-30

I didn't know whether to look at the reflections in the mirror or into Tessa's lust-filled eyes; in the end, I moved between the two, enjoying two very arousing visual images while being teased to distraction by her fingers. Tessa then took her finger out of my cunt and placed it between our lips; we kissed with her finger between us, tasting and smelling my pussy-juice, tongues gently touching. I knew the rules of the game by now so took my own finger out of her cunt and brought it up between our lips – two fingers now between our lips, both fingers wet with pussy juice; I inhaled the lovely aroma as we kissed and stared into each others' eyes.

We Love It Brown!

lesbian VeryDirtyDenise 2018-10-30

So I reached down again and slid my finger back up Cherise's hot, eager ass, pulling it out and this time sucking it myself as Cherise turned back to watch, groaning as she gazed at me having a taste of her butt. That's the kind of mood we were in tonight when we went out clubbing and found Cherise, this depraved young sex freak model who was about to feed her big rubber cock to my ravenous slut of a girlfriend. Cherise watched with wide-open eyes, panting excitedly as I slapped a big dab between Jane's cheeks, Jane squealing lustily, knowing she was getting lubed for a rough, nasty ass-fuck.

Private Lessons Ch. 02

lesbian darktigerroar 2018-10-05

There was a 60 inch flat screen nearby but Amelia sat on the love seat near Michelle and the girls ended up talking for hours. Michelle pulled her pants down and Amelia wanted to reach for her pussy right there. "Oh, yeah, fuck me, baby..." Michelle said with her head turned to the side with her eyes shut as she absorbed the feel of every suck, lick, thrust, and movement of her fingers. With their gleaming bodies attached, Michelle sucking and licking her tit, and with her fingers shoved in her and moving them in circles, Amelia couldn't take anymore. Michelle couldn't wait for Amelia to wake so she left a note on the table.

A Conversation Online with Clara Ch. 01

lesbian sarahloveitt 2018-10-05

I know that would feel so good, your lips kissing the soft slippery gooeyness of my warm vulva, your long tongue driving deep inside me, stretching and straining to reach my very sensuous soul. All I could think about was finding some quiet little room where I could imagine you kneeling before me, pushing up my skirt, untying my panties with your teeth and then kissing my pussy slowly and lovingly, your lips sliding between my labia, around my clitoris, then south to my juicy hole ... 'Now, slip off your knickers and let me see your gorgeous pussy for real - I love the photo of your pussy Sarah, I've been looking at so much, longing to kiss you, lick you, make you come, then have you rub yourself against me, smearing your juice over my thighs, my breasts, my nipples ...

Hot Tub Love

lesbian Missxc36 2018-10-05

Still holding your hands I kiss my way slowly along your chin to your earlobe, taking it between my teeth, nibbling softly. Letting go and placing soft kisses down along your neck, I move around to your other earlobe, taking it into my mouth and pulling it gently between my teeth. Closing your eyes again, you tilt your head back ever so slightly, feeling my warm fingertip flicking your nipple under the water. You release your lips from mine and lay your head onto my shoulder, your arms tight around my neck, breathing deep and quick, feeling your pussy throb with each sensation of your orgasm. Turning my head to kiss your lips softly, you smile, sated and content, letting the bubbles ease you back to normal.


lesbian boshcak 2018-10-02

“Oh -TARA-....!!!” was all she managed to stammer out, and as if in the most wonderful dream she took Tara in her arms and opened her mouth and she meant to kiss her but then the world seemed to be eclipsed by an enormous white teat rising like the sun in front of her, and the dark-brown areola came closer, the perfect heavily pointed nipple in the center, larger than her thumb, and then it was against her lips and she and Tara cried out together as it slipped into her mouth, and her tongue found it, her pussy seeming to -squirt- wetness in her panties as nipple and breast and soft, hot skin and woman overwhelmed her and she sucked it to a low shriek from Tara, then sucked again and gently bit, eliciting another low scream of delight, it was like going out of her mind but being crazily aroused at the same time.

Save some for me

lesbian dgoodall1701 2018-10-02

I continue my left hand rubbing my pussy juice into my left nipple and take my right hand down to my slit. My hand is over my pussy, slowly, my fingers make contact with my swollen lips. As I cum I scream out breathless, juice pouring over the vibrator and my hand, slippery and hot. She leans forward and I feel her tongue lashing at my lips, pushing past them and then going for my clit. I pull my hands away and start opening her jeans, she lifts her lips so I can bring them down her legs. I opened them with my tongue, taking one lip into my mouth and french kissing her pussy.

Four Weeks Ch. 02

lesbian deliciousthoughts 2018-10-02

Her pubic mound rose above the bubble filled water, and she worked a soapy lather into the thin hair as Edie's provocative words bounced around her mind. This wasn't going to be the easiest conversation she'd ever had, and rather than trying to find the right words it was easier to let Edie take the lead. Jenny could recall how she had felt when Edie had taken her to the lesbian club. Edie moved her mouth so close to her ear that Jenny could feel the hot breath on her cheek. Jenny felt an irresistible pressure as Edie slid one finger inside her with a teasing slowness.

Shall we go out?

lesbian 2018-10-01

" You do want to be a cock sucking whore tonight, don't you Pet?" "As you wish Mistress." I love when you call me that because I know you mean for me to take control of you. Tell me how it feels." You reach out your hand and grab the head of his cock with your thumb under and your fingers over the top. Grab it whore." You do and I ask "How does it feel ." You look at the cock in your hand and say " Warm and hard, But soft at the same time." you start to stroke it as I move my fingers inside you.

Kellie's Little Sister

lesbian CoyoteGirl69 2018-10-01

I could feel my vagina contract a little and knew my panties were very damp, and getting soggier by the minute. Katie relaxed a little now and I removed one hand and unhooked her bra, removing the straps from her shoulders and finally allowing it to drop to the floor. I turned to look at Kellie, who was now down to just her panties, slowly working herself up as she watched from the comfort of the chair. I looked over at Kellie, who just gave me a thumbs up and I lowered my mouth back to Katie's sex. Kellie knelt over my face and, facing Katie, began squirting little jets of pee into my open mouth.

Her Letter To The Editor

lesbian lustylaurie 2018-10-01

"Well," she began, as we stepped inside the lab room, "For many years I have been exploring a question of great interest to me." She gently shut the door behind us and then asked: "Tell me, Courtney, do you think that you can tell things about a human's personality by the clothes that they choose to wear?" "I have concluded, Courtney, that you can discover what type of person any woman is simply by looking at the colors of the panties that she tends to favor." Then there was a moment of magic as I felt Mrs. Fellini's right hand upon the inside of my thigh.

My Teacher, My Love Ch. 06

lesbian APGilmore 2018-09-30

"Can you feel it Amy?" She was now nibbling on my neck moaning, she was moving faster against me, while her hand slowly began to touch my pussy. "You are so very beautiful Sophie" said Amy, "I have not seen many women naked, but you simply take my breath away." She began to run her hands over my body exploring and feeling the contours that made up my body. We both started kissing again, as my hands moved to the front of her body, towards her centre, hers moved lower, leaving my breasts, past my stomach and eventually sliding her fingers through my pubic hair, passed my clit and gently into my slit.