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Rachel And Sami Go Camping

lesbian leggielibby 2018-03-05

“This is going to be an awesome week,” chorused the Aimee and Lisa from the back seat as they locked lips in a long deep kiss, their bare breasts mashed together. I looked at Sami, she was staring trance-like at Charlie whose tee largely transparent from the being wet had tented over her firm full breasts. Now naked she paused to run a hand between her thighs, letting her fingers trail through her slick lips before raising both hands to cup her breasts, and then grip her swollen nipples between thumb and forefinger. Lisa had pushed her covers clear and was already naked, she was tracing the outline of her pussy lips, lightly, while she watched Charlie and Sami.

Two city girls visit the country (2)

lesbian EvelynLi 2018-03-03

I didn't know whether to look at the reflections in the mirror or into Tessa's lust-filled eyes; in the end, I moved between the two, enjoying two very arousing visual images while being teased to distraction by her fingers. Tessa then took her finger out of my cunt and placed it between our lips; we kissed with her finger between us, tasting and smelling my pussy-juice, tongues gently touching. I knew the rules of the game by now so took my own finger out of her cunt and brought it up between our lips – two fingers now between our lips, both fingers wet with pussy juice; I inhaled the lovely aroma as we kissed and stared into each others' eyes.

A or B ? Part two

lesbian leggielibby 2018-02-19

“Fuck yes, please make me cum,” that’s all the invitation a good girl needs, so I started scissoring her pussy, stretching her wide, then filling her deep, curling my fingers to catch her every inner surface before pulling my fingers clear and leaving her wet hole gaping. Isabelle took another sip of her wine before leaning forward to kiss me softly on the lips, her full wet mouth met mine, and we twirled tongues. “It takes a little getting used to, but I love the feeling this gives.” Isabelle had moved to look me in the eyes and gently kiss my face as she ensured I was okay.

Three Days Before Christmas

lesbian leggielibby 2018-02-18

With that Jill turns and takes hold of my upper arms, then leans forward to kiss me again, firmly this time, her tongue parting my lips, running over my teeth, probing my mouth, which is still fizzy with champagne. Cupping my face Jill lifts my head from her breast and leans back on the couch before lifting and parting those long red legs, “You like?” She asks, her voice deep and husky with lust. Jill’s finger fucks me, hard and fast, I’m screaming, thrashing on the floor, as my orgasm takes my breath away, I can hear her shouting, “CUM Lucy, CUM for me.” I’m naked, the stocking has gone and Jill is holding my face to her breast, stroking my hair, planting little kisses on my forehead, “Hi Hun,” she smiles at me.

Carla's Party

lesbian leggielibby 2018-02-13

Nurses, policewomen, angels, fairies and me as an elf in a tight green tee shirt with maroon shorts cut high on the cheeks, heavy knit green thigh socks with black knee boots and a silly little elf hat. I turned to reveal myself to Christine, bare except for my long socks and the red pearl thong. She turned her head and inhaled deeply before running her tongue along my pussy lips, the tip applying pressure to each pearl and I shaked with lust, my knees weakening. Then her strong fingers were in my pussy, stretching me and tapping my clit. “Oh fuck yes!” Then she pushed the plug in, cold hard and solid, just shoved in hard and I’m gone, I lost it, my body was on fire.

Montana to L.A. Chapter 3

lesbian _O2_ 2018-02-12

“So, what you're saying is we're all to blame for this little love triangle?” Janelle stopped crying as she looked at each of the girls in turn. “I want to spend time with Emma,” Jordan said taking a stand to see if Janelle would fudge on her position. Jordan closed her eyes, waiting to be taken; the softness of Emma's kisses soothed and excited her at the same time. Jordan caught her breath, turned to face Emma, “I think I love you.” When Emma had calmed enough to talk in complete sentences Jordan guided her love back to the stable and an anxious Maggie. Jordan took the lead, turning Emma's face to hers outside the shower's flow.

Renee's Internship Part 3

lesbian _O2_ 2018-01-29

What she saw pleased her, Renee was busy working, talking with the staff and fitting in like Lauren had hoped. After her hug and a kiss on Lauren's lips, she turned to Renee with a gleam in her eye sizing up the lovely young woman. Renee was enjoying Devina's undivided attention; her hands seemed to spend a lot more time on her since Lauren had left for the restaurant. She knew Lauren wouldn't be back for a couple of hours and the vibes she'd felt from Renee during their time alone were now being explored to their fullest. Devina shifted her weight placing Renee against the shower wall, her hands exploring the girl’s firm curves as they breathed into each other’s mouth.

When you want to be alone...

lesbian CaitlinTheCutey 2018-01-28

Sandy was on her knees kneeling forward resting on one forearm on the bed, her backside pointing towards Lorna, the back of her right hand visible between her thighs at her crotch, her fingers pressed close together into a pointed bunch, the gentle rocking motion was causing her to penetrate herself and then draw back up all the way out until her fingers were no longer inside her body. The door opened immediately and there stood Sandy - stopped dead in her tracks in the doorway, staring across the small room at Lorna laying spread legged on the bed in front of her, hand at her crotch, a look of total surprise on her face.

Fantasy Come To Life

lesbian leslamya 2018-01-27

I held her head, and slowly kissed down her soft neck, pausing to nip softly at her collar bone, then up again to capture her earlobe between my teeth. I can't believe that." I kissed her firmly, then rolled us both over, pushing her into the softness of the pillows as I slowly stroked her breasts through her shirt, kissing her neck all the while. Leaning forward to take one hard nipple between my lips, I flicked my tongue over it while I cupped her other breast in my hand. I slowly got rougher with her breasts, using my teeth, lips, tongue and hands until she was moaning loudly and bucking wildly beneath me.

My So Called Sex Life - Part IV

lesbian DizzyD427 2018-01-23

She finally looked me in the eyes and said, “Lexi, it’s obvious you’ve worked very hard for this, but I’m still concerned about the groin tear you had last season, and there is one other thing… I know it’s political, but the other girl also has good qualifications, and her f****y has promised a large endowment to the gymnastics department if we offer her the scholarship, so that’s the way the AD is leaning.” I could feel my pussy rippling as it clenched on Coach Pryor’s unsympathetic fingers, and her tongue felt like it was trying to push my clit deep inside my body as she rolled it around the hard little organ, sending electric impulses from deep in my asshole to my rock hard nipples.

Phone Sex

lesbian adel5000 2018-01-22

My fingers still pleasing my swollen clit as I look back at my dripping pussy and my buzzing phone. Just tell me what you want to do with this wet cunt if it was right there in your face.” I whispered so sweetly in soft moans. I want you to start eating my cunt like a good slut.” Here fingers beginning to seep deep into her dripping cunt. You want my sweet mouth over your pussy baby, huh?” I teased over the phone moaning over and over. “Yes, Kitty lick my cunt like a good slut please baby.” She begged threw her moans. I’m baring my face deep between your thighs sucking that clit and teasing that hole with my fingers.

Best Friends

lesbian WonderWoman22 2018-01-21

"Feel my legs, this new razor is great." Have you ever imagined a man having his friend touch his face with the back of His hand to feel how smooth his shave is? I leaned in and held her small breast, feeling it soft in my hand, I watched in rapt fascination as her nipple tightened in my fingers and I lowered my head to kiss it. Our bodies moved slowly against each other grinding, kissing, feeling, touching, but there was no urgency as there is with a man. He sat kneeling on the bed with his hand on his thickening, lengthening cock, stroking himself as he watched his wife and her best friend kiss and touch.

Mistletoe! (Buffy/faith)

lesbian pleasureseeker420 2018-01-20

I looked Buffy straight in the eye; I could see the dare hanging there, like some kind of test. I turned around to look back at her house and stood in the driveway, touching my lips to remember her taste. We heard a door click upstairs and Buffy jumped away from me and my hand came out from my shorts and I fixed my clothes. "I want you too Faith, but we have to be quiet." Buffy moaned as I began to kiss her neck, lingering on her pulse point. I sat up with her, easing her legs over my hips and I slid my hand down between our bodies, she looked down and then gasped as I slid a single finger deep into her cunt.

the rendezvous

lesbian 2018-01-18

Near the end of the day, I feel an odd pull to go to the library, just to check for another couple of books for the essay I've almost finished. The day passes quickly and after a couple of lectures and a long study session with a few friends, I head to the library to return the books for the essay I'd finished the night before. Rose stood between two aisles within sight, slipping the last two books in her hands in their place on the shelves. I watched as Rose's eyes widened, taking in the excitement I felt, the sight of my soaked pussy compelling her to stare at it for a moment.

Subject 19 part 1

lesbian whalecum 2018-01-18

As a teenager susan loved to imagine what it would be like to have sex with a clone of herself. In a government facility located in underground, in the disguise of a run-down building in the middle of nowhere, scientists were experimenting with cloning technology. The scientists couldn't use their own DNA because the effects of a clone seeing its original could be devastating. Subject 19 was looking around Susan's room wondering what it was like to be like the other girls she saw at school, when she heard a noise. We fell on her bed, still kissing, I reached my hand back and unbuttoned my pants, while she began to unbutton her blouse.


lesbian boshcak 2018-01-14

“Oh -TARA-....!!!” was all she managed to stammer out, and as if in the most wonderful dream she took Tara in her arms and opened her mouth and she meant to kiss her but then the world seemed to be eclipsed by an enormous white teat rising like the sun in front of her, and the dark-brown areola came closer, the perfect heavily pointed nipple in the center, larger than her thumb, and then it was against her lips and she and Tara cried out together as it slipped into her mouth, and her tongue found it, her pussy seeming to -squirt- wetness in her panties as nipple and breast and soft, hot skin and woman overwhelmed her and she sucked it to a low shriek from Tara, then sucked again and gently bit, eliciting another low scream of delight, it was like going out of her mind but being crazily aroused at the same time.

Nancy Ivy and me a chance of a lifetime

lesbian maturemancock 2018-01-14

Nancy got off Ivy's face and I laid her on her back, pushing my chunky cock deep within her, Ivy bent down and licked her clit as I fucked her, also Nancy was fingering Ivy, as we were all moaning and groaning another ten minutes had passed when the two girls said they were coming I knew I was. As I pulled out of Ivy I licked her to another climax as Nancy was already coming she gasped and gasped as her fluids ran down her leg, Ivy screamed the place down as I licked her to another climax, she sat up quickly and stuffed my cock into her mouth, sucking and fingering my ass I knew I was very VERY close.


lesbian 2018-01-13

"I'm going out dancing at one of the nearby bars after work, do you want to come?" Suddenly Sarah grabbed my face in her hands and kissed me on the lips. "You have a nice apartment," I said, barely getting the words out before she muffled them with her mouth. "I know you want this." She quickly ripped down the top of my dress exposing my breasts and flicked her tongue over one of my nipples. Sarah pulled her damp fingers out of my pussy and lay back next to me on the sofa. She let go of my hand and I kept the rhythym going, tentatively bening my face closer to her clit.

My first time with a girl!

lesbian newomas 2018-01-13

I moved my other hand to her pussy as soon as my fingers touched her warm, wet, welcoming pussy she let out a moan " Oh fuck ...fuck me you bitch fuck me" so I did using my 2 middle fingers I rubbed her pussy up and down a few times before plunging my fingers deep inside her tight pussy "Mmmmmm....yes" lucy moan and lent back against the wall she put her hand on top of my head and pushed me down so I was crouching "harder harder" lucy shouted at me I was using my fingers to fuck her as hard as possible while I was doing that she was grabbing and squeezeing her tits, I had also started to rub my pussy I wanted to cum when she did "Oh fuck fuck fuck fuck" I moaned, lucy looked down at me and grinned grabbing my hand I was Fucking her with she pulled it away and turned round bending forward so I could see her soaking pussy and her tight little asshole she moved my fingers so my middle and index finger were in her ass but my little finger was in her pussy "make me cum" she demanded and with that I started to fuck her big boucy ass.

Alyson's Frst Time Out.

lesbian Alyson19 2018-01-10

"I know you enjoyed doing that, but I just needed to see if you're worth my time." I search her face for a clue, hoping the answer is Yes. She runs her finger lightly over my lower lip. I was dying to get my face between her legs, to please her in every way, to let my tongue feel the silky textures inside her pussy, to suck on her meaty lips and feel her juices leak into my mouth. I pull back out and lick once more around the rim of her butt hole, then, spreading her cheeks, I place my open mouth over her anal muscle and suck, slowly and gently, my head moving back and forth as I do so.


lesbian loloishorny 2018-01-09


shopping fun

lesbian 2018-01-09

She came in side locking the door behind and helped me to remove the blouse and her eyes ran over my body. I put on my blouse again and kept hand on the door lock to open. I looked around but I was unable to find Anu. I felt that my breathing was high to face this up comings. She removed my top exposing white colour bra with transferring shoulder bands She stroked and fondled full size firm boobs with her both hands. She looked at me with successful smile and parted the swelled pussy lips and inserted her middle finger drifting me into the maximum enjoyment.

Monday Morning

lesbian QuietKaos 2018-01-08

With more in depth and detailed descriptions of how I'd love to feel your nice hard cock sliding into my hot wet pussy while we kiss. Just when I think I can’t take anymore I slide 3 fingers deep into my pussy, making myself scream with a mixture of pleasure and just a little pain. The thought of her hard nipples keep running through my mind and while she's in the bathroom I manage to play with my clit just a little more and add to my email to you about what has just happened. On her face, her hands, in her mouth, on her tits and now that you're home, she's grinding her clit on mine and she's about to cum right in my pussy.

Wrong Address

lesbian avacutie 2018-01-08

As I rub a finger idly over my pussy, I realize I probably need to go to the grocery store later. A fingertip rubs across the erect nipple transferring much of the now warm yogurt leaving a little more for a second swipe. Love not needed right now, just a good fuck. As my fingers shoved their way into her cunt, it was sopping wet like the tides had come in and not gone out yet. My face just inches away, my fingers teasing the lips on either side of the dripping pink opening. Her fingers pulled at her nipples, her legs spread even wider, and her hips humped my face as she began to cum for the first of many times that morning, and for me as well.