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Mary Loses Control: Part II

lesbian thatguy625 2018-12-04

I felt his hands starting to explore his body and wanted to make my move before he found his way inside my pants. Like me, Jenna worked from home so we agreed that 2:00pm would be a good time for me to drop off the dress I had borrowed for a wedding a couple weeks ago. Despite working with equipment that was familiar on our own bodies, Jenna and I had never touched another woman like this before and I could tell that both of us were not entirely sure how to proceed. I also reached up with my right hand and pushed my middle finger into her hungry pussy and curled it up towards the front wall of her insides.

Losing Myself- Part 1

lesbian ChelleLaBelle 2018-11-29

I slowly pulled away, knowing that if I didn’t I’d say or do something to embarrass myself.  I put my shaking hands in my back pocket and giggled a little more. “Oh, that’s Shadow.” As we got closer she looked at me and said, “I have an idea!” She pulled my hand and we skipped toward the horse. “It will all come back to you; it’s like riding a bike, but more hairy.” Mia laughed as she waved a guy over. Mia laughed and said “No, silly goose,” while shaking her head. I started breathing a little heavier, but tried hiding it from Mia. My hips were grinding against the horse, and my legs were shaking as I got closer to my climax.

Student Days: More than friends

lesbian llkop 2018-11-21

I had no shame in Lucy seeing my body as she had already seen it before the night that we met, plus I didn’t want to get make-up on my new dress. The hair dryer shut off; immediately, my eyes snapped away from Lucy’s body to looking at myself in the mirror. Lucy kissed a path down my body, stopping to engorge my hard pink nipples on the way. I felt my juices burst from me, causing the sticky warm liquid to cascade down my legs and over Lucy’s lips. My sexual juices shot out from me and covered Lucy belly it the hot and sticky liquid and that is what pushed her over the edge.

Scary Movie

lesbian lunaswift 2018-11-20

She gripped my hand tightly and then moved my arm towards her waist, setting my hand down on her thigh and then pulling the blanket away from me so she could smile at me again. “Not too scared?” she asked, as if indifferent to the fact my hand was only a few inches away from touching her panties or even more intimately, the place inside them I’d fantasised so often about touching. Her soft lips ran over every inch of my aching pussy, teasing my clit with the tip of her tongue as her hands slid up my legs to my labia. My clit was instantly too sensitive to be touched but Amanda seemed to second guess that, moving the vibrator away and letting her kisses land lower down my labia and onto my thighs.

Lessons In Love - Chapter 1

lesbian John_Doe 2018-11-19

Kacie's head positioned upon one breast caused the trigger effect of the silky slip to rise upon the other and allow a small down blouse view of Shay's large and beautiful breast.  Whether Shay knew this or not, Kacie's eyes kept returning to watch Shay's nipple expand just that little bit more.  Kacie herself had never thought of a woman in this way, and yet she could feel a slight warmth begin to settle between her thighs.  Squeezing her legs together, the friction sent a slight wave of heat that caused her pussy to just trickle a little juice into her panties.

Holly Gets Pampered

lesbian Mysteria27 2018-11-15

I’ve never had oral sex with a woman, but have kissed and played with a few of my friends' breasts. I’m kind of a tomboy, and like to play sports and do non-girlie things, but I was really excited to go to the salon and have a day of pampering. Then it happened; one woman spread my legs and started to rub my pussy with her hand. The first woman was rubbing and massaging my breasts, while the other two women took turns licking my pussy. One woman was rubbing her finger over my clitoris, while her friend was tongue fucking my cunt. I’m not terribly big, but her hands felt amazing, while she squeezed them together and played with my nipples.

Hanna's Sister's Lap

lesbian Dreamtimekittens 2018-11-10

"The ghost scared us both and when our bodies jumped her hand just accidentally fell here." I moved my hand in a quick fluid motion and cupped June's naked mound just as Hanna had done. My hand scooted forward slightly and the tip of my middle finger just touched the soft skin of her clit. My fingers moved further down between her legs and she moaned, opening her mouth as we continued our kiss. I was compelled to lean over June's body and to suck her pussy covered nipple into my mouth. "Uhhhhhh." She released a moan as I circled my tongue across to her body and slipped my fingers back between her legs.

Our First Lesbian Experience

lesbian xxsolidmetalxx 2018-11-07

After we both down a margarita and a bit of wine, we decide it's time to watch the movie. "Fuck, you have great tits, Marina," Lexi says as I remove my bra. I feel Lexi shift next to me, and I can feel my pussy getting wet. Not five minutes later, Lexi says, "Marina, do you wan-" I take two fingers and slowly side them into her wet pussy, looking for her g-spot. Parting my lips with her hands, she begins licking my clit with slow, steady motions. A few minutes later, just as I'm about to cum, she removes her mouth from my pussy. "I'm going to cum!" Lexi yells suddenly.

Best Friends Forever III: Rub-A-Dub-Dub

lesbian John_Doe 2018-11-07

Alexa looked upon the beautiful best friend's body, her long, wet hair that attached itself to the archway of her spine, the breasts that were large, bouncy and so soft to squeeze with large, erect nipples that poked out from the tip of them, and her delicious peachy round ass cheeks, leading to her thighs and long legs. Alexa's pussy lips stretched across the soft thigh of Amanda, pulling itself, rubbing itself to a feeling of over powering enthusiasm of erotic pleasure at being pleased. Their lips still kissing, licking and the sweet taste of each other above, as their nipples rubbed together as heaving breasts met the perkiness of Alexa's soft fleshy mounds of womanhood.

The Gathering - Part 3

lesbian John_Doe 2018-11-07

Amanda could feel Lacey's pussy lips, the soft piece of flesh that gently parted as her fingers pulled across them. Amanda stopped, pulled her finger out slightly as she looked into Lacey's eyes who questioned what she was doing, almost begging by eyes alone to put it back inside of her warm, wet pussy. Amanda's fingers dipped further inside, as far as her hand would take them until her palm clashed against the mound of Lacey's pussy. Lacey's hands wrapped around Amanda's back, clutching on tight to this woman who held her, and her sexual pleasure in the palm of her body, or her two fingers if you wanted to be exact.

The Gathering - Part 1

lesbian John_Doe 2018-11-05

Soon Trish's hand was inside, lowering down as she felt the soft strip of fuzz of Lacey's pussy. Trish felt like just forcing Lacey to bend over, leaving her ankles trapped with her panties wrapped around them and to bury her face deep into the warm, wet snatch of her pussy. Lacey appeared to be in overdrive, every inch of her was sending warm feelings to shoot around her entire body.She lay back upon the bed, her legs still spread wide and Trish still lapping away at her sweet pussy. Trish cold soon feel Lacey's thighs quiver in her hands, she felt a warm gush spread inside her pussy and knew that Lacey was drawing close.

I Want To Fuck My Best Friend

lesbian Poppet 2018-11-04

Being best friends with someone you’re in love with and they don’t know can be hard. “No, of course not, if you’re not ready, don’t do it Bailey.” I take her hand into mine and we talk more about Cal, not what I really had planned, but she needs it. “You know, there is something creepy about kids and being possessed what were they thinking?” Bailey complains, like she isn't the one who picked the films. I thrust my tongue into her passion-moisten depths and she lets out such a perfect squealing moan that makes me want her all the more. It’s not what I had in mind, our first time, but I don’t think I could have asked for a better way.

Our first night together

lesbian Lacedwetpanties 2018-11-03

After hearing the door slam and the car engine start I closed my door and went back to my bed with Nikki. I could tell as her eyes widened when she felt my pussy dripping all over her fingers. Before I knew she had moved down to the edge of the bed and started kissing my thighs. I just wanted to feel her mouth all over me; kissing, licking, sucking, and nibbling. I had been sucking on her clit and licking her pussy all over for a few minutes. That is when I felt her stick a finger in my tight pussy hole and lick at my clit. I felt my pussy tighten and my legs shaking as I came all over her fingers.

The Gathering: Part 2

lesbian John_Doe 2018-11-02

Lacey was uncertain at first, yet the feel of Candice still licking her moist pussy was arousing, emboldening her to try what Trish had suggested. Candice planted her face against Lacey's body, allowing her tongue to reach new depths inside of Lacey's very moist pussy, enjoying the soft flesh inside, the walls that were slick and covered in the delicate honey she was producing. Lacey's body was reacting to the feeling of Candice's tongue running wild around inside her moist pussy, while Lacey found herself licking a pussy for the first time, and began to get into the pleasure of it after a while. Candice also knew it, by the way Lacey's pussy was now reacting inside to her tongue lapping away at it, slithering around like a snake in the grass.

The Naughty Neighbour

lesbian codyballa121 2018-08-28

She stripped out of her leggings and spread her legs open, lying on the couch, with a clear view of the T.V. As the two lesbians on screen came all over each other, Liz thought of her neighbour and felt a earth-shaking orgasm coming on. Alexis took a step back, speechless, shaking her head, but her nipples tightened and she felt a wave of heat go through her body. Liz stood behind Alexis, moved her hands to the front, grabbing her tits into her hands. Liz felt Alexis tighten around her as she came violently, her body shaking and twisting. Alexis smiled and moved towards her, grabbing her nipple with her mouth through the shirt.

But She Is Straight?

lesbian lesbian96 2018-08-25

'What is going on??' She asked in her head, 'it was probably that orgasm, I am not getting turned on by another girl staring at me, I am straight!!' But even she was beginning to doubt herself, and Annie was sure that Jayne was bisexual. When she thought Jayne was asleep, her bed was still and all she could hear was breathing, Annie took off her pajama bottoms and slowly worked their way toward her shaven, wet slit. Little did she know, Jayne was still awake, and hearing Annie pleasure herself turned her on a lot, and made her want to join in. Annie needed no more persuasion, as she slid her hand down Jayne's shaved pussy, feeling how wet she was, feeling her soft clit, where she rubbed slowly, still nibbling down her body.

There's a First Time for Everything

lesbian shavedkitty23 2018-08-16

The difference here of course was that it was the first time somebody else had paused for such a reason with me and with Julie having already helped me to pull down my favorite pink panties off my body I had never felt more naked than that moment. Before the kiss, we had shared a few hugs that felt great as I am definitely a "hugger" of friends, but by the time we stood in my driveway as she got out of my car to take hers home we had a moment where we paused and then I realized that it suddenly felt like that part of the date where you wonder if the other person is going to kiss you.

My Aunt Barb Ch. 04

lesbian O2 2018-08-11

When Barb moved to Portland I had no idea my life would undergo such a dramatic change. My tongue, along with my finger worked inside her like two pistons in a well oiled machine. I lay there, my face between her legs cheeks, drenched in her sweetness gently licking and kissing her pussy. After Ping left, I sat down and had a long talk with Barb. Barb gave me a ride home and I spent the rest of the weekend pondering how I was going to deal with Michael. We have separate rooms so when mom comes over she doesn't know I occasionally share Barb's bed. I love my new life and I owe it all to my Aunt Barb who really isn't my aunt.

Touching Her

lesbian JacobGoody 2018-05-28

My entire body open and raw to the eyes of the birdy girl in bed. Momentum had gathered and pushed me into the bed, I stalked over her legs and eyed those pale pink gingham panties, lowering my face to take in her scent. I put my mouth on her mons, tasting the fabric with my tongue, then softly took the sides of her panties in my hands and drug them off her legs. I look at my pruny fingertips before wiping my hand on the sheet and moving to touch her leg. Ours lips connect, our mouths open, and our tongues wrestle as feel her breasts mash against my own. My bird-like little lover in the pale pink gingham panties with the tiny scalloped edge.

My Re-Awakening Ch. 02

lesbian Missxc36 2018-05-20

"Holy fuck Cheri I love that!" I said as I watched her lick my finger slowly. Keeping my fingers inside her, thrusting hard each time, I bent my head down and took her left nipple in my mouth. Fucking suck that clit baby!" she cried out and looked down to watch me, her eyes showing the loss of control of her orgasm. I slid my tongue inside her a little deeper now and took her clit between my index finger and my thumb gently squeezing it. I don't know what that was but God Damn that was fucking amazing for me to watch" I said smiling as I moved up to meet face to face with her.

Touch of a Woman

lesbian LostInTheMadness 2018-05-07

It was almost the exact way that I felt the first time I was with a guy, except girl on girl wasn't the kind of thing covered in school sexual education lessons. Your fingers gripped the bottom of my top and I took a deep breath as you slowly pulled it off, my hands instinctively went to cover myself, but it was pointless. Your hands ran along my body, following the shape exactly as your fingers brushed over my breasts, along my stomach and millimetres away from my pussy. My eyes followed you as you walked around the bed to the bedside table where you opened the top drawer and pulled out a large strap on with a smirk across your face.

Losing Control on the Dancefloor

lesbian HornySexChat69 2018-03-17

Lizzie turned her head to stare list fully into Suze's dark eyes "Feel me now, God I need you inside me" and she leant in feverishly and kissed Suze on the mouth, on hand still behind her squeezing her big arse, the other behind Suze's head, pulling at her hair. They continued like this, uncaring that everyone was watching, moaning louder and louder, tongue fucking each other's mouths, squeezing every inch of skin they could find, while Suze added a third finger into Lizzie pussy and began finger fucking her vigorously. Suze adored watching the sexy girl scream in euphoria and let her own orgasm build as she ground her throbbing pussy against Lizzie tight arse like a dog in heat "BABY FEEL ME INSIDE YOU!

Experiments by Sam Ch. 01

lesbian Belle4Belles 2018-02-10

Although a little disappointed, Sam wasn't going to let it dampen her enthusiasm. Sam reached out a finger and felt Holly's wetness for the first time. Sam added another finger and increased her suction on Holly's clit, making Holly squirm. "Finally!" thought Sam. She tried to reach up and play with Holly's tits, but she had a lot of work to do on her coordination, so she concentrated on the wet, hot pussy in her mouth. She played with Holly like this for a while, enjoying the feel and taste of pussy. After about twenty minutes, she felt Holly's pussy walls start milking her fingers so she started to slowly pump into her and increased pressure with her tongue.

The Farewell Story

lesbian vv3mm 2017-12-21

She sat on the sofa and did not say anything. When I was about to enter my room, I heard, 'hey, give me a hug'. I smiled, turned around, and she was behind me. But the hug was getting too long than I expected. I wrapped my arms around her, fumbling into my room, falling with her into bed. She was trembling and gasping for air. 'It's my turn', she said. In the ecstasy I cried out loud, shaking violently, and the room faded from my eyes. 'I'm gonna go wash up', I said dreamily as the high faded away, feeling the slimy between my legs. I sat up with her face-to-face. She gave me a long kiss before she left.