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Taking a Virgin Lesbian

lesbian LikeJagger 2018-12-03

Still rubbing her nipples with my hands, I began to slowly kiss and lick my way down her belly to her pussy. “Oh, God… yes, Jackie, yes… that’s good… keep doing that…” Natalie moaned and twitched above me, her hands bracing against the wall of the shower so she could remain standing. This time Natalie slid a second finger inside of me, once again curling and wiggling them inside of me while she licked and sucked my clit. Every time I felt that I was done Natalie would moan into me or nuzzle or lick me in a way that sent me careening off into another spiralling wave of orgasm.

When Parents Are Away...

lesbian LesbianLover123 2018-11-25

Once I got back to my room, I saw Caitlin had taken all my pillows and blankets and spread them on the floor. I'm so sorry!' Caitlin said in a scared voice. I could use some help getting this sticky pop off of me." A sly smile spread over Caitlins face as we hopped into the shower stall. So I lowered my head and sucked one of Caitlins nipples into my mouth making her let out a loud "Ohhh god!" See? "You want me to lick your cunt baby?" she asked, her voice driving me wild. I gasped as Caitlins tounge met my pussy lips. Lick that pussy faster you whore!" I moaned and Caitlins tounge obliged.

Friends Forever

lesbian lesbiancloud 2018-11-23

Sam and I had graduated from high school and, a few weeks later, our parents surprised us with a two week vacation to the beach. In any case, a few days after telling Sam and I, our families drove down to the beach house our parents had rented. My pussy tingled slightly, forcing me to look away as I finished changing into a red string bikini. "Wow, don't we look hot," laughed Sam as she wrapped an arm around my waist.  As I slipped out of my bikini bottoms, I looked into the bathroom; Sam's reflection in the bathroom mirror showed she had undressed completely and was turning on the water. "I was starting to wonder, slowpoke," Sam laughed, turning towards me as I came in.

The House Sitter: Chapter 2

lesbian _O2_ 2018-11-20

She stood under the shower head letting the warm water cascade down her body, eyes closed enjoying how it felt. Lani then kissed her way up the inside of Samantha's thigh skimming over the swollen moist lips, pausing to blow her warm breath on them. Samantha closed her eyes deciding to enjoy rather than fight the notion in her mind, Lani felt good down there, deep inside Samantha knew this was right. Samantha pressed her head deeper into the pillows, her hands wandering over herself, massaging her breasts, her tummy and eventually slipping her fingers through Lani's damp locks, attempting to steer Lani to her spot. Samantha brushing Lani's cold wet hair back from her face gently kissing her, their eyes glossed over with a combination of love and lust.

Montana to L.A. Chapter 3

lesbian _O2_ 2018-11-16

“So, what you're saying is we're all to blame for this little love triangle?” Janelle stopped crying as she looked at each of the girls in turn. “I want to spend time with Emma,” Jordan said taking a stand to see if Janelle would fudge on her position. Jordan closed her eyes, waiting to be taken; the softness of Emma's kisses soothed and excited her at the same time. Jordan caught her breath, turned to face Emma, “I think I love you.” When Emma had calmed enough to talk in complete sentences Jordan guided her love back to the stable and an anxious Maggie. Jordan took the lead, turning Emma's face to hers outside the shower's flow.

Emily and Xiu

lesbian NuDude49 2018-11-10

From outside the showers we hear a Camp counselor saying, “Come on girls, time for lunch.” Bharati leads Xiu to a bed and says, “You need to undress.” Bharati picked the right girl; I honestly believe Xiu hates clothes. With the hand that is on her pussy, Bharati slides her fingers just over Xiu's pubic bone, she makes firm circles with her fingertips. Bharati makes small circles on the upper wall of Xiu's pussy, each one going deeper inside. As I walk I hear the shower; I look and see Xiu. She is turned to where she cannot see me. With only water covering my body, I walk to the cabin with Xiu. We walk in the door and slowly make our way to the kitchenette.

Found: A Woman's True Passion

lesbian Ping 2018-10-30

Upon hearing my plea, Kati thrust her fingers hard and deep into my aching pussy, which now felt like it wanted to swallow her. After Kati’s orgasm passed, we stood clutching each other in the shower, tenderly exploring each other with our mouths, fingers, and contacted skin. I handed Kati the shower head as she sprayed and rubbed all the residual shaving cream and hair off my front. I felt Kati try to move her tongue in a circular motion, but my ass was too tight, so she just moved it in and out. I felt her eyes scan my body, and each time, briefly stopped at what was waiting for her, between my legs, before moving on.

My Breast Friend

lesbian SeanR83 2018-09-09

She held both breasts firmly in each hand and wrapped her lips around one nipple, sucking it hard, and then the other. I kissed her neck like she did to me, taking my time till I reached her soft breasts. Her nipples jutted out like two bullets and when I slid my tongue over them, they felt hard and soft at the same time. I gently fingered her tight pussy as my tongue swirled around the hard nipple. I knew she was close to orgasm, so I pushed two fingers into her cunt and sucked hard on her clit. I was looking right into Jayden’s eyes as I fingered myself, my spare hand squeezed and caressed my breasts, playing and tweaking at my nipples.

Knocking On Her Door

lesbian callmeoneesama 2018-08-23

Tammy's hand drops to Lorraine's shoulder. She takes hold of Lorraine's hand and lowers it, leaning in to kiss her on the forehead. Tammy looks over at Lorraine who is twirling the ends of her hair. Tammy hands the bundle to Lorraine and reaches for her cheek. Lorraine watched Tammy's shoulder-length brown hair get wet and began to shampoo herself. Tammy let her hands glide across Lorraine's lower back and abdomen. Tammy started to move her hands over Lorraine's back, applying pressure to her muscles and sensually rubbing her back. Lorraine grabbed Tammy's wrists and turned around to face her. Tammy pulled Lorraine into a warm hug, water washing the soap off the both of them.

Discovering Emelie

lesbian WetTeenDream 2018-07-17

Every night, I'd think about her more; by the end of the week I'd fantasized her in bed with me, sweating, my hands roaming her beautiful pale body, her plump lips pressed against my own. I laid my warm flesh upon hers, taking in everything: the way she felt under me as her hands roamed my body; how she smelled the same as the first time I'd talked to her; how she moaned, "Kaitlyn, oh, Kaity!" as I kissed her everywhere and touched her body. Emelie started moaning, groaning, and as she pushed down on my tongue the last few times, she let out an amazing scream, bucking against my face, her knees giving out.

The Secret

lesbian MrsMeredith 2018-06-04

Rushing water that I knew was dripping over her nipples and caressing every curve of her beautiful body. Don't you want to run your tongue though both my lips?" She traced her thigh and then ran the tip of her finger between her pussy lips. "You obviously know exactly what I want to do to you and what I have done to you a thousand times in my head." I reached for the curtain and pulled it all the way open. Hesitantly I leaned my face over her breast and began running my tongue around her erect nipple. She had pushed my face back down and I went back to massaging her clit firmly with my tongue as I slid my middle finger into her pussy.

Match Point

lesbian Fay32 2018-01-02

She took a dollop of shower gel in her hands and began to cover her breasts with it, rotating her hands around and feeling her nipples flick between her fingers as she revelled in the freedom and comfort that had come from removing her bra. Rosana was leaning back against the back wall, strands of her dark blonde hair strewn across her face, neck and breasts as her right hand was wrapped tightly around a fat, black, double-ended dildo that she was slowly easing in and out of her shaved pussy. Bruna let out a little 'eek' as she felt Rosana's fingers against her sex, and thought her legs might buckle as they gently opened her pussy lips.

A Model Seduction Ch. 01

lesbian Seductivebeast 2017-11-30

Using her free hand Sarah pulled my towel off my body and I felt the cool air on my naked flesh. I wanted to keep fucking this woman but my body couldn't hold out for much longer. "I could tell you wanted this and I'm glad you could let your little lesbian side come out to play." She laughed at her joke. "An experienced lesbian knows the look of a woman wanting to fuck her and you had it all week long." She was right, even if I didn't want to admit it at the time. Before we go let me give you a little taste of what is to cum by another woman." She spread my legs apart and started licking my pussy.

Best Friends Forever

lesbian prkrwse08 2017-11-12

She slid her hands up Jennifer's waist and then moved them more inside as she took Jen's large breasts in her hands and began massaging them gently. Jennifer turned her head to one side as Tiffany softly kissed and licked her neck and worked her way downward slowly. She could tell it was driving her friend crazy as Jen was trying to move her body to get her nipple closer to Tiff's hungry mouth. She then pushed Jennifer's breasts together firmly and took her left nipple into her mouth and began sucking, licking and softly nibbling. Tiffany's body trembled and Jen could feel her friend's pussy trying to grab at her tongue as she licked inside her.