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Arsenic and Esmeralda

lesbian Audrey_X 2018-11-17

It can bring a lot of drama and awkwardness into your life, especially with young girls who want to “experiment.” All gay women know the awful feeling of losing your heart to someone who isn’t serious or who isn’t comfortable with her sexuality. He moved it like a pendulum in front of her face, telling her in soft words that her body was relaxing, that her mind was becoming open, that all of her inhibitions were dissolving and she was becoming sleepy. I wanted to interrupt, to tell him to stop because clearly Sara was hypnotized and he had proven his point but I stayed silent and listened while Sara's warm voice talked gently of how she admired my beauty and had dreamed of belonging to me.

Chelle's Secrets: To New Friends

lesbian lemanruss 2018-11-14

Later that night, looking down at the blonde head between her trembling, naked thighs, her body experiencing a kind of pleasure she’d never imagined, Michelle would think briefly of that same question and decide that, at this time and for her at least, the answer didn’t really matter. Chelle was suddenly sitting on the edge of the hot tub, completely exposed, dripping wet (in more ways than one) in the night air as Becky’s blonde hair moved down her body, kissing her flat, sexy belly, and then coming to rest at eye level with her steamy gash.

Shower and a Grind

lesbian Fionna 2018-11-01

She buried her face in my cunt and sucked hard on my clit, I cried out as the feeling intensified. She stopped briefly to strip off her bra and yoga pants to reveal nothing but a shaved pussy underneath and some impressive tits. I nodded. She forced one in my mouth, then the other. “You get that tit nice and wet, then I'm going to rub it all over your pink juicy pussy.” I suckled her tit, innocently while she fingered my love hole. Suddenly I felt her rubbing it all over my pussy, I ground myself against it wanting to cum from the image of this beautiful goddess, fucking me in such an intimate way.