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Beginnings: Chapter 2 - Formalities

lesbian claire2013 2018-01-14

“I don’t like repeating myself, Lucy, but bearing in mind that this is your first day, and in case you didn’t quite hear me the first time, I told you that at all times you are going to call me Miss Hamilton.” Inside, I suddenly felt a heavy penny drop. She kept me busy all morning, although most of my tasks were relatively mundane: several trips to the local county court offices in order to file applications, delivering papers along the corridor to Veronica’s secretary for typing up, multiple visits to the photocopying machine, and locating a variety of legal volumes containing statutes and cases that Veronica needed consumed every moment of my time.

Brains and Brawn

lesbian skizzor90 2018-01-14

"Well," Jen cleared her throat and handed her canteen to Samantha, "Some marines were raised on farms where it was typically less expensive to fix whatchamacallits yourself than to pay a licensed mechanic to come to an outer rim planet to tighten a few screws for a few thousand credits." Sam's legs were now bent under her on the desk allowing her to let go and focus on Jen's neck as she was unbuttoning the Commander's uniform. Jen knew that seeing Sam after this mission would be impossible, but she couldn't help feeling that she wanted more. "That's fine, I can find something to keep me occupied until another Sota ship arrives." Sam kept her face unemotional she stroked Jen's leg in bed.

Training Cassiopeia - Chapter 4

lesbian elspeth 2018-01-14

She glanced over at me with a question in her eyes. “Bree with two ‘E’s, not like the cheese. I just thought you might like to know the name of your research subject. We were standing very close to one another and I could sense the tenseness in Cassiopeia, like she didn’t know what to do or say next. Whoever designed the questionnaire had no idea what street girls thought. The questions were all worded to provide a narrow band of possible responses that the designer wanted to hear, not what the subjects actually thought. It’s obvious that you are biased and some of these questions...I’d have told you to go fuck yourself if you asked me.”

Sexy Dress-up with Chloe

lesbian NI_Chick 2018-01-14

Kissing down her body, through the outfit I pulled her legs apart and put one in between mine and started to grind my bare wet pussy against it. Going between her legs I buried my nose between her ass cheeks, slowly bringing it up while sticking my tongue out and running it past her little asshole. ''Aww babe, that feels so good, your tongue feels so nice,'' she said while grabbing my hair and pushing her pussy in my face. Rubbing her clit with one hand and tongue fucking her cunt, I put my other hand under her ass and started to play with her asshole causing her to sigh harder.

After Jess

lesbian monica3 2018-01-14

We’re calling it an evening dress party, we decided people look better that way than if they just assume it’s a come as you are affair.’ I’d always liked Tippi in a detached sort of way. I still loved Jess and knew if she’d been there I’d have been unhappy, even though we’d spoken since her hen night and all seemed well. As we chatted happily, I felt her hand squeeze my arm a few times and occasionally she leant against me. Tippi is tall, slender and has lovely dark brown hair, which she was wearing that night loosely tied back. I wasn’t going to try to last night because, well, it’d have felt like I’d only asked you so I could.

Busted 3

lesbian pearlcheerio 2018-01-14

“Lose the clothes,” Carrie said, turning to Alexa as if I wasn’t there, “She really does have the nicest tits. Soon I felt a wave of orgasm roll over me and I screamed into Carrie's soaking pussy as Alexa inserted two of her long fingers into my pussy hole. I thrust my hips back in a vain effort to force the fake cock into my aching pussy. Carrie let the dildo stroke over my hard little nub of a clit, slide through my lips but never actually penetrate my pussy. I screamed out in delight and added another finger to Alexa's pussy, grinding my tongue over her engorged clit. With Carrie's forceful fucking and Alexa's skilled tongue I began to have the biggest orgasm of my life.

Sisterhood of Sin -- 30 -- Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead

lesbian LastWife 2018-01-14

We don't know why she's involved, but she must be Karl's conduit." I knew that Marta was involved in the mole hunt, when she wasn't needed as my bodyguard, but I didn't know she was up to speed on the suspects. And the third is another US passport, under the name of Simone Chartreuse, my new sisterhood alias, who gets Sister Cate, my naughty nun persona, by default. "Okay, Love, now that Cate is gone, you promised to tell me why you wanted to stick with me so much that you even changed your look from sexy ninja chick to susie homemaker." I come and I can feel Marta's smile as her tongue slows and pulls the last few gasps of pleasure from me before I say, "Pas plus, ma amant.

Eva So Soft

lesbian Carmyn 2018-01-14

I couldn't stop imagining what her lips would taste like-- strawberries, vanilla... With her legs tucked beneath her bottom, her posture caused her shiny metallic dress to rise higher up her sexy thighs, ever so close to exposing her underwear. I left Eva on the sofa in the living room and headed to my room to retrieve the extra blanket from my closet. Eva pulled the bottom of her dress up to her navel, exposing her sexy black lace thongs. After noticing my hesitant, Eva reached behind herself and slapped her right ass cheek. "Then fuck me good and I know I won't regret it," Eva moaned as she continued to play with herself.

When Best Friends Collide. . .

lesbian spicegirl76 2018-01-14

I never thought about liking girls, and Tahlyx has been a lesbian for as long as I can remember. I left my hair down because Tahlyx likes to play with it. Tahlyx had short hair and dressed like a guy. You look amazing!" Tahlyx said. When the movie was over, Tahlyx and I held hands on our way to her car. "Lexs, I've wanted this for so long." Tahlyx said. I put my hand on the back of Tahlyx's head and played with her hair. I moved my hand from Tahlyx's head to the inside of her thigh. Tahlyx did it, she had her hands on my butt and I loved it. We got dressed and Tahlyx stayed the night at my house.

Playing Footsie

lesbian CumGirl 2018-01-14

It’s obvious she doesn’t know where to place herself; can’t meet my gaze, keeps flicking her eyes about the room as if assessing the alternative seating options, her teeth nibbling at her bottom lip, her knuckles white as her fingers strain against the glass and just the slightest hint of flushing skin playing about the small inverted triangle of flesh visible atop her primly buttoned and crisply efficient work blouse. I rotate my foot slightly; a soft squeeze of my thighs sending dreamy palpitations through my dribbling pussy; the rounded toes of my shoe sliding along her, pushing harder, seeking higher, trying to reach the sensitive flesh behind her knee so it may delicately kiss at the underside of her thigh, and forcing her pale trembling legs a little wider to allow me unfettered access.

My lover in a Limo

lesbian kellyqueen 2018-01-14

Kimber is lying in bed asleep when she feels something wet and warm start licking her pussy. “Mmmm yes you are very horny this morning, Kelly” Kimber moans lightly kissing my pussy. The limo takes off, and I lean my head over kissing Virginia on her neck softly lightly licking it. “Oh, oh, oh, oh, Oh KELLLLLLLLY!” Virginia moans as she cums her body shakes hard. I look over at Virginia who smirks before sliding between my legs and starts licking my pussy. “Ohhhh girls, yessss, yeesssss” Kimber moans holding our heads to her pussy. Virginia crawls over and starts sucking and licking my pussy as I ride Erin. “Ohhh ohhh, yes, yes.” I moan loudly “Oh yes Erin fuck me, oh Virginia lick me!”

Getting What You Want

lesbian missmarlyt 2018-01-14

I let out a quiet moan from my lips when she started to caress me ear lobes and run her fingers gently through my hair. Suddenly I felt a squeeze at one of my breasts and I let out a moan in her chest. She kissed me again and traced her tongue around my mouth, down my neck and right to my nipple. She gasped and I felt her hand entangle in my hair and push my head into her chest. I took both her breasts in my hands and squeezed them, leaning down to kiss her again. I took both thumbs and slid her now soaking panties off her long sexy legs.

Drunk Lesbians Experience Their First Time

lesbian cheaterkitty 2018-01-14

 Kara kissed back passionately, and we continued making out for what seemed like forever. Sierra went back to me, saying "I wanna eat you out," with a determined look in her eyes. She moved forwards, wrapping her arms around my neck, her eyes zooming from my eyes to my lips and back. Then she broke the kiss and moved down, down, down, pulling my purple thong off and opening my legs like a portal, she went straight to it and licked around, I moaned, enjoying the first sensation as it grew, she went back up and kissed me again, sliding her hand down to my pussy and pushing a finger up. She got up and went to sip more champagne, getting drunker when me and Sierra hooked up again, kissing as I put my hand between her legs, two fingers slipping in her wet hole again and again until she came.

A ruined friendship?

lesbian Rubz 2018-01-14

Chloe danced facing them as I dropped low in front of her, slowly winding my way back up her body to wrap my arms around her neck and pull her close to me. When I started dancing with her I was just having a laugh, but as my leg touched her, I felt her g-sting move to one side by accident, letting her soft pussy lips brush along my thigh. She bit my bottom lip gently and I felt a throbbing in my pussy, which by now was wet enough that I thought it might start running down my legs. Moaning out loud at how hot she looked, I slid one finger half way into her opening, twisting as I pulled it almost all the way back out again before pushing it hard all the way in.

The Night to Come--Part III

lesbian Lydia_ 2018-01-14

I chuckled, "You came prepared."  And was rewarded by another hard hair tug.  Patricia shook the whip cream, and sprayed some on my breasts and nipples, and in a swirling trail to my mound.  She leaned over me, and started on my breasts, flicking and sucking on my nipples.  She worked her way down my stomach, sliding her tongue over my very sensitive skin.  I moaned softly when her head finally disappeared between my legs.  I tried to see what she was doing, but the way I was handcuffed to the bed made that impossible, so I closed my eyes.

Maude/Madeleine Part 7

lesbian monica3 2018-01-14

‘Your guest left a small present for you, my dear.’ This was Mistress Pickles speaking when later we met, I having been summonsed to her sitting room. I assured her I would return in good time and Jenkins followed me out of the room and closed the door. ‘My guests tend to a liking for the manly woman.’ She opened her gown and her two tiny breasts were revealed to me and I admired them, thinking too how free we were with our bodies in this house. ‘I should have thought, my dear Miss Jenkins, that the meaning was abundantly clear.’ Maria seemed not remotely put out by Jenkins’ arrival but I was trembling and all feelings of arousal had evaporated.

Ellen's Sex Shop 4: Maid Alice

lesbian Jaylee_Coglin 2018-01-14

Alice imagined the idea of dragging her here after she’d stripped was getting the bemused reaction, but she knew Ellen just wanted access to the mirrors and accessories inside. This was the fifth such room she’d waited outside of since the start of their shopping expedition three hours ago, and neither Ellen or Linda showed any sign of flagging. A pause of the dildo as she needed both hands, then a muffled gasp from Ellen as the woman felt the clip bite in, trapping her clit as she had trapped Alice’s earlier. Three quick thrusts later and Ellen peaked again, the translated vibrations of her howls apparently setting Linda off, the other woman audibly gasping for the first time as she twitched through her second climax.

Prom Night Freaks

lesbian kellyqueen 2018-01-14

Once inside my car, we start kissing, licking pussy, rubbing tits and fucking assholes. Becca who is over by the pump turns it on, and water from the pool starts flowing into Jill’s bowels. The girls all watch as Jill’s body starts to expand filling with the pool water. “Yea take it you slut, lick her cunt!” we start yelling at Jill as Jessica moans. Cassandra pulls out of Jill, takes off the strap-on and shoves her pussy in Jill’s mouth. “Yeah, well Cassandra fucked her pussy well,” Kelsey says and they all laugh. “I’m sorry for using your pool, without permission Kelly,” Jill says panting hard as cum drips off her face and body.

The Gathering - Part 4

lesbian John_Doe 2018-01-13

Julie's hand clasped upon the back of Sandra's wet hair, pulling her in towards her spread legs, her moist pussy and making her dig her tongue deeper inside. Sandra then began to gently fuck her, easing back and forth as the strap-on dildo pushed in and out of Lacey's wet pussy. On the bed, Sandra had picked up a little pace as she thrust the strap-on dildo in and out of Lacey's wet pussy. Sandra thrusting forward, while Lacey pulled back towards her, to help the strap-on dildo push deeper inside of her pussy. On the bed, Lacey felt the strap-on dildo fuck her tight pussy hard and fast, just how she asked Sandra to fuck her.

You're the first woman I've ever..

lesbian DownUnderLesbian 2018-01-13

Karen replied by sliding her hand inside Samantha's blouse and felt her full breast against her hand, and begin to kiss her heavily. Samantha giggled and hushed Karen with kisses, squeezing her breasts in her hand, "Oh baby, I will, but not here.." she whispered as she slowly stood off from the chair and began to button up her blouse again. "Oh, now where did THAT come from, you're always so shy!" Smiling at Karen as she pushes her gently toward the bedroom and onto the bed, Samantha begins to slowly unbutton her blouse at the foot of the bed whilst watching Karen.

Bedtime for Rachael

lesbian MsTara 2018-01-13

I turned and took her hand and pulled her to me and kissed her softly on the lips, holding her to me and rubbing her bottom, I whispered to her softly, "I love you, Rachael, so very much." Then, I took her hand and led her to our bed. I then moved back up, my panty-covered mound brushing over her cheeks as I reached up to massage her neck again, working around the base of her neck and shoulders before I started back down her spine, slowly, one vertebra at a time sliding down on her bottom and thighs again as I massaged down to her bottom and rubbed her cheeks again. I moved off her and lay next to her, reaching over to softly caress her lower abdomen, rubbing my fingers in small circles over her tummy working slowly lower.

Backstage Mistress

lesbian HeatherDay 2018-01-13

“Um, I’m not sure…” I started to stammer, suddenly very nervous about meeting a rock star who had serenaded me in front of a hall full of people and even more nervous at the strange craving of my body to feel her touch again. It wasn’t long before the security guard put his head round the door and said to us, “come on then girls, they’re in the dressing room,” for which he was treated to a grateful snog from Tara. Not quite believing this was happening, Sophie and I exchanged a bemused look before following Tara and the security guard down a narrow corridor lined with concert posters, through a labyrinth of passages and staircases until we reached a door with a star containing the word “Tundra” tacked to it.

The Heatwave - The Sisterhood of Sappho (Part One)

lesbian KarenA 2018-01-13

“A man cums once, and he’s asleep in two minutes snoring his head off”, she had explained to Judi, as they lay in bed one sunny spring morning, “Whereas a liberated and sensuous woman can keep on making love for as long as she wants, as you have just proved. Suki pushed the door open and led Judi through into a magnificently panelled room with an elaborately corniced high ceiling and a row of magnificent French windows, currently thrown wide open to reap the benefit of the gentle early evening breeze, which looked out across a magnificent vista of rolling parkland.


Down by the Lake

lesbian fetishdoll 2018-01-13

She was already moist and warm so I moved down and ran my tongue across her dark rough pubic hairs and down to where they started to thin out along the sides of her beautiful pussy. I slowly moved my finger over her little button hole and the poor girl wiggled and kicked like she had a thousand bees inside her. With my face soaked and dripping with spit and Karen's sticky warm juices I pressed down on her clit with my tongue. He saw me and yelled, “Oh, think you are getting away?” He caught up with me and tried to grab my head to push me under. In play, he pressed in a little closer, obviously wanting me to feel his hard cock.