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Chris, Tale 01

lesbian boo_dreaux 2018-12-01

"Thought we'd have a couple of drinks here and then you could follow me to my place...it's not far, couple of miles is all," Vic cooed, moving a bit closer to me in the curved booth. Moving right up against me, Vic turned my head towards her with a soft hand to my chin and placed her soft-as-butter lips on mine. I put my glass on the counter and embraced Vic tighter to me as I surrendered to her kiss, feeling her crotch rubbing against mine as her hands, both of them, cupped my ass cheeks, holding me 'in place' as she dry-fucked me. Pulling her hands from behind my head, she slipped them down my blouse and began fondling my boobs, her fingers pinching my hardened nipples, softly at first but increasingly harder.

Turning Contest: A Dominated Thief

lesbian silkstockingslover 2018-11-27

"Yes, you need to pay for your wrong actions so you can learn from your mistake," Veronica said, as she moved her finger to the girl's pussy. "Your pussy is incredibly tight," Veronica said, as her finger wiggled inside the chubby girl, wondering if she had found an eighteen year old virgin. Veronica moved between the chubby woman's legs, checking out those massive tits one more time, before sliding a finger back inside the young girl's cunt. "I'm s-s-sorry," Becky weakly said, as she fell onto her back on the table, as the greatest pleasure in her young life continued to riddle her, causing her entire body to twitch and moan. "If you still feel that way in one minute I will stop," Veronica said, as she slid her cock inside the big butted girl's pussy.

Roomies Ch. 01

lesbian Goldeniangel 2018-11-27

Flirting subtly with Erin, Shannon had tried to make her new roomie feel at home with her sexuality, but Erin was still having some reservations. Some mean-spirited girl had claimed that Erin had been eyeing her in the locker room and it spread like wild-fire that Erin Zanes was a hardcore lesbian. From that moment on only her best friend Georgia had stuck by her, the rest of the girls in school avoided her - although a lot of the guys seemed to like talking to her. Their first weekend their Shannon came by the room with another girl; her name was Robin and she was very sweet, but Erin was surprised to feel a little flash of jealousy. Sometime after she got into bed, Robin and Shannon went off to the showers...


lesbian foreignbacon 2018-11-25

You'll be next." She heaved a sigh and whispered, leaning down and breathing in my ear, "The safety word is Immy." She nodded and sat back up. Ella took her right hand and hooked a finger in my panties and pulled them with a swift movement next to my jeans. Ella started with running a single finger down on of my lips, which wasn't a shocking feeling. My eyes rolled back in my head as she ran her finger over the spot again and again, and then, she pushed it like a button. Ella laughed, and I could feel her breathing on my pussy when she began to pet my mound softly with her tongue.

I couldn't stop her

lesbian andrea1jane 2018-11-09

Getting back to the drinks, I couldn't help the feeling of being watched and every time I looked over the same woman happened to catch my eye, but as the evening passed I forgot her and asked Paul if we could go to the room. "I can't," he said and I knew that neither could I, she pulled the gusset of my panties to one side and licked me from the bottom to my clit and sucked hard on my by now engorged nub, I came hard and long and again, three times in succession, I couldn't breathe, couldn't see just heard far away a woman shouting out uncontrollably not realising it was me.

Road Trip!

lesbian boo_dreaux 2018-11-09

"Nah, not so much, just a little crimped up from sitting so damned long...but, room service sounds just about right to me," I said, "Order us up something, don't forget some beers, I'm jumping into the shower and get the road shakes off of me," I directed. "They'll have the food and drink up here in exactly a half-hour," I heard Marni say, followed by the sound of the heavy glass shower-door opening, " Move over,I want to clean up before we eat also, so.....you do me and I'll do you." "How long has it been for you, sugar?" Marni casually asked as I stooped to wash the insides of her thighs, coming close to but not touching her promise land.

A Lesson in Orgasms

lesbian Linypsi 2018-10-03

My hands still held the red sweater I was folding when she first started asking me questions about sex. "Then it builds and builds until it gets to be too much and then it feels like the dam breaks as your muscles start contracting and pleasure washes all over your body." I opened my eyes, pleased with my description and a little aroused from imagining an orgasm. "Can I show you what an orgasm feels like?" I practically held my breath waiting for her answer. I started to ask if she was ok, but before I could get the words out of my mouth she bent her head down to kiss my neck.

Church Ladies

lesbian mikec1010 2018-10-02

One afternoon they were chatting when Lisa finally blurted out how sometimes she felt jealous of the church, how it took all of her husbands time, and how she was feeling alone and neglected. The two women sat down with glasses of wine when Lisa turned on the TV. When the station went to commercial break both women breathed a sigh and Jean said, "Oh my! Lisa said, "With my husband always gone I kind of know how those Greek women must have felt." Jean nodded in agreement. Finally Lisa said, "Jean, I think we should to go my bedroom. Jean moaned in pleasure and after a while Lisa finally said, "Well, I guess it's time that we did something else."

The Princess and the Peasant Girl

lesbian princess_v 2018-09-30

Alana moaned with pleasure as the princess removed her fingers and inserted them again. She could taste the peasant girl on her and she enjoyed it so she put her head between Alana's legs and began to lick the rim of her pussy. "The little whore princess likes that does she?" Alana remarked before inserting her fingers inside. The peasant girl continued to finger fuck the princess until she felt close to orgasm. "I want to fuck the princess good," Alana told her and pushed Charlotte round onto her back. Maybe in the palace you give the orders but here little sluts are treated accordingly," Alana leaned forward rubbing their pussies together, pumping the princess and grabbed Charlotte's tits.

Shanda and Reesa

lesbian ladylove7169 2018-09-29

Shanda kept her there, in that moment, by pulling her head back to deepen the kiss, but at the same time she stroked her hand over the tender skin behind her lover's ear. She grasped her legs and pulled the quivering thighs apart -- gently kissing the soft skin on the inside of her knees as she moved closer to the source of musky sweetness. At that moment, Shanda pulled her fingers out of Reesa's pussy and before she could howl her disappointment, Shanda drove her entire hand into her lover. Reesa's body collapsed back to the floor and Shanda gently pulled her fingers out of her ass and her hand out of her pussy.

Becoming Lizzie

lesbian Renaearden 2018-09-25

"Okay, Lizzie, I'm wrapping up here, and then us girls are gonna hit the floor." Billie tossed his head back, threw his towel in a sink behind the bar, nodded to the bartender at the other end, and walked away. "Your turn." Melissa said, bringing her cue stick to the table, indicating to Savanah that she needed to get up out of her shell... Melissa took one of Savanah's hands and pulled the woman close to her, and cupped the back of her head. Savanah responded by grabbing two fistfuls of Melissa's hair and pulling her face back to the cavern between her legs.

Amy & Kristen

lesbian ClaimedByLexi 2018-09-25

Then, sliding her arms around Amy's waist, Kristen gently began kissing her again. As Amy lay down, Kristen gently kissed her stomach, working her way up, until she reached where Amy's arms still lay, covering her chest. The woman looked up at Amy, and smiled, then began kissing her way down her flat stomach again. She couldn't help but smile again, and lowered her head, gently kissing Amy's clit. "I know." Amy said, slowly turning her head to look into Kristen's eyes, trying to be brave. After experimenting with her fingers, Amy leaned in close, took a deep breath, and began to slide her tongue up and down Kristen's slit.

Peeing with Suzy Ch. 04

lesbian leaky_one 2018-09-24

Finally Suzy took charge, her hands moving downwards to the still throbbing Vibrator lodged inside her pussy. The device slipped out of her lubricated love hole and I suddenly felt a wave of intense pleasure rush through me as Suzy deftly placed the end of the plastic cock up to my lower lips. With incredible care and dexterity, Suzy slowly slid home the Vibrator into my pussy hole. I pushed away from Suzy, our lips finally separating and I stared down at the sight of the device lodge inside my wet tunnel of pleasure. Suzy was manipulating the Vibrator with one hand her eyes locked on my semi-shaven pussy.

Cheyenne Learns from Her Roommate

lesbian SexxxyAM 2018-09-24

I took off my sweatshirt and my sweatpants that I'd been lounging around in looked at myself at the full-length mirror of Sasha's, near her bed. Looking at my wet, glistening pussy turned me on even more and I began to stroke my tits even more. I stroked my clit even more, beginning to moan and hoping I turned on the music loud enough, just then, the door flung open and Sasha stormed in! I told her "I'm cumming" and she said "Go ahead, I want you to cum for me" and my body felt like it exploded. Mark then came and sat on the bed next to Sasha and they both looked at me.

Happiest Family in the World Ch. 02

lesbian bloominglily 2018-09-23

Sunil felt very sad on hearing this and said he could not even think of letting Nisha go away just for having a kid. Sunil asked Laila, his mother about Nisha. Laila gave the glass of milk to Jeena and ushered her towards the master bed room.She felt shy while entering the large room with the king size bed and the tall man standing by the window. Laila closed the door and said "Come dear, lets go to bed." She also wanted Nisha like a man and wanted to feel those huge boobs and kiss those plump lips. Laila worked the ivory phallus in Nishas cunt with one hand and squeezed her huge boobs with the other.

Kisses, Handcuffs and You Ch. 02

lesbian Belle4Belles 2018-09-23

Your hands slide around and cup my ass, pulling me against you, as you kiss me; gentle, the tip of your tongue teasing my lips. Your hand rests on my leg, your fingers making little movements on my thigh. I just enjoy watching them harden against the fabric of your shirt and feeling your chest rising and falling as your breathing gets a little faster. When I feel your hands in my hair, pulling my head against you harder, I moan with you. I move your left leg over my head so that your foot is resting on my hip and slide a pillow under you, opening your glistening pussy to me.

Trimming the Hedge

lesbian hoededoe12 2018-09-22

The summer that the kids were at camp and Ralph my husband was away at a symposium, I finally had the house to myself for a change, and my plan was to do as little as possible. The only other thing to break the silence was the snip of hedging shears as our neighbor, Mr Raskin, worked his side of the bushes. "Mom and Dad are in the Poconos, Mrs Page," Hilary said. "Hilary," I said, "you look thirsty. "Yes," said Hilary. Hilary seemed to blush and she quickly drained the glass and handed it back to me. "No," said Hilary. "One shower uses less water than two, wouldn't you agree?" I said, reaching for her. Her small hands gripped my thighs as she got in good for a nice long eat.

A Lucky Eyelash...And Elvis

lesbian tmoney249 2018-09-21

As Elvis sang "blue, blue, blue Christmas" she pressed her body even closer to mine, and I noticed a change in the way her eyes met mine. As I did, Tess brought her hands to my face, and pressed her glossed lips to my mouth, again. I couldn't help but smile, it was like everything in my life had been waiting for that moment, and I could tell, looking in her eyes, the sentiment was mutual. She reached a hand behind my head, and pulled my face to her, entwining her fingers in my updo. Tess took my face in her hands and caught my gaze, saying, "You know...

Meet Ann

lesbian 2Write2Live 2018-09-20

When she felt Ann press into her lips seeking a longer, more sustained kiss, Mary started moving her hand lightly over Ann's clothes, letting Ann feel her hand on her breasts, stomach and pussy. More times than not, when Ann was satiated with Mary's nectar she would flip Mary onto her back, crawl between her legs and latch onto Mary's clit with her mouth teasing it with the tip of her longue, lapping it with the flat of her tongue and sucking on it while gently teasing her g-spot with the end of her index finger.

College Roommates

lesbian zipper694u 2018-09-17

She reached over and hit the 1 minute timer and said you have to freeze like a statue for 1 minute I literally froze giggling for one minute as she called her boyfriend and quickly tried to finish the conversation before the timer went off. Well that started a whole game of hitting the freeze button with some time period on it when ever we wanted to be silly. Then one time close to Thanksgiving, Jacquie took her hand and put it on my thigh, pulled my right leg outward exposing my pussy. She spread my legs and touched me with her finger as usual, but then she paused and suddenly I felt her place warm kisses right on my vagina.

Changing My Life

lesbian SweetGrl247 2018-09-17

Thinking of my boyfriend's monstrous cock, I slid my hand up my skirt and rubbed my pussy through the layers of lace. I liked the way my legs looked in heels and it felt slutty to be rubbing myself in my office chair where anyone who walked by could see me. Rubbing and moaning I began to throw my head back and close my eyes in pleasure. I noticed that she moved herself out of my view as I felt his tongue dive ravenously into my wet pussy. My tongue dove deep and I could not breathe for being smashed into her pussy so hard with my face.

Day at the Gym

lesbian Prodigy01 2018-09-15

Vera let her eyes glide down over Kate as the water licked its way over their bodies. When her hand came in contact with Kate's hot pussy soft moans filled the shower stall. There, under the pouring water, Vera came harder than she ever had in her life and Kate's tongue just didn't stop. Kate reached down with her fingers and separated her own pussy lips exposing her clit to Vera. She grabbed Kate's thighs and buried her face deep into her pussy, sucking on her clit and sliding her fingers up inside Kate at the same time. Vera sucked hard on her clit and felt Kate's pussy grasp her fingers and cum all over.

Gina Ch. 02

lesbian 2Write2Live 2018-09-14

Michelle encouraged and directed her: "Good girl, suck Mommy's nipples.", "Scrape it gently with your teeth.", "Capture it with your lips and bite on it.", "Oh, you're giving Mommy such pleasure. Gina moaned and moved her legs apart to give Michelle easier and greater access to her pussy never stopping suckling Michelle's nipples. Gina moved behind her and spooned her, one hand on Michelle's breast gently toying with the beautiful, long nipple. Gina got up, went in and washed her face, brushed her teeth, ran a wash cloth through her pussy and dried it, came out, put on her bikini and headed to the lobby for a quick breakfast and then off to kayaking.

A Hard Ride on the Train

lesbian sexharvester 2018-09-13

I straddled Tom and took his cock deep inside me then I went up and down on him as Izzy watched. Tom then came, and I milked him dry, Izzy then proceed to lick out my cunt while Tom watched; he was hard again in no time. It was Izzy's turn, no matter what she said her jealousy came through in how hard she went up and down on Tom, the poor boy; he is going to suffer friction burns. We undressed her, and Izzy and myself made sure that she was very wet for Tom; our fingers and tongues soon had her in a state of sexual excitement. My tongue probed deeper, and at this stage, her cunt began to contract violently, she came in my mouth.