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Roomies Ch. 01

lesbian Goldeniangel 2018-02-24

Flirting subtly with Erin, Shannon had tried to make her new roomie feel at home with her sexuality, but Erin was still having some reservations. Some mean-spirited girl had claimed that Erin had been eyeing her in the locker room and it spread like wild-fire that Erin Zanes was a hardcore lesbian. From that moment on only her best friend Georgia had stuck by her, the rest of the girls in school avoided her - although a lot of the guys seemed to like talking to her. Their first weekend their Shannon came by the room with another girl; her name was Robin and she was very sweet, but Erin was surprised to feel a little flash of jealousy. Sometime after she got into bed, Robin and Shannon went off to the showers...

I couldn't stop her

lesbian andrea1jane 2018-02-21

Getting back to the drinks, I couldn't help the feeling of being watched and every time I looked over the same woman happened to catch my eye, but as the evening passed I forgot her and asked Paul if we could go to the room. "I can't," he said and I knew that neither could I, she pulled the gusset of my panties to one side and licked me from the bottom to my clit and sucked hard on my by now engorged nub, I came hard and long and again, three times in succession, I couldn't breathe, couldn't see just heard far away a woman shouting out uncontrollably not realising it was me.

Road Trip!

lesbian boo_dreaux 2018-02-20

"Nah, not so much, just a little crimped up from sitting so damned long...but, room service sounds just about right to me," I said, "Order us up something, don't forget some beers, I'm jumping into the shower and get the road shakes off of me," I directed. "They'll have the food and drink up here in exactly a half-hour," I heard Marni say, followed by the sound of the heavy glass shower-door opening, " Move over,I want to clean up before we eat also, so.....you do me and I'll do you." "How long has it been for you, sugar?" Marni casually asked as I stooped to wash the insides of her thighs, coming close to but not touching her promise land.


lesbian foreignbacon 2018-02-18

You'll be next." She heaved a sigh and whispered, leaning down and breathing in my ear, "The safety word is Immy." She nodded and sat back up. Ella took her right hand and hooked a finger in my panties and pulled them with a swift movement next to my jeans. Ella started with running a single finger down on of my lips, which wasn't a shocking feeling. My eyes rolled back in my head as she ran her finger over the spot again and again, and then, she pushed it like a button. Ella laughed, and I could feel her breathing on my pussy when she began to pet my mound softly with her tongue.

Chris, Tale 01

lesbian boo_dreaux 2018-02-10

"Thought we'd have a couple of drinks here and then you could follow me to my place...it's not far, couple of miles is all," Vic cooed, moving a bit closer to me in the curved booth. Moving right up against me, Vic turned my head towards her with a soft hand to my chin and placed her soft-as-butter lips on mine. I put my glass on the counter and embraced Vic tighter to me as I surrendered to her kiss, feeling her crotch rubbing against mine as her hands, both of them, cupped my ass cheeks, holding me 'in place' as she dry-fucked me. Pulling her hands from behind my head, she slipped them down my blouse and began fondling my boobs, her fingers pinching my hardened nipples, softly at first but increasingly harder.

Turning Contest: A Dominated Thief

lesbian silkstockingslover 2018-02-02

"Yes, you need to pay for your wrong actions so you can learn from your mistake," Veronica said, as she moved her finger to the girl's pussy. "Your pussy is incredibly tight," Veronica said, as her finger wiggled inside the chubby girl, wondering if she had found an eighteen year old virgin. Veronica moved between the chubby woman's legs, checking out those massive tits one more time, before sliding a finger back inside the young girl's cunt. "I'm s-s-sorry," Becky weakly said, as she fell onto her back on the table, as the greatest pleasure in her young life continued to riddle her, causing her entire body to twitch and moan. "If you still feel that way in one minute I will stop," Veronica said, as she slid her cock inside the big butted girl's pussy.

Another Match

lesbian JuilaDixon 2018-01-27

She said she wanted to talk to me about something which means that she more than likely has a match for me. Her little heart was racing, she began to moan softly, her kissing became more intense, and hands went to my breasts. She looked real scared and said, "I'll give it a try but I don't know if I will like it and I don't know if I will be any good." Her hands held onto the metal rails of the headboard while I fucked her pussy like a man would and she was screaming at the top of her lungs the whole time having one gigantic orgasm after another until she passed out.

Ma Petite Mort Ch. 01

lesbian Saphs 2018-01-27

Through my pyjama pants and knickers, she ran her finger up and down my slit, as I kissed her and played with her tits, enjoying every minute of it. Before long, my hand also found its way between her legs, she was wearing pyjama pants, but no knickers, and through her cotton pants I could feel the gooeyness and wetness of her pussy. Her fingers were warm and she sighed with pleasure inches from my face before kissing me again, rubbing her fingers against my bare pussy with all of my juices leaking all over hand. She stopped kissing me and ran a finger from the bottom of my pussy to the top, before leaning down with her head between my open legs, and giving my clit just one appreciative little lick.

The Windjammer Cruise Ch. 05

lesbian pouyqwert 2018-01-27

"Dad, Lacie and I are going to move now." Linda says as they excuse themselves, but not before walking by the table with the twins. "I bet the guys and girls love it when you wrap them all the way around their waist." Lacie adds with a lusting look in her eye. Linda begins feeling the wetness that is coming between Lacie's legs. "Did I do something wrong?" Linda asks as Lacie's eyes begin to focus again. Kneeling next to the bed, Lacie looks up at Linda's long trim body with lust in her eyes. Those guys don't stand a chance." Lacie grins to Linda who has a bewildered and quizzical look on her face.

Best Friends

lesbian erotiklust 2018-01-27

I kiss her back slowly, not knowing where it was going, but loving the feeling of her lips, then her soft wet tongue. She reached up under my shirt, stroking my stomach softly, slowly, and my body responded, wanting more, the anticipation of where her hand was going causing me to moan louder as I devoured her hot sweet mouth with mine. We were both gone by then...fuck any inhibitions...I turned her around so her back was against the wall now, lifting her shirt, and began licking her breasts, starting at the bottom, swirling around and around until I met her beautiful, hard nipple. I unbuttoned her shirt slowly, breathing softly on her skin, teasing again, licking softly as she tried to pull my head harder into her.

Say Yes

lesbian AfroerotiK 2018-01-25

I want to figure out creative ways to tease you and please you for weeks between the time you let me kiss you and you let me put your incredible nipples in my mouth. I want you to excuse us and take me by the hand and lead me to my bedroom knowing that he's listening and stroking his dick imagine what we're doing. I want to lick and kiss your inner thighs and know that I'm not allowed to put my mouth on you until you say yes. God, I want to finger your pussy and feel you moaning and chanting yes into my mouth as we Kiss passionately.

Christmas Candy

lesbian jadeQ 2018-01-25

Holly wanted to run her fingers through Candy's long black hair. Candy held Holly's chin with one hand as she traced the shape of her lips with red lipstick. As she slid her tongue into her mouth, Holly pulled Candy's head closer by sliding her hand around the back of her warm neck underneath her long black hair. Holly cupped Candy's breasts, rubbing the hardening nipples through the lace fabric. Candy moaned in delight, this time pulling Holly's head to her breast. Holly lifted her head intending to move downward, but Candy pulled her back to her breast. With the extra stimulation, Candy came with soft gasps, her body shuddering, her hands convulsively tightening in Holly's hair.

A Taste of Grace

lesbian PrincessS85 2018-01-23

Juline let out a soft moan and tightened her arms, turning them so Gracie was lying almost flat on her back, the other girl on top, her right hand starting to explore her curves, sliding quietly under her pink cotton shirt to cup her bare breast. Juline purred against the eager clit in her mouth, nearly forcing Gracie to the edge with overwhelming sensations of heat and wet and wonderful pressure, then pulled away, taking her fingers out of her pussy. She went back to sucking on her clit, letting her tongue flick against the end as she did, obtaining a gasp from her new girlfriend, and then a loud moan as she slid two fingers deep inside her wet heat, curling them up to rub against the g-spot.

Unexpected Pleasure

lesbian Shorncant 2018-01-22

Would it help if I kissed you first?" Sandra slapped her hand on Lucy's inner thigh. Sandra and Monica wrapped their arms around one another in a friendly hug and ended in a deep kiss. "Lucy I thought you said that you weren't interested in girls, and here you are getting my couch all wet." Sandra slapped Monica's ass. As Lucy looked up Monica gave her a pleased smile and then threw her head back and let out a pleasure sigh. For the first time in Lucy's life she let out a shriek of pleasure which led to a flow of fluid into Monica's mouth. Lucy kissed the pussy of the girl who had given her so much pleasure but was soon pulled away.

My First Woman

lesbian cloudynights 2018-01-22

She moved her hand down as well rubbing me briefly through my panties, and then slipped her fingers inside my panties, finding my wetness, and she moaned with pleasure as she slid her fingers inside me, feeling how wet I was. Feeling her body start to respond again, I slide two fingers back inside her and licked her, focusing on her clit, occasionally wrapping my lips gently around her labia or her clit and sucking or pulling. I could feel her excitement building until she seemed on the edge of coming, and I took her clit into my mouth, my head tilted slightly, and licked and sucked lightly, thrusting with my fingers, until she came again, her body trembling deliciously, finally flinching a bit at my tongue against her clit as her orgasm died.

Weekend in the Mountains Ch. 03

lesbian hotturkey 2018-01-21

"Most of the time, yeah." Olga ran her hands across Ruth's T-shirt, cupping her larger breasts. Closed mouth for the first few seconds, but when Ruth didn't pull away, Olga opened her mouth just enough to let their tongues barely meet. It feels good, let's just enjoy it." Olga brought her mouth back onto Ruth's and continued to caress her nipples. After only a short time, she moved her right hand off of Ruth's breast and slid it down past the drawstring of her scrub pants, massaging her own clit. It took a little while for Olga's breathing to slow down and Ruth finally slid her hand out of Olga's soaked panties and scrubs.

The Beach House Ch. 01

lesbian vyronika_knight 2018-01-21

As we finished eating, she noticed the amazing sunset over the water and asked to take a walk on the beach before it got too dark. Face to face, both giggling like school girls, our feet in the water still, I leaned up and kissed her. I kissed her neck, her shoulders, and feeling much like I expect a teenage boy does the first time a girl lets him feel her up, I kissed the tops of her breasts. "I think we need to take this inside," I panted, kissing her right shoulder and breast while massaging her left breast with my free hand. She must have heard my thoughts because she took them each into her mouth in turn, licking, nibbling and kissing them.

The Class Not Taught

lesbian Bewitched69 2018-01-19

"Yeah, me too….but I don't know if I could kiss another girl, let alone do something like that." Kirsten pointed at the screen and laughed as another scenario came on. I don't find women attractive like that, but it was kinda hot watching someone else do it!" Kirsten threw a pillow over her face to hide her embarrassment. Cheyenne was twisting and turning, pushing Kirsten's head down, wanting her to keep going and make her cum. Kirsten smiled at Cheyenne, knowing that it was going to be okay. Cheyenne ran and unlocked the door; returning to the bed to wait for Darren and Justin to enter. You can join us if you like." Kirsten giggled, and looked at her friend.


lesbian frnxgrl103112 2018-01-19

I felt the bed bounce as she moved to kneel at my head as she rubbed my shoulders. I started to ask if she thought it would be weird, but never got to finish my sentence as I felt her rubbing the baby oil into my inner thighs. Kiss me, I said and she leaned down and let me lick my juices off of her lips. I covered my mouth with my hands and tried to keep quiet as she continued to lick and suck and dip her tongue into my pussy until I felt that familiar tingling deep inside. She dipped her head once more to let me lick my cum from her lips and tongue, then fell back on the bed.

The Kat Who Licked The Cream Ch. 01

lesbian Sapphos Sister 2018-01-19

Her head was bent back, the angle contorted by ecstasy, her lips were mouthing silent oaths and her free hand was scrunching and squeezing her breast. And then my sweet angel, my darling, my honey, my mistress, my lover was cumming, riding her orgasm, drowning in it, feeling it cascading through her -- until her hand eased upon mine and my fingers, steeped in her juices, slowed and lay still within her, my lips kissed her clit gently, and my head rested against her thigh. At last, she said, 'You know, they say that it's better to give than to receive.' Her hand moved from my hip to my groin and she kissed my forehead lightly.

Elisabeth and the Infanta

lesbian HeyNonnyNonny 2018-01-19

Whatever are you doing?" "Hush, my infanta, me querida, be still." The Queen's hand left Clara's hip, and began tracing the line of golden embroidery along her shift, the back of her hand rubbed softly against the underside of the Princess' breast. She realised with a quickly passing feeling of shame that she was pleased to be an object of desire, pleased that her body aroused this Queen, who had so suddenly grown from a humble and pliant young lady of power to a great woman, who seemed at once to tower over her, and yet to be as close, as intimate, as to already be lain flat atop her.

A Lesson in Orgasms

lesbian Linypsi 2018-01-19

My hands still held the red sweater I was folding when she first started asking me questions about sex. "Then it builds and builds until it gets to be too much and then it feels like the dam breaks as your muscles start contracting and pleasure washes all over your body." I opened my eyes, pleased with my description and a little aroused from imagining an orgasm. "Can I show you what an orgasm feels like?" I practically held my breath waiting for her answer. I started to ask if she was ok, but before I could get the words out of my mouth she bent her head down to kiss my neck.

Caroline Ch. 01

lesbian Daralis 2018-01-19

Sitting opposite is an attractive woman about my age, who I assume is a commuter from her briefcase & suit. To my embarrassment, she looks up at this point & smiles, "Bloody trains, eh?" I can feel my cheeks going pink & wonder if she noticed me looking. Her breasts tremble as she laughs & I try to concentrate & look at her face. As she looks at the menu, her dark, glossy hair falls like a sheet of water across her face & the light picks out hints of blonde & red. Frustrated, I return to my desk, & Louise who sits opposite asks if I'm feeling OK as I look a bit red in the face!

Redhead Vixen

lesbian 0oXanao0 2018-01-18

The two women made small talk and Anya flirted openly, twisting what little of her dark hair she could suggestively around her long thin finger as she stared directly into Tally's eyes. Anya bravely moved one hand up until her fingers rested lightly between Tally's ass cheeks. The shorter girl braced her feet against the couch and pushed her hips up into Tally's face, which she took as a signal to speed up what she was doing. She pushed until the whole tip of her finger was inside Tally's tight little ass, biting and sucking on her clit as she did so. Oh fuck!!!" Tally pushed herself down hard on Anya, burying her finger in her ass as she came onto her face.