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Two Dozen Strawberries

lesbian Shannon3K 2018-11-07

I deal with that as I always do, by grabbing your hair, pulling your head back and kissing your lips, thrusting my tongue deep inside of your mouth, probing, touching your tongue and sucking it into my mouth. I caress your tongue with mine and hold your head in my hands and kiss you as deeply and intimately and passionately as I can. I return to face you, dip a strawberry into the Mariner and hold it to your lips, just close enough for you to lick the liquid off, just far enough so that you can't take the berry into your mouth. I place the strawberry into my mouth, suck off the taste of you, then bring my lips to yours, and, using my tongue, thrust the berry into your mouth.

Meri and Ellie at Myrtle Beach

lesbian myhiddendesire2769 2018-07-04

As the next song came over the speakers, I felt Ellie's hands pulling me farther up her leg, grabbing my ass. "I don't want you to feel weird Meri, but when you went to the bathroom on the plane and I started reading your magazine, it made me so fucking wet thinking about you. I slid my hand down to her swollen cunt and began stroking my finger against her clit. "I thought you disappeared," she said as she lay on the bed looking so fucking hot as she slowly fingered her own wet cunt. I let out a small moan as my little cock fucked me each and every time I thrust deep into Ellie's tight pussy.

Kelly and Jamie

lesbian hunterwren 2018-05-25

"She said that the store doesn't want friends working together, thinks they'll goof around and not do any work. She spent almost all of her breaks hanging out in the parking lot in the back of the store talking to her mother on her cell phone." "And then she went upstairs and yelled at Holly for recommending me, saying something like 'Nice friend you got there, Holly.'" "The other girls said that Holly pretended that we barely knew each other and tried to kiss her ass. "So then she's driving me home and she's yelling at me, saying that I should've thanked Shirley, that it made her look bad."

Dinner Party for Two Ch. 02

lesbian savismith 2018-05-18

When I laughed, you eyed me and replied, "You just don't know, Katherine, how much I love the taste of chicken." I tried like hell not to show my own blushing cheeks off, and I succeeded for a moment or two...just long enough to attempt a witty and equally disguised reply to you, "Yes, you do love chicken." I turned to Katherine, "She likes her chicken hot. When the corners of your mouth twitched into a smile, I knew I was dead meat, "Yep. Nothing I like better than the taste of some well-seasoned, hot, juicy chicken." You leaned down and kissed my nose, "You know, I think you're right." Eying me wickedly, you asked, "So...how many other people know how good my chicken tastes?"

Harmony and Melody

lesbian Cal Y. Pygia 2018-04-14

Panther's, however, never flagged, and, in a few weeks' time, after she'd added a couple of male dancers, one black and the other white, to her routine, simulating sex with them onstage, as she belted out the blues or poured pop lyrics over the teeming crowd of her audience, it was clear that Panther wasn't going away any time soon and that, every day, she was eroding Harmony's and Melody's appeal. The heterosexual threat of Panther and Her Boys remained hard to beat, and, instead of Harmony and Melody leaving the "black sex goddess," as the tabloids had dubbed "the Panther of pent-up desires," in their wake, another fallen star, the duo found themselves in the fight of their lives.

A Conversation Online with Natalie Ch. 01

lesbian sarahloveitt 2018-03-22

Natalie's fantasies are about her daughters, particularly about her 17 year old asking what it is like to be with a girl, and when her mom tells her she starts to masturbate. I am not sure if I actually want to have sex with my daughters, but I think I would like to share masturbating with them. Over coffee one day, we got talking and I told her that I have fantasies about sex with women. When my girls started to develop their bodies, I could tell that were going to be well endowed like me and my sisters. I am at work now, and if I start writing about it I'll want to play with my pussy.

GILF Anna's Oral Servant Ch. 04

lesbian milfleglover 2018-03-21

"It's great, Deb, it really is, I love that young man's attention, God, he is SO good, but I dunno, I want to ramp it up, ya know, take it to the next level," Anna said as she and Deb sat facing each other on the couch, arms on the back, wine in their other hands. "OK, then, how about this?" Deb growled, leaning closer, her face inches from Anna's, her hand now tickling up her friend's bare forearm, making her groan and goose bumps to rise on that silky flesh. Deb laughed, looking up through the frame of Anna's muscular old thighs as they clenched around the sides of her face, watching her friend ride her harder and faster as she fingered her tight butt.

It All Starts With A Kiss

lesbian livwir70 2018-03-07

As my hand touches the bare skin of her stomach she grabs me, pulling me close and kissing me ferociously. As we move in a tangled mess of hands, fingers, lips and tongues her moans of pleasure increase, her voice turning to an urgent whisper. I want to devour her, to put my mouth where my hand is, but I know that for her, the pleasure she is getting cannot be matched by my tongue. I kiss and suck her breasts now and her moans are timed with the thrusts of my fingers. Soon I feel her muscles start to tighten around my fingers and I know she is close.

Sally's Special Birthday Present

lesbian MelanieK 2017-10-22

I went up into my bedroom and took out of a drawer a large sheet of gold cloth which I spread all over my bed. I took my padded pink handcuffs out of the drawer and put the key on Sally’s chair; then I lay down on the bed. She opened the door at the foot of the bed and hers eyes widened in surprise as she took in every inch of my naked body. She looked at the notice which said “Sally’s clothes” and in 30 seconds flat her clothes were on the chair and our naked bodies were pressed close together. Her wet tongue flowed down my throat ending up between my chain-encircled breasts.


lesbian TapestryLange 2017-10-17

Turning my back toward the mirror, I admire the tanned flesh over taut sinews and the yantra tattooed at the lower curve of my spine, near the second chakra, from the days when sex was sacred. As I continue gazing over my shoulder, I lean forward, accentuating the curve of my ass in the mirror's reflection with the arch of my back, and ease my panties over my hips and thighs, only to let them rest over and upon one ankle before kicking them away. The undulations amid the bathwater increase in intensity as I imagine what it would be to love my Kara as she deserves to be loved. As I thrust a fourth finger in deep, we both come, the Kara of my fantasies and I amid the undulations.

Mystery Hands

lesbian Shadow_Kyss 2017-10-09

There were occasionally brushes of the hands, my ass groped once or twice but I danced, lost in the music. Closing my eyes again I let my body get lost in the music. Then somewhere through the music I feel someone behind me, pressing their chest against my back, soft hands gliding up and down my thighs catching my skirt. My pussy is soaking wet just thinking of her, feeling her, wanting to turn around and kiss her, yet I don't want to, I stay with my back to her chest as I allow my hand to slip back, hoping that she too is wearing a skirt. We both stood there in the middle of the dance floor, slowly the loud music once again was heard, and people came back into view.