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Paris Trip Part Four

lesbian Portia2366 2018-12-03

I even thought that I saw a sudden suspicion come over her face and was as relieved as she seemed to be when we both spotted that right behind us, in our section of the floor, was a row of cubicles with wooden doors - no room for me to pull back a curtain at an embarrassing moment or anything. Instead, her yelp assured her of everyone’s attention before she bent over to pull and struggle with the scrap of skirt she could get hold of, giving the fitting room congregation (and right the way across to some in the furniture department on the other side of the floor) a full view of her perfectly round ass, covered by a tightly stretched web of purple lace with tiny purple silk flowers stitched all over.

Three Days Before Christmas

lesbian leggielibby 2018-12-02

With that Jill turns and takes hold of my upper arms, then leans forward to kiss me again, firmly this time, her tongue parting my lips, running over my teeth, probing my mouth, which is still fizzy with champagne. Cupping my face Jill lifts my head from her breast and leans back on the couch before lifting and parting those long red legs, “You like?” She asks, her voice deep and husky with lust. Jill’s finger fucks me, hard and fast, I’m screaming, thrashing on the floor, as my orgasm takes my breath away, I can hear her shouting, “CUM Lucy, CUM for me.” I’m naked, the stocking has gone and Jill is holding my face to her breast, stroking my hair, planting little kisses on my forehead, “Hi Hun,” she smiles at me.

Emma Coming Out, My Trip home

lesbian rosebrn 2018-12-01

Only that was the only time she could book a cabin for that summer, so we had to wait till August when I went home for a week before my school year began. Still I missed my Emma and her 'Soosie' and thought of her more and more as the summer wore on, around the end of August I took a week off work to go home before the School year started. Emma took hold of it and pulled me towards the bed with it, and sitting down raised her knees and brought the head to her pussy lips where she rubbed it against her clit before inserting the end into her vagina.

Italian Lingerie Store

lesbian silkpantygirl 2018-11-29

I'd already hit his credit cards hard, and was thinking about a manicure, when, down a narrow side street, I spotted some beautiful lingerie in a small shop window. Next she lowered the tape to measure under my breasts, and as her fingers grazed the underside, the tingle spread down between my legs. She pushed me back onto it by the breasts, and sank to her knees, her hands quickly finding the waistband of my panties. I thrust my hand inside her panties and pushed my fingers into her, lifting her as hard as I could. I kept on finger-fucking her tight cunt, and her hand found my left nipple, tugging hard on it.

My sexy shoot

lesbian kinkitten 2018-11-28

I don’t want to bring anything that might look too slutty so I pick out a red silk kimono, black lace panties and a matching bra. She instructs me to stand behind a high backed chair and slowly pull my panties off, she snaps more and more photos as I do, always making sure hides my naked body and that nudity is only implied. “Oh these are perfect,” she says as she takes the silk kimono and lace panties from my hands, “you will look breathtaking in these.” After she feels she has the photos she wants she instructs me to lay on the sofa so my head hangs off the edge of the seat and my legs are up on the back rest.

Adventures of Kristof and Marci, Marci's Story

lesbian KrissyS 2018-11-24

‘I’d like that very much.’ she replied in a husky whisper then withdrew her left hand slightly so that it was cupping my pussy and lowered her head to kiss my right buttock. I dipped my head and began to suck on one of her nipples, flicking my tongue over the hard dark flesh, while my hands were stroking her hips and buttocks. As we kissed, one hand cupped my breast and the other moved across my hip, working round until her fingertips were on the front of my knickers, where they began to rub my clit; I moaned and she rubbed harder. She wriggled out of her little knickers as I lowered my head to her breasts and began licking and sucking at one nipple while my hand tugged gently at the other.

New Friends

lesbian leggielibby 2018-11-18

I froze, all I could hear was the zipper parting and then the dark silk fluttered to the floor leaving Julie in her sheer black thigh highs and heels, no panties and no bra as such, just two strips of adhesive tape to hold her firm breasts in place. Julie smirked and slowly drew a finger along the line of her pussy, “Oh Fuck, Sophie, look what you’ve done to me,” with that she quickly stepped forward and wiped her juice across my lips, slipping her finger into my mouth. Then it stopped and Julie was holding me in her arms, my cheek against her breasts, our cum mixing and drying on her skin, “Sophie, I’m pleased to tell you that you are most definitely lesbian,” she whispered, “Oh, and I very much think I love you.”

Lingerie Delivery

lesbian naughtykellypreston 2018-11-17

I smiled when I saw how well made they all were and felt a warm feeling begin to grow inside me as I ran her fingers over the exotic lace, smooth satin and neatly stitched straps of my purchases. She leaned forward and kissed me, her lips were soft, and I could feel her tongue sliding into my mouth. I buried my head between her legs kissing, licking and sucking on her open pussy. I pushed two fingers deep inside her as my spare hand rubbed her clit. Julia's body started to shake and I could feel the telltale signs that she was about to cum. Her pussy contracted, tightening around my fingers.

A or B ? Part two

lesbian leggielibby 2018-11-17

“Fuck yes, please make me cum,” that’s all the invitation a good girl needs, so I started scissoring her pussy, stretching her wide, then filling her deep, curling my fingers to catch her every inner surface before pulling my fingers clear and leaving her wet hole gaping. Isabelle took another sip of her wine before leaning forward to kiss me softly on the lips, her full wet mouth met mine, and we twirled tongues. “It takes a little getting used to, but I love the feeling this gives.” Isabelle had moved to look me in the eyes and gently kiss my face as she ensured I was okay.

Lockdown, A Dress Code Story, Part 1 of 2

lesbian oceanrunner 2018-11-10

Anne hoped to see if the younger woman’s breasts were visible through her blouse, but in the dim light of the closet, it wouldn’t be clear until her eyes adjusted. Anne could see the younger woman struggle against her instinct and desire to cover herself, but eventually Alex was able to relax to the point where her hands weren’t visibly restraining themselves from clutching the blouse closed. Alex’s legs buckled underneath her, and Anne quickly caught the smaller woman around the waist with her free hand, continuing to finger and rub her through her orgasm, until she had coaxed the last little tremors out of the college student’s body.

Paris Trip - Part Six

lesbian Portia2366 2018-11-08

Then she walked over and sat on the side of her bed and asked me if pulling down her pants had turned me on. I don’t know how it came about but, I was lying face down on a bed with my trousers round my ankles, my pale pink cotton panties with white lace edges and white flowers and white lacy transparent front panel rolled down my thighs, having my bottom spanked firmly. She had taken her shirt off altogether and was sitting on the bed in her black trousers and purple lacy bra with satin side panels. I was standing in my tight short white T-shirt with my pink panties pulled and rolled down my thighs at the back and my trousers around my ankles.

Paris Trip Part 2

lesbian Portia2366 2018-11-08

I felt myself redden but I was pleased to see Samantha smile sheepishly and walk to her case with her top button and zipper open on her cotton gingham trousers. When Samantha disappeared towards the bathroom with a skirt and top, I waited about thirty seconds and then boldly pushed open the door, trying to act as nonchalant as possible. Now feeling genuinely turned on, and sort of getting off on the very fact that this was making me horny in the first place, I went all the way and pushed aside the skirt which she was holding against herself to reveal her white M&S knickers with lacy edges.

Wearing Sexy Stockings Can Lead to Wonderful Surprises

lesbian hotvicky 2018-11-07

I love the feel of wearing them and the looks I get from men and some women. I had been working there about six months, and one Friday I returned from lunch and noticed a letter on my desk with my name on it. She had noticed how I dressed in sexy stockings and thought my legs were some of the hottest she had ever seen. If I wanted to meet her and possibly make love, then she wanted me to wear black stockings, fully fashioned with a seam down the back of the leg. As we kissed, her hands started to caress my legs, feeling the smoothness of my stockings. She started kissing my pussy through my soaking panties.

The Lingerie Boutique

lesbian Kimbo 2018-11-06

Cherie was absolutely flustered, rushing about to grab a few different sizes off the rack for the awaiting customer in the change room. I felt her fingers circling my clit whilst the left hand was busy peeling off my underwear then sensually making its way up my thighs. She began kissing my neck slowly and carefully as if my hot flesh was about to burn off her lips.  She got onto her knees with both her hands still finding its way down my body and before I could anticipate anything else, she was sucking my throbbing lips from behind. I climbed onto the ottoman grabbing one of her legs over and began thrusting our pussies in unison. 

Paris Trip Part Three

lesbian Portia2366 2018-11-03

There was also a cream set with suspenders and toward the back a blue baby doll - usually irredeemably tacky but this was so obviously 100% high quality silk with hand made lace that it looked like Sophia Loren or Audrey Hepburn may appear to claim it at any moment. We bought the purple set from the window, joked about the baby doll and bought two pairs of black and one white lacy panties which were sort of on sale and an adorable black bra that looked like it went with the panties. As she held her shirt open to reveal the spiderweb like wisp of back lace stretched across her perfect tits, I produced the phone and snapped another shot, just catching the reddening of her face.

Justy's Surprise

lesbian KatR 2018-11-03

“Remember last weekend?” Justine began, “When the first thing your new vibrator made you think of was how you could use it to bring me intense pleasure?” “No man would have fussed over an outfit like I can see you did for our date,” I looked lustily at Justine. “It took me about four hours of hard shopping, but I think this is going to look PERFECT on you!” Justine smiled and gushed. I was about to moan, “Oh Justine, thank you for this wonderful surprise!” But I had just gotten out “Oh, Justy----“ when a powerful third orgasm hit my clit. Just then, Justine took another long, slow lick at my G-spot. “It’s OK,” Justine kissed my pussy lips, scooping up more of my girl-come onto her tongue.

The Babydoll

lesbian Stoneypoint 2018-11-01

It was a soft but energetic like kiss which in one fell swoop swallowed up all of Maggie’s desires in one yielding splash and as Amanda kissed her new lover on the lips Maggie felt Amanda’s womanly arms wrap around her. In other words, Maggie found that she was pushing up into Amanda’s body, and Amanda found that even she was aroused by that as she needed and wanted to reach underneath Maggie’s top so that she would feel Maggie’s tits. “Ohhhhhhh oh ohhhhhh oh wow…wow…oh God yes,” and Maggie took a deep breath as Amanda rubbed the babydoll she had along the tightest lines around Maggie’s pussy.

Valentine's Lingerie Gift - part 1

lesbian Cherism 2018-10-31

I tried on several more bras, and each time Amber’s hands touched my breasts, I was in agony, wanting her to touch more of me. Her hand slid over my ass again as she said, “Look at how great your ass looks in this.” I wanted her to just continue stroking me. When I didn’t begin to remove them, Amber stuck her hands into the waistband and slid them down my legs. Your legs look fabulous, your tits are lifted up, your brown nipples show through, this little thong covers your pussy, but it still shows through, your ass is amazing. It didn’t take long for me to want to come again, but I held back as much as I could, enjoying every moment of Amber’s tongue rasping across my clit.

Shop ‘til you Drop...To your knees!

lesbian Double-deviance 2018-10-31

Not to mention the heady excitement at finding potentially perfect outfits to wear to the eagerly awaited party that night.Aimee carefully picked up a silk black corset; its bodice encrusted with tiny onyx jewels, and removed it from its heavy gold hanger.“I have absolutely no idea how I’m going to fasten myself into this, Sash would you mind giving me a hand honey?” Noting her friend’s face falling, Aimee clasped Sasha’s hands in hers and reassured “We got all night honey and believe me when I say it’s going to be a night to remember gorgeous!”Her confidence returning, Sasha smiled again, understanding that their adventure was far from over.

The Other Part of the Evening

lesbian MJStories 2018-10-05

First brushing it lightly, then stroking it with her fingertip, then flicking it a little harder...and when she pulled it between two fingers my head dropped back and I know a soft moan came from me. I looked at her as I took that hand and brought her fingers to my lips...first gently kissing them...then licking them...then sliding them into my mouth as I reveled in the taste of her. Even as she slid her fingers inside the strap of my thong, as I was lost in the pleasure I was giving her...my fingers slipping and sliding in and out of her, my tongue catching every drop of her juices as they ran out of her.

Afternoon Encounters

lesbian BrettJ 2018-10-05

"You're glad we convinced you to join our little group, aren't you darling?" Rebekkah smiled back at Julia, who was in the process of making tea and coffee for them all. Don't worry, it will wear off soon, but by then, you'll be so horny, you'll be a kinky lezzie slut, just like the rest of us, eager and nasty and ready to join the fun," Rebekkah told Julia as she began undressing her. You haven't even met all of our members yet, and believe me, when we get done with you, you're going to be one fucked out little slut." Darlene moved closer to Rebekkah and Christina and insinuated herself as best she could between them.

The Temp Becomes Permanent

lesbian BrettJ 2018-10-05

Isabelle liked the 26-year old brunette right away, she actually found similar qualities to herself, Kathleen asked a lot of questions, dressed for success and worked hard. Never once did she say anything unpleasant, she pitched in wherever needed and within 2 weeks, Carla was able to move on to her new position and let Kathleen assist Isabelle unfettered. "So, I was wondering if it isn't too much work, if you'd like to leave the Temp Agency and assume the job permanently?" Isabelle asked, hoping her young protégé would say yes. Isabelle enjoyed the smooth planes of Kathleen's back, Kathleen loved the feeling of her new lover's satiny thighs so close, both liked each other's lingerie and heels.

Italian Lingerie Store

lesbian SilkPantyGirl 2018-09-27

I'd already hit his credit cards hard, and was thinking about a manicure, when, down a narrow side street, I spotted some beautiful lingerie in a small shop window. Next she lowered the tape to measure under my breasts, and as her fingers grazed the underside, the tingle spread down between my legs. She pushed me back onto it by the breasts, and sank to her knees, her hands quickly finding the waistband of my panties. I thrust my hand inside her panties and pushed my fingers into her, lifting her as hard as I could. I kept on finger-fucking her tight cunt, and her hand found my left nipple, tugging hard on it.

A Nude Business Ethics

lesbian bamboomoon 2018-09-19

While looking me right in the eyes, she opened her legs to show me her beautiful trimmed pussy. By now my dress is bunched over my pussy, displaying my naked buttocks, and showing off my long tanned legs. My bronze tanned body, my big boobs, smooth pussy mound, flat tummy and flesh colored stocking clad legs contrast well with Victoria's milky white body. Victoria, with her leg still on the chair, smiles, wipes her middle finger through her wet pussy and licks her own juices. I drop to my knees between her legs and take a hard look at her wet, beautiful pussy. As we troop naked to the ladies room, I wonder what the public's response is going to be to Victoria's Pussy Power Company.