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A spanking for a naughty girl

lesbian thesexualself 2018-12-04

Before she went on her way, Jessica whispered to Sammy “A naughty little slut like you deserves a spanking.” She loved the way Jessica had taken control of her, she'd been such a naughty little slut and now she was learning a very pleasurable lesson. Sammy wanted to scream Jessica’s name as Jessica took control of her pussy and brought her to mind blowing orgasm after mind blowing orgasm. Right before the wave of orgasmic euphoria crashed over her, Sammy screamed out, “Oh God yes…fuck me Jess, fuck me, oh God” and then she came, squirting all over Jessica and creating a big puddle on the bed. Jessica tasted like Sammy’s pussy juice but Sammy didn’t mind.

Blog 8

lesbian CumGirl 2018-12-04

Pippa’s face was so close to mine that my eyes had difficulty focusing, her breathing still irregular across my skin, strange little sobs trapped in her throat, her moisture filled eyes unusually bright, her lips so close to my own, her fingers sliding down into the crevice between my slightly parted thighs. Pippa’s forceful caresses sent my petite frame spiralling as pulses of sensation spasmed along my quivering pussy walls, as my body writhed atop her beautiful fingers, as my tiny breasts and thick stiff nipples heaved violently beneath my tears dampened blouse, as my stomach clenched and my thighs began to shake uncontrollably, as the tension trapped inside my wonderfully filled sex thrummed desperate to be released across my entire body.

Educating Brittany Chapter 3.

lesbian SeanR83 2018-12-03

Alisa slid her tongue deep into Brittany’s mouth, making the young girl gag on it. I watched as Alisa slid her hand into Brittany’s booty shorts, no doubt going for her teenage twat. Brittany pulled her finger from the pussy she was enjoying and pushed her head forward against Alisa’s crotch as far as she could, I could only imagine she was pushing her tongue as deep into Alisa’s hole as possible. I watched as Alisa fucked Brittany as well as any man could fuck a girl, driving the dildo deep into Brittany’s ass. Brittany pushed back, her hand stuck between her legs playing with her pussy as Alisa fucked her ass.

Poetic Seduction

lesbian DarkSide 2018-12-03

Emma closed her eyes, and while holding the text in her left hand let her right wander up to her left nipple. Emma closed her eyes and rested the book on the table, her right hand snaked over her thighs as she lifted them onto the bench. Emma thought of all those naughty people in this little village, the married men with lovers, and wives, the young studs who would fuck their way through a host of rampant teenage women; all of them, ripe for the taking, under the Oak and Rowan trees of nearby forests. For Sarah, the minute Emma rested her head against the wall of ‘the snug’ the moment was lost. “Was it a good read?” Asked Sarah; the moment she uttered the words she thought, ‘fuck it’.

The First day of Summer

lesbian Magpie_Brookes 2018-12-03

I blushed brightly, but couldn't help but gawk at her breasts and dark colored areola that surrounded her erect nipple. I felt my pussy grow wet and hot the more she kissed me and couldn't help myself as I rubbed it on her thigh. Holding a breast in each hand, she squeezed and pressed them together, all the while teasing my nipples with her thumbs. One of her long, slender hands ran down my stomach and slipped inside my bottoms. Naomi's tongue slowly ran up the side of one lip and down the other. I couldn't take it any longer and pressed her mouth against my throbbing pussy while I rocked my hips. Naomi seemed to know exactly what was going on and forced three fingers inside me.

Annie and Michelle Part 2: The Bet

lesbian shaveitbare 2018-12-03

Annie and Michelle's bets always had a prize that the loser would give to the winner, and an unpleasant penalty that the loser would have to endure. For the first time in 5 years, Michelle beheld Annie's naked beauty. She stood there, her bare skin shining, and said to Michelle "As soon as you proposed this bet, I knew I was gonna win." Michelle felt Annie's firm, large tits pressed against her body, and the smooth embrace of her newly shaven arms and legs. Shaking, she reached out towards Annie's pristine, delicate, clean-shaven pussy, aching to touch her soft hairless temple for the first time.

Late Night Phone Sex

lesbian AliTx98 2018-12-03

I knew I needed to release the tension, but I did not want to listen to my body, especially with Vera on the phone. Vera: "Yeah, you said your hormones peak at that time and when I'd call you on the phone at 2:00 a.m., you were horny." I stopped caressing myself, rested my hand on my thigh, and carefully listened as short moans from Vera echoed in my ear. You grab my hair, push my face in deeper, and start riding my tongue as you scream, 'Vera, don't stop!' Then I rub your clit with my finger while my tongue is still deep inside you." Imagining and feeling every detail of Vera's words, I pressed my fingers harder against my clit and rubbed it slowly.

Plane Whore – Part Three: G5 Return from Aspen

lesbian VirgoGo 2018-12-03

“Do you really think that’s necessary?” Phil, like so many rich guys, was used to getting what he wanted at the lowest price he could pay. “She signed an NDA when she took the job… But yeah, you’re right.” Phil looked chastened. You’ll have to sign some shit, but it’s pretty standard.” Gillian looked stunned. I played with her long hair as she rolled my clit around her mouth and brought me closer to orgasm, “Oh god, Gillian, you’re getting me there.” “You understand that, right?” Between the NDA and the non-disparagement clause in the agreement, there would be serious consequences if Gillian spoke a word about her time with Phil. Gillian took my hand, even as she shot Phil a cold glance.

Fantastic Photo Session Part 2

lesbian der_adler09 2018-12-03

The video camera captures Nat’s head moving back and forth on Heather’s chest, her nipples tight and swollen, needing constant attention. After giving Nat a taste of her own medicine Heather slides her hand slowly up and down Natalie’s inner thighs, gently stroking her twat as she goes from one to the other. As Heather begins to coo and wiggle to meet Nat’s lips, Natalie continues holding Heather’s hands with one of her own, but takes the other and places it between Heather’s legs. Nat rotates around to Heather’s side and places Heather’s hand firmly on her own neglected breast, squeezing her nipple so Heather knows what she wants. Natalie releases Heather’s nipple and reaches between her own legs and starts to play with her own clit as Heather continues to fuck her from below.

My Roommate Is The Blair Witch

lesbian kornslayer1 2018-12-03

My tongue slithered onto my lips and my right hand found it's way into my dark green cotton panties. "Oh, I shouldn't be watching her fuck some chick from right behind her door, but it is such a beautiful and sexy sight to see her face buried in this new chick's pussy," I moaned. My other hand came onto my tit and I caressed it over my matching bra as the chick grazed Blair's head. "Oh, you do know how to pleasure a woman in more ways than one," I moaned, transporting my hands onto her head. "Oh, it is so crystal clear now, you have a thing for me, Gretchen," she told me, before her tongue came out again and licked my right nipple.

The Gathering - Part 4

lesbian John_Doe 2018-12-02

Julie's hand clasped upon the back of Sandra's wet hair, pulling her in towards her spread legs, her moist pussy and making her dig her tongue deeper inside. Sandra then began to gently fuck her, easing back and forth as the strap-on dildo pushed in and out of Lacey's wet pussy. On the bed, Sandra had picked up a little pace as she thrust the strap-on dildo in and out of Lacey's wet pussy. Sandra thrusting forward, while Lacey pulled back towards her, to help the strap-on dildo push deeper inside of her pussy. On the bed, Lacey felt the strap-on dildo fuck her tight pussy hard and fast, just how she asked Sandra to fuck her.

Ellis the Warrior Girl - Chapter Three

lesbian Katalyst 2018-12-02

A bubble slime.” He waves a hand, and suddenly a small, pink vial appears in his palm. He keeps going, palm pressing against my clit and I’m already so close, the water in the fountain looks close to boiling over. Two mournful blue eyes appear, forming around a gloomy-looking face that’s as transparent as the water. She lets out a choked moan and melts, and I assume that’s what a slime girl looks like when she has an orgasm. “Now, you don’t need to know that, do you?” He places the tiny vial in his pocket and begins to leave, looking at me from over his shoulder again.

A Highland Fling

lesbian KatieElizabeth 2018-12-02

After a quick word with the three dance judges, I got a small bucket of iced water and a large flannel from the St. John's Ambulance crew in the first aid tent and then made my way back to the side of the stage where Jen sat rubbing at her ankle having taken the hose right off. "My ankle's feeling much better already," said Jen after about twenty minutes, "and I really like the way you're rubbing my leg," she added with just the tiniest hint of a blush in her cheeks. "I don't want the swelling to even think about coming back, and besides, you have such lovely legs." I couldn't resist giving Jen a second playful wink before adding, "and I kind of like rubbing them too."

My First Pet (My Naughty Pet)

lesbian MistressS 2018-12-02

Her face was buried into the bed, her ass up in the air with her left hand fingering herself, I knew she was close from her moans, so I quickly moved to her side and grabbed her arms, quickly cuffing them behind her back. I gave each cheek another spank, this time as instead of a loud gasp, I got a deep moan from my pet as she arched her ass up further in anticipation of the next spank. I quickly pulled my fingers from her, she moaned at the loss of feeling as soon as they left her, but quickly gasped and shot up as I brought my hand down on her ass again.


lesbian adele 2018-12-02

I pulled my lips apart and pushed the dildo in, working it in and out with one hand, while rubbing my clit with the other one. As my body jerked in orgasm, Lida suddenly took the vibrator and shoved it into my pussy, next to the dildo. My finger went to my clit and rubbed the swollen head, producing yet another orgasm. I moved my hand down and pushed two fingers inside her pussy; her other hand pushed my head down between her legs. I worked on her clit with my thumb, but soon she pushed my head down and my tongue began working on it instead.

First Day Of University - Part 2

lesbian makingumoist 2018-12-02

With Jen’s toy in hand, I moved quickly over to the main door and turned the deadlock twice anticlockwise. At the same time I began to slide Jen’s toy between my engorged labia and, as the stimulator hit my clit, a massive uncontrollable wave exploded in my pussy as my second orgasm of the day washed over me. I started once more easing Jen’s vibrator in and out of my aching pussy, I deftly flicked the controls, setting the toy to a higher speed. Not wanting to wait any longer I moved my mouth toward her soaking wet pussy and lightly ran my tongue along each of her lips in turn.

Neighbourhood Watch

lesbian CumGirl 2018-12-02

Page after page of glossy photographs celebrating the sheer beauty of the female form; page after page of impressively voluptuous women; page after page of cleavages that I could press my head between and lick their sternum whilst they suffocate me with their flesh; page after page of huge stiff nipples that I could take in my small mouth and suckle as they quiver and bounce beneath my attentions; page after page of soft, yielding breasts that I want to caress, lick, bite and dribble across with my eager and demanding mouth.

The Passion of Agnes Part 2

lesbian Audrey_X 2018-12-02

Following the night I have described, my love and I awoke early and took the cure with our other pious ladies. I raged, I shouted, I threatened, then I would relent, plead, apologize, promise to live contritely and to bear Monsieur beautiful children if only my Cordelia might be spared. Under my coarse habit I felt my warm body glow, desiring more life, more pleasure, not less. I was in my cell, clutching my straw-stuffed pillow as was my wont, clenching my eyes to imagine better my one true love when I heard a voice, sweetly familiar but somehow hazy and even ethereal speak my name. My tears wet the hard stones of my cell floor, my hands clenched together as if in beseechment.

One Night Stand

lesbian captnjac 2018-12-02

A couple of minutes later she came out and again turning her back to the window, spread her legs wide, bent down and placed the ice bucket full of water next to the shaving gear. A sense of frustration came over her face and she brought her free hand up to the phone and tapped it and then holding it horizontally leaned over and said something in it and then she placed it on the towel in between her legs. Small breasts with large nipples and a strip of red hair above an otherwise shaved pussy, she straddled the brunette and started to rub her clit. Just like the brunette, she thrust fingers in her pussy and grabbed hold of her clit and pulled left and right.

A Holiday Adventure CH.2

lesbian Jennyxxx 2018-12-02

Nadine started to cum, her fingers furiously rubbing at her clit, her head thrown back, she brought her other hand down and pushed her middle finger deep into her wet hole, she added another finger, then another, fucking her dripping hole with three fingers. She could feel her orgasm approach, holding onto the wash basin for support with one hand she watched intently as her other rubbed between her thighs, spreading her wetness over her mound. Jenny slowly pushed herself into Cassie, feeling the toy easily slide inside Cassie's hot, wet hole. Jenny slowly pulled out of Cassie, as she pulled the head of the toy from Cassie's hole Cassie collapsed forward, her pussy still spasming, Cassie could feel her juice running down her thighs.

Last Wives Club -- 4 -- Unenthusiastic Sex

lesbian LastWife 2018-12-02

I didn't know where these thoughts were taking me, but that particular truth, that I was submissive in Kyra's role play and enjoyed it, might be a key to repairing my relationship with my husband. I thought she was going to put it directly on the metal ball at the back end of her dildo, but instead, she must have put a little creme on her finger and started rubbing it on my asshole. I've been trying to reexamine my relationship with him, and maybe understanding things like that will help. Cath, it would be easy to be enthusiastic about having sex with Dan. He's a good looking guy, he's polite and respectful, and you can tell that he's just boiling to let his passion out.

sazsub24 and butchbahn - part 1

lesbian marietv 2018-12-02

'Oh my god I'm going to see her fuck herself and cum while I watch, I’m going to make that sexy little tease orgasm while I finger myself' she thought,"keep calm" Siobhan said aloud. Siobhan watched as Sarah read her message and then reach over to her side and type on her laptop all the while fucking her shaven pussy with her vibrator. butchbahn: Okay, watch the screen, don’t type back, concentrate on coming for your mistress and fuck yourself till you cum then show me that pussy open wide, are you ready? Siobhan got ready to switch her camera on as soon as Sarah said yes, her own pussy soaking her seat and knowing Sarah was going to either freak out and run or cum massively.

heat in the hotel room

lesbian missS69 2018-12-01

I closed my eyes and slid my finger over my clit; it felt so good. It felt amazing, I pushed it deeper I was wet through, just as I moved my attention back to my clit the door opened. I lay back and pulled her on top of me, feeling her breasts against mine and kissed her again, roughly grabbing her bum and pushing her pussy against mine. I lay on the bed still tingling from my orgasm trying to take in exactly what had happened when the door burst open for the second time. "Can we stop at reception?" Sally asked. "I want to tell them we still haven't had our towels changed and room tidied."

Katie and Clara become more than just friends

lesbian TylerJameson 2018-11-30

In the centre of the room against the far wall was the massive four poster bed which Tyler had intended as their love nest for the holiday, instead she would have more than enough room to share with Clara, and probably five more girls for that matter. While Katie was a little shy at first she simply watched as Clara ground her firm ass against Jason's belt buckle while leaning her back against his strong chest. Katie was thinking of how Tyler loved to taste her pussy and ass and tease her boobs with his soft hands. Looking intensely at Katie, Clara tucked her other free hand under her silk green thong to be greeted by a well of sex juice on her pussy.