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Sisterhood of Sin -- 2 -- Rule Number One

lesbian LastWife 2018-11-20

Kyra suddenly breaks down and says, "I'm so sorry, Cath, I know I told you about Rule Number One, but I probably didn't emphasize how important it is." She doesn't hit as hard as Beth or rub my ass or touch me in any other way, but when she is finished, after I thank her, she gives me a loving sisterly hug. And I feel like..." She leans in real close to whisper up at me, "...I think I deserve a little payback for that." As I'm thinking about those goodbyes later in bed, Liz and Kyra step into the bedroom and see me rubbing soothing ointment into Claire's buns.

Late Night Phone Sex

lesbian AliTx98 2018-11-20

I knew I needed to release the tension, but I did not want to listen to my body, especially with Vera on the phone. Vera: "Yeah, you said your hormones peak at that time and when I'd call you on the phone at 2:00 a.m., you were horny." I stopped caressing myself, rested my hand on my thigh, and carefully listened as short moans from Vera echoed in my ear. You grab my hair, push my face in deeper, and start riding my tongue as you scream, 'Vera, don't stop!' Then I rub your clit with my finger while my tongue is still deep inside you." Imagining and feeling every detail of Vera's words, I pressed my fingers harder against my clit and rubbed it slowly.

A new beginning

lesbian dol405 2018-11-19

The door was slightly ajar and she could hear moaning, she went in and saw Danielle sitting on her sofa with a large dildo between her legs, Danielle didn't notice her but Michelle was watching her from the hallway getting wet, and started to rub her clit through her shorts; rubbing her clit in time with every thrust of Danielles' dildo. Michelle couldn't help herself and slid her hand into her own panties feeling the wetness, as she did that she took a quick look around to see if anyone had noticed her, no one had and she turned her attention to the young woman who was now having her pussy lightly touched, she was begging her boyfriend to lick her pussy, he knelt between her legs and started to lick her pussy slowly paying special attention to her clit.

My College Friends

lesbian Jennyxxx 2018-11-19

Ginny stood in the doorway; she was still wet from her shower, a hand gently stroking her mound, her pussy lips, red and swollen, were parted slightly I could see her wet slit glistening from her juice. Ginny lifted her head from my stiff nipples, she then pulled her fingers out of my wet hole and brought them up to her mouth and licked them clean. Ginny used both hands to open my sex, giving her tongue better access to my wanting hole, she started to dart her tongue quickly in and out of my throbbing, tight pussy hole. Ginny rubbed at my hard clit, her fingers sliding easily over my cum soaked pussy, I could feel my orgasm approaching, I held her head forcing her deeper and deeper into me.

Eve and Jenny finally meet

lesbian Jennyxxx 2018-11-18

She wanted to reach out a hand and gently rub Eve`s slightly swollen lips, to rub a finger along her slit to feel if she was still wet. She was completely taken when Eve slipped her head down between her thighs and kissed her pussy through her bikini bottoms, Eve`s fingers lightly playing over her silken thighs, rubbing her skin moving towards the edge of the fabric of her bikini bottoms. As Eve continued to tell her what she wanted jenny slipped a couple of fingers under the fabric and moved them further under. As Jenny fingered Eve, Eve slipped one of her hands beneath the towel and moved it inside her bikini bottoms.

The Sister

lesbian lilmissstickykiss 2018-11-18

“Yeah, you know, like if I see a naked body that looks good, I don't want them to be just walking around in front of me, I want them to be on top of me,” she said, and as she said this she moved over to come sit down next to me. Our bodies moving together, our naked skin pressed so close we felt like one person. She looked into my eyes and then in that little sing-song ultra feminine voice she whispered, “I would really...I mean, I want to be the one to, you know, like to be the one to take your cherry – if you would let me.”

Homecoming Meal Ch.2

lesbian Jennyxxx 2018-11-18

The fingers of one hand now started to massage Jenny's pussy lips and then slowly inserted two fingers into her wet hole, pushing them deep inside all the while sucking, licking and biting Jenny's highly sensitised clit. Jenny knelt on the floor of the cubicle still aiming the jet of water at Cassie and slowly, a bit to slowly for Cassie's liking pushed first one finger and then two deep inside her warm wet hole just as another orgasm surged through her. As she watched her hands started toying with her own body, gently fondling her breasts through the material of her blouse and bra, then moving down over her stomach, she briefly rubbed her pussy through her skirt before her hands continued down to the hem of her skirt.

Helga and Consuela

lesbian SirSpewalot 2018-11-18

“Yes, Aunt Ella decided I was grown up enough to spend my time as I liked, so I had lots of fun.” Helga continued hugging her waist and seemed almost as if she was going to lean in for another kiss, but after two seconds let her go. As Helga kissed her again, Consuela held her tightly, pressing her breasts into her chest, and when she felt Helga’s hands rub up and down her back she reached up to caress Helga’s hair. She grabbed Helga’s head and rubbed her hair as she thrust hard against her face and her flittering tongue, and when Helga closed her lips around her clitoris and pushed two fingers inside her, she boiled over and crushed her head between her thighs.

My wet night with Layla

lesbian LadyNoelle 2018-11-18

When she rubbed that oil into me it made me so wet, my pussy always ached for her touch, and by the look on her face when she bit her lip and slightly moaned I knew that her pussy ached for my touch. I bit my lip and boldly ran my hand up her leg and whispered into her ear "I want to eat your pussy so badly". She moaned "Oh baby I want you so badly, I want you to lick my tight little pussy Bailey" I eagerly kissed around her legs and then opened her lips and ran my fingers back and forth. Layla kissed my neck then took her fingers and ran it up and down my slit, finding my clit.

For Warmth, For Life

lesbian sultry_eyes88 2018-11-18

Christine, Yvonne and I wander around picking up what we could, bringing armfuls back to the cabin one at a time. “I don’t want to make things weird, but don’t you all think our naked bodies pressed together, is hot?” Yvonne giggles; she is always so flirty with everyone. I feel movement, and I open my eyes to see Christine lying on top of Yvonne, rubbing her tits with her own. Yvonne lies next to Christine and pistons two fingers in and out of her pussy while watching me tongue fuck our friend. I crawl over her body and kiss her on the mouth before collapsing next to her, Yvonne slipping in on the other side of Christine.

Fantastic Photo Session Part 2

lesbian der_adler09 2018-11-17

The video camera captures Nat’s head moving back and forth on Heather’s chest, her nipples tight and swollen, needing constant attention. After giving Nat a taste of her own medicine Heather slides her hand slowly up and down Natalie’s inner thighs, gently stroking her twat as she goes from one to the other. As Heather begins to coo and wiggle to meet Nat’s lips, Natalie continues holding Heather’s hands with one of her own, but takes the other and places it between Heather’s legs. Nat rotates around to Heather’s side and places Heather’s hand firmly on her own neglected breast, squeezing her nipple so Heather knows what she wants. Natalie releases Heather’s nipple and reaches between her own legs and starts to play with her own clit as Heather continues to fuck her from below.

Room 769

lesbian TeilaWolfe 2018-11-17

She does as she’s told and takes one of Marcy’s nipples into her mouth and starts to suck on it making the woman moan. Bianca writhes and moans at the sexy woman’s expert touch, feeling Marcy’s tongue flick against her clit over and over drawing her to intense heights of pleasure. Bianca withdraws her hand and looking Marcy in the eyes, brings her fingers to her lips and sucks them, tasting Marcy’s juices. Bianca is about to orgasm again when Marcy stops and turns her body around, pressing her extremely wet pussy into Bianca’s face. They 69 for ages, both enjoying eating the other out when finally Marcy cums all over Bianca’s face with a gigantic moan as Bianca also feels herself travel over the edge into her own orgasm.

Filthy Soccer with my Sorority Sister

lesbian sororityslutEAT 2018-11-17

My college experience totally changed though when my second year started and I met Hayley. I still played soccer during my second year, and Hayley knew this. She got close and started kissing the back of my right thigh as she grabbed hold of my spandex and pulled them down also. Hayley told me good luck, kissed me, and then said she'd be watching from the stands. As the game started, I looked over to the stands and I could see Hayley. I wasn't sure if anybody from the stands other than Hayley was watching me, or if anything looked unusual. Throughout the game, I came several more times, but I noticed that the vibrations always stopped as I got close to the ball.

heat in the hotel room

lesbian missS69 2018-11-17

I closed my eyes and slid my finger over my clit; it felt so good. It felt amazing, I pushed it deeper I was wet through, just as I moved my attention back to my clit the door opened. I lay back and pulled her on top of me, feeling her breasts against mine and kissed her again, roughly grabbing her bum and pushing her pussy against mine. I lay on the bed still tingling from my orgasm trying to take in exactly what had happened when the door burst open for the second time. "Can we stop at reception?" Sally asked. "I want to tell them we still haven't had our towels changed and room tidied."

Carla Buys A House Chapter Two

lesbian DLizze 2018-11-16

Thinking of all those things, it seemed to her that playing with Alice and Gerald was somehow cheating, even though neither she nor Doris had said anything that might lead to a commitment. Alice and Gerald want me to come over this weekend to play, and I feel like I’d be cheating on you. From the time you set it, until it goes off, you will stand in the kitchen, and you will rub circles on your clit with your right hand while you pinch your nipples with your left. The thought suddenly struck her, as she sniffled to herself, that Doris knew she was not going to be able to rub herself for that long without coming.

The Cruise Singer Part 3

lesbian _O2_ 2018-11-16

Amanda stood motionless alternating between looking at Monique and closing her eyes as Evette continued her delicate task. Monique kneeled next to them on the floor, taking the penis in her hand she helped guide Amanda between Evette's legs. Evette smiled, dropping her head back onto the bed she moaned as Amanda slipped the long black plastic penis into her. Evette wrapped her legs around Amanda holding her in place, no broken English now all her words were in French which Monique translated for her lover. Evette's reactions were similar, her tight muscles contracted as she fell back on the bed, her head nearly hitting the sprawled body of Monique who was laying perpendicular to the lovers, lost in her own orgasmic cloud.


lesbian adele 2018-11-16

I pulled my lips apart and pushed the dildo in, working it in and out with one hand, while rubbing my clit with the other one. As my body jerked in orgasm, Lida suddenly took the vibrator and shoved it into my pussy, next to the dildo. My finger went to my clit and rubbed the swollen head, producing yet another orgasm. I moved my hand down and pushed two fingers inside her pussy; her other hand pushed my head down between her legs. I worked on her clit with my thumb, but soon she pushed my head down and my tongue began working on it instead.

My First Experience Part 1

lesbian helenayton 2018-11-16

We continued to shower side by side and when the other girls left the shower area she gently touched my bum and drew me towards her and gave me the sexiest most arousing kiss that I'd had in my life. I can’t remember how it happened but I looked up and saw Laura nuzzling my neck in the full length double wardrobe mirrors in her room as I was sat there in just my bra and panties. Laura stopped and complimented me on my breasts and told me how much she liked my nipples. Laura gently pushed me onto my back and began to kiss down from my breasts over my tummy on to my pubic mound.

Annie and Michelle Part 3: The Penalty

lesbian shaveitbare 2018-11-16

Michelle secretly loved getting dressed every day, finding the shortest skirt possible, and slipping it on, with no panties. She loved having to cross her legs tight at work, knowing that the useless piece of fabric she was wearing would do almost nothing to cover her pussy, and that one slip would bare her to anyone who was looking. At first, Annie would pleasure Michelle at each inspection, rubbing her clit and fingering her to the brink of orgasm and telling her "You're lucky that I touch you with your shit this hairy. Eventually, as Michelle's bush started to poof out, Annie touched her even less, simply running a finger down her pubic mound or stroking her inner thigh, but still causing her to shiver with pleasure and making her pussy soaking wet.

The Stalker - Part 7

lesbian CumGirl 2018-11-16

She comes to me; sneaks beneath the covers behind me, the mattress adjusting to our twin weights, the duvet sliding off my heated skin, part revealing shaking trembling me as with firmly closed eyes, open mouth and gently panting breath, I feel the soft weight of her breasts pushing against the curvature of my back. I step out of the bedroom; naked, flushed, dirty, flesh clammy, dried sweat coating my skin, tiny flecks of vomit unnoticed on my lips, hair untended and quite disastrous, pussy throbbing, juices slick down my thighs, eyes unnaturally bright, nipples fierce stiff nubs atop my heaving breasts; and head off in search of my hostess.

One Night Stand

lesbian captnjac 2018-11-15

A couple of minutes later she came out and again turning her back to the window, spread her legs wide, bent down and placed the ice bucket full of water next to the shaving gear. A sense of frustration came over her face and she brought her free hand up to the phone and tapped it and then holding it horizontally leaned over and said something in it and then she placed it on the towel in between her legs. Small breasts with large nipples and a strip of red hair above an otherwise shaved pussy, she straddled the brunette and started to rub her clit. Just like the brunette, she thrust fingers in her pussy and grabbed hold of her clit and pulled left and right.

Blog 7

lesbian CumGirl 2018-11-15

After Pippa had introduced me to ‘Mr Shaft’; after she had skewered me on that massive double-ended dildo and fucked my aching, stretched pussy until my whole body twitched and cum soaked my upturned arse; after all that, she left me helplessly spasming, my legs splayed, 6 inches of black, rubber cock filling my pussy and another 12 inches standing upright between my fair, alabaster thighs; left me and disappeared.

Poetic Seduction

lesbian DarkSide 2018-11-15

Emma closed her eyes, and while holding the text in her left hand let her right wander up to her left nipple. Emma closed her eyes and rested the book on the table, her right hand snaked over her thighs as she lifted them onto the bench. Emma thought of all those naughty people in this little village, the married men with lovers, and wives, the young studs who would fuck their way through a host of rampant teenage women; all of them, ripe for the taking, under the Oak and Rowan trees of nearby forests. For Sarah, the minute Emma rested her head against the wall of ‘the snug’ the moment was lost. “Was it a good read?” Asked Sarah; the moment she uttered the words she thought, ‘fuck it’.

Sisterhood of Sin -- 3 -- A Spanking Good Time

lesbian LastWife 2018-11-15

I got both ideas from Liz. I figured gay men might want the perfect beard, so we can set them up with women who want some of the advantages of marriage, but don't care if they're not having sex with their husbands." Unless you need a full time chauffeur, I'm assuming you want someone who knows how to work the black card She turns away from me and says, "My husband liked to drop my drawers, do you want to do that or should I?" She's coming and sobbing at the same time and it feels so tender and intimate that I want to hug her and comfort her, but she's clearly doing what she needs to do.