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Training Cassiopeia - Chapter 4

lesbian elspeth 2018-01-14

She glanced over at me with a question in her eyes. “Bree with two ‘E’s, not like the cheese. I just thought you might like to know the name of your research subject. We were standing very close to one another and I could sense the tenseness in Cassiopeia, like she didn’t know what to do or say next. Whoever designed the questionnaire had no idea what street girls thought. The questions were all worded to provide a narrow band of possible responses that the designer wanted to hear, not what the subjects actually thought. It’s obvious that you are biased and some of these questions...I’d have told you to go fuck yourself if you asked me.”

Drunk Lesbians Experience Their First Time

lesbian cheaterkitty 2018-01-14

 Kara kissed back passionately, and we continued making out for what seemed like forever. Sierra went back to me, saying "I wanna eat you out," with a determined look in her eyes. She moved forwards, wrapping her arms around my neck, her eyes zooming from my eyes to my lips and back. Then she broke the kiss and moved down, down, down, pulling my purple thong off and opening my legs like a portal, she went straight to it and licked around, I moaned, enjoying the first sensation as it grew, she went back up and kissed me again, sliding her hand down to my pussy and pushing a finger up. She got up and went to sip more champagne, getting drunker when me and Sierra hooked up again, kissing as I put my hand between her legs, two fingers slipping in her wet hole again and again until she came.

The Night to Come--Part III

lesbian Lydia_ 2018-01-14

I chuckled, "You came prepared."  And was rewarded by another hard hair tug.  Patricia shook the whip cream, and sprayed some on my breasts and nipples, and in a swirling trail to my mound.  She leaned over me, and started on my breasts, flicking and sucking on my nipples.  She worked her way down my stomach, sliding her tongue over my very sensitive skin.  I moaned softly when her head finally disappeared between my legs.  I tried to see what she was doing, but the way I was handcuffed to the bed made that impossible, so I closed my eyes.

Down by the Lake

lesbian fetishdoll 2018-01-13

She was already moist and warm so I moved down and ran my tongue across her dark rough pubic hairs and down to where they started to thin out along the sides of her beautiful pussy. I slowly moved my finger over her little button hole and the poor girl wiggled and kicked like she had a thousand bees inside her. With my face soaked and dripping with spit and Karen's sticky warm juices I pressed down on her clit with my tongue. He saw me and yelled, “Oh, think you are getting away?” He caught up with me and tried to grab my head to push me under. In play, he pressed in a little closer, obviously wanting me to feel his hard cock.

Intro to Girl Fucking 101

lesbian Hot_Bi-Jilly 2018-01-13

Her fingers kept working their magic though and instinctually my thighs spread apart and she slid one finger inside my tight pussy. Her mouth kept working my tits while she rubbed my clit with the vibrator. Nibbling with her teeth and rubbing my clit with the flat part of her tongue, she had me jerking and bucking like a slut. The she came back to my clit and sucked it, I felt my orgasm ripple through me and I screamed in pleasure as Gwen’s hot fast tongue made me cum twice before she stopped. We spent the rest of the night, sucking each other’s tits, and rubbing our pussies together and eating each other.

A or B ? Part two

lesbian leggielibby 2018-01-13

“Fuck yes, please make me cum,” that’s all the invitation a good girl needs, so I started scissoring her pussy, stretching her wide, then filling her deep, curling my fingers to catch her every inner surface before pulling my fingers clear and leaving her wet hole gaping. Isabelle took another sip of her wine before leaning forward to kiss me softly on the lips, her full wet mouth met mine, and we twirled tongues. “It takes a little getting used to, but I love the feeling this gives.” Isabelle had moved to look me in the eyes and gently kiss my face as she ensured I was okay.

More than a Lodger...Part 7

lesbian DarkSide 2018-01-13

Laura’s nipples nearly double in size at the touch of cold on her skin, then she felt what she has been craving since Sam’s hand was pushed along her pussy. It actually gave her more room to manoeuvre and this time the whole palm of her hand was stroking at Laura’s pussy as her fingers touched and clawed at her clit. Sam smiled at her, then with some urgency, thrust her hand forward onto her pussy, palm upwards, she pushes all of her fingers into Laura’s pussy. Laura was on all fours licking at Sam’s pussy, and Tom was fully erect once more looking at Laura’s arse hovering over the end of the bed.

My Last Summer Before College Chapter 2

lesbian _O2_ 2018-01-13

What's on your mind that has my girl so concerned?” Her hand brushed the hair from my face as she gave me a concerned look. I was prepared to be mad, angry, hurt but in her arms, her lips and body against mine, all I could feel was a rush between my legs and my heart about to beat out of my chest. I could have sworn by that kiss that you missed me, but now you look like you've got some bad news.” Mom said she comes over here and when she gets home she's happy like I used to be when I stayed here, in your bed, making love to you.” Working my way to my knees, I bent forward placing my hands under her ass, my face buried between her legs.

Road trip

lesbian Naughtygrl73 2018-01-12

Lyra's soft voice whispered against Charlotte’s cheek, “You know, Charl, I’ve got a confession to make.” Lyra leaned back from her friend and let her eyes wander from Charlotte's questioning eyes down her voluptuous curves.  “I’ve always wandered exactly what you taste like….” Lyra slowly leant forward, her blue eyes locked with those of her best friend's as she slowly flicked the tip of her tongue across the turgid tip of her breast, licking up the droplet of water, "...here." Slowly, never breaking eye contact Lyra moved across to the other waiting breast, “…and here,” she whispered before taking the thrusting point into her mouth and tugging softly with her teeth.

My 19th

lesbian Redheadlez 2018-01-12

I can barely breathe...Jasmine starts removing all of her clothes, as the remaining 3 girls are fondling my breasts and ass simultaniously. Kriss is kissing my mouth, and Clara is sucking on my left breast as they direct me to the really large four post bed. Tanya and Jasmine are sucking on my tits, vigorously. All this being felt at the same time is nothing like I expected, but in a good way! Clara and Kriss look at me with big smiles on their faces. They kiss my cheeks and say, "Happy birthday, Scout." Jasmine says, "That's a good girl." They're licking it all up as my body starts to relax, a strange sensation overwhelms me, and before I know it, I pass out.

My First Lesbian Experience

lesbian AriaLove 2018-01-12

"Do as I did to you, lick along my labia, slowly making your way inwards as you go all the way around, You'll want to tease my body, it makes the orgasm that much more intense." I nodded and she moved her finger and I did as she said, slowly circling along her cunt until I had moved my tongue inside of her. You're a quick learner!" We smiled and she pulled me on top of her and we began kissing, She wrapped her arms around me, pressing my body firmly to hers and when we broke the kiss, she pulled the covers over us and I laid there, my head on her chest, her right breast just across from my face.

Sarah's Quest: Chapter Three

lesbian xhardx13 2018-01-12

Helen smiled and said, "Thank you, Sam. This is my friend Sarah." While on our second glass of wine, Helen said, "Sarah, let me show you my playroom." "Sarah, while I light these candles, take a moment and look at one of those magazines on the nightstand." There was a gay and lesbian magazine showing same sex couples in erotic situations and another was called "Bound and Gagged." I said, "Yes, I can see what you mean, Helen," as I looked at pictures of men sucking each others' cocks. Helen stood up and took off her nightgown and said, "Well, Sarah, what do you think as she posed naked in front of me."

Girl's Night Out

lesbian alexa88 2018-01-12

Her hand slid under my dress and began to run up and down my legs, slowly making her way to my now moist pussy. Another song began and another almighty surge of people pushed forward pushing me and Misty forward again and Misty's fingers slid straight into my tight pussy. As Misty began to fuck my pussy with her fingers I felt her nibble on my ear lobe. I shuffled down the bed and began kissing up Misty's legs, working my way to her delicious pussy. Quivering with pleasure, Misty had her eyes tightly shut whilst I still pleasured her with my fingers wanting to make her orgasm a second time.

The Window Drapes

lesbian marganita 2018-01-11

"I just love it when the rains come, even though the sky is in turmoil, it is just so serene," Natalie said as she turned her head to look at Sasha. "He's been gone so long that I don't know what I would do, should I find that he's passed away," Natalie said, her nose and mouth close to Sasha's neck, breathing on it softly as she inhaled in and out. "Believe me, I know," Natalie said in response, turning her head against Sasha's shoulder and gazing at Sasha's eyes to see the kind, brown eyes, focused on where her hand was stroking on Natalie's side. Natalie took her hand off of Sasha and turned her head to look back at the window.

Fresh Bedding

lesbian KatieElizabeth 2018-01-11

"Get undressed Amy and come to bed," I said softly, smiling all the time while caressing my breasts with one hand and inner thighs with the other. Amy's arms were wrapped underneath my legs with her hands reaching to my breasts, squeezing and stroking my very hard nipples as her tongue circled ever more quickly and deeply inside me. I was so turned on, my hands gripped Amy's hips, pulling her hard onto my face, wanting her to ride my tongue until she climaxed. Amy was soon in a rhythm, pushing hard onto my face while my tongue caressed and circled inside her.

Wrist-Deep In The Cunt Hole - My Shy Friend Maria

lesbian Kathrin 2018-01-11

I forgot the crowd around us and only felt the beat, Maria's hands and her lips, as they started kissing my pubic hair. Surprised, I wanted to turn around to see, when Maria inserted a finger into my pussy and began fucking. I reached for Maria's hand and pulled it out while I grabbed her hair and pressed her face into my bush. Maria continued to rub and finally spread her legs to give me a good look at her pussy. Then she pulled her butt cheeks and labia apart with both hands and I looked deep into her twat. Look at my cunt how she comes!" Hastily I made some more pictures when she reared up, rubbing her clit as the knob slid out of her.

The Night I met Mandy

lesbian silver08moon 2018-01-11

I shake my head yes, she moves closer and we start to talk. I start moaning, kissing a guy has never been this good. She leans in, starting to suck on one of my breasts while rubbing the other. I start kissing her thighs, she moves down to her knees and lays down on the floor, guiding me to join her. This being my first time, I am not sure I am doing it right, but she helps me by making suggestions of different moves and speeds. She makes her way down, slow licking my right breast as she rubs my thigh. She starts kissing my stomach on her way down to my sweet spot.

Miss Kelly Johnson.

lesbian SeanR83 2018-01-11

I sucked hard on her pussy, pulling at her lips with my mouth. Kelly held me close and rolled us over, she leant back and pushed her crotch hard against mine. I could feel myself getting close and pushed harder against Kelly. Kelly reached between us, her hand gently rubbing on both our clits at the same time. Kelly quickly pulled away from me and turned around, she pushed my legs back and clamped her mouth over my cunt. She slid her hand through my hair and leant forward, kissing me then Kelly on the head. I’m sorry Kelly if it seems that I stole your girlfriend away from you, but I love her too.


lesbian bikerbear600 2018-01-11

Tyke pushed me back on the bed and kissed me, her tongue probing my mouth. Tyke resumed her slow teasing of my pussy, slowly and gently running the tips of her fingers over my labia but stopping short of my clit. Tyke looked into my eyes and sank two fingers into my cunt, her thumb pushing down on my clit and gently rubbing it as she finger fucked me. I licked her clit in long, hard strokes and pushed my fingers gently in and out of her pussy. She began licking me harder, pushing her tongue into my pussy; twirling around my clit and lapping at my anus like a dog.

Hope Remains

lesbian yolandabixx 2018-01-11

As my new friend finished telling me her story, my head was spinning and it was hard to believe that only a few hours earlier I thought my life was over, but here was a woman offering me a job and a place to live and all she wanted from me was someone she could go places and do things with. Offering one of my better smiles, the best I could do was thank her for not running me over that snowy night and after delivering a kiss filled with all the love I could manage, Christina took me by the hand as she led me into the bedroom, the tone of love evident as she promised to wipe the dopey grin off my face.

Sorority Submission: Animal Kingdom

lesbian silkstockingslover 2018-01-11

"And of course kitties love to lick and lap," Kim smiled, "so your new task is to find a senior, they are all wearing beige stockings, and you are to bring them to orgasm with your tongue. More shame flooded through me as Jamie was right on both accusations, but I tore my eyes from the scene and searched for my own leg to hump, my pussy now eager for the attention. The sister patted her legs where she was sitting and said, in a voice like she was talking to a real puppy, "Come here, puppy, come to Mama." I heard laughter in the room, but instead of humiliation, I felt a rush of bliss, just my wet pussy resting on her stocking-clad leg had me acting like a complete bitch in heat.

Long Time Coming

lesbian swisscheese 2018-01-11

She knew the other woman was eyeing the way her breasts pushed against the restricting fabric of her strapless dress and the way the skirt slid up ever so slightly with every twitch of her thighs. "Plenty of time then," she replied, and she felt slender fingers pull down her dress. She flicked her tongue over Agent 5's nipples as they hardened beneath the sheer bra then hooked a finger into the waistband of those panties and slowly tugged them off. "We've got an hour," she replied and teasingly dipped a finger into Vera's aching slit, never breaking eye contact. Vera continued pumping her fingers in and out of Xi and the other woman rocked her hips in time to the thrusts.

My Trip Continued

lesbian Mairi 2018-01-11

I thought of nothing else but our conversation that morning, once I got over the resentment I felt towards Lillian telling me the obvious, I began to think about small things Catherine did for me. I phoned Catherine to tell her we would be staying for one more night, and told her to go out and have a nice evening, and we would most likely be returning in the morning. After an hour or so, Lillian suggested we returned to our room to 'dress for dinner’; I didn't feel the need but was getting used to the ways of the rich and went along with her. There was no need to hurry, I let my hands wander over her tummy and hips, felt the roundness of her buttocks and down over her thighs.

Friends get closer

lesbian Dirtymisssmith22 2018-01-11

She suddenly started to sit up then slowly stood up and walked round the table towards me with a slight look of lust and worry, I couldn't take my eyes off hers. I starting tracing my fingers softly down torso and my lips slowly followed kissing her moistly down her tight and perfect abs towards her hips and across the base of her stomach, and slowly pulled her skirt off but left her panties. She was tight and soaking wet I couldn't help but remove my finger an have a taste, as I did she moved her hips closer telling me to put it back in, instead I kissed her clit and as soon as I did she starting rhythmically moving her hips back and forth telling me she needed to cum.