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Carla's Party

lesbian leggielibby 2018-06-27

Nurses, policewomen, angels, fairies and me as an elf in a tight green tee shirt with maroon shorts cut high on the cheeks, heavy knit green thigh socks with black knee boots and a silly little elf hat. I turned to reveal myself to Christine, bare except for my long socks and the red pearl thong. She turned her head and inhaled deeply before running her tongue along my pussy lips, the tip applying pressure to each pearl and I shaked with lust, my knees weakening. Then her strong fingers were in my pussy, stretching me and tapping my clit. “Oh fuck yes!” Then she pushed the plug in, cold hard and solid, just shoved in hard and I’m gone, I lost it, my body was on fire.

Naomi gets her birthday present - the evening before the fun

lesbian Chimone001 2018-06-16

It's Thursday afternoon and tonight we've been invited to go out for drinks with our friend, Naomi, for her birthday. With only have a few hours of work to go, I receive a text from my dark haired girlfriend, Simone. Simone is wearing something sexy but bar appropriate!" I text back. Simone is already home and has grabbed us some food from the deli, just what I need to for the evening to come. We have to meet Naomi in an hour and I still need to make myself look sexy." Simone looks stunning in a simple summer dress, long hair down over one shoulder and a pair of sexy Jimmy Choo's pushing her round arse upwards!

Growing Together - Part Three

lesbian SusanEngland 2018-06-11

So, it’s OK that you think about that girl, and how she looked when she did it to herself.” Laura was still gently stroking Toni whose tears had stopped. She felt her teacher’s hand on her knee, pulling her legs even wider, then suddenly her other hand was on Toni’s upper thigh, just, but only just, below the stretched gym panties. Toni could no longer stop her hand from its movement in her teacher’s pussy and could feel at her fingertip, the intimate opening into her body. They talked for a little while before Carl asked to speak to his Dad.  Liz handed the phone to him and Doug chatted to his son for a few minutes before telling him that they would be looking forward to him coming home for the holiday.

Slumber Party (Part 1)

lesbian Carmyn 2018-06-10

"Oh my fucking goodness, why did you invite her?" Amber frowned as she flipped her long blonde hair out of her face to reveal her ocean bluish-green eyes. "Why you don't like Iara?" Tanya asked as she pulled an extra comforter set out of her closet. Tanya turned to look at Amber sitting on the floor applying hot pink nail polish on her cute little toes. Amber rolled her eyes as Tanya got excited and yelled back. Sporting a short Rihanna-type hairdo that accompanied her rich chocolate skin well, hazel eyes, plump lips, and an ass like J.Lo's that jiggled every time she took a step. "Let's get to the partying," Tanya said, purposely interrupting from Iara mentioned Amber was eating them at lunch today.

If He Only Knew

lesbian VanessaVixxen 2018-06-10

"Yeah, he was just too dull," she said, sipping her drink, "but then I did meet someone who really opened my eyes to what I’d been missing." I smiled, sensing she'd found her Mr. Right after all. "It's so much more sensual than being with a man, Jenni." Her lips brushed mine, I felt her soft wet warm tongue, and I opened my mouth, letting her tongue stroke mine. In moments her fingers slid up my thigh, under my costume, as we continued to kiss passionately until I pulled away slightly and asked, "Kath, what if Richard finds us?" Katherine sat so close to me, she brushed the hair from my eyes and kissed my neck as she whispered "Mmmm… do you like that Jenni?"

Kelly's First Time

lesbian naughtykellypreston 2018-06-09

I knew all about Jessica, she was one of the wealthy girls in college; apparently, she didn't want any help from her parents when it came to education and that's why she ended up in our college instead of going to a high class university. Jessica's hand slowly slid over my leg and up over my belly. We made out like we were in heat and I could feel Jessica's hands on my back and butt pulling me close to her. Jessica smiled up at me as she put her hands on my one piece and gently peeled them off me. I kissed down her neck till I got to her perfect breasts and gently suck and licked on first one then the other nipple.

Girls Night Out

lesbian alabasterfairy 2018-06-08

Bree left her hand there and began to rub Anna’s leg. Anna was beginning to get wet so she playfully put her hand under the table to stop Bree’s rubbing. Anna’s body began to tingle and she pulled Bree further so that she could kiss her more deeply. Bree’s hands moved to between Anna’s thighs and began to rub her clit. Bree then thrust her fingers inside Anna to feel her soaking wet pussy. Anna slid her hand between Bree’s legs to feel that her panties had become damp. Bree rubbed Anna’s pussy quickly and Anna began thrusting her hips to meet the movement. Anna’s hand moved between Bree’s legs and inside her pussy.

Naomi gets her birthday present

lesbian Chimone001 2018-06-03

The ladies are kissing and sexy dancing to the funky tunes, Simone tugs at Naomi's top and the whips it over her head. The girls dance some more, Naomi is behind my beautiful girlfriend, her hands are around Simone's waist. I move onto the bed between Simone's legs, pulling her wet sexy black knickers to one side, She's wetter than I even seen her a this stage, I take no time in tasting a nights worth of flirting, wow she tastes awesome! I can hear both girls moaning, Naomi is louder and more often, I realise that she is close, so I stop and allow Simone to concentrate.

Party Favors (part 1)

lesbian MissAlice 2018-06-02

She had noticed that I was staring at her pussy area ever since she got on the stage. Obeying the voice, and my wet, throbbing pussy, I entered the room. She told me to come closer and removed my bra, exposing my hard C-cup tits. With one hand Candy fondled my tits and with the other teased my pussy through my panties. I got closer to her and returned the favor, unhooking her lacy black bra, exposing her large, hard tits. She was still playing with my pussy, making it wet her hand. Candy then pulled her thong off, exposing her shaved pussy. She gave a large moan of pleasure and orgasmed on my face, hands, and tits.


lesbian monica3 2018-06-01

She wore little makeup, and a long, pale blue dress that covered one shoulder and fell like a sheath down over her slender frame with a slit up the left hand side. She was talking to Gina when I got back to her so without interrupting them, I handed her the glass and moved to step away but she restrained me by putting her hand on my shoulder although her eyes never left Gina as she did so. Somehow she turned me and her mouth was on my shoulder and her hands around me to cover my breasts then liberate them and hold them, squeezing my nipples. I let my hands find the strap over the shoulder of her dress and ease it aside and her two breasts were suddenly there, visible, the nipples hard and erect – dark against the pale skin.


lesbian xoxo1496 2018-05-31

I didn't need to get more wet from thinking about watching porn with Lucy and playing with her beautiful tits and licking her clit. I could already feel my small skimpy lace underwear starting to stick to my pussy lips from the wetness. Lucy leaned down and began slowly running her tongue over my nipple. She flicked my nipple and I slowly reached my hand into her thong and began to lightly rub her clit. She let out a soft moan as I started to flick my tongue across one nipple and lightly stroke and pinch the other with my fingers. She flipped her hand into my lacey underwear and started to tease my clit, flicking it and rubbing it so lightly it was almost painful.

The woman who changed my world

lesbian jacobport 2018-05-27

However, it wasn't until the weekend before Halloween that things took a great turn. As Katie was approached by one good looking fella, they spoke for a few minutes, knowing each other from a class, he asked her if he could take her out some night. With that, Katie took my hand, and asked if I wanted to leave. Her hand pulling my hair to one side so she can place gentle kisses on my neck. I looked into the mirror, watched as she moved her hands across my body. Katie's own hard nipples pressed against my back and my panties began getting wet from the excitement. Her hands moved like silk across my body. My body trembled as she kissed my lips, neck, and body.

Slumber Party (Part 2)

lesbian Carmyn 2018-05-27

This is surely going to be the best slumber party yet." Then Tanya changed into a regular size tee and long pajama bottoms right before her mom walked in. "Your mom is so hot," Iara joked as she viewed the contents on the dresser. "You slut," Iara laughed as she snatched the cucumber from Tanya and put it in her mouth, giving the cucumber a blowjob. "Girls?" It was Tanya's mom at the door. Tanya and Iara had terminated their fun and were sitting on the floor by the time her mom walked into the room. Iara smiled, "I know what you need." Iara crawled towards Amber. "What's wrong, Mrs. Richardson?" Amber asked, mentally pulling Tanya and Iara out of their sexual frustrations.

The Friend

lesbian lilmissstickykiss 2018-05-26

“God damn it Michael, get out of the fucking way!” Rochelle said, and pushed her way past Michael to open the door for me. I mean, I thought Rochelle was beautiful, gorgeous even, but I wasn't here as her date – at least I didn't want to be. Why do you try to talk like you know what you are saying.” Rochelle said, and rolled her eyes. I mean, no pressure, but if you feel like it you are welcome to get out of those clothes,” Rochelle's mother said. “You don't kiss like a straight girl,” she said. I cried because I had lost Rochelle, who looked exactly like Nastassja.

Slumber Party (The Conclusion)

lesbian Carmyn 2018-05-25

The party went well, not as Tanya and Iara preferred it, but they all enjoyed her mom's company.  From the moonlight shining through the window, Amber realized she was laying on the right side of the bed, next to Iara in the middle and Tanya on the left. With her fingers still planted in her pussy, she lay still as Tanya and Iara began to talk. Iara and Tanya just giggled as Amber lay with her eyes closed shut and her hand swallowed in her pussy, embarrassed as hell. Just as the door closed shut, Amber suggested, "Tanya, you really should get a lock before the next slumber party."


lesbian BradleyStoke 2018-05-23

When Edie and Janine finally found their way into the dingy kitchen, at the back of the house, where all the alcohol was and where they could drop off the bottle they’d brought with them, what waiting for them was a real disappointment after the quite decent skank. Janine smiled conspiratorially, as Edie took her metal-bangled wrist in her hand and dragged her out of the kitchen, past the temptations of another roving joint, into the main room where the music was coming from. Janine took Edie’s face in her hands and pushed it to her lips, her tongue slotted into Edie’s mouth, and for a few ecstatic, liquid moments, the two of them kissed fully and slobberily, as the beat pushed up and up into the pit of their stomachs, finally, building up enough tension to push the two girls apart.

Tina and Paula - The Final Party

lesbian fetishdoll 2018-05-22

I have to sound cool, like I don't want it, when really, I'm already dripping just thinking about Tina in my house. I've been so worked up all day because Tina would be coming over; now I just feel like crawling away and hiding under my bed. I think for a moment she is going to kiss me, but she says, “You just sucked four guy’s cocks, what makes you think I would want to kiss you?” “I didn’t know if you had a system, and the guys are into making sure every party kicks ass,” Desire says. Amber pulls away, leaving my little mouth open and searching for cock. "Doesn't she look sweet?" Amber says to Persia, "She looks just like a little girl, sweet and innocent and so cute."

After-Party Fun

lesbian Kron96 2018-05-22

As I slide down your body, I feel your hands on my back, your fingers grazing against the super-sensitive bundles of nerves near my spine, increasing my arousal so fast my head feels like it's spinning and I let out a low moan. As I slide my hands around your sides, I playfully grab your firm pantie-clad ass and knead my fingers softly into the flesh, running my fingers into the cleavage, while I bring your nipples back up to full attention with my tongue, spending a good few minutes on each, especially enjoying playing with the piercings.

Katie Begs Ch. 03

lesbian fuckingenglish 2018-04-09

Sabrina reached Katie's knees, and started kissing her way up the inside of Katie's long, creamy thighs. Her kisses were slow and wet - she was taking her time - but before long, her lips reached Katie's pussy. Katie could barely control herself - all she wanted to do was slam Sabrina's mouth against her pussy, to feel her tongue flick against her clit. Katie's orgasm took complete control, and her legs snapped shut, trapping Sabrina's head against her clit as they finished their orgasms. They stayed locked that way for a long time, Sabrina still licking, still humping her own hand, as Katie thrust her clit again and again to Sabrina's talented tongue.

The Encounter

lesbian IlonaSkye 2018-04-08

How appropriate to make your acquaintance my first night out in a very, very, long time." Hearing Ms Maggie's soft chuckle, feeling her long fingered hand brush over her belly and slide around her waist drawing her out onto the floor in a slow dance. As the door closes behind them Margret presses Angela back against the door and kisses her slow and hard, tongue teasing between her lips to delve into the heated cavern of her mouth. Banging her head back against the door breaking the kiss Angela feels Margret's hands slowly crumple the short skirt of her dress in her hands while her lips and tongue tease down along her neck.

Fungirl's Fantasy Ch. 3

lesbian Aries 2018-04-04

He's staying in town because he's got an early morning meeting tomorrow." Emma answered as her fingers played in Gabby's pussy lips. Do you think your dad will check up on you?" Gabby asked as she too pulled her dress down over her head, smoothed it out, and joined Emma at the mirror. You know what I mean?" Gabby answered as she opened Emma's underwear drawer and pulled out a pair of fullback, plain white panties. Then a slow song came on and Emma went to Rudy, Gabby went to Brad, and they danced the slow songs. Emma looked questioningly at Gabby before asking, "What's to stop them from coming right back over the fence in a little bit?"


Love or Lust Ch. 01

lesbian Mseemwinginehapo 2018-03-28

With my keys in hand, I stepped out of my house having locked it and got into my matte black Mustang and pushed the start button. I let her take the trolley, and for a minute there I thought she'd give me a piece of her mind for obstructing her way, but she smiled at me curtly and walked on. We talked for what seemed like an hour and she took my hand for a dance. I spanked her magnificent ass and told her to bend, place her hands on the wall and spread her legs. I ran a finger along the inside of her thigh, up to her pussy, along her slit and stopped just short of her clit.


lesbian AussieBBW 2018-03-17

I felt my dress being inched up my thighs, over my hips, her hands searing my skin where they touched, then I was in my underwear, writhing against a fully clothed Aura. She smiled as she placed sweeter kisses along my jaw and neck, then pulled back to watch my face as her free hand roamed around my body. Her right hand threaded through my hair, moving my head to the angle she wanted, while her left teased it's way down to play some more, spreading my wetness around. Shaking like a new colt, my legs tightened around those delectable hips, my nails embedded themselves into unmarred skin covering strong shoulders, I threw my head back and I screamed as she fucked me through my climax.

Cheers to New Friends

lesbian CassidyFox 2018-02-24

I watched, memorized as her hands massaged her tits, every now and then letting her fingers fondle her hard nipples and her shiny bald pussy glistened with her juices. Erica rose to her feet and took on of my nipples between her teeth, nibbling it gently as her hands worked to unbutton and unzip my nice ass jeans. My pussy flowed all over Erica's face and I moaned and gasped and whimpered as she slid the toy cock deep inside my ass inch my inch. "Fuck I want those tits." I panted, grabbing them with my hands and taking first one then the other nipple in my lips, sucking hard as we rubbed our slippery wet clits together faster and harder.