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My College Roommate

lesbian VeryDirtyDenise 2018-12-01

Sometimes we'd behave like little girls, rather than two young women, squatting and shitting on the floor, making two big mounds, then reaching in and scooping up, playfully and laughingly slapping the fecal sludge on each other's clothes, soiling ourselves terribly, then excitedly fingering each other's pussies with greasy brown fingers. But that smell then was faint compared to the frank pungent stench permeating our room now as Lisa fully and completely empties her rectum while laying next to me in my bed, buckets of piss and tons of shit having left her sleek young body. I reached down and scooped up big handfuls of Lisa's shit, moistened with her urine of course, and spread and smeared that thick brown sludge everywhere, all over her nightgown, and then under it, over her naked body, and over my body.

The Stall

lesbian VeryDirtyDenise 2018-11-27

With all those toilet fantasies that had been churning in her head lately, she could not have dreamt up anything more torrid than this – finding herself "trapped" in a dirty toilet stall with this cute young woman, probably a lesbian, a complete stranger to her, someone who had just pissed in her mouth and was now offering Ivana her ass to eat as a prelude to shitting. With a wink and lewd, knowing smile on her face, Denise carefully took hold of her own turd, moistened now with Ivana's saliva, and brought that turd down between Ivana's legs, resting the fat, greasy log of shit right on the crotch of Ivana's pulled-down silk panties.

Holding Back and Letting Go!

lesbian VeryDirtyDenise 2018-11-23

"My turn," Elizabeth said, suddenly spreading her legs, her own stream now exploding out of her, drenching the panty crotch instantly, then pulling aside the crotch as she had Denise's and letting the stream splash out of her freely, both woman pissing together now, Denise's stream powerful and still in full flow, Elizabeth's urine geyser now joining hers. A few minutes later Elizabeth pulled the car in and the two women, smelling of urine, their panties damp under their dresses, streaks of pee running down their thighs and legs, rushed into Elizabeth's place, breathless with arousal, their brains feverish with thoughts of toilet kink, crazed with anticipation.

Playing Pee-Games on a Train

lesbian KatPissinger 2018-11-17

how?" Martina got up and smiled at her, pulling her slowly inside our cabin as she brushed the hair out of Gianna's face, helping her unbutton her shirt. Martina straddled her chest as I began thrusting in and out of Gianna's pussy, watching the dildo get soaked from her cunt juice until it slid all the way in. Martina made her lick her pussy, determined to give the horny conductor a good mouthful of lesbian cunt, while I fucked her pussy in long strokes, going all the way up inside her. Martina looked back at me, then said: "Let's do her ass too, mistress?" She turned to Gianna underneath her.

Lick It Clean -- The Black Version

lesbian VeryDirtyDenise 2018-11-17

Cherise eats it all the time, that cunt loves the taste of my dirty shi'hole, don't you, bitch?" she said, reaching back with an arm to hold my head in place. And lick it clean I did, finally bringing my face up to theirs as Brenda and Cherise and I came close, our hot and still sticky naked bodies pressing against each other, kissing passionately, sharing my shit-smudged lips and tongue with the two sexy brown-skinned bitches, the air thick with the scent of sweat, piss, shit and the overpowering aroma of three very stimulated and pungent cunts.

Lick It Clean!

lesbian VeryDirtyDenise 2018-11-14

Somehow, under the circumstances, the three of us all sweaty, the two teens unwashed and smelling very 'natural' to say the least, all three pairs of panties damp and funky, the telltale signs of my carelessly wiped shithole exposed like this to the two of them on my brown-streaked panties, aroused rather than embarrassed me. And lick it clean I did, finally bringing my face up to theirs as Anna and Sally and I came close, our hot and still sticky naked bodies pressing against each other, kissing passionately, sharing my shit-smudged lips and tongue with the two sexy teens, the air thick with the scent of sweat, piss, shit and the overpowering aroma of three very stimulated and pungentcunts.

Big House

lesbian colonelstiffy 2018-09-28

Some girls grabbed my ass and poked my pussy as I walked down to the end. I only one time experimented in college with a girl and it wasn't the greatest thing ever just good, but my pussy was wet now, probably because I wouldn't be with a guy for a long time. Her right hand still was fingering her pussy, her left had was squeezing her tits, then shot down and was cupping her ass. Three of my fingers on my right hand were probing the bottom of her vagina and my tongue licked her clit at the same time.

Just Before Dawn

lesbian Redtoffee 2018-07-25

My tongue automatically came out and tasted her early morning juices. Come let Mommy help you," and with that she let a tiny stream of piss loose. "Come don't you dare tease me, you know what Mommy needs," she said. "Mommy likes what you're doing, pussy cat. I winced went her finger entered my arse but the pain was overtaken by the pleasure of her other finger in my pussy. "Looks like pussy liked helping Mommy," she said. Cassandra stared fixedly into my eyes as she waited for me to lick every last drop from her fingers and swallow it all each time. Do you love Mommy, pussy cat?" she asked rubbing me between my spread legs through the bedclothes.

The Best Roommate Ever

lesbian ThomasRiker 2018-07-24

"I...holy shit, I think I need to touch myself first!" Rebecca shoved a hand in her pants and rubbed away furiously while gawking open-mouthed at Jenn's oversized mammaries, continuing for what amounted to at least fifteen seconds. Rebecca's love scent got Jenn's clit throbbing, causing her to shove a hand down and furiously jill away for a good 30 seconds. Jenn expertly got her tongue through the dark thicket of pubes, stopping briefly to playfully swirl a lock around her tongue, then got her tongue all the way in Rebecca's hole, alternating tongue-fucking her deep with playfully kissing her clit, inhaling her smell and playing with her own clit the whole time.

Prince Gyllen Ch. 05

lesbian MythMaker 2018-07-18

The younger twin readjusted her clothing and knelt back down on her pillow as if nothing happened and Kobber began to pour out the lemon-tinged liquid into both her own and her sister's cups before hooking her finger in the cup's handle and bringing it up to her mouth for a quiet sip of Sølv's bodily fluid, savouring the strong, bitter taste of fresh piss upon it touching her tongue. The gloomy princess held Kobber's shins and raised up her legs, making her older twin let out a nervous but excited peep as her dress fell down towards her waist as her lower body was lifted, revealling a pair of modest, frilly bloomers. "So be it..." The Goth princess stood up on the bed, lifting up her dress once more, removing her underwear from her hips and down to her knees, squatting over Kobber's face as the older sister laid back.

Wet Ride Ch. 01

lesbian Goldlion1 2018-07-08

The wet woman now relaxed and spun herself back in the direction of Kat. Looking her dead in the eye, she ran her finger along her dampened slit and spread the wetness over her crotch, making her trimmed pussy stand out in all its fleshy wonder, she was not only wet with piss, but with excitement as well as evidenced by the extreme puffiness of her labia, seen clearly now through the gauze of her semi translucent panties. But the bespeckeled woman showed no signs of moving, preparing, as she usually did to de-board, she only casually fingered herself through her soaked panties and continued smiling at Kat. Kat was beside herself with lust and did all that she could not to unfasten the button on her chinos and reach deep within her sopping cunt to finger herself and maybe, just maybe join this mystery woman in pissing her pants.

Katie and Dani Prt 2

lesbian alex_wd 2018-05-22

and cum clung to her body and the image of Katie faded away as Danielle and swam back and forth Danielle loving every second while Katie watched The whistle finally came for Katie and she dragged Danielle from the water Danielle showered and Katie watched her. Danielle headed back to the showers calling Katie's name. As Danielle climbed from the pool she searched for Katie but couldn't see her, fearing that she would miss Katie showering Danielle hurried to the Katie smiled and walked away and Danielle washed herself and thought of now begun to spin around Katie's as images of Danielle filled her mind. of the shower allowing the water to wash away her juices and piss and let

Two Tennis Belles Ch. 02

lesbian Richard963 2018-05-14

"You go first Julia, " said Linda, being used to using communal lavatories at her boarding school. Anyway, Linda held the door open and we both watched as Julia lifted up her short tennis skirt and pulled her white cotton panties down. We carried on kissing for a few moments, and then Linda pulled her head back, shut her eyes to concentrate. Linda laughed and stood up, she took the cloth, wiped her fanny then leant down and pushed the cloth around my cock with a smile. I grabbed Linda and kissed again and began to fondle her breasts through her white tennis shirt. I did this a few times then I looked up and I could see Linda's hands on Julia's breasts.

My Girl's Night in Fantasy

lesbian pinklilies 2018-04-30

As we watched one video of two girls fucking each other with a double-ended dildo, I noticed Georgia squirming uncomfortably. But if I hear one moan, or feel your pussy jerk towards me because you want more; you're getting a good thwack on the ass. I laughed and complied, knowing how good it would feel for her to have a big dildo in her pussy and her best friend's tongue on her clit at the same time. As I fucked her with the huge pink dildo, I could feel her pussy tightening, the tell-tale sign of a girl about to cum, hard. Georgia moaned, "Oh fuck, god damnit you're good at licking my wet little cunt!!" I was confident I could make her cum just from licking her.

How I Became a Lesbian Slave

lesbian laffalot 2018-03-27

Alarm bells were going off in my head and I must have looked like a deer caught in the headlights as I stammered out "Ahh whoa, hey naa..." but before I could make a legible response, she started laughing and moved back to the other side of the couch. I felt the heat spread and saw the look of shock from Emma as her hand got wet, then she laughed even harder. I know, I said that I was straight and I didn't want to have sex with Emma and I really didn't, but it felt good in the moment. There we were, spooning on the open toilet, the strong smell of piss emanating throughout the bathroom and Emma reaching around me and shoving her fingers into my pussy.

Great Days

lesbian 2018-03-24

I went down wearing that and while having the lunch, Jeena told me that we are going for an outing for two or three days to Jenna’s farmhouse nearly 2 hours drive from their and to get ready after lunch. She booked me air ticket and by noon we went back to Jeena’s house where I stay and took my passport and all needful things and removed my tshirt and wear a noodle strapped tube dress and my fav black thong. My body was covered with full of cum and piss and we sat their for some more time, iwear my thong and Rovan told me that he wi;ll drop me at my house.

The Ultra Sound Test Ch. 2

lesbian Michelle B 2018-02-05

Sandra seemed to finish quickly this time and I was ready to start the fun when she told me to lie on my front with my bum raised, as she needed to do a rectal ultra sound. As she was drinking, I started to rub my clit wanting to cum in her mouth just like last time. I thought about getting out when, I looked up and saw her standing behind me on a small stool, she had unbuttoned her soaked lab coat (she was stark naked underneath) reached down and pulled her pussy lips wide and started spray warm piss all over me.

Fun in the Ladies

lesbian cornixregina 2018-01-07

You push again as you strain a little I can hear the crackle of shit starting to slide from you and you get turned on by the feel of it escaping from your anus. Lots of plops follow and I feel your cunt loosen so I insert my 2 fingers up and start bringing them in and out. You tell me not to worry because you like runny shit the best and that if I am ill you will make sure I get home ok then shoot me a wink and dirty smile. Just then you push again and with one last "thopt" of shit hitting the water I feel my fingers get wet as you come over them all the while you're panting wildly and moaning softly.

Cum on Demand

lesbian cornixregina 2018-01-03

I begin to push and as you hear the shit starting to come out you hold me by the hips and start to thrust your hips so you're fucking me. Your hips thrust away from me and as you push thick white cum squirts from your contracting cunt and covers my hands. I un-strap the cock and come up to support you from behind as your knees give out from the orgasm, supporting you under your arms with my wrists so I don't get your cum on you as I'm not sure what you want me to do with it yet. You grab my left wrist and put my fingers into your mouth and suck on them as you eat your own cum from my hand.

Moth to a Flame

lesbian ultra_femme 2017-12-20

I pulled into the gas station lot and immediately spotted Vic. My heart leapt inside my chest and I felt I could not park quickly enough. She moaned softly and shifted her weight, allowing me two breaths, before grinding back into my face. Every time I moved I felt it in my pussy, and each slap resonated deep inside me. I was moaning like a bitch in heat, but Vic and I both knew that vaginal stimulation alone would not make me cum, so she withdrew and removed the harness. She stood over me, grabbed my long auburn hair and using it to pull my face within a few inches of her pussy.

The Morning Routine

lesbian allabelle 2017-11-25

"Now that you've agreed to be my full-time pet, I need to explain your daily routine to you, do you understand?" "Yes mistress, I'll try my best to follow every request you have." "Yes, mistress." I can feel the slickness dripping out of my pussy at her commands. This is because I like to have my morning shit before I take a shower, and you are to loosen my asshole for me to speed up the process. After you rinse me off, I will sit down on the shower bench and allow you to lick my pussy and ass clean." "This is the only way my pussy and ass will be cleaned, do you understand me?

The Story of D Ch. 06

lesbian Paris Waterman 2017-11-14

"Take a look to your left slut," Allie said laughing softly. do it, Rachel." Allie's voice was thick and her hot, wet fingers drove thrills into my cunt as she pinched and pulled my poor nips. As Allie began to speak again, I realized what Julie had be telling Don. I was going to piss for them! Allie left me in the tub and after sitting there feeling soiled and humiliated for what seemed an eternity, I got up and made my way to the toilet and threw up. (Maybe I'm afraid to face it, but my decision is to walk away from Allie in the future, no matter how horny I get.) I've told Julie and she's said she'll honor my decision.

The Girl Next Door

lesbian Sindy070 2017-10-17

"I love the way a woman's legs look in stockings," she groaned softly, her fingers moving wetly in her snatch as I finished pulling the first one on, straightening the top and making sure it was wrinkle-free, "makes me want to run my hands up and down them." "Pam, you look so beautiful," Jamie sighed happily as her hand moved higher and cupped my pussy, "I want to fuck you all night, and in the morning share you with my mom." "Dirty bitch!" I chuckled as Jamie moved her head about, letting my stream wash all over her face and into her mouth, swallowing more of it down as I urged the last of it out of me, liking how sexy she looked with my pee dripping off her.

Show Me Your Smile

lesbian Fellfrosch 2017-10-10

My eyes are still closed, my hands still massage my breasts and her middle finger begins to run along my pussy. I spread my legs as far as my panty around my knees allows me to and her finger immediately finds my inner lips. Penny's other hand is touching my belly, slender fingers are running upwards, leaving a trail of goose bumps. "You bet and I hope it's going to be a long and hard stream." She spreads my pussy for me and I can't hold it any longer. The first shy stream runs down my thighs but then I bow down a bit further, press harder and I can feel that my pee comes out in a nice bow.