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Served Just Right

lesbian RumpleForeskin 2018-03-04

"That's when he began working his way down my body, kissing and licking things like, you know, my neck and shoulders, not just the boobs. As Ann mixed the drinks, Gwen stretched and without protest or alarm, found herself sliding effortlessly down the wall until coming to rest sprawled on her back, hips at the edge of the bed, feet touching the floor. The next time Gwen was racing toward a climax, her fingers weren't pushed away and Ann's tongue continued its tantalizing work. After licking Ann's face clean, Gwen began kissing her lips, eyes, ears, and neck, while slowly pulling her friend’s nightgown up, and then, off. Moments later, Ann gurgled something, her hips heaved upwards, and Gwen felt her face being bathed in warm pussy juice.

The Last Flight. Chapter 2

lesbian Annamagique 2018-03-04

I lingered longer than I had intended, my fingers stretching around her naked flesh, slowly slipping around her inner thigh and, as the tips met the lightly touching flesh of her other thigh, I heard a tiny gasp escape her lips and and her legs relaxed a little more, parting and allowing my fingers to move between them. Her lips protruded slightly like the petals of an exotic flower and then it disappeared behind her hand as she cleansed herself then dropped the paper into the bowl and leaned forward to pull up her red pants. I was rooted to the spot, wanting to turn away and return to my duties but although my head was screaming at me to get back to work my heart was holding me and she moved forward ans once more kissed me.

The Swinger Confessions: Angela's Hunger

lesbian Coco 2018-03-04

Angie pulled my body to the edge of the bed and aiming the phallus at my sex she asked again, "Coco, I asked you if you were ready? Yeah, you want this pussy bad, so fuck me." My Shirley girl plunged into me sharply with the strap on cock. She bit my lip, licked it and whispered, "You drive me fucking nuts girl..mmm." I knew that look, she was on edge and I couldn't wait until I saw her explode. Damn girl, how long you been wanting to fuck me like this?" My breathing was raspy, my breasts jiggled, and my pussy gushed as she pulled out of my chocolate center.

Lingerie Delivery

lesbian naughtykellypreston 2018-03-04

I smiled when I saw how well made they all were and felt a warm feeling begin to grow inside me as I ran her fingers over the exotic lace, smooth satin and neatly stitched straps of my purchases. She leaned forward and kissed me, her lips were soft, and I could feel her tongue sliding into my mouth. I buried my head between her legs kissing, licking and sucking on her open pussy. I pushed two fingers deep inside her as my spare hand rubbed her clit. Julia's body started to shake and I could feel the telltale signs that she was about to cum. Her pussy contracted, tightening around my fingers.


lesbian Annamagique 2018-03-04

The air outside was beautiful and warm, the evening sun kissing the mountain peaks, sending long shadows across the valley as I walked alongside the stream towards the trees ahead. Coedwig pulled me hard against her, biting my lip and pressing her leg against me and, at the exact moment that my body exploded, she pushed a finger deep into me making me scream out as wave upon wave of pleasure flowed over me, engulfing me, taking my breath, stopping my heart. Reaching out my hand, I felt the soft warm moss beneath me and I listened to the rustling of the leaves and the singing of the waterfalls but wait, that was all I could hear.

Bacall 1

lesbian monica3 2018-03-03

I walked across to where Glenys was making doe eyes at a tall, well-dressed woman with hair drawn tightly back in a bun and thick glasses. Constance was now sitting properly in the armchair, her long legs crossed and she looked with a questioning eye at Stella. Occasionally Constance would look at me but not once did she speak to me directly until I had said something about the film, Titanic and how I thought it was such a dreadful waste of wonderful technology to create the amazing ship by computer and then set such a naff story in it. You have lovely little tits.’ She came close and her hand went to my breast and her nail traced its line under the material of my dress.

Scarlet passion chapter 2

lesbian seductivebeast76 2018-03-03

Maybe from readings that script turned me on a little too much, or something inside me wanting that woman to desire me. There are so many college girls needing a good screwing, and so little time to fuck them all.” I felt like a fool for letting myself to be toyed around by her. My friend Lena is throwing a party tomorrow night and would not mind if I invited a lovely thing like you. The raven haired girl Robin was eating my pussy, and Juliet was sucking on my nipples. The ripple of pleasures that rush over me mixing with the sensations of what the other girls were doing brought me to the edge of ecstasy, but fell over it when I started getting fucked.

The sexual awakenings of teenage private schoolgirls part 12

lesbian justalilfun 2018-03-03

It was now the last week of November; school had ended for the young ladies and now cousins, Sally and Sarah Barker, were about to enter a new chapter in their lives. Kelly sat down beside Sally, Jane and Renée had sat on the sofa, while Sarah sat on a beanbag to the side. Jane sat back on the sofa and watched as the three young ladies all kissed and caressed Renée’s body all over. Sarah and Sally were sucking and nibbling her breasts and nipples, while Kelly sucked, kissed and licked Renée’s inner thighs and succulent peach. Eventually the shock waves of pleasure faded as Kelly, Sally and Sarah all kissed and sucked Renée all over.

A Genny Story... My Little Lamb

lesbian Gfire 2018-03-02

This is my first attempt at fiction. She looks into your eyes and strokes your cheek with the I know I have to make my move before the song ends so I whisper "Mary, I want you to come home with me." I am waiting for you to respond but you just keep dancing like I look you in the eye and with a smile I pulled off my jacket and tossed it over on the chair. you all night, but I had worn this cock for a reason and I was going to bathroom. Now naked we both padded into the bathroom. My first try at fiction. love to hear from everyone.

Montana to L.A. Chapter 2

lesbian _O2_ 2018-03-02

Jordan and Emma were in the shallow end talking when Janelle and Kelsey walked out. “Shall we?” Emma asked while she took her hand leading Jordan out of the water to join Kelsey and Janelle. After a few minutes, which seemed like an eternity to Kelsey, Emma grasped Jordan's hands as they talked. Janelle thought about moving, but it had been a long time since she felt another woman or girl against her, so she just let Kelsey enjoy. Think of Emma, how she kissed you, what she looked like, then do whatever you want that feels good.” Janelle turned on her side to face Jordan, her breasts brushing against the young woman felt good.

Birthday Surprise Chapter 2 – Susan

lesbian seductivebeast76 2018-03-02

Amber closed her eyes and let out a low moan, pulling Susan in for another kiss and falling back into the couch. Susan thought Amber didn't know how sexy she really was and was sure there were a few girls in her school who wanted to fuck her. Taking a nipple in her mouth, Susan sucked on it before placing soft kisses down and across her belly, to Amber's shaved pussy. Feeling more like a wild cat strolling to its meal, Susan spread Kristen's legs apart to dive her tongue deep inside her. Kristen's body erupted in a powerful orgasm and she ground her pussy into Susan's face, smearing her juices, feeling it sliding off her chin.

Rekindling Lesbian Love

lesbian JodiStarr 2018-03-01

It’s been a long time and we didn’t exactly part on the best of terms. "I like the couch, it's really soft and rich, the color and material." Maybe it's homesickness but I long for the good old days when things seemed less complicated. Almost like old times. I always think you ignited something in me that day that lingered like a drug whether I tried to ignore it or not. It’s tough but let’s try and keep it light and friendly this time." Wow, and your breasts; I always loved their soft and full feel.” “Oh my God, Sandra, your slit is so stiff and swollen and sopping wet, I can barely get my fingers in.

Seduced by my Best Friend

lesbian sexy_story_tella 2018-02-28

As I looked out of the window I felt my hand slide over my young breasts, making rings around my nipples as they started to stiffen. I could see her start to play with her pussy and smell my bra at the same time. I tiptoed across to the foot of her bed, breathed in the smell of her pussy juices and licked it slowly. I think she got the point and directed her mouth directly above my pussy and started to lick my clit. I moaned seductively, and then she started to tongue fuck me, slowly at first and then speeding up. As the evening started to turn into morning we snuggled into her bed, out bodies pressing together.

Catching Up (Part 6)

lesbian tak0chan 2018-02-27

Imagining you…getting wet imagining me… Ohhh…Oh yes…” I could hear her breathing heavily in the pause before she went on: “So, when you had to stop reading because you felt so wet – mmm, I’m loving hearing you talk about this – did you have to do something about that excitement?” There was no mistaking the erotic breathiness in her voice now. I managed to hold out from touching myself until I reached a passage in which she described them tribbing for the first time, cunts and clits pounding and grinding together, breasts flying, bodies bucking, spittle spraying on gusting breath as they cried out in mutual ecstasy… Suddenly the need for a quick powerful orgasmic release overwhelmed me.

A Lesbian Love Story...of Sorts Chapter 3

lesbian silkstockingslover 2018-02-27

She chuckled as she said, “It has been many years since I have had the need for such a toy, but the women who come in here tend to like a couple different ones.” She grabbed a black one that was eight inches long and said, “This one is for deep penetration, but I am told, by some very reliable sources, that women love it, especially if it is turned on high.” “It is a tiny little vibrating toy, shaped like an egg, that goes inside you and can tease and please you all day long,” I explained handing her an egg and taking the vibe from her.

A Lesbian Love Story...of Sorts Chapter 8

lesbian silkstockingslover 2018-02-27

In less than a minute of the triple pleasure, Gwen screamed into my pussy, “I’m cumming.” I kept pressure on her clit until her orgasm subsided and then moved back up. I moaned, “Fuck me Gwen, fuck your best friend’s cunt.” Gwen moved her ass up and down as best she could and I orgasmed after only a couple minutes of pleasure. I couldn’t imagine this could feel like this.” She began moving faster, her slightly chubby ass colliding with my body as she tried to get the cock deeper in her ass. Gwen grabbed it, turned it on high, and slid it into her pussy, I then straddled the other end awkwardly and we pushed the cock inside me.

It's Not a Fetish

lesbian ChrissieLecker 2018-02-27

I simply adore pretty panties and I love the soft, velvety feeling when the fabric slides over my bum and my shaved pussy lips. Panties thus were the reason why you could find my sixteen year old self standing down on Salisbury Road in front of lingerie stores every other day, be it sunny or raining or having snowstorms, with a blissful, yearning expression on my face and my body tense from the force it took to withstand the magic pull. But instead of relenting, she had to tease me some more, and when her fingers stroked over her crotch and her pink nails contrasted so nicely with the green and orange, I felt a small shudder race through my body and my breath hitched.

Training Cassiopeia - Chapter 2 - The Offer

lesbian elspeth 2018-02-26

She wanted to finish the degrees she’d been working on part-time for what seemed like forever and then find a nice job in research. Bree wanted to regain some semblance of control so she smiled and said softly, “Turn on the radio, something slow and sexy.” She did say ‘right away’, didn’t she? Sighing loudly, Bree reached over to turn on the radio but she put her hand on Bree’s smaller one and stopped her. Again Bree felt the thrill of knowing her kiss and the rubbing of her wet pussy on the blonde’s thigh prompted her moan. Bree teased her lips with her tongue and the blonde gasped and opened her mouth and her tongue darted out, seeking Bree’s.

Late Night Secret

lesbian Carmyn 2018-02-26

Using her lips to pull Cindy's thin lingerie down her legs, Anya's head went back up to taste her unwrapped dessert. Anya's hands kept Cindy's legs spread eagle, thus allowing her head to dive deeper. Cindy rested her head on the edge of the tub and used her hands to pull her cheeks apart for greater access. For Cindy's first time with her head between another girl's legs, she assumed she did a great job, considering the massive cum oozing from Anya's tight hole after half an hour of eating. "Good thing I didn't turn my music down or your husband would have heard all that," Anya whispered in Cindy's ear as she nibbled on her lobe.

After Jess

lesbian monica3 2018-02-26

We’re calling it an evening dress party, we decided people look better that way than if they just assume it’s a come as you are affair.’ I’d always liked Tippi in a detached sort of way. I still loved Jess and knew if she’d been there I’d have been unhappy, even though we’d spoken since her hen night and all seemed well. As we chatted happily, I felt her hand squeeze my arm a few times and occasionally she leant against me. Tippi is tall, slender and has lovely dark brown hair, which she was wearing that night loosely tied back. I wasn’t going to try to last night because, well, it’d have felt like I’d only asked you so I could.

The Fire Dancer

lesbian NicolaBellewood 2018-02-26

As the sounds of another seductive tune grew from the nearby radio, Aradessa began to gracefully move her hips against Kimberly. Her hips continued to dance, moving them in circles as she continued kissing Kimberly, moving her arms to wrap around her neck. Aradessa's hands moving to help Kimberly undress as their kiss went on. Aradessa moved her arms to wrap around Kimberly's neck, then pushing down on her head . She began grinding her pussy and hips against Kimberly's face as she began moving her tongue and finger faster and faster. Aradessa moved to lick juices off of Kimberly's lips before giving her a deep kiss.They slowly redressed and returned hand in hand to the festivities where they had met.

From the Pages of Carmyn's Diary: A True Story 8

lesbian Carmyn 2018-02-25

I turned my head, put my fingers to my lips, signaling Melissa to shut the hell up. Picture this: Kimmi on her back; me laying on my stomach with my hungry tongue between her opened legs; and Melissa on my back with her tongue cascading down the crevice of my ass as she occasionally slapped, smacked, and squeezed my cheeks. Thanks for this lovely gift," she said as she and Melissa started to kiss passionately; I rolled over to retrieve the "double disaster." "You fucking slut," Kimmi and Melissa laughed as they positioned themselves for it. They laid on their backs, legs interlocking, awaiting the "disaster." I put the double-header between their legs, pushed one head into Kimmi's wet pussy and the other into Melissa's shaved pussy.

Our Babysitter - The Beginnings

lesbian coguy 2018-02-25

In my mind, I dreamt all day long of Nikki and Crystal making love on the very bed we slept in at night - two beautiful bodies wrapped around each other - two luscious lips exploring each other's dripping pussies - the only two pussies I had fucked ever in my life! So as soon as Nikki turned off the lights and jumped into bed that night, I gave her a long passionate kiss on her lips while rubbing her clit hard over the red satin boy-shorts she was wearing to bed that night. So Nikki had been spending her time at the pool, not focusing on Sean's swimming, but ogling at the wet bikini clad beauties.

A Day Off

lesbian pjonkml 2018-02-25

When I left her lips and trailed kisses down her neck, I could hear giggles as I pressed her to the wall of our closet. I grabbed her hand and pulled her with me to the bed, kissing her the whole way over. Please baby, I've got to have you." I said, pulling at the belt of her robe, trying to get at the skin underneath. I found my way back to her lips and kissed her softly as she held my bottom lip between her teeth, smiling at the moan it caused from me. "I can't wait anymore baby." she said as I felt her hand grab mine and slowly brought it between her legs, the look in her eyes telling me the need she felt.