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Self Employment Perks

lesbian _O2_ 2018-06-27

I wondered if she had implants but didn’t have the nerve to ask, her breasts seemed a bit too large for her body shape and size. She smiled looking me up and down, “Hello Marla, I’m Yvette nice to meet you.” She extended her well manicured nails to shake my hand. Looking down as I followed her, I enjoyed the way her cheeks moved in those tight jeans, I was hoping she didn’t notice my gawking at her rear as we headed through the house to the backyard. She looked exactly like a stripper from the Sopranos TV show, long sensuous legs, her calves accented by her shoes, firm large round breasts that begged for attention.

A Simple Seduction Ch. 02

lesbian LiberalArts 2018-06-27

I continue rubbing her pussy as we kiss, and Kathy holds me closer to her. "Hey, Mom," she says, as she leans in towards Kathy with a kiss. "I really like you a lot and I should be more okay with it than I am." I grow red in the face, trying to force out some tears, my mouth making my way to the top her wet head. "Oh my God," she says, looking at my little nipples, "I've wanted this for so long." She licks around my areola as I hold her close. Jackie lifts her head to kiss me, her face covered in my pussy juice.


lesbian Annamagique 2018-06-26

The air outside was beautiful and warm, the evening sun kissing the mountain peaks, sending long shadows across the valley as I walked alongside the stream towards the trees ahead. Coedwig pulled me hard against her, biting my lip and pressing her leg against me and, at the exact moment that my body exploded, she pushed a finger deep into me making me scream out as wave upon wave of pleasure flowed over me, engulfing me, taking my breath, stopping my heart. Reaching out my hand, I felt the soft warm moss beneath me and I listened to the rustling of the leaves and the singing of the waterfalls but wait, that was all I could hear.

Road Trip!

lesbian boo_dreaux 2018-06-25

"Nah, not so much, just a little crimped up from sitting so damned long...but, room service sounds just about right to me," I said, "Order us up something, don't forget some beers, I'm jumping into the shower and get the road shakes off of me," I directed. "They'll have the food and drink up here in exactly a half-hour," I heard Marni say, followed by the sound of the heavy glass shower-door opening, " Move over,I want to clean up before we eat also, so.....you do me and I'll do you." "How long has it been for you, sugar?" Marni casually asked as I stooped to wash the insides of her thighs, coming close to but not touching her promise land.

On The Beach

lesbian Adam4Zoe 2018-06-25

Sophie’s eyes widened and her body tensed as she felt Maria’s fingers between her legs, but she offered no resistance as her clit started to receive an expert massage. Emboldened by Maria’s reaction as she started to moan and rock her hips back and forwards, Sophie slid two fingers inside her, feeling the moistness lubricating her movements in and out of her pussy. Eventually Maria began to kiss her way down Sophie’s body, taking her time as she delivered little butterfly kisses all over her abs, until her mouth arrived at the point directly above her clit. Without relinquishing her place between Sophie’s legs, Maria worked her way upwards until she was lying on her, their naked bodies pressed together as they kissed once more.

Montana to L.A. Chapter 2

lesbian _O2_ 2018-06-24

Jordan and Emma were in the shallow end talking when Janelle and Kelsey walked out. “Shall we?” Emma asked while she took her hand leading Jordan out of the water to join Kelsey and Janelle. After a few minutes, which seemed like an eternity to Kelsey, Emma grasped Jordan's hands as they talked. Janelle thought about moving, but it had been a long time since she felt another woman or girl against her, so she just let Kelsey enjoy. Think of Emma, how she kissed you, what she looked like, then do whatever you want that feels good.” Janelle turned on her side to face Jordan, her breasts brushing against the young woman felt good.

It's Not a Fetish

lesbian ChrissieLecker 2018-06-24

I simply adore pretty panties and I love the soft, velvety feeling when the fabric slides over my bum and my shaved pussy lips. Panties thus were the reason why you could find my sixteen year old self standing down on Salisbury Road in front of lingerie stores every other day, be it sunny or raining or having snowstorms, with a blissful, yearning expression on my face and my body tense from the force it took to withstand the magic pull. But instead of relenting, she had to tease me some more, and when her fingers stroked over her crotch and her pink nails contrasted so nicely with the green and orange, I felt a small shudder race through my body and my breath hitched.

Model Seduction - Chapter 2

lesbian seductivebeast76 2018-06-24

When she started talking about Tom’s promotion her hand went to my hip.“Tom is doing a great job here and is up for a promotion, but so is John Miller.” She pulled me closer to her and I could feel her hot breath on my face. I sat down on the love seat and it felt great on my naked ass but I needed a good fucking. It’s your turn and I am going to eat your pussy so good baby.” Jenny kissed me tenderly and ended it with a bite to my lip that she pulled back on before letting go. When her tongue finally penetrated me and moved like a serpent inside me, the pleasure that hit me was so incredibly intense that it made me make noises that never came from my mouth before.

From the Pages of Carmyn's Diary: A True Story 4

lesbian Carmyn 2018-06-23

"Wanna try it?" she questioned as she headed towards my bunk with a nude-colored rubber dildo, probably about 8 inches long. She nodded and smiled as she pulled her other hand from behind her back to broadcast another toy, a pink rubber double-headed dildo. We bumped and grind our pussy lips together as we rode the double-headed dildo like cowgirls. "The baddest bitch is in the house!" Wendi yelled as she entered our cabin carrying all of her bags. Being in the bed naked with her enemy wasn't a good thing for me as her best friend. "If I knew my best friend would be fucking my enemy and my brother's fiancee, I would've stayed for sure!" she exclaimed. You're trying to fuck every girl you know, ain't ya?"

Served Just Right

lesbian RumpleForeskin 2018-06-23

"That's when he began working his way down my body, kissing and licking things like, you know, my neck and shoulders, not just the boobs. As Ann mixed the drinks, Gwen stretched and without protest or alarm, found herself sliding effortlessly down the wall until coming to rest sprawled on her back, hips at the edge of the bed, feet touching the floor. The next time Gwen was racing toward a climax, her fingers weren't pushed away and Ann's tongue continued its tantalizing work. After licking Ann's face clean, Gwen began kissing her lips, eyes, ears, and neck, while slowly pulling her friend’s nightgown up, and then, off. Moments later, Ann gurgled something, her hips heaved upwards, and Gwen felt her face being bathed in warm pussy juice.

Eva So Soft

lesbian Carmyn 2018-06-23

I couldn't stop imagining what her lips would taste like-- strawberries, vanilla... With her legs tucked beneath her bottom, her posture caused her shiny metallic dress to rise higher up her sexy thighs, ever so close to exposing her underwear. I left Eva on the sofa in the living room and headed to my room to retrieve the extra blanket from my closet. Eva pulled the bottom of her dress up to her navel, exposing her sexy black lace thongs. After noticing my hesitant, Eva reached behind herself and slapped her right ass cheek. "Then fuck me good and I know I won't regret it," Eva moaned as she continued to play with herself.

Rachel Fucking the Intern

lesbian Scorpio2015 2018-06-23

Lauren took it off, dropped it to the ground and her bra followed soon after revealing her erect nipples; making her let out a loud moan as I started to suck on them. As I did Lauren started to eat me faster, soon making me cum in a powerful orgasm. After a moment of her sucking on it, Lauren put the dildo into my tight pussy making me let out a loud moan and started fucking me with the dildo. I put my mouth on it and start to lick it clean when she suddenly turns it on high vibrating my mouth; making me pull away, as I did she laughed and giggled like a little kid.

A Sticky Situation

lesbian DanielleX 2018-06-23

All the while Danielle, deprived from licking my sex because of the position the second ball on my stretched labia, caressed her fingers softly over my clit and allowed her tongue to explore a little lower at my most secret place. I looked down at Danielle's head nestled between my legs and could see the second ball bobbing a little at the entrance to my sex as I tightened and relaxed the muscles deep in my pussy.  "Oh Katie," was all the reply I got before Danielle pushed two fingers into my dripping sex, curled them several times deep inside me, then pulled out long sticky strands of my honey which she then proceeded to rub over and around my ring. 

The Renaissance of Veronica

lesbian tak0chan 2018-06-23

At first she felt guilty when lying in the bed she had shared with Ken for thirty years, watching videos of women making love – either to each other or to themselves – or looking at images of young, nubile, big-breasted women, imagining herself having sex with them, and bringing herself to orgasms of an intensity she had never known with him. Surrendering to the two women’s ministrations and to their murmurings of pleasure and endearment, Veronica obediently raised her hips to allow her skirt and knickers to be removed, then shuddered with pleasure as Angela began to remove her stockings, trailing her fingers, lips and tongue down each thigh, and then up again.

Catching Up (Part 6)

lesbian tak0chan 2018-06-23

Imagining you…getting wet imagining me… Ohhh…Oh yes…” I could hear her breathing heavily in the pause before she went on: “So, when you had to stop reading because you felt so wet – mmm, I’m loving hearing you talk about this – did you have to do something about that excitement?” There was no mistaking the erotic breathiness in her voice now. I managed to hold out from touching myself until I reached a passage in which she described them tribbing for the first time, cunts and clits pounding and grinding together, breasts flying, bodies bucking, spittle spraying on gusting breath as they cried out in mutual ecstasy… Suddenly the need for a quick powerful orgasmic release overwhelmed me.

A Lesbian Love Story...of Sorts Chapter 7

lesbian silkstockingslover 2018-06-22

Kate saw the egg, looked slightly confused as Gwen looked at her and said, “It’s a toy. Kate shook her head no as Gwen continued, “You should it feels amazing.” Gwen then took the egg, turned it on so the soft vibration sound could be heard, while starring at Kate, and put it inside herself. Kate looked at me and said, “Yes ma’am,” and she walked away. Kate blushed again as Gwen said, “Or you could just meet us at Le Chateau Club tomorrow night at 9:30.” Kate blushed, looked around and then said, “I would love to, but I can’t, not here.” Kate blushed at being called a slut, but said, “Yes ma’am.” Gwen then gave her a credit card.

Seduction of the Sexy Latina Teacher

lesbian bronte27 2018-06-22

I entered the dance studio and there were were a group of men and women there already and a young and sexy latina salsa teacher stood in a black leotard and cropped leggings. She turned my way and smiled and my heart made pound and a feeling of sexual arousal began to stir in my groin as my eyes scanned over her sexy butt and breasts. Preferably, man and woman together," the young teacher said with grace. Lolita turned me round to face her and we stared into each other's eyes. Both Lolita and I turned our heads to the door and was shocked to find we had an audience of young men.

My First Lesbian Experience

lesbian AriaLove 2018-06-22

"Do as I did to you, lick along my labia, slowly making your way inwards as you go all the way around, You'll want to tease my body, it makes the orgasm that much more intense." I nodded and she moved her finger and I did as she said, slowly circling along her cunt until I had moved my tongue inside of her. You're a quick learner!" We smiled and she pulled me on top of her and we began kissing, She wrapped her arms around me, pressing my body firmly to hers and when we broke the kiss, she pulled the covers over us and I laid there, my head on her chest, her right breast just across from my face.

From the Pages of Carmyn's Diary: A True Story 5

lesbian Carmyn 2018-06-21

I admitted that I was getting a little carried away, especially with fingering a stranger on the bus on the way here. The camp decided to let a girl from another cabin that was overcrowded, take Carrie's bunk. Because little miss Melissa wasn't letting me dip into her chocolate. Just an hour or so ago, only me and Melissa in our cabin tonight (Carrie went home to check on her son, and Wendi went with her). Melissa, wearing a zebra-printed body hugging night gown that hugged her large boobs closely together, gave up and climbed into her bed, the top bunk just 4 feet away from mine. Eavesdropping, I discovered it was Melissa using Carrie's vibrator. "You about to take a shower?" Melissa asked through the closed bathroom door.

A Night In

lesbian sgp 2018-06-20

The thought of her sitting at her desk, reaching a hand down to spread her lovely folds open, started the fire down between my thighs. She kissed over the top of the material of my shirt on my breasts and nipples, and I let out a small whimper. Noelle got a look of lust in her eyes and grabbed one breast in her hand, and suckled the other into her mouth. I went back up and started lightly licking her clit, and I let two fingers slide inside her. “I’ve only just started with you Noelle, don’t relax yet.” A small grin came across her face, and with that, I climbed on top of her and kissed her.

Galatea's Lover

lesbian oddlittledesires 2018-06-20

'I'd really like you to tell me,' Hope said before Jemma could answer. Hope leaned forwards and kissed her cheek, her soft lips brushing Jemma's skin lightly for a tiny, fleeting moment. Hope bit her lips, then blinked as though giving Jemma a coded signal, as though inviting her to join in with some secret plan, which only they knew. Her hands resting on the wheels, Hope moved forwards, stopping a hair's breadth short of touching Jemma, whose breathing was immediately shallow and excited. 'She's fifty-seven though,' Jemma said, watching Hope's hand, eager for more intimate contact. Hope pulled apart the other woman's limp legs and Jemma shuddered when she felt the warm tongue's tip between her thighs, tenderly following the crevice of her womanhood.

From the Pages of Carmyn's Diary: A True Story 2

lesbian Carmyn 2018-06-20

"Well when you talk to your roommate, tell her that her parents borrowed money from mine to pay for her to get here. I was too shamed to look at her, Wendi, Carrie, and Robin. I smiled, "But yes, my cousin Amber is still a bitch." Wendi smiled, "Yes. If you don't mind, I will be with you when you tell them." As I eased my hand under her skirt to play with her womanhood, I smiled as I realized that there were more curious girls at cheer camp than I imagined. By the time we'd gotten to camp, Kimmi had came twice on the bus from my fingering her.

A Lesbian Love Story...of Sorts Chapter 4

lesbian silkstockingslover 2018-06-20

She moaned, as the toy teased her anal crown, “Yes, my husband regularly fucks my arse.” Soon almost the whole cock was buried in her ass and she got really animated, “Oh yes, fuck my arse, hammer me. She screamed again, her left hand rubbing her clit, “Oh my God, yes, yes, fuck it feels so good, don’t stop.” “Oh my God,” Audrey screamed as another orgasm overwhelmed her, “It feels so good, I have never been fucked so completely. I kissed her and then said, “You know your British accent fucking turns me on.” She smiled and said, “You got my number, but my fucks are never quick.”

Vanessa and the girl next door.

lesbian LadySusanX 2018-06-20

Her eyes still closed, I put my hands inside her blouse and continued to rub her shoulders and neck but now more than ever I was concentrating on her breasts. Her hands reached down inside my blouse and began fondling my own breasts and for the first time I became conscious of the warm dampness between my legs. Julie moaned as I massaged her cunt and she kept saying, “Oh yes,” and, “Yes Vanessa.” Julie watched as I turned them over in my hands, found the wet patch and licked the inside of her panties at that exact spot.