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After Jess

lesbian monica3 2018-01-14

We’re calling it an evening dress party, we decided people look better that way than if they just assume it’s a come as you are affair.’ I’d always liked Tippi in a detached sort of way. I still loved Jess and knew if she’d been there I’d have been unhappy, even though we’d spoken since her hen night and all seemed well. As we chatted happily, I felt her hand squeeze my arm a few times and occasionally she leant against me. Tippi is tall, slender and has lovely dark brown hair, which she was wearing that night loosely tied back. I wasn’t going to try to last night because, well, it’d have felt like I’d only asked you so I could.

Eva So Soft

lesbian Carmyn 2018-01-14

I couldn't stop imagining what her lips would taste like-- strawberries, vanilla... With her legs tucked beneath her bottom, her posture caused her shiny metallic dress to rise higher up her sexy thighs, ever so close to exposing her underwear. I left Eva on the sofa in the living room and headed to my room to retrieve the extra blanket from my closet. Eva pulled the bottom of her dress up to her navel, exposing her sexy black lace thongs. After noticing my hesitant, Eva reached behind herself and slapped her right ass cheek. "Then fuck me good and I know I won't regret it," Eva moaned as she continued to play with herself.

Rachel Fucking in the Lesbian Threesome

lesbian Scorpio2015 2018-01-13

As forced Amber to suck my plastic cock, Erica started to eat Amber’s pussy agai,n making her cum two more times in just a few seconds. “Turn around and please Erica while I fuck your pussy until you can’t stop cumming!” She turned around and started to lick and put the vibrating dildo in Erica’s pussy on high speed, as I put my plastic cock into her tight pussy making her moan loudly. After a half hour of small chat, I rolled Amber over and said, “Get ready, I’m going to make you cum again,” and I put my plastic cock back in her tight pussy, once again making her let out a loud moan.

Montana to L.A. Chapter 2

lesbian _O2_ 2018-01-13

Jordan and Emma were in the shallow end talking when Janelle and Kelsey walked out. “Shall we?” Emma asked while she took her hand leading Jordan out of the water to join Kelsey and Janelle. After a few minutes, which seemed like an eternity to Kelsey, Emma grasped Jordan's hands as they talked. Janelle thought about moving, but it had been a long time since she felt another woman or girl against her, so she just let Kelsey enjoy. Think of Emma, how she kissed you, what she looked like, then do whatever you want that feels good.” Janelle turned on her side to face Jordan, her breasts brushing against the young woman felt good.

My First Lesbian Experience

lesbian AriaLove 2018-01-12

"Do as I did to you, lick along my labia, slowly making your way inwards as you go all the way around, You'll want to tease my body, it makes the orgasm that much more intense." I nodded and she moved her finger and I did as she said, slowly circling along her cunt until I had moved my tongue inside of her. You're a quick learner!" We smiled and she pulled me on top of her and we began kissing, She wrapped her arms around me, pressing my body firmly to hers and when we broke the kiss, she pulled the covers over us and I laid there, my head on her chest, her right breast just across from my face.

Gym Bunny

lesbian BradLee 2018-01-11

Hmmm, Samantha thought, Kathy would thrash around when she put her best silver nipple clamps on those long hard nipples, and perhaps tears of humiliation would grow in her blue eyes, but the wetness gushing from her pussy would give away her lust and desire. Slowly but surely she would fuck the dildo in and out of the blonde, rubbing her own thighs against hers, her pussy against hers, her breasts against hers, until Kathy was groaning through the ball gag, saliva dripping from the corners of her mouth, her eyes wide with desire. Samantha would pull Kathy’s head from between her thighs and turn her face to the man, guiding his hard cock between her lips and into her hot mouth.

A Lesbian Love Story...of Sorts Chapter 6

lesbian silkstockingslover 2018-01-11

Later, at the end of day she came in to my room all flushed and said, “I got flowers sent to me.” She looked at me all freaked out, “At work.” As the day ended, I went into Gwen’s room and said, “I have a plan.” Gwen looked at it more and said, “Well my secret admirer treats me way better then my fiancé.” That morning, before school started, Gwen came in my room to borrow crayons and I said, “Hey I forgot all about it, but how was that we-vibe thing.” Gwen came into my room at last break and said, “I got another gift.” Gwen looked at me and said sarcastically, “Are we really going to play that game?”

A Summer Seduction

lesbian LiberalArts 2018-01-11

We stopped hugging and Sadie looked at me, saying "I know you're lonely, and I wanted to be there for you," as she pet my hair. I've never been attracted to a woman before, let alone an older woman like Sadie, but I wanted her badly after this amazing sexual pleasure she just gave me. After a few minutes, I went up to her and kissed her, and Sadie whispered "that was good for your first time, but let me show you how it's done." She began to eat my pussy, and it was beyond anything I've ever felt before. Sadie was there and ready to kiss me as we slowed down, the two of us breathing heavily, sweaty, and feeling high from our unexpected and amazing sexual experience.

A Lesbian Love Story...of Sorts Chapter 3

lesbian silkstockingslover 2018-01-11

She chuckled as she said, “It has been many years since I have had the need for such a toy, but the women who come in here tend to like a couple different ones.” She grabbed a black one that was eight inches long and said, “This one is for deep penetration, but I am told, by some very reliable sources, that women love it, especially if it is turned on high.” “It is a tiny little vibrating toy, shaped like an egg, that goes inside you and can tease and please you all day long,” I explained handing her an egg and taking the vibe from her.

Seducing Sophie

lesbian dirtyfantasies 2018-01-11

Kirsty looked on with a tinge of envy as Sophie thrust her behind sexily into the crotch of the tall, handsome guy dancing behind her whilst he ran his hands slowly down her sides, until they rested softly on her ass. As Sophie continued to lap away at her shaved box Kirsty moved both her hands to the back of Sophie’s head, slowing pushing the brunettes head closer to her snatch. “Oh you look like you like this even more,” Kirsty said as Sophie fidgeted against her bonds, desperately trying to force the vibrations closer to her snatch. “I bet that feels better baby doesn’t it,” Kirsty said softly as once again the noise levels in the room began to ramp up with Sophie’s moans.


lesbian LloydOxton 2018-01-10

Becky tightened her grip on Sally's clit momentarily, enjoying being in the moment and, of course, the control. Becky thought she had to try to talk to Sally and looked for an excuse. Sally released her grip, stood back, and looked Becky up and down. Sally placed her hands together in a prayer stance and nodded her head slowly at Becky. Becky wanted to dive in and lick her straight away, but she tickled the tip of Sally's toes with her tongue. Becky slowly moved down Sally's foot, stopping from time to time to enjoy the sensation, swallowing on occasion and licking her lips. Becky smiled and plunged her mouth over Sally's cunt, lapping and licking at it.

From the Pages of Carmyn's Diary: A True Story 4

lesbian Carmyn 2018-01-10

"Wanna try it?" she questioned as she headed towards my bunk with a nude-colored rubber dildo, probably about 8 inches long. She nodded and smiled as she pulled her other hand from behind her back to broadcast another toy, a pink rubber double-headed dildo. We bumped and grind our pussy lips together as we rode the double-headed dildo like cowgirls. "The baddest bitch is in the house!" Wendi yelled as she entered our cabin carrying all of her bags. Being in the bed naked with her enemy wasn't a good thing for me as her best friend. "If I knew my best friend would be fucking my enemy and my brother's fiancee, I would've stayed for sure!" she exclaimed. You're trying to fuck every girl you know, ain't ya?"

The waiting room

lesbian Min_Farrjones 2018-01-10

“You still have my remote darling.” she says and puts one leg up on the water basin of the toilet, exposing her pussy, clit and ass to my face. “My ass and pussy are stimulated but my clit starts to feel left out hun, would you take the honors?” she asks me rather sternly. My fingers roam her now glistening pussy and start running around her plug, feeling the O-ring dangling from her ass. Her head disappears under my skirt and she pushes her mouth on my pussy, lapping and sucking heavenly. She answers by pulling my ass cheeks open and popping in the second bead. All the while she continues to nibble and suck on my clit and pussy lips.

Susannah's Rules

lesbian demelza 2018-01-08

Robert drove in silence and Miranda thought about the girl with great legs and heavy breasts who'd given herself away. “Red you do, black you don't,” Miranda said to Catherine, who laughed and shook her head slowly. Miranda was in her little black dress, Catherine in a silk top and long skirt. Catherine's lips brushed Miranda's ear. “Of Robert,” Catherine said, “not you.” Catherine's breathing was suddenly loud in Miranda's ear. “I left out jealous,” Catherine said. As Miranda tied her hands to the bedframe, Catherine whispered, “Now I can't stop you, even if I wanted to.” With the tip of her tongue, Miranda ran slow wet circles around the erect nipples, making sure nothing else touched the blonde.

From the Pages of Carmyn's Diary: A True Story 2

lesbian Carmyn 2018-01-08

"Well when you talk to your roommate, tell her that her parents borrowed money from mine to pay for her to get here. I was too shamed to look at her, Wendi, Carrie, and Robin. I smiled, "But yes, my cousin Amber is still a bitch." Wendi smiled, "Yes. If you don't mind, I will be with you when you tell them." As I eased my hand under her skirt to play with her womanhood, I smiled as I realized that there were more curious girls at cheer camp than I imagined. By the time we'd gotten to camp, Kimmi had came twice on the bus from my fingering her.

The Interview - From 'Investigative Journalism'

lesbian patricia51 2018-01-08

Even as she reached up, grasping Ginger's hips and pulling her down onto her face, she felt the other woman's hair fall across her legs and a questing tongue glide over the fine wet hair covering her pussy. "And it will feel even better in a bit." With that, Denise lifted Meredith's right foot and began to firmly massage it through the dark stockings the older woman was wearing. The older woman's feet slid almost right between Denise's legs and she barely stifled a deep gasp when nylon covered toes brushed over the front of her pantyhose. Denise leaned over and turned Meredith's face to hers with her left hand and kissed the other woman on the lips.

Our Babysitter - The Beginnings

lesbian coguy 2018-01-07

In my mind, I dreamt all day long of Nikki and Crystal making love on the very bed we slept in at night - two beautiful bodies wrapped around each other - two luscious lips exploring each other's dripping pussies - the only two pussies I had fucked ever in my life! So as soon as Nikki turned off the lights and jumped into bed that night, I gave her a long passionate kiss on her lips while rubbing her clit hard over the red satin boy-shorts she was wearing to bed that night. So Nikki had been spending her time at the pool, not focusing on Sean's swimming, but ogling at the wet bikini clad beauties.


lesbian Annamagique 2018-01-07

The air outside was beautiful and warm, the evening sun kissing the mountain peaks, sending long shadows across the valley as I walked alongside the stream towards the trees ahead. Coedwig pulled me hard against her, biting my lip and pressing her leg against me and, at the exact moment that my body exploded, she pushed a finger deep into me making me scream out as wave upon wave of pleasure flowed over me, engulfing me, taking my breath, stopping my heart. Reaching out my hand, I felt the soft warm moss beneath me and I listened to the rustling of the leaves and the singing of the waterfalls but wait, that was all I could hear.

A Lesbian Love Story...of Sorts Chapter 7

lesbian silkstockingslover 2018-01-06

Kate saw the egg, looked slightly confused as Gwen looked at her and said, “It’s a toy. Kate shook her head no as Gwen continued, “You should it feels amazing.” Gwen then took the egg, turned it on so the soft vibration sound could be heard, while starring at Kate, and put it inside herself. Kate looked at me and said, “Yes ma’am,” and she walked away. Kate blushed again as Gwen said, “Or you could just meet us at Le Chateau Club tomorrow night at 9:30.” Kate blushed, looked around and then said, “I would love to, but I can’t, not here.” Kate blushed at being called a slut, but said, “Yes ma’am.” Gwen then gave her a credit card.

Sex With Granny Jane, Lesbian Edition

lesbian SeanR83 2018-01-06

She sat Molly on the bed and smiled at the young girl, then traced her finger over Molly’s before leaning in and giving her a peck on the lips. Molly groaned as Jane clamped her lips around the young girl’s small breast, taking her nipple deep into her mouth. It didn’t take long for Molly to start slurping and sucking on Jane’s pussy lips, making the older woman groan. Jane pushed Molly’s head flat against her pussy, and Molly slid her tongue deep into Jane’s pussy as far as possible. As they kissed Jane started to grind her thigh up against Molly’s crotch, making Molly groan into her mouth. Jane smiled at her young lover and slowly started to grind her pussy against Molly’s cunt.

Seduced by my Best Friend

lesbian sexy_story_tella 2018-01-06

As I looked out of the window I felt my hand slide over my young breasts, making rings around my nipples as they started to stiffen. I could see her start to play with her pussy and smell my bra at the same time. I tiptoed across to the foot of her bed, breathed in the smell of her pussy juices and licked it slowly. I think she got the point and directed her mouth directly above my pussy and started to lick my clit. I moaned seductively, and then she started to tongue fuck me, slowly at first and then speeding up. As the evening started to turn into morning we snuggled into her bed, out bodies pressing together.

Tracy's Legs

lesbian ChrissieLecker 2018-01-05

“Tracy… oh, you mean the intern?” Of course I remembered petite, pretty Tracy, her slender and incredibly long legs and the daily changing overknee stockings that left a teasing handful of soft, creamy flesh visible and made hearts beat faster wherever she went and wiggled her tight, shapely bum. You’ve been dreaming of touching her legs for months.” I was staring at her like a deer in the headlights, and when she put her index finger under my skin and pointed my head towards sweet Tracy, I could offer no resistance. Going through the day like this was hard, but by then, I had already made it halfway to another night with Tracy, and I could already see her in my minds eye, long legs clad in teasing stockings and her bum wiggling prettily at me.

From the Pages of Carmyn's Diary: A True Story 6

lesbian Carmyn 2018-01-05

Since Wendi came back, Tammi moved in, and Melissa wasn't interested, my sex life committed suicide. Wendi was sitting next to me on the right, and Tammi on the left. I was trying not to stare, but I couldn't take my eyes off of Wendi's pink tongue licking a rainbow Popsicle. Tammi's hand lightly stroke my hair as her smile widened. I was about turn Tammi down until Wendi walked in. I leaned forward and drew Tammi's tongue in my mouth in front of Wendi. Tammi's eyes were closed as we kissed, but I had one eye slightly opened, watching Wendi watch us. She's your cousin's best friend," Wendi stated as she stood in the middle of the floor with her hands on her hips.

Caught by a Kitten (Part 3)

lesbian tak0chan 2018-01-05

We were sitting waiting for traffic lights to change when I took my nerve in both hands and said, “This time yesterday I couldn’t have imagined that anything like this could happen.” “You can’t go home wearing those in that state,” I said, looking at Sue-Ann holding up her skirt and panties with a comically rueful expression on her face. Anyway, a performance was going to be put on in Wellington during the next school holidays, and mum asked me if I’d like to go, and of course I said yes. “Yes. She lit a fire, and we sprawled in front of it on cushions, sipping mulled wine, talking about the opera, the music, the way Tosca wonders why God is letting such awful things happen to her when all she’s ever done is live for art and for love without ever harming a living soul…”