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From the Pages of Carmyn's Diary: A True Story 8

lesbian Carmyn 2018-11-20

I turned my head, put my fingers to my lips, signaling Melissa to shut the hell up. Picture this: Kimmi on her back; me laying on my stomach with my hungry tongue between her opened legs; and Melissa on my back with her tongue cascading down the crevice of my ass as she occasionally slapped, smacked, and squeezed my cheeks. Thanks for this lovely gift," she said as she and Melissa started to kiss passionately; I rolled over to retrieve the "double disaster." "You fucking slut," Kimmi and Melissa laughed as they positioned themselves for it. They laid on their backs, legs interlocking, awaiting the "disaster." I put the double-header between their legs, pushed one head into Kimmi's wet pussy and the other into Melissa's shaved pussy.

Blondie Makes A Choice

lesbian Jinxy 2018-11-20

I don't really know this girl, but something about her makes me want to make sure she is okay. Katie is wearing a pin stripe suit, with her dark hair up, but still looking like sex hair. We feel like we're giving them a show, but they're not on our minds. Katie follows me, watching my hips sway, moving towards the closet. “You don't need to bother looking for clothes, I have a good idea how to warm up,” Katie says. Her fingers move along my pussy, getting wet from my juices. She starts to slowly finger fuck me, right where we are. Katie quickly slides down, kissing towards my pussy. It seems to come so naturally though, I feel my tongue just fucking her.

Paula, My Little Scottish Playmate - Chapter Two

lesbian Poppet 2018-11-20

I feel her mouth bite over my bra, tugging on my already hard nipple. Paula throws her head back, bucks a little faster on my fingers, and moans an orgasm. I feel her leave feather light kisses down from my lips, between my breasts, over my soft stomach, until she reaches my mound. No word is spoken, she moves and climbs off the bed before coming back just a moment later. I am biting at my lower lip as I know she is going to drive me mad waiting for her. I feel my chest pound hard, my body shake uncontrollably as I orgasm for her. It’s her breath that quickens before mine, pushing inside me with a hungry need.

Slumber Party (Part 2)

lesbian Carmyn 2018-11-19

This is surely going to be the best slumber party yet." Then Tanya changed into a regular size tee and long pajama bottoms right before her mom walked in. "Your mom is so hot," Iara joked as she viewed the contents on the dresser. "You slut," Iara laughed as she snatched the cucumber from Tanya and put it in her mouth, giving the cucumber a blowjob. "Girls?" It was Tanya's mom at the door. Tanya and Iara had terminated their fun and were sitting on the floor by the time her mom walked into the room. Iara smiled, "I know what you need." Iara crawled towards Amber. "What's wrong, Mrs. Richardson?" Amber asked, mentally pulling Tanya and Iara out of their sexual frustrations.

Drugs, Lust, and Sex

lesbian VeronicaVincent 2018-11-19

I took a long hit from the pipe and held it for as long as I could, I turned to Jess and pulled her lips to mine; I exhaled the smoke deep into Jessica's lungs. I moved my hands from her calves up to her pelvis and started massaging the little sex organ that protruded slightly from the rest of her warm pussy; I rubbed her clit until I was certain that she would come soon, and when she was finally ready, I plunged my tongue deep into her pussy and licked the juices on the inside of her deep canal.

Seduction of the Sexy Latina Teacher

lesbian bronte27 2018-11-18

I entered the dance studio and there were were a group of men and women there already and a young and sexy latina salsa teacher stood in a black leotard and cropped leggings. She turned my way and smiled and my heart made pound and a feeling of sexual arousal began to stir in my groin as my eyes scanned over her sexy butt and breasts. Preferably, man and woman together," the young teacher said with grace. Lolita turned me round to face her and we stared into each other's eyes. Both Lolita and I turned our heads to the door and was shocked to find we had an audience of young men.

Paula, My Little Scottish Playmate - Chapter Three

lesbian Poppet 2018-11-18

She rolls a bit, giving me better access, and I suck hard on her wonderful nipple. She giggles, knowing which toy I picked, and begins a nice pace with me. I feel just how wet her panties are and know she’s telling the truth. My fingers never stop with her though and she joins in not a moment later, and comes just as hard for me. My world spins faster, between the alcohol pumping through me, the heady feeling for Paula, and my need to orgasm consumes me. I want to come hard for her and she begins to demand it. I can’t help but love it, she knows my trigger points, my weak spots, and uses them against me at the perfect times.

After-Party Fun

lesbian Kron96 2018-11-18

As I slide down your body, I feel your hands on my back, your fingers grazing against the super-sensitive bundles of nerves near my spine, increasing my arousal so fast my head feels like it's spinning and I let out a low moan. As I slide my hands around your sides, I playfully grab your firm pantie-clad ass and knead my fingers softly into the flesh, running my fingers into the cleavage, while I bring your nipples back up to full attention with my tongue, spending a good few minutes on each, especially enjoying playing with the piercings.

My First Time

lesbian bronte27 2018-11-18

Olivia was just sitting on the couch with books out and looked up and saw her gorgeous room mate, Gemma Hunter, who looked as though she could be a playboy model with her gorgeous good looks and blonde hair and perfect physique. Gemma's hands loosened Olivia's belt around her waist and unzipped her brown trousers and stuck her hand down there and felt how hot and wet Olivia's pussy was. "Aw, Olivia, babe, come on let's take a shower," Gemma grabbed her hand and pulled her up and they both went into the shower and kissed and washed each other. Gemma eased herself on top of Olivia slowly and pushed the red strap on dildo inside her soaking wet pussy.

The Lioness: The Velvet Tips

lesbian Jaques 2018-11-18

After around ten minutes or so, Jessica opened her eyes and looked through the glass door to see Mackenzie O'Dara and another team-mate, Lizzi Kendall, walking past and waving to her. The one thing Jessica was knowledgeable of Lizzi doing was when she saw her hand reach up, cup and massage Mackenzie's right breasts. Mackenzie finally pushed back and away from Jessica's face and lay down on her back on the floor of the shower in the shallow pool of warm water, her legs wide apart, feet near her bottom on the floor, knees up high. Jessica was further bewitched as Mackenzie's hands opened her own pussy, exposed her deep, pink, tender flesh; her plump, aroused labia surrounding a dribbling vagina.

More than a Lodger...Part 7

lesbian DarkSide 2018-11-17

Laura’s nipples nearly double in size at the touch of cold on her skin, then she felt what she has been craving since Sam’s hand was pushed along her pussy. It actually gave her more room to manoeuvre and this time the whole palm of her hand was stroking at Laura’s pussy as her fingers touched and clawed at her clit. Sam smiled at her, then with some urgency, thrust her hand forward onto her pussy, palm upwards, she pushes all of her fingers into Laura’s pussy. Laura was on all fours licking at Sam’s pussy, and Tom was fully erect once more looking at Laura’s arse hovering over the end of the bed.

From the Pages of Carmyn's Diary: A True Story 3

lesbian Carmyn 2018-11-17

"I've gotta talk to the coaches and find out when we're going to get first-class cabins with luxury furniture and massive clothes for people like me. "Oh, and Carmyn, no pussy-munching and ass-licking in our cabin. Every time I tried to get my diary to write something, Amber would stand over my bunk, trying to read it. I prayed it would be Wendi, but I thought that's not going to happen because of Carrie. Carrie was in front of me, wearing the shortest shorts that displayed her firm ass cheeks every time she bent over or did a cartwheel. Without hesitation, I followed and met her in the bathroom where she was posted against her opened stall door with a leg hiked up, wearing a naughty grin.

Working Hard... Or Hardly Working?

lesbian Carmyn 2018-11-17

Dana's words went in one ear and came out the other, meaning Carmyn heard her, but she wasn't listening. Carmyn couldn’t help but to catch a glimpse of Dana’s pink undies that were peeking from beneath her short black skirt. Dana put Carmyn’s finger in her mouth to let her taste her own pussy juices. Dana reciprocated their position, atop the large wooden desk, with her on top. Carmyn extended her tongue and proceeded to tease Dana’s engrossed clitoris, as she fingered her asshole. Determined to make sure Carmyn was pleased more than herself, Dana jumped off the desk and pulled Carmyn’s ass to the edge. Smiling brightly, Dana professed through giggles, “Just like my resume said, I’m a hard worker.

My First encounter with Hannah Part 2

lesbian KinkySam 2018-11-17

I got onto the bed and place my hands on either side of her hips grabbing onto the bikini and started sliding them down her long tanned legs revealing her sweet shaven pussy to me. “Sorry Sam, its just that I had such a good time on the beach with you that I didn’t want to make you think I just wanted sex, because I kind of got feelings towards you now,” she told me honestly. Hannah locked my lips into a kiss with hers while her hands were moving down my body and started to remove my bikini. Hannah then moves her head down my body licking me all the way then she reaches my clit and starts to suck on it really hard.

A splendid night of lesbian sex

lesbian sunshine22345 2018-11-17

She handed me a can of coke and giggled, “So how has your day been?” she asked, putting her hair behind her shoulders. “Yeah well she slept over at my house the other week because her parents we out of town and we got bored so we decided to kiss and stuff”.   “So your like a lesbian now”, I said, laughing again. “Stop laughing!” she yelled, hitting me on the leg and leaving her hand there for a little too long. “We could try and do some stuff, see if you like it, just for fun I mean”, she said, moving closer to me. “Oh, ah, I don’t know” I said, standing up and backing away a bit.

Unfaithful 2

lesbian Carmyn 2018-11-16

When Valerie disappeared in the bathroom and closed the door, Kerri used the tail of her sundress to wipe her oozing juices off her legs. She looked over her shoulder to assure Val was not in sight before pulling the shoe box's contents out for closer observation. Trying to keep her composure with the vibrating toy still entertaining her moist walls, Kerri stood with her legs crossed, pretending to be unloading another box on the bed. “I’m going to cum with you!” Val panted as she continued to grind her hot box. Go home to your husband and have him finish you off.” With a farewell wave, Valerie slid her patio door closed in Kerri’s face.

From the Pages of Carmyn's Diary: A True Story 1

lesbian Carmyn 2018-11-16

Once I found a seat, I opened my diary and began to write as the bus took off, heading towards cheer camp. We'd been rooming in camp #5 with two other girls, Carrie and Wendi, who we did have to quietly do it so they wouldn't know. Robin had been having some relationship problems with her boyfriend since camp first started. Boys pretend to care just so they can get in my panties, but girls are sincere and actually knows how I feel. With her feeling like she'd won this war, Wendi stormed off in the bathroom to blow dry her hair, while Carrie undressed until she was completely naked, unaware of our presence under the covers, staring at her.

Train Ride

lesbian babyberry 2018-11-16

I'm feeling naughty as I slowly and secretly position my body closer to her, so that my back is pressing against her front, and with perfect timing the trains stops and an unbelievable amount of people pile onto the train shoving us closer together.  She shudders and raises one hand to grasp the pole just above my head, she presses her body more against me as she slides her finger into my dripping hole. As if on que the train stops at the next destination, and her back arches, eyes closed, mouth open, her tongue stretches out like a cat. The piercing on the tip has my pussy clenching its tight hole begging to feel that long tongue shoved inside of it.

More than Roommates

lesbian wanderstar 2018-11-16

I had been feeling a bit self-conscious with my body since I hadn't been very active during the exam season, but I sluggishly walked over to Krista and took the dress off the hanger. I could feel Krista's eyes on my bare back and I began to slide the tight black dress over my head, and down my body. She cupped my right breast in her hand, and pulled the cotton dress away, exposing my erect nipple. I leaned over and kissed her gently as I reached my hands under her top to explore to big, soft breasts, I pinched her nipples gently between my fingers and she let out sigh.

From the Pages of Carmyn's Diary: A True Story 9

lesbian Carmyn 2018-11-15

Leaving Kimmi and Melissa to please themselves with the assistance of a long dildo, I turned my attention to the newcomer who was climbing onto the small bunk. Rainbow and I were on the left side of the bed, Kimmi and Melissa on the opposite side, against the wall. Leaving a wet trail, my tongue gradually headed south while enjoying the sweet taste of Rainbow's flawless skin. Rainbow shuddered as Kimmi sucked on her toes, and I slowly began to suck on her engorged clitoris. Eventually my wandering hand journey down Melissa's chocolate skin until I reached her pussy filled with a dildo. I slid my hands under Rainbow's legs, placed them on her waist, and pulled her body closer to my face in one quick motion.

Sophie and Jenny's Saturday Night Part 2

lesbian thebigbeast 2018-11-14

Jenny had agreed to be Sophie's slave, so she tied her to the bed with her legs wide open. Chloe's panties were making their way down her legs and she kicked them off to expose her smooth shaven pussy, which dripped onto Sophie. The juice slowly dripped streaks down Sophie's legs, making her want to taste Chloe's sweet liquid. Jenny moaned in delight whilst Chloe and Sophie began to kiss and thrust. Chloe bent over the bed and began to lick Sophie's clit whilst Jenny began to pulse into Chloe's pink pussy until she could get the whole dildo in. Once Chloe had taken enough and had blasted her juices all over the floor, Sophie helped her up and led her and Jenny over to a clear part of her room.

Cabin Love

lesbian Bronte34 2018-11-14

Gina pushed her against the wall and her right hand travelled up Marie's skirt and rubbed her pussy, which made her moan, pleasurably. Her hand went inside Marie's panties and felt how wet and moist she was. Hearing Marie moan made Gina hornier and she moved her finger faster inside her pussy. She then pulled off Marie's and positioned herself comfortably between her friend's legs so her dripping wet pussy was pressed against hers. She moaned out with pleasure wrapping her legs around her friend's waist. Marie cried out louder with pleasure as her friend made love to her faster, driving her insane. She rolled on top of her and began grinding her wet and horny pussy against Gina's, making them both moan out.

The Pussy Ride

lesbian bronte27 2018-11-14

Bridget stared lustfully at them then looked at her friend, she began feeling a feeling of sheer arousal in her groin and felt her pussy grow wet with excitement. Jessica wondered if she should tell Bridget to stop it but her body responded differently to her way of thinking as it moved lower beneath her friend. She grinned down at her mischievously and moved further in between her friend's legs and lowered her lips to Jessica's pussy that was was looking very moist and wet. Bridget used her left hand to rub up and down on it making Jessica's body twitch pleasurably. She rubbed her pussy even harder and faster until Bridget cried out as her body shook for a few seconds as she came.

Fateful Meeting, Part 1

lesbian katlover1975 2018-11-13

So that next Saturday, July sixth, I went to this really nice lingerie shop and start picking out hot outfits for me to wear, guaranteed to bring fireworks from my man, and a spectacular grand finale, too (I hoped). So this hot brunette with the nerdy glasses walks right up to me in the lingerie store, both of us in bra and panties, and she says, “When was the last time you wrapped those amazing legs around a woman’s neck?” Just like that! If you had told me a year and a half ago, that I would be in love with a woman and having beautifully hot sex with her three times a week, and having threesomes (two women and a man) twice a month, I would not have believed you.