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1714 Ch. 01

lesbian TeresaAnn 2018-09-24

Those owners have long since passed way, and 10 years ago, I was taken aboard Captain Margaret's trade ship to be her sex slave. I was chained so that I was seated on the floor of the cage, with my knees bent and my legs spread wide, my ankles chained to each side of the cage and my wrists chained to the top of the cage, then left to await my fate with a few other girls who had also been brought over from my old ship. Zara laughed again at my discomfort and said "Captain Isabella wants her new property to be presented nicely to her for a full inspection." She began to slap my thighs, clit and open pussy for fun to hear me moan and cry out.

Sunday, Bloody Sunday

lesbian HedonisticHermit 2018-09-18

"My innocent, blushing Sunday," Renata grinned at the girl lying naked, chained to a white queen-sized bed. Renata folded the white sheet so that Sunday's back was exposed and then rubbed hot massage oil all over the girl's back in sensual, orgasmic strokes. Suddenly, Renata completely removed the sheet from Sunday's body, leaving the girl buck naked. Sunday eagerly turned over and Renata placed the sheet on the girl's body for a second time, this time pulling it up to her chest, covering Sunday's breasts. For another five minutes Renata massaged the vagina and clitoris and then moved back to Sunday's collarbone and neck, pulling the sheet up again to cover the teen's body.


lesbian 2018-08-27

She looked a little like that girl in the second series of Lost: you know, the cute, olive-skinned one, but she had a patch over one eye and about a dozen tattoos that appeared to have been self-inflicted. Nell's was a tawny thatch, Grunt's browner, Pussy Willow had a lovely blondish tint, and Vixen was a real Earth Mother. Nell said: 'It's a hard life being a sex slave, Blue.' In turn they each muttered a 'Sorry' and a whispered 'Thank you' except, of course, for Lady Shaver who said that she'd never had to justify herself to 'staff' before and didn't see why she should do so to a slave (from now on it's slim rations for you m'lady, thought I).

Lesbian Fever Ch. 2

lesbian Cre8tiveBliss 2018-05-05

Panties off, naked from the waist down, my pussy exuding the smell of a woman in heat, I let my legs fall open, knowing I was affording Linda a view of the length of my crotch. Slowly I opened the lips like rose petals, the pink moisture within showing a tell-tale sign of my feelings at that moment. My eyes still closed, I felt her body shift closer to me as she got an even better look into my love canal. I'd always liked to be touched there, and Linda had a special way bringing the nerve endings into play. Her body partially resting on mine, she moved her lips between the opened cheeks and kissed me softly right THERE!

Lena Ch. 09

lesbian Buzzboy 2017-11-17

The sessions would happen at night and last for hours, Lena would be forced to eat Claudia's pussy, lick her boots or whatever degrading sex acts Claudia can imagine and if Lena shows the slightest hesitation in following orders or forgets to say thank you, Claudia would take a leather paddle, a horse crop, a bamboo cane or her own hand to Lena's ass. Claudia looks down to Lena for a minute until she pulls Lena's face away from her pussy and gently guides her sex slave-in-training up on her feet. Not wanting to anger Claudia any further, Teresa plants her hands on Lena's hips and takes her mouth to Lena's eager pussy and immediately gives fast and hard licks to the clit.

Seducing the Babysitter: Redux Ch. 02

lesbian watchdwag 2017-10-24

I love having straight girls do me for the first time," she moaned as Jamie probed between her pussy lips spreading them with her finger to dive her face deeper into her warm slit. Just as Kat required, the girls headed back to the shower where Taylor washed Jamie's long brown hair and then shaved the pubic hair from around her pussy as well as the little bit around her ass. Turn her into your little lesbian dyke," Kat chided as Taylor pulled Jamie up and pushed her gently onto the bed. Kat handed her some lube that she used to coat both the cock and Jamie's already slick twat as she spread her legs waiting for that moment when Taylor would take her for the first time.