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Never Cheat at Truth or Dare - Chapter 2

lesbian ChrissieLecker 2018-11-24

Liz was taking her time now, rubbing and kneading my cheeks between swats, and her hands roamed quite freely, brushing my pussy lips and making the torture all the much sweeter. With no time for the pain to spread, it remained in hot, angry spots, burning deep into my bum cheeks, the first few already driving tears into my eyes. Jen’s slaps fell close to my pussy, and the pain mixed with the heat between my legs into a heated mess of sensations while I sucked the tangy taste from the panties in my mouth, now drenched with saliva. “Oh silly,” Mandy smiled and brushed her hand over my hair, “you’ll be my best friend, my little pussy licker and the guinea pig for all the wicked ideas I have racing through my mind.”


lesbian John_Doe 2018-11-22

She continued to watch Julie, whose hands rubbed back and forth across her own wet pussy. Julie watched Kirsten once more lick her palm, and work again upon her own wet pussy. I've always wanted to see what this is like, and I'm glad it's with you," Kirsten told Julie, before returning to lick her pussy once more. Kirsten had spread Julie's pussy lips apart, as her tongue delved deep within the bowels of her dark, wet hole. Kirsten continued to eat her out, licking every drop and plunging her tongue in and out of Julie's wet pussy. Julie groaned, "Ohh fuckkkkk!" as her head raised to look down upon Kirsten still munching away and eating her pussy.

Dannie and Steff: The Teen Sleepover Experience

lesbian anna299 2018-11-17

"Okay Stephanie, if I ask you a question do you promise to keep a secret?" Danielle got up off the couch and slowly walked towards Stephanie, standing behind her. It was kind of sexy, knowing I was being watched." Slowly, Danielle slid one of her hands down Stephanie, underneath her shirt. "But it feels right, doesn't it?" Danielle walked toward Stephanie again and grabbed her hand, pulling her towards the couch. I just want to see your techniques!" Danielle leaned down, and pushed Stephanie's legs apart. Still in between her legs, Danielle took notice of Stephanie's now wet pussy. "Good, now quiet!" Danielle flipped around and sat her dripping pussy on Stephanie's face. Gasping for breath, Danielle slid off of Stephanie and reached into her sleepover bag.

My best friend

lesbian Sweetie_Pie 2018-11-16

I swiftly rush into the bathroom, pushing the door slightly closed but open enough for a line of light to fall onto my bedroom carpet. I bend my knees and tease my pussy with my hand, circling my clit over and over. I close my eyes and lean my head back against the wall as I slide one finger into my soaked pussy. She pushes me against the wall and then climbs up onto my lap, pressing her wet pussy against my knee. This time the kisses are fast, hard and hot as we stumble back into the bedroom and we fall onto the bed. I close my eyes as I feel her hot breath on my pussy.

Dannie and Steff: Teen Sleepover Experience Part 2

lesbian anna299 2018-11-13

I felt Danielle grab my legs and pull them apart, cool air hitting my pussy as she blew on it. Sensing I was going to lose control, she pulled away her face and shoved three fingers into my wet pussy. "Open your lips wide bitch!!" She shoved her cum soaked fingers (MY cum to be specific), into my mouth and I immediately begin sucking my juices off. I looked down just in time to see a huge pink cock pump right into my pussy! On the brink of an orgasm, I lift Danielle's legs over each one of my shoulders, and plunge my pussy deep onto her awaiting cock.


lesbian falltoofast 2018-11-09

Kissing down my neck again, this time stopping at my boobs , you show each one a great amount of attention, licking and sucking on one while massaging the other. Kissing on your neck, pulling your body close to mine, I unhook your bra, letting it slide off gently. I let my hand fall to my own pussy, teasing my clit as I slide your panties off. I kiss on your thighs again, letting my free hand massage your boobs. Teasing you, I kiss all around your pussy, letting my tongue graze your clit. You raise your head up, dragging your tongue all the way across my pussy and back, then grabbing my ass and pulling me down, focusing on my clit.

My Sister's Sleepover Pt 2.

lesbian Englishgirl18 2018-11-06

Feeling her remove my shirt, I begin to become impatient so, wasting no time, I remove my shirt, pull my knickers off and place her head between my legs. Keeping an eye out for anyone heading for the kitchen and listening to everyone in the next room, I feel her tongue slide its way teasingly down my throbbing clit. Sliding my tongue inside her mouth I swiftly slip my hand between her legs and playfully stroke her clit through her sopping, wet knickers. Sliding one finger in and then thrusting my tongue inside her I suddenly see her legs tense up and hear her attempt of a quiet moan, whilst feeling her pussy release its load onto my face.

Never Cheat at Truth or Dare

lesbian ChrissieLecker 2018-11-05

Thus I was stuck with spending the evening with her, that stuck-up bitch Jen, a strange goth called Liz whom I didn’t know at all and had only gotten some glimpses of at school, and to round up things in the worst possible way, Naomi. Jen and Naomi giggled, and Liz whispered something under her voice that sounded suspiciously like “horny slut”, but I couldn’t be sure. She seemed unwilling to follow the order, and I didn’t think she would really do it, but then Liz growled her name, and what I thought was a flicker of fear danced across Jen’s face. But I didn’t want to pick a dare either, I’d probably end up naked like Jen. Or worse.


lesbian Dreams_of_Silver 2018-11-05

“Um, we could…well I don’t really need a sleeping bag,” I said, trying to find some way to escape the torture of lying next to her with so much skin contact. “I know you too well to not see through that ‘I’m fine’ bullshit." Her smooth tanned legs carried her gracefully across the floor as she walked into the carpeted living room and started to unroll her sleeping bag. I kissed and licked the soft inner flesh of her thighs, going from one leg to another, nearing her pussy, but never touching it. I stared up into her eyes, filled with lust and need, as I licked her pussy back and forth, then rotated my tongue in circles.

Truth Or Fuck

lesbian BisexualWife9304 2018-10-02

"I dare you to get naked, and start fingering yourself." Anne-Marie looked at Lynsie with a satisfied smile on her face, thinking about how fun it was going to be to watch her squirm. As she slipped back down the steps quietly, she returned to the living room, and watched as a horny Lynsie was fingering herself and pinching her nipples. Lynsie was in turn finger fucking Anne-Marie and flicking her clit with her tongue like she was an expert. Anne-Marie let Meaghan in with a knowing smile, and she slipped quietly into the living room after an appreciative glance at Anne-Marie's ample chest. Soon, Lynsie was getting close to reaching a climax, and Anne-Marie got up, took Goldielocks in her hand and began fucking her with it, on full power.

Sleepover Gets Interesting

lesbian 000000001 2018-08-14

Gracie spun the bottle, and this time it was Abby. Both girls blushed, but Abby grinned wickedly and shot her hands out, squishing them against Sharine's nipples. I looked at the clock, and seeing it was time, I removed my fingers from Gracie's tight pussy. My body was pretty lubed from Gracie's squirt, (Gracie was still recovering at the time.) so I walked over and began rubbing my body against Sharine's tits. I took a break fingering Abby for a second (Much to her sadness) and began squeezing Sharine's tits with one hand, and fisting her bald vag with the other. Sharine, Abby and Gracie then met to discuss the plan.


lesbian frnxgrl103112 2018-08-10

I felt the bed bounce as she moved to kneel at my head as she rubbed my shoulders. I started to ask if she thought it would be weird, but never got to finish my sentence as I felt her rubbing the baby oil into my inner thighs. Kiss me, I said and she leaned down and let me lick my juices off of her lips. I covered my mouth with my hands and tried to keep quiet as she continued to lick and suck and dip her tongue into my pussy until I felt that familiar tingling deep inside. She dipped her head once more to let me lick my cum from her lips and tongue, then fell back on the bed.

A Childhood Game

lesbian babyred99 2018-07-15

It was the night before our senior cruise to celebrate graduation, and Maddie decided to sleep over at my house. Five, four, three, two, one." She snapped her fingers and I pretended to be "in a trance." Her first few commands were simple and innocent, like our childhood days. She then put on some music and I gave an empty chair a lap dance, all the while thinking, "what the heck is going on." She stepped her game up even more commanding me to flash her, and then next get an ice cube and put it on my nipples. I was just too turned on and grabbed her face, looked in her eyes and said, "Babe stop, and just kiss me."

Just Good Friends Ch. 01

lesbian Scarlett12 2018-07-07

Hardly any lesbian stuff actually happened (we made out and touched each others' tits), and we just ended up giving the guy a hand job and going home. I couldn't tell who was wetter, me or her, but as we began to slowly grind against each other, her playing with my tits and me reaching up to suck her hard little nipples, I came harder than ever before, my head spinning. I felt like I'd be able to cum from just the memory of that sight alone: Mel with her eyes closed, biting her bottom lip a little as I held her (one hand on the small of her back, the other on her ass), our tits bouncing as we grinded and moaned quietly in the dark.

It's Okay, We're Girls

lesbian rachelbagel067 2018-06-20

Brown-haired Isabelle, with her choppy layers, tries to turn her attention to her book, but her eyes keep roving to Alanna's naked body. "We're girls." Then, before Isabelle can say another word, Alanna gets between her legs and begins licking that...sweet, delicious mouthful of pussy. Before she loses it, she mounts Isabelle's pussy and begins humping her with her hands on Alanna's tight ass. Alanna shoves her fourth finger up that pussy and feels herself start getting really turned on again very quickly. Do those enormous titties want some attention too?" She begins fondling the nipples and licking, sucking...Isabelle grabs Alanna's hand and makes it pet her softness. Isabelle's hands find Alanna's flesh, and the blue-eyes girl whispers the other's name and begs her to stroke her harder.


lesbian Redrum666 2018-06-19

I really thought that I was hearing things I wanted to hear until I felt her lips press against the sensitive area right under my ear, then again and again along my jaw. The hand that had been tracing the skin along the bottom of my shirt was now sliding up my stomach slowly causing me to bite my lip, moaning deep in my throat. Liz bit my chest harder, and I accidentally let a whimper escape my lips, ruining the calm façade I thought I had put up. One of Liz's hands made its way under my upper back to unclasp my bra, and I could feel the fingers of her other hand, slowly scratching down to my hips and slipping into the waistband of her boxers that I had stolen.

Girls Night In Ch. 01

lesbian virgin144 2018-06-17

Mel was skinny as anything- in the 4 years Tara had known her, it looked like her body hadn't change much, besides growing a few inches taller. We both know it's not load-in- you're allowed to dress nicely when you're not in a work room- you know that, right?" Tara did have a habit of dressing like she was going to be working with her hands at any given moment. Amy's attention went to her finger that sent tingles straight to that little area between her legs as she felt Tara's warm, wet tongue on it. Looking right at Amy, Tara reached down to her jeans and ran her hand between her legs.

On a Rainy Day

lesbian MetaXerxes 2018-04-12

Without thinking, I began to suckle and nip her warm lips, gently placing my hand on the back of her head so I could pull her against me. For a moment I could see Amy laying there under me, her beautiful blonde hair strewn about, her gentle face smiling up at me, the tender flesh of her round breasts flushed red with excitement. I lowered my mouth to her and kissed her once, then pulled away, then trailed my tongue down her neck, lower, lower, and up onto the mount of her right breast, encircling the nub of pink flesh that crowned it. I could hear her moan into my mouth each time I slipped my fingers between her wet folds, the sounds of her pleasure framed by the crashes of thunder.

Sleepover Games

lesbian Akito01 2018-03-29

"I don't know, seems like this could be a fun thing to practice with your friends too," Linda persisted, kissing her again while continuing to fondle Nina's breasts through her t-shirt. "I think I kinda said that I did mind, but I get the feeling that fighting you on this is only going to encourage you, so just do what you want until you get bored and go to sleep." Nina didn't want to let Linda know how much she was enjoying this, but every tremor of her body and every broken gasp told the tale of her approaching orgasm. Nina blushed hotly, the image of Linda physically taking her to the ground, pulling up her skirt and having her way with her a bit too easy to conjure.

A Friend Indeed Pt. 02

lesbian loverofFUN 2018-02-02

Jen took a quivering deep breath and turned her head towards me, her eyes opening slowly as the cutest grin broke across her face. I mean, after Lori had ran around outside topless and then started wrestling with Gina, I could not believe how turned on Jennifer had looked while she watched them. Lori was staring down into Gina's eyes as she slowly ran her hands up her thighs and then continued on until she was cupping her breasts. "Yes," Gina whispered and reached up and under to cup Lori's ass with both hands and then used the grip as leverage to pull her head up off the sleeping bag so that she could plant a kiss right in the middle of Lori's pussy causing Lori to quietly gasp.

Sleepover Surprise

lesbian sexipixi 2018-01-21

With my right hand, I run my fingers through her long silky hair, with my left I slowly it slip under her shirt and hold her full, perfectly shaped breast in my hand. She rolls onto her back and I straddle her, carefully slipping her shirt off as I continue to work on both her breasts now. Still caressing her breast with my left hand, kiss my way down to her pantyline and feel her buck up slightly in anxiety. I dart in and out, really lapping up all her sweet juices until I bring my lips back up her face and slip my tongue in her mouth.

The Sleepover

lesbian LadyFrederika 2017-12-29

Frankly, I was so utterly turned on by the feel of the girls' soft skin, the scent of their freshly shampooed hair, and their young, firm breasts pressing up against me that I didn't care much that Angela and I only got to speak briefly afterwards. "You know, Frederika, my mom keeps two spare dressing gowns in the guest bedroom," said Sophie, putting the salad on the dining room table. Sophie -- more innocent, more of a mama's girl than Tessa -- came back just in time to see me bending forward with my back toward her, pulling down my panties and giving the two girls a very nasty reveal with my asshole exposed -- it felt so good to show it -- and my completely unshaved cunt lips showcased perfectly between my thighs.

Slumber Parties

lesbian Good Burger 2017-12-13

Sandy wiped that beautiful pussy clean, and wrapped her best friend's butt in a fresh diaper. "Does it feel weird, ya know, having no hair down there?" Tara sat up and to Sandy's surprise rubbed her hand over her mound and spread open her lips a little before answering. You could use my razor if you want." Tara took off Sandy's diaper and the two naked girls went into the bathroom. "Aww...what a cute little cunt!" She flicked at Tara's clit and could see her best friend's pussy moisten. "Could I just look at you instead?" Without answering Tara took off her shirt and diaper and sat naked in front of her friend.

Thank You Daddy Ch. 03

lesbian chinook75 2017-11-24

"Dannie, I think you have the hots for my Dad. I thing that next time you come over, I'm going to leave you alone with him and let you try to seduce him." I really started to describe what Dad and I had been doing and Dannie turned bright red. Dannie, you are so beautiful and I got so hot telling you what you should do to my Dad. I can't believe what we just did." You are going to let me seduce your Dad. When I came, all I could think about was how your Dad's tongue is going to feel between my legs." She opened her eyes wide and stuttered, "D.D..Don't get me wrong, I loved what you did.