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Moms, Friends, and Lovers

lesbian ddsymms 2018-11-29

Her tongue slipped into Tina's mouth and Tina opened her lips and accepted the kiss while the moans, the slaps on her mother's ass, and the grunts from Stephanie's mom thrusting hard fueled the arousal. "Yeah." Tina felt like she was witnessing an erotic version of Good Cop-Bad Cop with the shy demeanor of her mother and the more aggressive and unapologetic nature of Stephanie's mom becoming apparent. "Like this?" She wrapped her arms around Tina's mom and kissed her, her lips grinding and she put a hand between Mrs. Sheffield's legs, reaching to her pussy and stroking slowly. Tina turned to Stephanie and placed her lips against her friend's mouth and the two girls kissed each other gently.

The Conference, Part 2

lesbian justjenni42 2018-11-29

I stood up, nodding my acceptance of her request, and reached behind my back, unzipping the dress slowly.  I pulled the shoulders of the dress off and slipped my arms out, revealing my naked 38DD breasts to Mallory.  I smiled as I saw her subconsciously licking her lips as she gazed upon my full breasts.  I continued to push the dress down over my waist, my hips and my ass, wiggling playfully as I slipped the dress down, allowing Mallory to look upon my bald pussy, which was glistening slightly in the light of the room from the hint of moisture that had been forming from the moment I saw her in the doorway.  Once the dress was gathered on the floor around my ankles, I stepped forward and returned to my knees.

A Mother Pleases Her Loving Husband/Master - Part VII

lesbian iluv2licyurhunyup 2018-11-26

I loved to have a nice cock or dildo in my ass while someone was eating my pussy and I knew that soon I would be rocking and cumming all over Laura's face. This young hot sexy oriental woman melded to my body as she felt my lips sucking her long nipples through her bra and I felt her hands reaching up under my skirt, fondling my bare ass. I looked down at this young thin woman and saw a very large patch of black pubic hair that covered her pussy and knew that soon I would be tasting the sweetness of her juices from her lips.

The sexual awakenings of teenage private schoolgirls part 3.

lesbian justalilfun 2018-11-26

Miss Shapely was the only teacher in the dorm with Sarah, Sally, Kelly and twenty-five of the schoolgirls. Miss Shapely certainly had a nice figure, and she spent a bit of time in the school gym and exercising to keep her body looking hot. But to top off Sarah’s excitement levels – Miss Shapely was going to be sleeping in the very bed next to Sarah. The trio of Sarah, Sally and Kelly had all chatted about a shared fantasy of kissing Miss Shapely all over and eating her sweet pussy. Sarah could feel her pussy getting wet with the thought of kissing or even more with Miss Shapely. Sarah gasped as Miss Shapely inserted a finger into her sweet wet pussy.

The Sexual Awakenings of Teenage Private Schoolgirls, Part 2

lesbian justalilfun 2018-11-25

Kelly looked around and saw Sarah and Sally both naked and getting ready for bed. Sarah kissed Kelly once more on her mouth, then with soft kisses traced her way down Kelly’s beautiful teen body. Sally took over kissing Kelly as Sarah worked her way down Kelly’s body. Then Sarah alternated between licking Kelly’s pussy and sucking her sweet pink lips, circling her tongue around and then sucking on Kelly's erect little love button. Kelly sucked on Sally’s right nipple as the warm feeling of her orgasm built more and more; she had never before felt so close to cumming, without actually cumming. Sally had pushed Sarah off Kelly, saying it was her turn to taste that sweet pink pussy.

The sexual awakenings of teenage private schoolgirls part 11

lesbian justalilfun 2018-11-24

No one would have ever planned for students to have sex with their teachers, but Kelly, Sarah and Sally made sweet love to each other and their teacher Jane, many times. Jane placed her hands on Sarah’s head and pushed her back just so she could kiss her softly on her forehead, before Sarah began to gently probe and tease Jane’s honey pot with her well-experienced tongue and fingers. I never want our love making sessions to end.” Jane said as she pulled Sarah down to her. But I really love the taste and feel of your sweet kisses.” Sarah said, before kissing Jane and taking her mind of her problems.

The sexual awakenings of teenage private schoolgirls part 12

lesbian justalilfun 2018-11-23

It was now the last week of November; school had ended for the young ladies and now cousins, Sally and Sarah Barker, were about to enter a new chapter in their lives. Kelly sat down beside Sally, Jane and Renée had sat on the sofa, while Sarah sat on a beanbag to the side. Jane sat back on the sofa and watched as the three young ladies all kissed and caressed Renée’s body all over. Sarah and Sally were sucking and nibbling her breasts and nipples, while Kelly sucked, kissed and licked Renée’s inner thighs and succulent peach. Eventually the shock waves of pleasure faded as Kelly, Sally and Sarah all kissed and sucked Renée all over.

My Babysitter's Daughter

lesbian DanielleX 2018-11-23

Ruth sat on the end of the bed and looked into my eyes and then her eyes seemed to wander around my face as if she was going to paint me later. Ruth smiled sweetly and I looked down at her boobs pushing through her pullover and thought how I would have liked them squashed against mine. A bit later I was snuggled on the sofa with a cushion, but I had had a long day travelling so I had an early night leaving Marion and Ruth to watch something on catchup TV. As I licked her out my right hand found my own soaking wet pussy and I fingered myself as I gave this girl, who I barely knew, her first lesbian experience.


lesbian UnXpected 2018-11-20

I know this is true when her tongue enters my mouth, rubbing seductively against mine. I can feel my pussy juicing, at the anticipating thought of placing my tongue against her clit, and the very tip into her hole. When I release my hold on her breast, she continues her climb, hands still in my hair, and rests her “treat” at my lips. She moves them to the side then takes her index and middle finger and rubs down and through my wet pussy lips. My feet flat on her bedspread, legs cocked open, pussy glistening with cum. Her riding me like a trooper, head thrown back in the throes of passion, her size B Titties in each of her hands, fingertips pulling at her nipples.

The sexual awakenings of teenage private schoolgirls part 7

lesbian justalilfun 2018-11-19

Miss Shapely read out the instructions as the students from The Long Stockings Private School for gifted girls and young ladies looked at the map. Miss Noefun decided the longer course would provide the ladies with time to reflect on their actions of yesterday,” Mrs Michaels interrupted. Mrs Michaels was now inside, standing only ten feet from three very red faced, very busted naked young ladies. Kelly and Sally watched on as Mrs Michaels began to kiss her way down to Sarah’s breasts, her left hand on Sarah’s firm young ass, her right cupping Sarah’s large D cups. When Sandra returned to the bed, Sarah was so aroused that her pussy was dribbling its sweet love juices all down her thigh.

Lesbian Fun with my Sister-in-Law

lesbian wchristyw 2018-11-17

I could tell Jess was getting close, she began to writhe on the bed, spreading her legs wider to grant her wandering hand better access. "Holy shit," I said to myself, "That was so hot." I couldn't believe my luck with what I had just seen, and I couldn't stop myself from picturing Jess and me together in bed, having sex. I had the worst sleep of my life that night, I masturbated again whilst Jess was sound asleep clearly content with herself. I brought myself to my second climax and went to the toilet to clean myself up and grab a glass of water hoping to get at least some sort of sleep.


lesbian BradLee 2018-11-16

I had imagined the scene over and over again; her breasts pressed into my face, the heavy round globes moving over my cheeks as I opened my lips, searching for her peaked nipples, her fingers gripping my hair holding me, making me please her. They pictured us chatting in the ladies room at a nightclub, when in fact Kate was pinning me with my face to the wall, with my slick dress pulled up around my waist and the muscles of her long slender legs tight as she drove her strap on hard up into my cunt to make me come for her once again.

Seducing Cindy

lesbian submissivemom72 2018-11-11

"Let's get you ready for the hot tub, Cindy," I said as I took the plastic cup of wine from her hand and set it on the dresser. I turned her toward the mirror and standing behind her reached up and unzipped her dress.  Robert and Gary watched in amazement as I humped against the strong, pulsating stream of water as Cindy pushed behind me, holding me in place, bracing me and forcing my vagina into the pulsating stream. The sensuality of my orgasm, my moans and cries of pleasure, and the contortions I made arching my ass backward to force Gary's hand deeper inside my cunt was too much for Cindy to witness.  I removed her nipple from my mouth and gently pushed Cindy onto her back. I kissed her again, kissed and sucked on her neck, biting it slightly. I worked my way back down to her breasts as she massaged my head and shoulders.

Seducing Cindy - Chapter 2 - from Cindy's perspective

lesbian submissivemom72 2018-11-11

Almost involuntarily, my fingers found their way between my thighs, slowly stimulating my erect clitoris, as I read the beautiful account of how Elizabeth and I made love to each other while Robert and Gary watched. Elizabeth offered the guys some wine, but Gary indicated that he was going to head to the lounge and grab a couple of beers for Robert and him. Slowly, Elizabeth moved her hands lower, down past my navel and placed the very tips of her fingers into the waistband of my bikini panties, teasing my sensitive skin with her touch. Both of the guys dropped their towels, removed their t-shirts and climbed into the warm, effervescent waters of the spa. Elizabeth tossed her robe on a chair by the hot tub. She turned to me and untied the rope holding my robe closed and removed it.

See, you already know what's next

lesbian JustTonight 2018-11-06

I arched my back, pushing my body into hers, and just as the kiss began getting more heated, I pulled away. Although her moans were increasing, and her body was squirming beneath mine, she continued keeping me above her, and just as she was about to reach her climax, I pulled myself away, leaving her crotch spread and wet for me. I pushed the tip of my tongue in softly, along with a finger, and her body began to shake again, building back up to a climax. She let out a loud moan and I began pushing my fingers back and forth faster and faster, sliding them all the way in before pulling them back out almost completely, but never fully.


School for Sluts, Part 2

lesbian Fantacy 2018-11-05

But what I love the most," she says as she slowly leans down and kisses my neck, "is a sexy girl like you. I can tell you've never been with a girl before." She nibbles on my neck and I can feel my pussy get wet as a shiver runs down my spine. Smiling she starts to trail kisses down my stomach towards my pussy. I look down at her and the pleasure starts to flow and it feels so good. She trails off as we begin to kiss and snuggle, falling asleep through out the morning and lunch break waking in just enough time to put on our clothes and run to our separate classes.

Rachel and Sami have a sleepover

lesbian leggielibby 2018-11-01

Sami, Charlie and I while Aimee and Lisa spread towels and heated the wax. A beautiful warm clinging heat enveloped my mound as Aimee applied the wax, followed by the pressure of her fingers as she firmed the cotton square against my throbbing lips. As I looked they parted and Sami dropped her head to Charlie’s pussy, she pulled her dark lips open to reveal a bright pink core. Sami had the rabbit vibe deep inside Charlie’s pussy, each touch of the ears against her clit sending another wave of ecstasy through her toned body, her six pack rigid in her pleasure. Lisa used one hand to stroke from pussy to anus, smearing cum and lube between the two orifices as Aimee quivered and groaned.


lesbian krissykat 2018-10-03

As per their usual occurrence over the last few weeks (since her 18th birthday), Kris would enjoy a slow finger fuck while her mother watched and once it was all done, Katie would then slip in and enjoy the sweet taste of her daughters yummy cunt! Katie licked and sucked until her daughter's body began to spasm and sent her into yet another cum gushing orgasm. They shifted while still embraced and laid side by side and locked their mouths onto the other's pussy and licked and sucked the abundant wetness ..slurping and dipping their tongues deep into the other's cunt!! Katie dipped two fingers into her daughter's cunt while still sucking; which sent Kris into an amazing orgasm. While watching Kris and Katie began touching themselves; rubbing their own pussy's making the cum start to flow.


lesbian LittleAlison 2018-09-24

About 3 bottles of wine into the game the dare went out to my sister, Natalie, "Kiss your sister Alison on the lips for 10 seconds." As Natalie leaned in for the kiss she closed her eyes, and I followed in kind. Natalie moved her head from right to left and we continued the kiss. I couldn't believe how excited I was to kiss another girl, and it being my own sister thrilled me and made my body sizzle with electricity. My left hand went to her waist and my right ended up on her lower back, pulling Natalie to me. Leaning forward, Natalie placed her hands on my thighs, her lips pressing softly on my stomach, kissing slowly downward.

My Incest Fantasy Pt. 01

lesbian BarbieLez 2018-05-12

Luckily, my subconscious soon came to my rescue, forcing a powerful fantasy to grow within me. The perverseness of the kiss only helped turn me on further and I kept on exploring her oral cavity until my tongue started to cramp up. Luckily, my cousin did not seem to be suffering from muscle cramps, because she immediately said, "Right away." Moments later, she reached out and literary tore my clothes off. Luckily, those few inches were soon eaten away as she approached my engorged labia, her mouth open wide and her tongue outstretched. Mere seconds later, the tongue was darting in and out of her pussy, forcing increasingly powerful waves of arousal to wash over me.

Cursed: Spirit of the Idol Ch. 04

lesbian AnotherHotWife 2018-04-28

The star players of the game were Lisa and Leslie Hitch who were lauded over and praised for an hour while the rest of the team took to the showers and cleared out of the locker room. I think I need to sample each one again." Tilly had her arms around each twin as she went from swirling tongues with Lisa to Leslie. Tilly watched Leslie and Lisa begin to quiver and moaned aloud, knowing the most powerful orgasm she had ever experienced was about to occur. The features looked very much like the blonde haired girl who had brought her and her twin together, who had taken away their perfect heterosexual lives, who had manipulated the Hitch Sisters to this one moment.

Home Video Circa 1980

lesbian WiccanKemi 2018-04-26

When they asked me if I was aroused by the video I, at first, was reluctant to say I was, due to the fact it was my parents in the naked sex tape and I felt it would make me a freak to admit to such a turn on. I admitted that it did turn me on a little, but after a few minutes, I admitted that yes indeed I was aroused by watching my parents fuck and that I was in awe of my father's huge cock. Anyway, the truth that my dearest friends don't know is that since that night, watching my naked parents fucking other people as well as each other, I've had fantasies developing in my head that I can't shake.

Evey Green: Career Woman Ch. 02

lesbian kategilmore84 2018-04-17

A feeling in the pit of my stomach gnaws at me and I want to spring out of bed and tell him what happened. I want to tell him that Vivien made me come over and over again. I can feel my face turning bright red and I glance at the couch where Vivien made me come so hard that I had to clean my own juices off the leather and the oak beneath where I sat. Pete and I sit on the couch and he tells me that the publisher loves his stuff and wants to work out a deal. I imagined Vivien pushing me down on her desk and pulling a vibrator from her desk drawer and making me come for her mouth.

The Lord's Prayer

lesbian SamanthaKills 2018-03-19

The two women stared at each other for a moment, their hunger building as they took in each other's throbbing chests and curving hips, and then Kat pulled Sandy onto her lap, rubbing her clit as Sandy moaned into her shoulder, sucking it and biting it. When Sandy's legs began to shake, Kat pulled her off of her cock and pushed her back over the piano, a little harder this time. She held the vibe with one hand and gently turned it up one setting, using the other hand to push Sandy's torso down against the piano as the young woman lost control of her legs, kicking and flailing as the vibrations rushed through her body.