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When in need, seduce your willing neighbour

lesbian YoungBabe 2018-12-03

I slowly looked up and saw Penny staring down, her tongue practically hanging out of her mouth. Penny slowly removed her bra, out came her boobs, they weren’t like the topless models in the magazines, but for me they looked perfect. They were amazing, she had to taste her own cum, so I lifted my hand up to her mouth and she started to lick the length of my fingers, which were previously deep inside her. “Now it is my turn baby” I couldn’t wait to teach her how to finger fuck my pussy and lick my cum that was already spilling out into my thong. Penny didn’t need to be told twice, she got to work at my pussy, and for a beginner she was pretty damn good.

Amber and the Nurse Candi

lesbian Wolftribe2009 2018-12-01

I had one hand on her knee, while the other slipped somewhat under Amber's shirt and I leaned in to kiss her much deeper than before. I turned back to face her and let my hand moved underneath her skirt and inch along to her cotton panties. This needs to come off your nicely fuckable body." I told her and removed her bra which now left her sweet, perky breasts freely to be used by my hands. I had moved my hands up over her breasts and neck as my tongue slipped southward; therefore, the pressure from my tongue on her panties drove her to cry out with more pleasure.

Ashley and Amanda (Part 2)

lesbian Wolftribe2009 2018-11-30

Ashley must have been re-thinking her statement, because they were right next to the bathroom door when she opened it and dragged Amanda into the bathroom with her. Ashley’s hand moved in between Amanda’s legs and under that very short mini skirt. Amanda used this opportunity to feel up Ashley’s body as her hands moved all over her. Her hand then invaded Ashley’s pants and slid down across her warm pussy since she wasn’t wearing any panties. Amanda was then pushed back when Ashley pulled her shirt off and buried her naked form into Amanda’s body. Ashley’s fingers delved into the depths of Amanda’s body while her hand rubbed on the girl’s wet womanhood.

Miss Kelly Johnson.

lesbian SeanR83 2018-11-26

I sucked hard on her pussy, pulling at her lips with my mouth. Kelly held me close and rolled us over, she leant back and pushed her crotch hard against mine. I could feel myself getting close and pushed harder against Kelly. Kelly reached between us, her hand gently rubbing on both our clits at the same time. Kelly quickly pulled away from me and turned around, she pushed my legs back and clamped her mouth over my cunt. She slid her hand through my hair and leant forward, kissing me then Kelly on the head. I’m sorry Kelly if it seems that I stole your girlfriend away from you, but I love her too.

Suburbia: The Summer Is Coming To An End

lesbian NatashaTsarinaErotic 2018-11-24

“Hi Mr. Keller,” I said and gave him a small wave before continuing out into their garden where Nina sat playing with her dolls. “Yes, that’s a good girl, keep going, take all of it,” Jeff moaned as I began to slowly move my head up and down. Without looking at me Pam said in a voice mimicking Josie’s, “yes, Ellie, lick my pussy, yes, yes.” Then she burst out laughing. “You look so sexy with that cock,” said Carla. The strap on had a small cock that was vibrating inside my pussy and as I kept on fucking Josie I was coming closer to my own orgasm. When I let go of her she sat back, taking several deep breaths before she said, “you fucked my ass.”

Ashley and Amanda (Part 3)

lesbian Wolftribe2009 2018-11-23

This is going to be pay back for making me wait so long.” I told her again with my lips less than an inch from Amanda’s ear. I knelt down over Amanda and planted my tongue right on and inside Amanda’s warm, wet pussy. I put a finger to Amanda's lips and told her to stay right there, I got up off the bed and walked over to my dresser; opening a drawer and taking out a strap on dildo. Amanda was so wet by now that she was wetting the bed below her and was continuing to release sounds that told me that she didn't want me to stop. I was enjoying watching the rubber dildo inserting into Amanda's tightening pussy and I finally pulled out of her.

Erica's Second Time

lesbian NatashaTsarinaErotic 2018-11-22

Anne decided on a glass of white wine and when the waitress had left, Anne said, “so, are you still fucking Mike?” One thing is for sure, no man can ever lick pussy like a woman, they just don’t know what to do.” When I lay in my bed, my thoughts went back to Paola, her sexy accent, her long legs and those bouncing boobs made my pussy wet. Her back came off the rock and she looked at me with her mouth half open and her dark brown eyes told me that she was close to coming. But when Paola moved in between my legs and her large doe like eyes looked at me I quickly forgot about the un-comfortability.

Dannie and Steff: Teen Sleepover Experience Part 2

lesbian anna299 2018-11-13

I felt Danielle grab my legs and pull them apart, cool air hitting my pussy as she blew on it. Sensing I was going to lose control, she pulled away her face and shoved three fingers into my wet pussy. "Open your lips wide bitch!!" She shoved her cum soaked fingers (MY cum to be specific), into my mouth and I immediately begin sucking my juices off. I looked down just in time to see a huge pink cock pump right into my pussy! On the brink of an orgasm, I lift Danielle's legs over each one of my shoulders, and plunge my pussy deep onto her awaiting cock.

Ashley and Amanda

lesbian Wolftribe2009 2018-11-11

Ashley didn't mind and she let her own hand settled on Amanda's large breasts with a pleasurable smile on her lips. Amanda wasted no time in getting to what she wanted and her hand moved quickly up Ashley's leg and right to her panties. Ashley felt the female's hand connect with the front of her panties and let out a pleasurable moan as she collapses into Amanda's arms. Amanda then moves her hands up to Ashley's breasts and ripped her shirt open before lowering her lips and kissing the exposed region of Ashley's breasts that were not hidden by her bra. She felt herself tighten on the dildo and rubbed her hands on her breasts as the object moved inside her.

My first time at Prep School

lesbian kelsey1690 2018-11-09

She definitely noticed because she looked up at me with the cutest smile and quietly asked; "Does that feel good baby?" I didn't say anything I just took a deep breath in, and when I let it out, she moved her hand back over my panties and started to rub small circles over my clit. It felt so fucking good that I had to bite my lip to keep from moaning, but after awhile I couldn't contain it anymore and let out a small whimper. Pulling away from the kiss she leaned down and barely whispered in my ear, "Does that feel good baby?" I moaned in response as she started planting light kisses on my neck.

Lesbian Night at the Movies

lesbian hotstories69 2018-11-08

My best friend Rachel and I got in our seats about five minutes before the movie started. I pushed open the door, went into the nearest stall, and pulled my long skirt up to my waist, pulling down my orange panties. I sat back and shut my eyes, slowly putting pressure on my clitoris while I held my breast up to my mouth with my other hand. I slid down off the toilet seat onto the floor, where I was met by the sight, and smell of Rachel's beautiful pink pussy. I put my legs apart and leaned back on the toilet, and watched my pussy squirt my juices for the first time in my life.


lesbian NatashaTsarinaErotic 2018-11-08

Without opening my eyes or turning to look at him I said, “Fuck off and leave me alone.” Rick looked up me and said, “yeah and it’s driving our parents insane. When I walked up to the edge of the pool a lot of heads turned and I felt eyes eating me alive. Looking at him over my shoulder, I said, “Give it to me Rick, and fuck my pussy.” She licked her lips and then said, “She is hot your little fuck buddy but I want her out of the house now.” She smiled and said, “I know that Rick was about to come by this morning to finish off what you started yesterday.”

My first time at Prep School part 2

lesbian kelsey1690 2018-11-07

I rubbed small circles on her clit and went back to planting kisses on her neck and shoulders. It wasn't the most comfortable position; my hand and arm were kind of being crushed by both our bodies but I didn't care. I kissed down her neck until I reached her beautiful round tits; taking one nipple into my mouth I used my free hand to gently squeeze the other before rolling it between my fingers and occasionally pinching. I lifted my head up and looked up at her beautiful face; her cheeks were flushed and her eyes glazed over with teenaged lust.  I continued sucking and nibbling on her sweet little clit while simultaneously fucking her with three fingers. We stayed that way for a while just kissing; hands roaming each other's bodies.

School Girl Crush

lesbian Poppet 2018-11-01

It’s not the kind of annoyed smile, which is like go away, I don’t want to really talk with you smile, but a real one. I shouldn't feel so shy, it’s not like I don’t know her at all. It’s Nancy who comes right out of left field asking Addison what we all want to know. “Come on, we all want to know, stop Jenna,” she giggles at me, making me blush. “It’s no big deal,” Addison declares, “I don’t mind being asked, it’s better than people assuming,” she states. I want to talk, please?” She sounds the way I feel, and I can’t help but open the door. I don’t know if it’s what I’m supposed to do, but it feels so perfectly right.

Volleyball Injury

lesbian bassguitarbubba 2018-10-31

  Jackie’s mind began to wander, not about Mary Mills’ large breasts, but what it would be like if she was with her best friend, Sam.     Sam rested her head on the table and grinned slightly as Sam rubbed her leg.   I have a favor to repay and I don’t want to do it here.”     They got dressed and since Sam couldn’t drive because of her leg, Jackie drove her home.   Sam continued to lick Jackie’s wet tunnel and Jackie began to move her hips as she enjoyed every moment of Sam’s tongue.   She spread her legs wider and placed her hand on the back of Sam’s head and gently pulled her lover’s lips against her pussy.

Summer Fun

lesbian SeanR83 2018-10-30

At about twelve o'clock mom told me she was going to bed, I couldn't help noticing her shooting glances at Clara's older brother who was about thirty. I decided to follow her lead and slipped my hand between her legs, feeling the folds of her pussy. My body started shaking and my ass and pussy seemed to contract around her fingers. I seemed to slide down the shower wall into the sitting position, Clara just smiled down at me and lowered her crotch to my face. She started to scream loudly, and I could feel her ass and pussy tighten against my fingers. She pushed my fingers away from her pussy and I watched in glee as she squirted over the shower wall in front of her.

My Breast Friend

lesbian SeanR83 2018-09-09

She held both breasts firmly in each hand and wrapped her lips around one nipple, sucking it hard, and then the other. I kissed her neck like she did to me, taking my time till I reached her soft breasts. Her nipples jutted out like two bullets and when I slid my tongue over them, they felt hard and soft at the same time. I gently fingered her tight pussy as my tongue swirled around the hard nipple. I knew she was close to orgasm, so I pushed two fingers into her cunt and sucked hard on her clit. I was looking right into Jayden’s eyes as I fingered myself, my spare hand squeezed and caressed my breasts, playing and tweaking at my nipples.

My First Love - Again

lesbian nickiche 2018-06-21

Taylor shook her head and smiled, she looked at Nicki knowing that she couldn't be mad at Jake anymore, it was sweet of him to send her Nicki, and he knew how much she liked her. And just promise me that we'll have fun and that the frown on your face will turn into a smile." She paused for a short while then added, "About that kiss you mentioned earlier, if you want to, since Jake isn't here I don't mind being his replacement for once..." Nicki said with a grin and saw how Taylor's eyes widened at that remark.

MEMORIES #8: Master-bate for me

lesbian petdyke 2018-05-17

Maty informed me in the beginning about her two teen slave girls, both so hot and eager to learn Maty offered them both to me to enrich her sexy service in trying to please her hot Master Peter Maty gets wet once more, watching how her hot victim Victoria licks her love lips and a clit-munch Maty gets into the good mood for the final shoots of her hot sweet slaves at her Master's warm wishes Maty isn't sure whether she abhors or longs for the alternative: her teens slaves whipping her to come Maty knows she will succeed one day: to take the two teens along on a warm sexy Summer at me in Europe

My Inspiring Lesbian Encounter

lesbian terminatrix92 2018-05-09

Mairi and Emma were history students both of whom hadn't started yet, like me. I could tell I got her attention because she stopped kissing my nose and looked at me properly for the first time. I think she tried to talk her way out of what was happening, saying that we were friends and that she hadn't meant things to go this far. Emma almost buckled forward in shock, coming to a complete stop and giving me proper eye contact for the first time since we started, looking at me incredulously. I wish we both hadn't been so drunk and even more than that I wish she'd helped me finish before she left, just so I'd know for sure what lesbian sex is really like.

Why I love lesbians!

lesbian petdyke 2018-03-16

Why I love lesbians? Well, one reason is I love to watch them making love. Clear case: they love girls. I´m a male lesbian, who happens to have a male member. I prefer to see lovely ladies pleasing themselves or each other. Real orgasms! Better by real lesbians proud to perform. Tasty teasing teens. No wonder lots of lovely cute beauties change sides as men lack subtlety in sex. No need to add that many a maiden started to (s)experiment as a tasty teen. No wonder lots of them discovered how hot lesbian love can be, babies. No wonder that in my humble opinion, life can be more beautiful than art. Lovely ladies. I love to look at them making love.

Deepening Friendship

lesbian bldg31 2018-02-06

Tara slid out of her windbreaker pants and her red thong panties, and she began much like Destiny had just minutes before, starting by rubbing her pussy lips, then working her clit, getting nice and wet before she slid the vibrator deep into her own pussy and began working it. Destiny felt as though she would explode with joy, but then took her cue and began to lick her friend's pussy with such delight that Tara began to orgasm almost immediately, but Destiny was not satisfied with her response and she too inserted a finger into Tara's asshole. When they finally broke the kiss they took a shower together and spent the rest of the evening in bliss, making love two more times before Tara's parents returned home, and all night long.

Sarah Has A Party

lesbian sarahsmith1989 2018-01-10

I got sad for a second, but then thought, I am too much woman to let some guy ruin my night. It was a party of mainly high school aged kids, who all planned on drinking that night, so they parked very few car in front of my house. The crowd let out a collective moan of disappointment, then a guy's voice asked "What would it take for you guys to show us more?" "$20 to each if you kiss again in your undies." A boy said, we agreed, I was too drunk to realize I wasn't wearing a bra. She licked away all the while, I loved being eaten, and I was too drunk to care it wasn't a hot guy between my legs this time.

Horny teens experiment with each other

lesbian Kendall_King 2017-11-29

By the time Ellie had begun to pull her bikini top off, Flo was edging her suit down past her waist and then onto her cute slit. Flo teasingly lifted her leg up and moved it towards Ellie where she fondled Ellie’s breasts with her toes. Ellie started rubbing Flo’s foot, from the toes and past the ball of her foot, along the arch of her foot and down to her heel. Her tummy was toned from the frequent exercise that she had done, and Ellie enjoyed fondling with each of her abs all the way up to her breasts which were flat, as Flo was lying on her back now.