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I Made Martina into My Toilet Slave

lesbian KatPissinger 2018-10-29

"Oh mistress, do you know how much I longed for that?" I didn't answer and instead worked her some more with the plug, then pulled it out and pushed it back in, over and over, until I could fuck her tight "latina ass" nicely with it. I fucked her as good as I could inside her tight twat, and she only let out brute moans and began to drool, until she shook all over her body and her knees gave in. I kissed her mouth passionately, pushing my tongue inside her, tasting her, feeling her tits against mine, holding her tight, trembling, happy, tired and fucked out of my mind.

Carpet Soaker Ch. 01

lesbian Spiewgels 2018-09-08

"Jessica, you need to get undressed for bed so we can both get under the covers." She stirred a bit and turned on her back, thumb still in her mouth, her eyes barely able to stay open to look at me. Before I got the mask all the way on, I saw Jessica get back in the fetal position, sucking on her thumb once again, right before I lay down. On the one hand, I didn't want to wake her up and go, "Could you kindly take your thumb out of my mouth?" That might cause a lot of embarrassment if she happened to not be as drunk as before and everything got all awkward.

Prince Gyllen Ch. 05

lesbian MythMaker 2018-07-18

The younger twin readjusted her clothing and knelt back down on her pillow as if nothing happened and Kobber began to pour out the lemon-tinged liquid into both her own and her sister's cups before hooking her finger in the cup's handle and bringing it up to her mouth for a quiet sip of Sølv's bodily fluid, savouring the strong, bitter taste of fresh piss upon it touching her tongue. The gloomy princess held Kobber's shins and raised up her legs, making her older twin let out a nervous but excited peep as her dress fell down towards her waist as her lower body was lifted, revealling a pair of modest, frilly bloomers. "So be it..." The Goth princess stood up on the bed, lifting up her dress once more, removing her underwear from her hips and down to her knees, squatting over Kobber's face as the older sister laid back.