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Read To Me

lesbian sprite 2018-11-30

“Hi, I’m Rachel, and yeah… I guess you can call me a sex addict.” Oh, how true that was, I thought, pausing to glance up at my lover, her smile almost feral as she leaned forward, her hands sliding over the tops of my thighs, pushing them further apart, her robin’s egg lacquered nails leaving soft pink lines in my pale flesh, my voice trembling as I did my best to continue, already surrendering myself to a simple truth; I was going to lose. Without thought, I opened my mouth wide, pressing it against her, feeling her relax, both eager and patient, one hand between my legs as I frantically pushed my fingers into my sodden cunt, drenching them with my juices before rubbing my pulsing clit desperately, shaking so hard that, had she not kept her grip in my hair, I might have slipped over sideways.

Adventures of Kristof Marci, Marci's Story Pt 3

lesbian KrissyS 2018-11-30

Tanya simply moved over and knelt between my legs and Phuong pressed against my bladder, her fingers pushing down against the swollen organ. I opened my mouth and took her breast in, sucking her hard nipple through the wet satin, tasting my own pee on her. Phuong knelt and lowered her head to my pussy, getting to work immediately, licking and sucking at my clit, then she switched on the vibrator and inserted it into me. Phuong ran her fingertips lightly down Tanya’s raised arms, then her flanks, causing Tanya to shiver involuntarily and moan softly. Phuong moved her hand and pressed firmly against Tanya’s clit as she started to pee more freely.

Wrist-Deep in the Cunt Hole - Vacation in Paris

lesbian Kathrin 2018-11-22

"Well," I said, "I don't mind any of that as long as you're down for some mouth full of muff." She stared at me with wide eyes, then placed her hands on her ample breasts and asked: "Would you do that with me?" "Yesss," she said again, grabbing onto my wet hair as I pulled out my fingers to lick them clean, enjoying her juices soo much. "I'll do what you tell me!" I straddled her face with my legs, making sure my hand remained inside her as I did, then said: "Open your mouth." I looked down between my legs and saw her open wide.

The Stewardess Became My Toilet

lesbian KatPissinger 2018-11-21

I must've looked a little lost, as a stewardess asked me right away: "Can I help?" I explain that the bathrooms in the other sections are all occupied and I was just looking for a free one. When I let her go, she closes the door behind her while I gently run my fingers through her hair and whisper into her ear: "I need to pee." My piss soaks her white blouse and at first it looks like she's about to run, but then the submissive in her comes back and she opens her mouth and lets the pee run inside. The rest of the flight I keep wondering if she's got any dry clothes to change into or needs to continue working soaked in my juices.

Adventures of Kristof Marci, Marci's Story pt2

lesbian KrissyS 2018-11-18

She held my gaze as I licked my fingers, the hand between her legs was moving now and she raised the other to massage her breast, letting out another moan. I turned my head so that I was looking right at her pussy and almost immediately I saw a few drops of pee trickle over her labia and down the inside of her thigh. I moved my head forward and clamped my lips over her cunt, feeling the pee fill my mouth then spilling down my chin, falling onto my breasts, cascading over my erect nipples. I took the cue and leaned my head forward, extending my tongue to lick her pussy as she finished peeing.

Big House

lesbian colonelstiffy 2018-09-28

Some girls grabbed my ass and poked my pussy as I walked down to the end. I only one time experimented in college with a girl and it wasn't the greatest thing ever just good, but my pussy was wet now, probably because I wouldn't be with a guy for a long time. Her right hand still was fingering her pussy, her left had was squeezing her tits, then shot down and was cupping her ass. Three of my fingers on my right hand were probing the bottom of her vagina and my tongue licked her clit at the same time.

Prince Gyllen Ch. 05

lesbian MythMaker 2018-07-18

The younger twin readjusted her clothing and knelt back down on her pillow as if nothing happened and Kobber began to pour out the lemon-tinged liquid into both her own and her sister's cups before hooking her finger in the cup's handle and bringing it up to her mouth for a quiet sip of Sølv's bodily fluid, savouring the strong, bitter taste of fresh piss upon it touching her tongue. The gloomy princess held Kobber's shins and raised up her legs, making her older twin let out a nervous but excited peep as her dress fell down towards her waist as her lower body was lifted, revealling a pair of modest, frilly bloomers. "So be it..." The Goth princess stood up on the bed, lifting up her dress once more, removing her underwear from her hips and down to her knees, squatting over Kobber's face as the older sister laid back.

Lesbian Vignettes

lesbian Ezekiel_Coles 2018-05-27

The truth came out as the three friends discussed the situation on the basement sofa, of course Amy and Christie were each other's new lovers and they were sorry to have left Nicole out of the fun. Not giving her a moment to recover, Christie and Amy stood Nicole up and pulled off her mini-skirt. Shannon moaned at the thought of pleasuring her sister's penis, of catching a huge load of Diana's semen in her mouth then pulling her into an open-mouthed kiss where the hot cum flowed between them like water. Shannon moaned as her mother's hands worked over her pussy, he thumb penetrating into her cunt while her finger reached around to get at her anus.

Charley Rising

lesbian tiggerlilly 2018-05-07

Being left handed, I moved over to the right side of defence, opposite Georgia. Georgia gave me a little hug, and sat beside me, pushing her gorgeous, lightly padded, hip, into mine. Georgia sat me down, and ran her fingers gently over my scars. Georgia clearly liked to be in control, as she stood up, taking me with her, dropped her jeans and thong, then did the same with mine. I then took the initiative, and slid my left hand under her nightie, and gently rubbed Georgia's slit, whilst snogging her face off. Georgia reversed up the bed before gently lowering her pussy onto my face. "Lift your left leg, and let me slide up your right one, until we kiss with our lower lips.

My Girl's Night in Fantasy

lesbian pinklilies 2018-04-30

As we watched one video of two girls fucking each other with a double-ended dildo, I noticed Georgia squirming uncomfortably. But if I hear one moan, or feel your pussy jerk towards me because you want more; you're getting a good thwack on the ass. I laughed and complied, knowing how good it would feel for her to have a big dildo in her pussy and her best friend's tongue on her clit at the same time. As I fucked her with the huge pink dildo, I could feel her pussy tightening, the tell-tale sign of a girl about to cum, hard. Georgia moaned, "Oh fuck, god damnit you're good at licking my wet little cunt!!" I was confident I could make her cum just from licking her.

The Pussy Club Ch. 02

lesbian marKus616 2018-01-22

Removing her fingers from her pussy, Jessica got up off the bathroom floor and held a hand out to Veronica; as the redhead stepped out of the bath, the other girl said, "Now its my turn." After what seemed like hours of raining piss down on another girl's pussy, Jessica stopping peeing and began to frantically rub her clitoris and it wasn't long before her body was tensing up and she was rising onto her toes as she came hard for a second time. Amelia began to rub the vibrator up and down Veronica's moist pussy, she then spread her lips and gently slid the toy deep inside; the redhead groaned with pleasure as she turned it onto the lowest setting.


lesbian X_Christina_X 2018-01-09

Moaning loudly feel both my pee and my sweet feminine juices against my skin drove me over the edge. As I walked out of the bathroom, I wondered if Cindy was at the front door waiting for me. Cindy slid her hand down my open pants inside my panties between my legs. She slid a finger right between my pee soaked pussy lips and softly started to stroke in between them. Cindy placed her mouth right over my pee hole and started to lick and suck it. I then moved my mouth right over her pee hole and started to lick and suck it just as she had done to me. And right at that moment, her pee started to stream into my mouth.

Mummy's Dirty Little Whore

lesbian mummys dirty angel 2017-12-30

She, on the other hand has played the mummy scenario out, and I could feel myself getting turned on by the tone of her voice and what she was saying as our conversation went on and on. "Good girl..." she said, and we stood there with me greedily sucking on her nipple and her fingers tightly grasped in my hair. I continued to devour her as she said other things like, "yes, do that for mummy!" and "oh good girl" and it would heighten the passion further. My hand came up again to her breast, swelling it up, lifting it which allowed me to inhale some air in between my voracious bouts of licking and sucking.

Sugar Cube Ch. 01

lesbian JimBob44 2017-12-22

"Oh, yeah," Elena finally groaned when Margot was afraid she'd pull the woman's nipples off. Don't worry, I don't treat sugar cubes hard," Elena said, unbuttoning Margot's blouse. "Hi, sugar cube," Elena said happily when Margot knocked on her door. Again, Elena got one of her antihistamine tablets and a small fruit punch for Margot, and then they sat on the couch and kissed. "I kiss you and taste you like a sugar cube," Elena rubbed Margot's thigh. Margot began by lightly biting the woman's fleshy pussy lips, and then bit down a little harder and Elena groaned appreciatively. "Oh, good, good, come," Elena said, pulling Margot's fist out of her pussy. "Oh, hi sugar cube," Elena smiled sadly when she opened the door.

Vala (Solo)

lesbian Minxsil 2017-11-29

It took moments before Vala's lips were pressed flush against her inner thighs, kissing their way up from her knees until she was met with the sweet taste of her pussy, tongue lapping at her juices before she began to tease her clit, her fingers reentering her cunt to explore her body, lightly pumping into her body to get more of those stunning sounds to part her lips. She collapsed on top of her lover, fingers still abusing her spot until she came not only once, but twice more, the warm puddle of her juices staining the sheets bringing a pleased little sigh from Vala, who was more than happy to slip her fingers back inside her own body, toying with her spot until she gushed over her girlfriend's stomach, allowing her body to relax for a few seconds before she let herself release right there on top of her, the light yellow urine cascading down her smooth stomach and between her legs to add to the ever growing puddle beneath them.

Susie's Freshman Year Ch. 02

lesbian SEVERUSMAX 2017-11-28

"So, my English tart, do you want the next part of your treat?" Dr. Langdon demanded, knowing that Susie could only nod to her. You like that, don't you, slut?" Amelia taunted the Brit, knowing that the young woman would only get off more on the comments. At the same time, Jody pulled out of Susie and took the butt-plug out of her. While Susie's legs reached toward the sky from her reaming at the Dean's hands, Amelia began sliding her cunt and butt-crack back and forth across the young lady's face. Eat me until I say to stop, which I won't do anytime soon!" Amelia ordered Susie, though she squirmed from the sheer intensity with which the English girl performed analingus.

The Morning Routine

lesbian allabelle 2017-11-25

"Now that you've agreed to be my full-time pet, I need to explain your daily routine to you, do you understand?" "Yes mistress, I'll try my best to follow every request you have." "Yes, mistress." I can feel the slickness dripping out of my pussy at her commands. This is because I like to have my morning shit before I take a shower, and you are to loosen my asshole for me to speed up the process. After you rinse me off, I will sit down on the shower bench and allow you to lick my pussy and ass clean." "This is the only way my pussy and ass will be cleaned, do you understand me?

Stacy wants to Play Ch. 07

lesbian ruuddog 2017-11-19

"That's good, you dirty girl, clean her up really nice!" I could hear Lacy gasp and she was rolling her hips back into Erin's face. "Well now, that is one good little dirty girl!" Meghan's eyes closed as she felt Erin start to lick her clit and pussy. "There, that should keep that embarrassing wet spot from getting any bigger while you finish." Amanda spent some time adjusting the wash cloth and I could see Erin's hips moving, trying to get some more contact. Erin never did finishing cleaning up Amanda's cum because Meghan dragged her out into the middle of the floor and started licking her pussy like a woman possessed.