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Victoria's Pleasure

lesbian hotsexisawesome 2018-10-31

It was a warm day in August when Victoria left her office and began walking home. As she walked, Victoria began to feel extremely horny in anticipation of what was to come, she felt her nipples become sensitive, and she felt the juices from her vagina soaking through her panties. Victoria found herself drawn into a passionate kiss; the surprise made her vagina begin pounding with desire and her hands began desperately groping for any flesh they could find on Alicia's body. Alicia undid Victoria's bra as well and began sucking on Victoria's nipples, very slowly and deliberately. Alicia began to buck wildly yelling "more, more, more, don't stop", and suddenly a stream of clear fluid came flying out of her vagina and splattered Victoria as Alicia came.

Fulfilling my Fantasy

lesbian live_the_fantasy 2018-08-02

I let myself relax, legs slightly spread, arms tossed over my head, and of course the image of Audrey laying naked where I was now laying went through my mind. It was warm by the pool, and before long my mind was so focused on the thought of her gorgeous, perfectly hand-sized boobs, soft middle, and pearly pink lips that I began to feel a wetness seeping onto my legs. I spread the wetness all around and began tickling my clit, running my fingers around it in little circles like I had done thousands of times before. "Do it to yourself, let me watch." I rubbed the dildo up to my clit, down to my hole -- put it in just a little, pulled it out, oh god, I still don't know how I didn't come right then.

Club Tale

lesbian totalalphabetace123 2018-05-29

Now her hand travelled down my touch her fingers ripping the buttons as she went exposing myself to her eyes. Fingers grazed across my left nipple while her hand palmed the other breast as I moaned into her open mouthed kiss. Not forgetting my partner all the way through my ministrations I could feel each clench of her cunt around my fingers tighter, each new leak of wetness more musky and thicker until she practically screamed that she was going to cum. I felt the heat within me rise to an amazing level felt my pussy clench harder in harder till I broke that barrier and came all over my hand moaning and crying as I did.

Bad Habits

lesbian Deidre_Doobry 2018-05-01

Little did she know Sister Mary, whom it was standing in her doorway, felt the same embarrassment and self-hatred. But soon enough Mary was back, almost slamming the door shut behind her with excitement before she remembered her surroundings and caught the door just in time, closing it softly and calmly walking back to the bed to sit beside Lucy. Mary had been cradling he stomach with one arm but now relaxed that arm as she put her other up inside her habit to remove and reveal a bottle of wine. Following the path of her bra she felt to unhook it, slowly, delicately removing it and allowing Mary's breasts to fall free, softly grazing the tips of Lucy's own breasts.

Late Night TV

lesbian 2018-04-24

I felt my own lubrication moving inside me and was afraid of any of my ’excitement’ becoming visible on the light-colored clothing I had selected for the visit. I felt the rush down below again - a combination of longing and unsatisfied craving. This time, she put her hand on my stomach and moved her fingers slowly, as if to console my belly after some unknown fear. Radiating like lightning from a summer sky, fiery nerves flashed from beneath her hand to my hips, to places I never felt when around her before. She felt my body, the contours, the wetness I had tried to conceal, and she circled her hand without stopping.

Sexy Bus Ride

lesbian cannonfuse 2017-12-26

I continued the fingering as she recovered and her hand, which had clutched tightly in the throes of pleasure, began to squeeze slightly and caress the crease between my cheeks. This motion and the slight rubbing of her silk-covered breast against my arm had my juices running out of my panties and started down my leg. After some time to let the other passengers forget about us, I started raising my hands across her waist and slowly brought them in contact with the silk covering the underneath curve of her breast. I have had numerous orgasms at home thinking of her, and every once in a while, when I am standing next to a woman on the bus, I "accidentally" touch her, thrilling to the contact and remembering my first lesbian encounter.