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Erotic Lesbian stories

A large collection of stories of women who love other women.

An evening to remember

lesbian MarquisdeMontaigne 2018-01-14

Jenny wasted little time freeing Kate's own breasts, quickly unzipping the back of her black dress allowing the material to fall away and reveal her round, firm boobs, the skin a luscious light tanned brown and the pink nipples swollen and already hard. She moved herself downwards bringing her face directly in front of Jenny's gorgeous vagina, she breathed deeply, taking in the deliciously warm smell that made her ache with lust, and then she ran her tongue from Jenny's clit, slowly up her slit to the wet entrance of her pussy. Her cunt was throbbing as Jenny's tongue licked and lapped its way over her swollen, sensitive lips and the taste of both their pussy juices sent her crashing over the edge as wave after wave of pure, intense pleasure shook her body.

Intertwining love

lesbian mister215 2018-01-14

Slowly I got off my bed, my bare body felt cold as it left the comfort of the warm sheets. Looking at it, I reached down and felt my pussy already wet, with a small moan I gently rubbed it. I felt my body extremely turned on when looking at this girl, but at the same time exhausted, sore and sweaty. I couldn’t contain a loud moan as she started to finger me as well, I could feel my pussy juice slowly flowing out of me. After a few more minutes she gave a loud moan and I saw her body shudder before a white cream slowly leaked out of her pussy.

White Woman Dominates Black Females

lesbian Samuelx 2018-01-14

Like a lot of women in today's world, Maria was confused, hectic and unhappy. Maria gets off on pain and she loves the domination of a strong white woman like me. Lots of so-called strong black women are actually deeply submissive inside. The first black bitch I dominated was my college professor, Linda Barnes. The uptight black female professor was an avid smoker of weed, and she was also having a relationship with a married white male member of the faculty. I love breaking down strong black women. Rita Blake was a strong black woman when I met her. I love to fuck my black female slave in the ass with my strap-on dildo. My black female slave needs to be completely dominated by her white mistress.

Cabin Love

lesbian Bronte34 2018-01-14

Gina pushed her against the wall and her right hand travelled up Marie's skirt and rubbed her pussy, which made her moan, pleasurably. Her hand went inside Marie's panties and felt how wet and moist she was. Hearing Marie moan made Gina hornier and she moved her finger faster inside her pussy. She then pulled off Marie's and positioned herself comfortably between her friend's legs so her dripping wet pussy was pressed against hers. She moaned out with pleasure wrapping her legs around her friend's waist. Marie cried out louder with pleasure as her friend made love to her faster, driving her insane. She rolled on top of her and began grinding her wet and horny pussy against Gina's, making them both moan out.

Beginnings: Chapter 2 - Formalities

lesbian claire2013 2018-01-14

“I don’t like repeating myself, Lucy, but bearing in mind that this is your first day, and in case you didn’t quite hear me the first time, I told you that at all times you are going to call me Miss Hamilton.” Inside, I suddenly felt a heavy penny drop. She kept me busy all morning, although most of my tasks were relatively mundane: several trips to the local county court offices in order to file applications, delivering papers along the corridor to Veronica’s secretary for typing up, multiple visits to the photocopying machine, and locating a variety of legal volumes containing statutes and cases that Veronica needed consumed every moment of my time.

Lesbian MILF Seductress: 30th B'day

lesbian silkstockingslover 2018-01-14

2. I hated the few times I frigged myself while super horny or was being fingered by a guy and I came hard in my felt like I pissed myself (which I did once in college) and I hated that feeling. I again melted into her touch until she again broke the kiss and ordered, "Come with me," a few seconds later, even as my orgasm continued to tremble through me and I continued to feel cum leaking down my legs. 5. Being a cocksucker for a whole team (preferably a football team-so much cock) and having it turn into a bukkake (I do love the feeling of cum spraying on my face...a slutty kink of my girl next door look).


Girl Crazy

lesbian victoriaannj 2018-01-14

said, loving our sexy little game. "The deeper the better," Felicia said, moaning. I let my finger slip between her soft folds and immediately felt wetness. "Fuck the ring," I said breathlessly, slipping my hand "I'd much rather you fuck me," Felicia said, her hot floor but Felicia said, "Wait, Sharon, I want them." "Only the ones I want to fuck," Felicia said with a Felicia moved her hand down to masturbate but I pulled "You taste like pussy," she said face and said, "Let's run away and make love forever." "I told you all the girls do it," Felicia said with a "Mmmm," Felicia said, licking her lips. I smiled as I slipped my hand between Felicia's legs

A Bar Get Together

lesbian Stoneypoint 2018-01-14

I wanted to know, for my own personal reason, what it was like, to them, to make love to another girl, and I told myself I was going to ask her sooner or later. “Knowing that her hand was down in my waistband and knowing it wanted to get down into my uhhh vagina like I’ve seen and felt before turned me on in a big, big way. It felt soooo damn good as she fingered and did stuff to my boobs.” Allison’s eyes were out in outer space in a manner of speaking as she recalled that day she and Terri made love to one another.


lesbian pjonkml 2018-01-14

"I'm good," I said, "Listen, I noticed you the other day, and I wanted to get to know you a little better." The next week, I saw her coming out of her class, but this time, when she saw me, I thought I detected a little more of a smile on her lips. "Oh, I am, but I can think of more entertaining ways to spend some time." she said, and I could feel her breath on my neck; her voice much huskier. "That's what I plan to do," I said, sitting up, trying to kiss her, but she sat back a little further, pressing me back onto the bed. "You are so beautiful," I said, kissing her eyelids as a lazy smile played across her lips.

Brains and Brawn

lesbian skizzor90 2018-01-14

"Well," Jen cleared her throat and handed her canteen to Samantha, "Some marines were raised on farms where it was typically less expensive to fix whatchamacallits yourself than to pay a licensed mechanic to come to an outer rim planet to tighten a few screws for a few thousand credits." Sam's legs were now bent under her on the desk allowing her to let go and focus on Jen's neck as she was unbuttoning the Commander's uniform. Jen knew that seeing Sam after this mission would be impossible, but she couldn't help feeling that she wanted more. "That's fine, I can find something to keep me occupied until another Sota ship arrives." Sam kept her face unemotional she stroked Jen's leg in bed.

Training Cassiopeia - Chapter 4

lesbian elspeth 2018-01-14

She glanced over at me with a question in her eyes. “Bree with two ‘E’s, not like the cheese. I just thought you might like to know the name of your research subject. We were standing very close to one another and I could sense the tenseness in Cassiopeia, like she didn’t know what to do or say next. Whoever designed the questionnaire had no idea what street girls thought. The questions were all worded to provide a narrow band of possible responses that the designer wanted to hear, not what the subjects actually thought. It’s obvious that you are biased and some of these questions...I’d have told you to go fuck yourself if you asked me.”

Sexy Dress-up with Chloe

lesbian NI_Chick 2018-01-14

Kissing down her body, through the outfit I pulled her legs apart and put one in between mine and started to grind my bare wet pussy against it. Going between her legs I buried my nose between her ass cheeks, slowly bringing it up while sticking my tongue out and running it past her little asshole. ''Aww babe, that feels so good, your tongue feels so nice,'' she said while grabbing my hair and pushing her pussy in my face. Rubbing her clit with one hand and tongue fucking her cunt, I put my other hand under her ass and started to play with her asshole causing her to sigh harder.


lesbian tech_chic 2018-01-14

I loose my grip on the bed and spring towards you, pushing your naked body into the wall effectively pinning your arms to your front with the towel in your hands. I push harder into your back making sure you cant move, I slowly slide my hands up your thighs, over the sides of your arse until I reach your hips. My right hand leaves your hip and runs up your side to the side of your breast, I let you lean back into me so I can capture your already hard nipple. I stroke my tongue over your clit again, harder this time, your fingers tighten in my hair and your moaning is getting louder.

Mistress in the Sex Dungeon Part 1

lesbian thebigbeast 2018-01-14

Ashley pushed Olivia's head into the pool of pee and cum and forced her to lick it up. Ashley was now in control, so she placed a black rubber mask over Olivia's head, which had small zip holed for the eyes, as well as a zip over the mouth. "Do you love your mistress slave?" Ashley looked Olivia in the eyes through her mask. Ashley zipped up Olivia's eyes, but left the mouth open and then got off the bed. Pushing the tartan skirt up, Ashley found Olivia's tight red ass, ready for more punishment. Once finished, Ashley got down and licked the slave's pussy, which brought the feeling back and eventually a nice warm gush of cum.

After Jess

lesbian monica3 2018-01-14

We’re calling it an evening dress party, we decided people look better that way than if they just assume it’s a come as you are affair.’ I’d always liked Tippi in a detached sort of way. I still loved Jess and knew if she’d been there I’d have been unhappy, even though we’d spoken since her hen night and all seemed well. As we chatted happily, I felt her hand squeeze my arm a few times and occasionally she leant against me. Tippi is tall, slender and has lovely dark brown hair, which she was wearing that night loosely tied back. I wasn’t going to try to last night because, well, it’d have felt like I’d only asked you so I could.

Busted 3

lesbian pearlcheerio 2018-01-14

“Lose the clothes,” Carrie said, turning to Alexa as if I wasn’t there, “She really does have the nicest tits. Soon I felt a wave of orgasm roll over me and I screamed into Carrie's soaking pussy as Alexa inserted two of her long fingers into my pussy hole. I thrust my hips back in a vain effort to force the fake cock into my aching pussy. Carrie let the dildo stroke over my hard little nub of a clit, slide through my lips but never actually penetrate my pussy. I screamed out in delight and added another finger to Alexa's pussy, grinding my tongue over her engorged clit. With Carrie's forceful fucking and Alexa's skilled tongue I began to have the biggest orgasm of my life.

Sisterhood of Sin -- 30 -- Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead

lesbian LastWife 2018-01-14

We don't know why she's involved, but she must be Karl's conduit." I knew that Marta was involved in the mole hunt, when she wasn't needed as my bodyguard, but I didn't know she was up to speed on the suspects. And the third is another US passport, under the name of Simone Chartreuse, my new sisterhood alias, who gets Sister Cate, my naughty nun persona, by default. "Okay, Love, now that Cate is gone, you promised to tell me why you wanted to stick with me so much that you even changed your look from sexy ninja chick to susie homemaker." I come and I can feel Marta's smile as her tongue slows and pulls the last few gasps of pleasure from me before I say, "Pas plus, ma amant.

Eva So Soft

lesbian Carmyn 2018-01-14

I couldn't stop imagining what her lips would taste like-- strawberries, vanilla... With her legs tucked beneath her bottom, her posture caused her shiny metallic dress to rise higher up her sexy thighs, ever so close to exposing her underwear. I left Eva on the sofa in the living room and headed to my room to retrieve the extra blanket from my closet. Eva pulled the bottom of her dress up to her navel, exposing her sexy black lace thongs. After noticing my hesitant, Eva reached behind herself and slapped her right ass cheek. "Then fuck me good and I know I won't regret it," Eva moaned as she continued to play with herself.

When Best Friends Collide. . .

lesbian spicegirl76 2018-01-14

I never thought about liking girls, and Tahlyx has been a lesbian for as long as I can remember. I left my hair down because Tahlyx likes to play with it. Tahlyx had short hair and dressed like a guy. You look amazing!" Tahlyx said. When the movie was over, Tahlyx and I held hands on our way to her car. "Lexs, I've wanted this for so long." Tahlyx said. I put my hand on the back of Tahlyx's head and played with her hair. I moved my hand from Tahlyx's head to the inside of her thigh. Tahlyx did it, she had her hands on my butt and I loved it. We got dressed and Tahlyx stayed the night at my house.

Playing Footsie

lesbian CumGirl 2018-01-14

It’s obvious she doesn’t know where to place herself; can’t meet my gaze, keeps flicking her eyes about the room as if assessing the alternative seating options, her teeth nibbling at her bottom lip, her knuckles white as her fingers strain against the glass and just the slightest hint of flushing skin playing about the small inverted triangle of flesh visible atop her primly buttoned and crisply efficient work blouse. I rotate my foot slightly; a soft squeeze of my thighs sending dreamy palpitations through my dribbling pussy; the rounded toes of my shoe sliding along her, pushing harder, seeking higher, trying to reach the sensitive flesh behind her knee so it may delicately kiss at the underside of her thigh, and forcing her pale trembling legs a little wider to allow me unfettered access.

Wildgirl Comes To College

lesbian kirawildgirl 2018-01-14

A half hour later I looked up to see both Sophia and Masuko peeking over their covers, mouths open as they watched my hand slurping around inside my panties. “I’d love to taste each of you.” My hand kept pleasuring my pussy, turning me into supercharged bundle of tingling excitement. Across from us, Masuko was sitting on edge of her upper bunk, mouth open and watching. Sophia backed down my chest, sitting on my hips as Masuko climbed onto my face. Masuko ground herself onto my mouth and tongue more urgently as Sophie began nibbling on my clit. It didn’t stop until Masuko came, a jiggling and jerking mass of emptying pussy juice all over my mouth.

My Sweet Seduction 2 - Chinese Shadow Theatre for Two

lesbian Wildcat 2018-01-14

I'm feeling slightly euphoric when Lana lightly touches my hand and suggests we be on our way. I feel intrigued when Lana tells me to keep hold of her hand and not turn the lights on. She plants little kisses all the way down to the backs of my knees. Her hands grasp my panties and slide them inch by inch down my legs. I guide one of her long silky smooth legs over my shoulder and bend forward giving her clit a little lick. Lana’s lips inch their way down my body, soft kisses, teasing. I feel like I’d only need her warm breath on my clit to make me cum. I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful I feel with Lana lying here next to me.

My lover in a Limo

lesbian kellyqueen 2018-01-14

Kimber is lying in bed asleep when she feels something wet and warm start licking her pussy. “Mmmm yes you are very horny this morning, Kelly” Kimber moans lightly kissing my pussy. The limo takes off, and I lean my head over kissing Virginia on her neck softly lightly licking it. “Oh, oh, oh, oh, Oh KELLLLLLLLY!” Virginia moans as she cums her body shakes hard. I look over at Virginia who smirks before sliding between my legs and starts licking my pussy. “Ohhhh girls, yessss, yeesssss” Kimber moans holding our heads to her pussy. Virginia crawls over and starts sucking and licking my pussy as I ride Erin. “Ohhh ohhh, yes, yes.” I moan loudly “Oh yes Erin fuck me, oh Virginia lick me!”

Getting What You Want

lesbian missmarlyt 2018-01-14

I let out a quiet moan from my lips when she started to caress me ear lobes and run her fingers gently through my hair. Suddenly I felt a squeeze at one of my breasts and I let out a moan in her chest. She kissed me again and traced her tongue around my mouth, down my neck and right to my nipple. She gasped and I felt her hand entangle in my hair and push my head into her chest. I took both her breasts in my hands and squeezed them, leaning down to kiss her again. I took both thumbs and slid her now soaking panties off her long sexy legs.